Monday, December 28, 2009

Alzheimer's disease is associated with a reduced risk of cancer and vice versa

Researchers followed 3,020 people aged 65 and above for the study. Those who had Alzheimer's at the start of the study were 69% less likely to be admitted to hospital with cancer than those free of the disease at the start and those with cancer at the study's start were 43% less likely to develop Alzheimer's than the cancer free.

Female beauty

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?


Foreign models flock to China, which embraces a Western vision of beauty

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nigerian terrorist is banker's son

The 23-year-old man suspected of trying to bring down a Northwest Airlines jet that landed in Detroit, Michigan, is the son of a man who recently stepped down as chairman of a bank in Nigeria. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is the son of former First Bank PLC chairman Alhaji Umar Mutallab in northern Nigeria. Abdulmutallab suffered burns when he ignited a small explosive device aboard the plane; he was hospitalized in Michigan for his burns. His plans were foiled by crew members and passengers. Apparently, Abdulmutallab received a college degree in London, England, where he lived for three years. A spokesman at the University College of London said that a student by the name of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab was enrolled in the department of mechanical engineering from September 2005 to June 2008. The college could not confirm whether the former student and Abdulmutallab are the same person.


Police search London flat in US plane attack inquiry

Airline bomber was on terrorist ties list for 2 years

Lebanese man sentenced to death for sorcery in Saudi Arabia

A Lebanese man who hosted a popular TV show where he gave callers advice and sometimes predicted the future was sentenced to death by a court in Saudi Arabia for sorcery. Ali Hussain Sibat's popular call-in show was broadcast on a satellite TV channel in Arabic around the Middle East from Beirut. In May 2008, Sibat traveled to Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. His lawyer, May al-Khansa, says Saudi religious police recognized Sibat from his TV work and arrested him. Human rights groups say such cases are on the rise in the strictly religious country. Saudi officials have arrested Saudis and non-Saudis, Muslims and non-Muslims on sorcery charges. Recently, a Saudi man was arrested for smuggling a book about witchcraft into the country. An Asian man was accused of using his powers to solve marital disputes. And a third man was given a death sentence for trying to learn magic. In 2007, Saudi authorities executed an Egyptian pharmacist for sorcery.


Sorcery and Witchcraft Still Blight on Middle East

TV Host on Pilgrimage to Mecca Sentenced to Death for Sorcery

A rabbi has been given two years in prison

The head of an Orthodox Jewish sect has been sentenced to two years in prison for a tax evasion and money-laundering scheme that continued over a decade, spanned two continents, and cost taxpayers millions of dollars in lost revenue, authorities said. Naftali Tzi Weisz, 61, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based grand rabbi of the Spinka sect, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in August 2009 for his part in a scheme in which people made tax-exempt donations to charitable organizations and were later reimbursed for up to 95% of their contributions. The ruse allowed contributors to claim bogus tax deductions, even though most of their money was funneled back to them via international transfers, overseas accounts and an elaborate underground banking network that wound through Los Angeles' downtown jewelry district, according to authorities. In addition to Weisz, other religious leaders and businessmen have been convicted of taking part in the scheme and sentenced to prison terms ranging from four months to two years. The plot was revealed through an informant, wiretaps and hidden cameras, prosecutors said.

The median proportion of European ancestry in African-Americans is 18.5%

New major study on African ancestry

African-American admixture

Africans Americans mostly West African, but some mostly European

A Muslim who encouraged his teenage son to marry and rape his 12-year-old cousin has been jailed in Britain

The 54-year-old organized a sham Muslim ceremony between his son, then 16, and the girl at his home south-east London in March 2008. The boy got an 18-month supervision order for rape. The fathers of the boy and girl were both jailed for three years for inciting a child to engage in sexual activity following an illegal marriage. The boy's mother, 54, was given a 12-month jail term, suspended for two years, for the same offense. She was also ordered to do 200 hours of community service.

Nation of Cowards - 12.26.09

FGM goes mainstream in Britain!

Monday, December 21, 2009

African-Americans rape only white girl at party

One more reason why white people should stick with their own kind.


Black teens given only probation for particularly brutal racially motivated gang rape of a 15 year old white teen

Interracial Rape Statistics

Ann Coulter Fans Didn’t Murder Anne Pressly—It Was The "Usual Suspect". But No One's Apologizing

Chinese man pleads guilty to killing Virginia Tech student

A Chinese man has pleaded guilty to killing a Virginia Tech graduate student at a restaurant in January 2009, attacking her with a knife and decapitating her. Haiyang Zhu, 26, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in connection with the death of Xin Yang, a graduate student studying accounting at Virginia Tech. Xin, 22, from Beijing, China, had begun her studies at Virginia Tech only two weeks before she was killed at the Au Bon Pain restaurant in the university's Graduate Life Center. Haiyang, a native of Ningbo, China, was taken into custody at the scene. Xin's slaying was the first on the Virginia Tech campus since April 16, 2007, when Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 students and professors before turning a gun on himself.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Equatorial Guinea has an infant death rate of 93%

Taki Theodoracopulos writes about an African politician who is living the good life in the United States while his people back in Africa live in poverty and misery.

Is Hunter Wallace going soft?

Supposedly pro-white blogger now says that "anti-Semitism" is a problem.

White pity and guilt

Wikitopian reviews Precious, a new film about the black underclass.

Our officials must now face a pro-Israel background check

If you want a job working for the Obama administration you better not say anything negative about Israel.

Friday, December 18, 2009

According to federal data, the average black American twelfth grader scores worse on basic skills than 80% of white twelfth graders

Black writer believes that high rates of illegitimacy in the African-American community lead to low levels of academic achievement.


Examining the Real Causes of Gang Violence in Chicago and Other Cities

Blacks tend to carry around less of an unhealthy type of abdominal fat than whites, even though they suffer more from obesity-linked illness

The new finding suggests that body-mass index (BMI) guidelines may need to be tailored to specific racial groups to better reflect risk, experts say. Adipose (fat) tissue is found throughout the body. Subcutaneous adipose tissue is found just under the skin, while visceral adipose tissue is found in the abdominal cavity around the organs. Fat settling around the organs has been linked to development of obesity-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. But you can't tell just by looking at someone how much visceral fat someone has. Even a pot belly won't tell you for sure because visceral fat is deep within the body cavity. In the study, researchers used computer tomography (CT scans) and dual- energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) to measure visceral fat in about 1,400 white men and women and 570 black men and women aged 18 to 84. Participants' height, weight, BMI and total body fat composition were also measured. At a given body fat percentage, black men and women had lower visceral fat than white men and women. Conversely, blacks also tended to have higher subcutaneous fat than whites. Researchers controlled for age and smoking status, among other variables. Despite the tendency to have less visceral fat, black Americans are still at higher risk of dying from obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. One explanation for this is that blacks have higher overall obesity rates overall. About 31% of white adults and 45% of black adults are obese, according to the study. The findings bring up the issue of whether the "one-size-fits-all" BMI guidelines apply equally to all races. Previous research has suggested there may be racial variations in what constitutes a healthy BMI. Diabetes risk for Asians start to rise at a BMI of about 23, for example. An optimal BMI for blacks may also vary somewhat.

Jewish pundit comes out against immigration

Steve Sailer on David Frum:

Frum’s bravest stance is for immigration restriction. He even links occasionally to and to my blog. He was missing in action on the crucial immigration issue for a while, but now it has become a fairly routine, if limited, part of his repertoire.

Unfortunately, Frum hasn’t figured out any way to make immigration restriction sound cooler to all those Washington D.C. college graduates he wants the GOP to appeal to (other than to try to silence

This independent-minded view on immigration is very much to Frum’s credit because he is Jewish (not just ethnocentrically, but also religiously) in an era when Ellis Island schmaltz has drowned out most intelligent debate over immigration. The sad thing is that Frum can’t call attention to his personal triumph of reason over prejudice, because he is driven to sputtering outrage whenever anybody points out the substantial correlation between neocon ideology and Jewishness.

So, I’ll do it for him:

Frum deserves praise for ranking with Mickey Kaus as one of the very few prominent Jewish pundits who, through study of the facts and sheer reasoning power, has publicly come to the conclusion that America needs less immigration.


Daniel Jonah Goldhagen: Peddler of Hate

Hollywood secularists asleep at the wheel?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Argentineans are mostly a mix of European and Native American

New research shows that Argentineans carry a large fraction of European genetic heritage in their Y-chromosomal (94.1%) and autosomal (78.5%) DNA, but their mitochondrial gene pool is mostly of Native American ancestry (53.7%) while African heritage is small in all three genetic systems (less than 4%).


How Argentina became white

Nation of Cowards - 12.17.09

Is Google Censoring Racially Innoportune News?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wider racial achievement gap in Washington D.C. schools

The average scores of white D.C. fourth-graders over the past two years grew from 262 to 270 (on a scale of 500), but their African American peers' rose just three points, from 209 to 212. The achievement gap actually grew between 2007 and 2009, from 53 to 58 points. African American progress in the eighth grade remained essentially flat, dipping a statistically insignificant one point, from 245 to 244. Average white scores were not included in the test results because the sample size wasn't large enough. The picture across a six-year stretch isn't more encouraging. The gap separating white and black fourth-graders in 2003, when the first National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in the District was given, was 60 scale points (262 to 202). Although the scores achieved by children in both groups have increased during this period, the difference has barely narrowed to 58. Some education advocates in the District expressed concern recently that the gains celebrated by Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) were propelled largely by white students who are already high achievers.

People blessed with youthful faces are more likely to live to a ripe old age than those who look more than their years

Danish scientists say appearance alone can predict survival, after they studied 387 pairs of twins. The researchers asked nurses, trainee teachers and peers to guess the age of the twins from mug shots. Those rated younger-looking tended to outlive their older-looking sibling, the British Medical Journal reports. The researchers also found a plausible biological explanation for their results. Key pieces of DNA called telomeres, which indicate the ability of cells to replicate, are also linked to how young a person looks. A telomere of shorter length is thought to signify faster ageing and has been linked with a number of diseases. In the study, the people who looked younger had longer telomeres.


People Who Look Young For Their Age Tend To Live Longer

Exercise May Slow Telomere Shortening, Aging

Childhood abuse 'speeds up body's ageing process'

The Jewish war against Christmas

Patrick Cleburne writes about the diversity-mongers' ongoing war to undermine white Christians in the United States.


War Against Christmas 2009: Reflections on Hanukkah, Christmas, and “Nitel Night”

Bilingual education in California

The Bilingual Ban That Worked

"English Lessons"

Nation of Cowards - 12.14.09

Times Sq. gunman held weapon like rapper

Schools Bailing On Gifted Programs: NOC Wonders Why?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A suicide bomber who killed at least 22 people at a graduation in Somalia was brought up in Denmark

Somali Information Minister Dahir Gelle said that the bomber's parents, who live in Copenhagen, identified their son's body from photographs. Reports say he left Somalia when he was a child and spent 20 years in Denmark, before returning to Somalia in 2008. He reportedly joined the hard-line Islamist group al-Shabab - although they have previously denied the attack. Al-Shabab and other radical Islamist groups control much of the country.


Did five Torontonians join jihad in Somalia?

MSM Notices a “Homegrown” Terror Problem

Importing New Terrorists Into The UK

Little Mogadishu (in Balkanized Minneapolis) Catches MSM Attention

Somali Gangsters in St. Paul Commit Crimes to Entertain Their YouTube Fans

African Kidnap Gang Sentenced in Virginia

Schizophrenia is an epidemic among African Caribbeans in Britain

The authors of a major study have found that members of the African Caribbean community are nine times more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than people in the white community.

Blacks, genetics and diabetes

New research that suggests that inherited genetic variations exist between whites and blacks leading to less efficient metabolism of glucose and predisposition to diabetes in African-Americans.


Chinese-American Women & Korean-American Women at Highest Risk for Developing Diabetes During Pregnancy

An international scientific effort has revealed the genetics behind Asia's diversity

The Human Genome Organisation's (HUGO) Pan-Asian SNP Consortium carried out a study of almost 2,000 people across the continent. Their findings support the hypothesis that Asia was populated primarily through a single migration event from the south. The researchers found genetic similarities between populations throughout Asia and an increase in genetic diversity from northern to southern latitudes. The team screened genetic samples from 73 Asian populations for more than 50,000 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). These are variations in pieces of the DNA code, which can be compared to find out how closely related two individuals are genetically. The study found that, as expected, individuals who were from the same region, or who shared a common language also had a great deal in common genetically.


Mapping Human Genetic Diversity in Asia

Genetic ancestry highly correlated with ethnic and linguistic groups in Asia

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jewish genes and the Middle East

Genetic studies support the view that Jewish populations largely
share a common Middle Eastern ancestry.


Ashkenazi Jews are Middle Eastern & European hybrids

Who Is A Jew?

Good Genes: How Science Helped the Samaritans Find Their Roots

The Genetic Background of Ashkenazi Jews

A review of Norman Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry

The ADL: Managing White Rage

Nation of Cowards - 12/10/09

The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Ministry of Justice figures for 2007 - 2008 show that while only 2.2% of Britons aged ten or above are black, 14% of criminal cases tried in a crown court involve black suspects and 80% of gun crime in London is black on black, often involving boys in their teens.


Thomas guilty on 38 counts: Jury to consider punishment today in death penalty case

Rod Liddle branded 'racist' for blog blaming crime on black men

Black Gangs Vented Hatred For Whites In Downtown Attacks

Monday, December 7, 2009

Animal sacrifice and the World Cup

A proposal to bless South Africa's World Cup stadiums by slaughtering a cow in each one has caused concern among animal rights activists. The Makhonya Royal Trust, which put forward the idea, described the cattle killing ritual as a true African way of blessing the 2010 tournament. The row comes as a South African judge refused to stop a separate traditional Zulu bull-killing ceremony from going ahead, instead calling on parliament to look at the issue.


Zulu king wins South Africa bull-killing case

Tiger Woods and interracial mating

Blacks are not that fond of interracial dating.


Tiger Woods and Steroids

Tiger Woods alienates black community with white lovers

The problems of U.S.-born Latinos

Steve Sailer points out some politically-incorrect truths about Latinos and their children in the United States.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Menthol cigarettes are more addictive for African American and Hispanic smokers

African American and Hispanic adults who smoke menthol cigarettes may be less likely to quit smoking than those who smoke regular cigarettes, a new study by researchers at the UMDNJ-School of Public Health has found. The researchers analyzed data from the 2005 National Health Interview Survey and identified 7,815 current and former cigarette smokers who had reported at least one attempt to quit smoking. Just 43.7% of African American adults and 48.1% of Hispanic adults who smoked menthol cigarettes were able to quit smoking. Overall, the researchers noted that non-whites tend to smoke fewer cigarettes per day and are about three times more likely than whites to smoke menthol cigarettes.

Obama and the Israel lobby

Paul Craig Roberts comments on the success of the Israel lobby in bringing Barack Obama to heel.


Obama’s Exit Strategy

Racial tensions between black and Asian students

Tensions between black and Asian students at a public high school in Philadelphia erupted in a series of assaults over two days, leading to 10 suspensions and several students seeking medical treatment. Asian students at South Philadelphia High School say two off-campus fights and a lunchroom attack left them feeling unsafe and helpless, in part because they say school security guards often turn a blind eye. The school, with some 1,200 students, is 70% black and 18% Asian. It serves mostly low-income neighborhoods south of downtown and has been labeled persistently dangerous by the state, based on the number of safety incidents reported.


Drudge Links to Sanitized Article on South Philly Racial Violence

Blacks, Hispanics and swine flu

Blacks and Hispanics in Illinois have died from swine flu at double the rate it has killed whites in the state, and swine flu has hospitalized the two minority populations at more than triple the rate for whites. The hospitalization rate for H1N1 flu among blacks and Hispanics in Illinois is 23 per 100,000, but only 7 per 100,000 for whites. The death rate from H1N1 flu for the two minority populations in the state has been 6 to 7 per million but 3 per million for whites.

Iraqi Muslims don't like Africans

Officially, Iraq is a colorblind society that treats black people with equality and respect. But on the packed dirt streets of Zubayr, Iraq’s scaled-down version of Harlem, African-Iraqis talk of discrimination so steeped in Iraqi culture that they are commonly referred to as abd — slave in Arabic — prohibited from interracial marriage and denied even menial jobs. Historians say that most African-Iraqis arrived as slaves from East Africa as part of the Arab slave trade starting about 1,400 years ago. They worked in southern Iraq’s salt marshes and sugar cane fields. Though slavery — which in Iraq included Arabs as well as Africans — was banned in the 1920s, it continued until the 1950s, African-Iraqis say.


Oz PM angers Muslims with his 'right to leave' remark

The Problem of Islamic Religious Persecution

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Race and television

Apparently there is at least one TV show that is not afraid to deal with the realities of black crime.

British police have DNA for 75% of young black males

The genetic code of more than three quarters of Britain's black males between age 18 and 35 is on file.

Is there a looming crisis in human genetics?

Steve Sailer blogs about an article by Geoffrey Miller about how advances in genetics are revealing biological differences between various racial and ethnic groups.

Supercities and race

Steve Sailer points out that the most effective way for a city to become a supercity is to reduce its black population and increase its white one.

Swiss voters have supported a referendum proposal to ban the building of minarets, official results show

More than 57% of voters and 22 out of 26 cantons - or provinces - voted in favor of the ban. The proposal had been put forward by the Swiss People's Party, (SVP), the largest party in parliament, which says minarets are a sign of Islamization. The government opposed the ban, saying it would harm Switzerland's image, particularly in the Muslim world.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Israel doesn't trust young Muslim men

Israel cuts down on Islamic attacks by restricting entrance to Palestinians over 40 and married. Of course, if a predominantly Christian nation such as the United States were to do such a thing then we would be accused of Islamophobia.

US-born Somalis recruited jihadists

Prosecutors in Minneapolis say they have charged 8 men with recruiting young Somali-Americans and sending them to Somalia to fight with an anti-government insurgency force linked to al-Qa'ida. In head-count terms, it is the largest terror cell to emerge in the US since the 9/11 attacks. The charges stem from a long-running investigation by the FBI in Minneapolis, the largest city in the state of Minnesota, which is home to a thriving Somali-American community. Officials believe that as many as 20 men may have been sent to Somalia in this way. In 2008, a naturalized US citizen, Shirwa Ahed, blew himself up in northern Somalia. It was believed to be the first time that an American citizen had carried out a terrorist suicide bombing. While the recruitment drive appears aimed at assisting the insurgency in Somalia, officials fear that once they have received terrorist training there, many of the men may return to carry out similar attacks on American soil.


Naive no more: Fort Hood and the Somali-American jihadists show danger within

Little Mogadishu (in Balkanized Minneapolis) Catches MSM Attention

`Political correctness' obscures lessons of Fort Hood

Is it racist to want a white pet?

Pet shelters have a much harder time getting people to adopt black dogs and cats than they do white ones.

The pursuit of white skin

Asians spend an estimated $18 billion a year to appear pale. As many as 50% of Taiwanese women (and growing numbers of men) are paying big money to medically alter their exteriors. According to a 2004 study by global marketing firm Synovate, nearly 40% of women in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines used skin whitening and lightening products that year. Asian skin whitening has a tradition that stretches back centuries. The feminine ideal during the Han period for women of the court was almost unearthly white, white skin.


Deadly Skin Trade Preys on African Albinos

Attractiveness Based Partly on Skin Color

Skin bleaching

Scientists have discovered a gene which may help explain the causes of mental illness

The ABCA13 gene is partially inactive in patients with severe psychological conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression. It is hoped that identifying genes which make people more likely to develop psychiatric illness may lead to new treatments being developed. The international team of scientists was led by Edinburgh University. They studied the genes of 2,000 psychiatric patients and compared them with those of 2,000 healthy people. The study suggested that ABCA13 was faulty more frequently in patients with mental illness than in the control group.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arab pop star calls black Egyptians monkeys

One of the Arab world's biggest pop stars has provoked a torrent of outrage after releasing a song which refers to black Egyptians as monkeys. Haifa Wehbe, an award-winning Lebanese diva who has been voted one of the world's most beautiful people, is now facing a lawsuit from Egyptian Nubians claiming the song has fuelled discrimination against them and made some Nubian children too afraid to attend school. The row has cast fresh light on the position within Egyptian society of Nubians, who are descended from one of Africa's most ancient black civilisations and yet often face marginalization in modern Egypt.

Hundreds of Muslim protesters burnt Christian-owned shops in Egypt

Hundreds of Muslim protesters have burnt Christian-owned shops in southern Egypt and attacked a police station where they believed a Christian accused of raping a Muslim girl was being held, a police official said. Police repelled the demonstrators in the town of Farshut using tear gas and also arrested 60 people during the clashes in which seven Coptic Christian-owned shops were destroyed, the official said. The protesters hurled stones at the police station after they heard that a Coptic Christian man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old Muslim was being held there, he said. Roughly 10% of Egypt's 80-million-strong population are Coptic Christians, who complain of discrimination and are sometimes the target of sectarian attacks.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The black church and anti-white hatred

The Audacious Epigone argues that the black church caters to anti-white sentiments in the African-American community.


Churches 'silent' on AIDS

A Ugandan government bill is advocating the death penalty for gay people

Under the anti-homosexuality bill, now going through parliament, anyone repeatedly caught having sex with someone of the same sex faces the death penalty, while people who touch each other in a gay way could be jailed. A clause in the bill also punishes anyone who fails to report an offense within 24 hours of witnessing or finding out about it.


Uganda and homosexuality - Don’t ask

African-American women are twice as likely to suffer a late-pregnancy loss as white women

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that among more than 5 million pregnancies in 2001 and 2002, black women were more likely than white or Hispanic women to have a stillbirth. Among African Americans, 22 of every 1,000 pregnancies ended in a stillbirth. That compared with 10 and 10.5 per 1,000 among white and Hispanic women, respectively. Health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes and certain complications during pregnancy - such as uterine bleeding and premature rupture of the sac surrounding the fetus - explained a larger share of black women's stillbirth risk compared with white and Hispanic women.

South Africa is one of the world’s most criminally violent countries

Every day, around 50 murders, 100 rapes, 700 burglaries and 500-plus violent assaults are officially recorded in South Africa. Although the murder figures may be fairly accurate, only around one in ten rapes are thought to be reported to the police. In a recent survey by the Medical Research Council in two provinces, more than one in four men aged 18-49 admitted to having committed at least one rape. What shocks people is not just the high level of crime but the wanton violence that usually accompanies it; gangs often kill people just for their mobile phones. It is not only whites (9% of the population) who complain. Almost everyone is afraid. In one poll 62% of South Africans said they would feel “very unsafe” walking alone in their district after dark.


UN condemns South Africa attacks on Zimbabwe workers

Palm Beach County: The high school graduation rate is 87% for white students, 69% for Hispanics and 60% for black students

Seventy-six percent of white students are proficient in reading versus 52% of Hispanic students and 39% of black students.


Dumbo University

New Yorkers: Notice what we say, not what we do

Rabbi says that Jews can kill gentiles who threaten Israel

Just weeks after the arrest of alleged Jewish terrorist, Yaakov Teitel, a West Bank rabbi has released a book giving Jews permission to kill gentiles who threaten Israel. Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book "The King's Torah" that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation. Shapiro based the majority of his teachings on passages quoted from the Bible, to which he adds his opinions and beliefs. "It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation," he wrote, adding: "If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments - because we care about the commandments - there is nothing wrong with the murder." Several prominent rabbis, including Rabbi Yithak Ginzburg and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, have recommended the book to their students and followers.


'Even Non-Jewish Children Must be Killed - Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira

Book about killing gentile children becomes bestseller in Israel

what is it with these maniacs?

A 20-year-old woman divorcee accused of committing adultery in Somalia has been stoned to death by Islamists in front of a crowd of about 200 people

A judge working for the militant group al-Shabab said she had had an affair with an unmarried 29-year-old man. He said she gave birth to a still-born baby and was found guilty of adultery. Her boyfriend was given 100 lashes. It is thought to be the second time a woman has been stoned to death for adultery by al-Shabab. The group controls large swathes of southern Somalia where they have imposed a strict interpretation of Islamic law.


Somali Gangsters in St. Paul Commit Crimes to Entertain Their YouTube Fans

Nation of Cowards - 11/21/09

Whiteopia: It’s Good for Your Kids Edition!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Neurosis and the middle class

Richard Hoste explains why the American middle class is neurotic.

Blacks, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis

Blacks, who represent 12% of the U.S. population, accounted for about 71% of reported gonorrhea cases and almost half of all chlamydia and syphilis cases in 2008. In addition, black women 15 to 19 had the highest rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea. Sixty-three percent of syphilis cases were among men who have sex with men.

Nation of Cowards - 11/19/09

White Tennessee Police Man To Be ‘Re-educated’ For White Pride!

Norming The Exceptional?

Import Savages And Get…?

Black Mother Sells Daughter To Black Man Who Rapes And Murders Her — Race Not A Factor!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Critically ill babies born to South Asian mothers in Britain are nearly twice as likely to die in their first year than other babies

The infant mortality study was based on more than 40,000 babies admitted into pediatric intensive care in England and Wales between 2004 and 2007. Researchers said that 44% more South Asian infants died before their first birthday than infants of other origins.


Bid to separate conjoined twins

Sugar, fat and bacteria

Diets rich in fat and sugar are causing obesity not only because they are so dense in calories but because they are changing the bacterial contents of the human gut, new research suggests.


Moderate-Fat Diet May Be Better at Reducing Heart Risks

What is diversity?

The simple answer is that it is race and population replacement.

Religion, society and evolution

Nicholas Wade argues that religion evolved as a way of promoting social cohesion and that it would have acted as a form of invisible government for ancient human societies without any other form of leadership.


Faith as an adaptation

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mental health and ethnic pride

A new study found that ethnic pride boosts mental health in African-American teens. Ethnic and racial pride probably boosts mental health in all teenagers regardless of race and ethnicity but it is doubtful that the politically-correct scientific community would ever say that it is good for white teens to take pride in their ancestry.

Europeans and curly hair

A study has looked for genetic variations in people of European descent to identify any genes associated with curly and straight hair. People of European descent have 45% straight hair, 40% wavy, and 15% naturally curly hair. Professor Martin and colleague Dr Sarah Medland have previously found there is up to a 90% chance of inheriting the curly hair trait. The scientists, from the Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) in Brisbane identified the TCHH gene (trichohyalin) on chromosome one as the major gene controlling the curliness of hair. TCHH has been known for over twenty years to play a role in the development of hair follicles. It is expressed in the inner root sheath of developing hair follicles. Leader of the team, Professor Nick Martin said that variations in the gene determine how straight or curly the hair is, but more work is needed to determine the exact variant that influences curliness. Professor Martin said a variation that causes a change in an amino acid is the most likely contender. The study analyzed data collected from a 30-year study of 5000 twins of European ancestry.


Humans still evolving as our brains shrink

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem have protested outside the offices of Intel against the plant operating on the Jewish day of rest

The demonstrators chanted "Shabbes! Shabbes!", the Yiddish word for Sabbath when Jews are forbidden to work. Intel, the world's biggest maker of computer chips, ringed its offices with barbed wire before the protest. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have recently held a series of such protests in Israel. More than 1,000 people took part in Saturday's rally. It was staged after talks between Intel and Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community broke down. Intel has been operating on Saturdays for years - and the company defends the policy. Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews have become increasingly militant in recent months in their attempts to enforce a Saturday work ban. They have held regular protests against the opening of a Jerusalem car park on the Jewish Sabbath.

Nation of Cowards - 11/14/09

Is It A ‘Civil Right’ For Illegal Aliens To Be Represented Here In The States?


The Return of the Eternally Undead Amnesty Bill

Houston sheriffs round up thousands of illegals

Sell crack and lie

Election Results Confirm VDARE.COM Analysis—White Still Key To U.S. Elections; Amnesty DOA

Who’s Afraid Of Michael Steele?

Liberal Democrat Says: Why Take The Risk Of Muslim Immigration?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Did the army look the other way because of Hasan's religion?

Looks like the army was afraid of looking Islamophobic and so allowed a dangerous lunatic to operate within its ranks.


Blind Diversity Equals Death

Happy Veterans Day! U.S. Navy diversity fiasco: Hey, at least nobody got shot

Traditional African rulers should apologize for the role they played in the slave trade, a Nigerian rights group has said in a letter to chiefs

Letter points out that many African leaders sold off their subjects into slavery.

Asian caste discrimination is rife in Britain

Caste discrimination is rife in Britain, with more than half of those from traditionally lower-status Asian backgrounds finding themselves victims of prejudice and abuse, according to a new report. The study, co-ordinated by the Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance (Acda), suggests that the caste system is still widespread and affects tens of thousands of people in the workplace, the classroom and even the doctor's surgery. 58% of the 300 people surveyed said they had been discriminated against because of their caste, while 79% said they did not think the police would understand if they tried to report a caste-related "hate crime". 45% of respondents said they had either been treated negatively by co-workers or had comments made about their caste. 9% felt they had been passed over for promotion, and 10% said they had been paid less because of their caste. A further 5% said they had experienced threatening behavior because of their caste. The classroom also appears to be subject to caste divides: 7% of those surveyed said they had been the victims of threatening behaviour while aged under 12 at school, with another 16% suffering verbal caste abuse. According to the study, 10% of those responsible for caste discrimination against under-12s were teachers, and 42% fellow pupils. One of the most commonly reported forms of discrimination is caste-related name-calling. Almost three quarters (71%) of those questioned in the survey identified themselves as members of the Dalit community. Dalits, who were formerly known as Untouchables because of their low caste status, are sometimes referred to abusively as chuhra and chamar.

Hispanic Protestants and the mortgage crisis

Steve Sailer explores the possibility that religious conversion of Latinos may have played a role in the mortgage meltdown fiasco.


Reverend Ike, The Shorter Version

Nation of Cowards - 11.12.09

Black Columbia Prof. Chimps Out & Punches White Woman!

Black Supremacist Murders White Cop: Race Not A Factor!

Welcome To Your ‘Post-Racial’ Future! WTF Crazy Iranian Edition!


Time for another Beer Summit

Black Professor Arrested For Punching White Woman In New York Bar

Arkansas Anchorwoman's Face Shattered 'Like an Egg' During Attack

Didn’t Obama graduate from Columbia?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweden is going to pay asylum seekers to leave

Sweden has decided to expand a program which gives unsuccessful asylum seekers money to voluntarily return to their homelands. For the past two years, citizens from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, as well as from the West Bank and Gaza who have had their asylum claims rejected have been able to apply for funds from the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) to help pay for the return trip home. Since November 1st, 2009 an additional 20 countries have been added to the program. Most of the countries are in Africa, but asylum seekers from parts of Russia and Kosovo can now also apply for the repatriation funds. Sweden receives the highest number of asylum requests of all the Nordic countries.

Does Sammy Sosa want to be white?

Apparently he is going the Michael Jackson route.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Intelligence, behavior and beliefs

Satoshi Kanazawa says that nations with higher average intelligence are more liberal, less religious and more monogamous.


IQ and the Health of States

How to explain high Jewish achievement: The role of intelligence and values

IQ and the wealth of states

Mind the gap: : :in intelligence: Re-examining the relationship between inequality and health


Race, rape and political correctness

Apparently, it is now racist to notice when minorities commit rape.

The Democratic Republic of Congo army has used vaccination clinics as bait to attack civilians, says aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF)

Thousands of Hutu civilians were targeted when they visited sites set up to combat a measles epidemic, in areas controlled by the rebels, MSF said. It denounced the attacks in North Kivu as an abuse of humanitarian action. The United Nations has withdrawn its support for a government army unit, accusing soldiers of killing 62 civilians. MSF said the clinics were targeted despite security guarantees from all parties to enable the mass immunization scheme to be carried out in the Maisisi district north-west of the city of Goma.

Islamists in southern Somalia have stoned a man to death for adultery but spared his pregnant girlfriend until she gives birth

Abas Hussein Abdirahman, 33, was killed in front of a crowd of some 300 people in the port town of Merka. An official from the al-Shabab group said the woman would be killed after she has had her baby. Islamist groups run much of southern Somalia. This is the third time Islamists have stoned a person to death for adultery in the past year. Al-Shabab official Sheikh Suldan Aala Mohamed said Abdirahman had confessed to adultery before an Islamic court.

The first black woman to be crowned Miss England relinquishes her crown

Miss England Rachel Christie has given up her crown after being arrested on suspicion of a nightclub assault. She punched Miss Manchester, Sara Beverley Jones, 24, in the face in a dispute at a Manchester nightclub. Ms Christie, the first black woman to be crowned Miss England, was arrested on suspicion of assault and has been bailed until January 2010. The beauty queen, niece of former sprinter Linford Christie, is also a heptathlete hoping to compete in the 2012 Olympics.

Black males may be at increased risk for heart problems caused by accumulation of dental plaque

Indiana University School of Dentistry researchers studied 128 black and white women and men and found that a buildup of dental plaque didn't cause a change in total white blood cell count, a known risk factor for heart problems. However, dental plaque accumulation in black males was associated with a significant increase in the activity of white blood cells called neutrophils, an important part of the immune system, the researchers noted. None of the study participants had periodontal (gum) disease. They were healthy people who were asked to neglect their oral hygiene as part of the study, the study authors explained. "We are talking about healthy people who simply neglect oral hygiene and if they were male and black, we found a response from their white blood cells, or neutrophils, that might be a cause for concern," said study leader Michael Kowolik, a professor of periodontics and associate dean for graduate education at the school of dentistry. "If you get a bacterial infection anywhere in the body, billions of neutrophils come flooding out of your bone marrow to defend against the intruder. Our observation that with poor dental hygiene, white blood cell activity increased in black men but not black women or whites of either sex suggests both gender and racial differences in the inflammatory response to dental plaque. This finding could help us identify individuals at greater risk for infections anywhere in the body including those affecting the heart," Kowolik said.

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan said Muslims should rise up

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 11 people before being shot and wounded by police at Fort Hood, had said Muslims should rise up and attack Americans over the war in Iraq.


Should Hasan be charged with treason?

Blowback from Invite the World / Invade the World

Excuses, Excuses

Media spin of Fort Hood shooting in overdrive

Lessons To Learn From Fort Hood Shooting?

Obama's Frightening Insensitivity Following Shooting

Blogger arrested in South Africa

So much for free speech in South Africa.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zimbabwe's state media say a man allegedly killed three of his children with an ax and wounded two others

Police are quoted as saying Elmon Mupombwa, 41, also torched his home in eastern Zimbabwe and killed his livestock — five cattle, 20 goats and 17 chickens — before hanging himself. The dead children were aged 11, 7 and 5. Their two siblings were in critical condition at a local hospital. Police said Mupombwa had attended a tribal ritual conducted by a spirit medium, also known as a witch doctor. The nation's economic and political turmoil has seen a rise in the use witchcraft and tribal sects to allay hardships.

Jews brawl over their Messiah

What began as a brawl in a Brooklyn yeshiva dorm over a revered rabbi has left six members of a Jewish patrol group facing gang assault charges in a state Supreme Court trial. The fight - over whether the late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson is an emissary of God - also led to broken bones, a $150 million lawsuit and a battle between two rival patrol groups. The defendants, members of the Shomrim watch group, face 15 years - and prosecutors were serious when they told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Albert Tomei of possible witness tampering just before opening statements. The six defendants were called to a Yeshiva dorm on Eastern Parkway to break up a fight between four members of the Messianic group and others on Dec. 29, 2007.


Archbishop's blog slams Gray Lady's

Ultra-Orthodox Jews No Longer Ignoring Child Sex Abuse

Race and the high rates of prematurity in the United States

The highest rates of infant mortality occur in non-Hispanic black, American Indian, Alaska Native and Puerto Rican women.


CDC Finds U.S. 30th in Infant Mortality

Why is it that only Israel has a right to self-defense?

Paul Craig Roberts writes about the Israel Lobby and double standard under which the Israeli government operates.

Crime and mayoral elections in New York City

Heather Mac Donald explains why Bill Thompson would be bad for the NYPD.


Root Causes Uprooted

A Saudi court has upheld a ruling to behead and crucify a man convicted of raping five children and leaving one of them to die in the desert

The convict was arrested earlier in 2009 after a seven-year old boy helped police in their investigation. The child left in the desert after the rape was three years old. International rights groups have accused the kingdom, the birthplace of Islam, of applying draconian justice, beheading murderers, rapists and drug traffickers in public. So far this year about 40 people have been executed in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, crucifixion means tying the body of the convict to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after beheading.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Race and food stamps

Ninety percent of black children will eat meals paid for by food stamps at some point during childhood, according to new research.

Africa: 4 Tanzanians have been sentenced to death by hanging for killing an albino man in 2008

The court, in the northern town of Shinyanga, convicted them of murdering the man and removing his head and legs. In September 2008, three men were sentenced to death for murdering an albino boy - the first such ruling in Tanzania. Witchdoctors sell good-luck potions made from the body parts of albino people for thousands of dollars. More than 50 albino people are thought to have been murdered in the past two years in Tanzania. Analysts say thousands of albino people are now living in fear, especially in villages in the north-west where the majority of the murders have occurred. The killings have also spread to neighbouring Burundi, where at least 12 people have been murdered.

Ethnic homogeneity and trust

Dennis Mangan shows that people in the least diverse areas are the most trusting.

Saving Africa

Kevin Myers explains why only Africans can save Africa.


Do starving Africans a favour. Don’t feed them

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Race mixing in Southern Europe

Arthur Kemp comments on the evidence of Northwestern African ancestry in Iberia.


Racial decoherence and genetic noise

Are modern Europeans of Middle Eastern ancestry?

Anthropologist Peter Frost isn't so sure.

The United States is to end its 22-year ban on people with HIV entering the country, Barack Obama has confirmed

Obama made the announcement as he extended funding for an act that provides HIV/AIDS related health care. HIV was added in 1987 to the list of diseases disqualifying people from entering the US.

Race and prison

An estimated 32% of black males will enter State or Federal prison during their lifetime, compared to 17% of Hispanic males and 5.9% of white males.

Bad drivers may in part have their genes to blame

People with a particular gene variant performed more than 20% worse on a driving test than people without it - and a follow-up test a few days later yielded similar results. About 30 percent of Americans have the variant. This gene variant limits the availability of a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor during activity. BDNF keeps memory strong by supporting communication among brain cells and keeping them functioning optimally. When a person is engaged in a particular task, BDNF is secreted in the brain area connected with that activity to help the body respond. Previous studies have shown that in people with the variant, a smaller portion of the brain is stimulated when doing a task than in those with a normal BDNF gene. People with the variant also don't recover as well after a stroke. The gene variant isn't always bad, though. Studies have found that people with it maintain their usual mental sharpness longer than those without it when neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Huntington's and multiple sclerosis are present.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Genes, collectivism and serotonin

Researchers have discovered that the majority of people living in countries considered to be collectivist have a certain mutation within a gene that regulates the transport of serotonin, a neurochemical known to have a substantial affect on mood. For example, in China and other east Asian nations, up to 80% of the population carry this so-called "short" allele, or variant, of a stretch of DNA known as 5-HTTLPR. Previous research had revealed that the S allele is greatly connected to a variety of negative emotions, such as anxiety and depression. What is even more serious is its association with the impulse to protect oneself and avoid harm. On the flip side, in countries of European origin that tend toward self-expression and individuality over group goals, the long or "L" allele dominates, with only 40% of people carrying the "S" variant. Scientists believe that cultures exposed to high levels of deadly pathogens, such as ancient cultures in Asia, Africa and Latin America might have leaned more toward collectivist norms in order to stave off disease. Such a social transformation would have then favored the gradual dominance of the risk-avoidance S allele.


coevolution of individualism–collectivism and the serotonin transporter gene

'Culture of we' buffers genetic tendency to depression

Germs, collectivism and serotonin

Monday, October 26, 2009

The heritability of intelligence increases with age

In a study of 11,000 pairs of twins from four countries, scientists have found that the heritability of IQ increases linearly from childhood (about 40%) to adolescence (about 55%) to young adulthood (about 65%).

Jews and liberalism

Steve Sailer reviews Norman Podhoretz’s Why Are Jews Liberal? and finds it lacking.

Latino toddlers lag behind white children in vocabulary, listening and problem-solving skills

By the time they are toddlers, Latino children trail their white counterparts by up to six months in understanding words, speaking in more complex sentences and performing such simple tasks as assembling puzzles. The findings from researchers at UC Berkeley, UCLA and the University of Pittsburgh are based on a nationwide tracking study of more than 8,000 children born in 2001 and are being published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal and the medical journal Pediatrics. Past studies have documented disparities between Latino children and their white peers in kindergarten and persistent achievement gaps in later grades. The new findings pinpoint the beginnings of those gaps at an earlier age than previously thought. "Cognitive skills and language during toddler years are a strong predictor of who will do well in kindergarten and early elementary grades," said study co-author Bruce Fuller, a professor of education and public policy at UC Berkeley.


Trapped between worlds, some Latina teens consider suicide

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Advice to illegal aliens and their advocates

Heather Mac Donald has some advice that immigration activists should listen to:

Instruct illegals to scrupulously obey the domestic laws so as not to come to the attention of the police. But such advice never issues from La Raza or the phalanx of immigration attorneys who howl at every deportation of an illegal criminal.

The thug mentality of the black community

An angry black man lashes out at the thug culture rampant among his fellow blacks after his parents are murdered for their Cadillac.

Occidental Observer and Steve Sailer

Edmund Connelly explains why he thinks Steve Sailer is an indispensable pundit.

A female journalist in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 60 lashes over a TV show in which a Saudi man described his extra-marital sex life

The program, made by Lebanese satellite network LBC, caused a huge scandal in conservative Saudi Arabia when it was shown. The journalist is one of two female LBC employees who have been arrested. Mazen Abdul Jawad, the Saudi man who talked about how he picked up Saudi women for sex, has already been jailed. Mazen Abdul Jawad provoked outrage by describing his techniques for meeting and having sex with Saudi women. He tearfully apologised but was jailed for five years and sentenced to 1,000 lashes. Three of his friends who appeared on the show got two years each.

Five women were paraded naked, beaten and forced to eat human excrement by villagers after being branded as witches in India's Jharkhand state

Local police said the victims were Muslim widows who had been labelled as witches by a local cleric. The incident occurred in a remote village in Deoghar district. The abuse of women who are branded as witches is common, but rare footage of the incident has caused outrage across India. Police went to Pattharghatia village after being informed about the incident by a group of villagers. Police say that people in Pattharghatia believe that certain women in their village are possessed by a "holy spirit" that can identify those who practise witchcraft. Hundreds of people, mostly women, have been killed in India because their neighbors thought they were witches.

Africans and Europeans are very distantly related

New research shows that the ancestors of Europeans and West Africans split around 140,000 years ago.

Jungle fever violence

White model is left disfigured after black boyfriend throws acid in her face.

White progressives don't like blacks

Progressives tend to live in places that have few people of African ancestry.

Plants can recognize their kin

Plants can't see or hear, but they can recognize their siblings, and now researchers have found out how: They use chemical signals secreted from their roots, according to a new study. Back in 2007, Canadian researchers discovered that a common seashore plant, called a sea rocket, can recognize its siblings — plants grown from seeds from the same plant, or mother. They saw that when siblings are grown next to each other in the soil, they "play nice" and don't send out more roots to compete with one another. But as soon as one of the plants is thrown in with strangers, it begins competing with them by rapidly growing more roots to take up the water and mineral nutrients in the soil. The length of the longest lateral root and of the hypocotyl, the first leaf-like structure that forms on the plant, were measured. A lateral root is a root that extends horizontally outward from the primary root, which grows downward. Plants exposed to strangers had greater lateral root formation than the plants that were exposed to siblings. Further, when sibling plants grow next to each other, their leaves will often touch and intertwine, while stranger plants near each other grow rigidly upright and avoid touching, the authors say.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raped in the Congo

Rape has turned into a weapon of war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the number of attacks on women having grown threefold over the past few years, human rights activists have said. Anneke van Woudenberg, senior researcher with Human Rights Watch, said that 200,000 women and girls have been raped in Eastern Congo since 1998, and the condition of women has become more dire as the Congolese army has pressed a military campaign against armed groups in the countryside. "Rape is being used as a weapon of war in eastern Congo. So we notice and we have documented that when armed groups walk into town, they will rape the women and girls, sometimes publicly, sometimes privately, in order to punish the local population," she said. "It's the easiest way to terrorize a community."

Certain genetic risk factors are uniquely found in individuals of European origin

Scientists have found evidence of recent natural selection in Europeans:

By comparing human data with genetic data from chimpanzees, the team were able to conclude that the genetic variant was the result of a selection event favouring variants that increase the risk of heart disease, coeliac disease and type 1 diabetes in European populations 3,400 years ago. The authors suggest that the risk factors were positively selected for because they gave carriers an increased protection against infection.

Black youths are protesting black government's failure to lift South Africans out of poverty

Black rule hasn't done much for blacks in South Africa.

Sexual selection in men and women

Peter Frost has some interesting posts on sexual selection.

Race, dating and the Internet

Online dating site data shows that people are racially-biased when it comes to picking a date:

White men get more responses. Whatever it is, white males just get more replies from almost every group. We were careful to preselect our data pool so that physical attractiveness (as measured by our site picture-rating utility) was roughly even across all the race/gender slices. For guys, we did likewise with height.

White women prefer white men to the exclusion of everyone else—and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more exclusively. These three types of women only respond well to white men. More significantly, these groups’ reply rates to non-whites is terrible. Asian women write back non-white males at 21.9%, Hispanic women at 22.9%, and white women at 23.0%. It’s here where things get interesting, for white women in particular. If you look at the match-by-race table before this one, the “should-look-like” one, you see that white women have an above-average compatibility with almost every group. Yet they only reply well to guys who look like them.

African intelligence

Article points out that African countries such as Tanzania and South Africa have low IQ rates:

For one thing, the results are skewed by a relatively small number of countries with high rates of spanking and especially low average IQs, particularly Tanzania and South Africa -- where about a third of university students reported being spanked a lot before age 12, and where average IQ rates stood at 72. Excluding these countries, "the line would be much closer to flat, indicating little or no relationship," says Dr. Mundfrom.

Attributing cognitive problems in children to spanking is hard enough. But then saying it is a major reason behind the lower IQ of a nation's entire population is even trickier because there could be a new raft of potential causes.

Martin Wells, a statistician at Cornell University, re-ran the statistical test to check whether regional variations in IQ -- which is lower in Latin America and Africa -- could account for the IQ differences Prof. Straus found. After accounting for regional variations, Dr. Wells found the effect of spanking vanished.


Channel 4 to screen controversial documentary that asks whether IQ is linked to race

Scientists claim black people less intelligent than whites in Channel 4 show

Race and national math scores

The latest scores were especially disappointing because score gaps between white and minority students did not diminish at all since the last time the math test was administered, in 2007. On average, the nation’s fourth graders scored 240 on a 500-point scale, just as they did in 2007. White fourth graders, on average, scored 248, Hispanics scored 227 and blacks scored 222. Eighth graders, on average, scored 283 on the same scale, up from 281 in 2007. White eighth graders, on average, scored 293, while Hispanics scored 266 and black eighth graders scored 261. The gap of 32 points separating average black and white eighth graders represents about three years’ worth of math learning.


Latest NAEP math results

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Celts and their animals in Britain

DNA tests on British populations of small mammals show a genetically distinct Celtic Fringe, say scientists at The University of York. Voles, shrews, mice and stoats in northern and western areas have different DNA from their counterparts in other parts of the British Isles. The paper says the different populations arrived at the end of the last ice age. The authors say the work sheds light on the origins of the Celtic people. The traditional view is that the ancestors of British Celts spread from central Europe during the Iron Age and were later displaced by the arrival of the Anglo Saxons. However, recent genetic studies have challenged this theory, suggesting a much earlier origin, dating back to the end of the last ice age, 19,000 years ago.


Small Mammals Have A 'Celtic Fringe' Too

Interracial rape

The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States

Interracial Rape in the United States

Estrogen and the male brain

It is said that overly macho males suffer from too much testosterone, but a new study in mice reveals how estrogen might share in that blame. The report reveals how early estrogen exposure masculinizes the brain circuitry, predisposing boys to be boys as it were. That early event is specifically critical in producing male mice that will pick fights with other males and that dutifully mark their territories with urine. "It's been known for decades that estrogen may play a role in making males behave like males," said Nirao Shah of the University of California, San Francisco. "What we do here is to provide insight into the logic of how estrogen regulates that behavior." The basis for differences between the sexes in such behaviors, they show, may reside in the neurons that are equipped with an enzyme, called aromatase, that converts testosterone into estrogen. The masculine brain has more of those testosterone-converting neurons in certain regions. The researchers now show that these neurons establish a unique neural circuitry in males, and that this difference in wiring depends on estrogen. The researchers found that female mice exposed to estrogen as pups get wired to behave as tomboys of a sort. Their aromatase neurons now look like what is seen in the male brain, and the female mice take on aggressive and territorial behaviors typically reserved for males. But if estrogen, the female hormone, establishes male behavior patterns, why don't girls act like boys? Shah explains that the ovaries normally don't pump out any hormone that early in life, but males do see a surge in testosterone at a young age, at least some of which gets converted by aromatase to estrogen. The findings indicate that adult gonadal hormones are not the entire story when it comes to determining masculine versus feminine behavior, Shah said. "Rather than the gonadal hormones telling the adult brain what do to, the brain interprets signals based on its prior history," he said. Thus, female mice exposed to estrogen as pups respond to estrogen as adults by switching on the aggressive and territorial behaviors typically observed in males. Testosterone itself isn't off the hook yet, however. Shah's team suspects it is also likely to have direct effects. As evidence of that, Shah notes that female mice whose brains are masculinized by exposure to estrogen in early development do fight, but they tend to fight with less intensity than males. But when these females have their ovaries - their adulthood source of estrogen - removed and are treated with male levels of testosterone, their will to fight goes up. "It suggests testosterone acts on its own receptor to increase the intensity of male-like fighting," Shah said.


Serum Estrogen, But Not Testosterone, Levels Differ between Black and White Men in a Nationally Representative Sample of Americans

Nation of Cowards - 10-10-09

One Of The Most Important Stories Of The Year!

The Modern Definition Of Fascist?

The ‘Pattern’ Strikes Again: Little Rock Edition!

Documenting Racism’s Painful Slide!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Norway is the best place in the world to live

Britain has been ranked the 21st best place in the world to live – flagging behind Ireland and Iceland. The UN list, which saw Norway retain its status as the world’s most desirable place to live, ranks sub-Saharan African states afflicted by war and HIV/AIDS as the worst. Data collected prior to the global economic crisis showed people in Norway, Australia and Iceland had the best living standards, while Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone scored worst in terms of human development. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) index was compiled using 2007 data on GDP per capita, education, and life expectancy, and showed marked differences between the developed and developing world. Life expectancy in Niger was 50, about 30 years shorter than Norway, according to the index. For every dollar earned per person in Niger, $85 was earned in Norway. People were poorest in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where average income per person was $298 per year.

Searching for Whitopia

Is it racist for white people to want to live amongst their own kind?


The New White Nationalism in America - a critique

Rabbi pretends to be fireman

The NYC Correction Department rabbi who resigned after it was revealed he organized a bar-mitzvah bash for an inmate's son behind bars recently has been parking illegally while displaying a placard that falsely claims he is a firefighter. Rabbi Leib Glanz was spotted using an official Uniformed Firefighters Association placard Friday while praying in a Williamsburg synagogue. The politically connected rabbi had organized a bar mitzvah for the son of notorious fraudster and longtime fugitive Tuvia Stern in the downtown Manhattan jail known as The Tombs. The soiree had dozens of non-inmates as guests, featured catered kosher food and a live performance by popular Orthodox Jewish singer Yaakov Shwekey. Several former inmates soon afterward said Glanz for years had arranged for Jewish inmates to be housed at The Tombs, where he let them use his office to watch movies, make phone calls and nosh on kosher delicacies. The exposé sparked a still-pending Department of Investigation probe into Correction's coddling of Jewish inmates, as well as the resignations of Glanz and Correction chief Peter Curcio, who didn't stop the rabbi's flouting of jailhouse policy.


More Women Allege Inappropriate Behavior By Rabbi

White party GOP and Black party Democrats

Steve Sailer offers the Republicans an interesting political strategy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Homelessness and policing in Los Angeles

Heather Mac Donald explains why the LAPD is the best friend of the poor in Los Angeles.

Brain size and cancer

The larger brains of humans, compared to chimpanzees, may make us more vulnerable to diseases such as cancer and mental illness.

Vacant properties are concentrated in black areas of Chicago

Vacant, lender-owned foreclosed properties in Chicago are concentrated in African-American communities, where they go unsold longer and incur greater losses to the lender than such properties in white communities, according to a report by the Woodstock Institute. Sixty percent of such properties from 2007 and the first half of 2008 were in black communities, and the properties took 25% longer to be absorbed into the market than such properties in predominantly white areas, the report found. When the properties were sold, the average loss per property to the lender was 35% in black communities. That compared with an average loss of 17% in white communities. The longer a property remains vacant, the longer the community is exposed to the negative effects of vacant properties, including declining property values of surrounding homes and increases in crime, according to the institute.

Lung cancer risk and African-Americans

A recent study published in the October 2009 issue of the Journal of Thoracic Oncology determined that variations of specific genetic markers identified in previous research, or SNPs, may indicate a greater lung cancer risk in African Americans than in whites. The genes CHRNA3 and CHRNA5 may contribute to lung cancer risk due directly or through their association with nicotine dependence. Although their presence is less frequent in African Americans, the risk for lung cancer may be greater when present. Despite reporting lower levels of smoking, lung cancer incidence remains higher for African Americans, than for whites, so this is an important population in which to study the role of CHRNA3 and CHRNA5 genes and risk of lung cancer. The present study concentrated on the genes CHRNA3 and CHRNA5, confirming a stronger association with the risk of lung cancer than with nicotine dependence in African Americans.

Roman Polanski and Hollywood versus America

Kevin MacDonald writes about the Roman Polanski case.

The Tanzania Albino Society (TAS) has called for the men found guilty of killing an albino boy to be hanged publicly as a warning to others

A court sentenced them to death for attacking the boy and severing his legs for use in witchdoctors' potions. There are more than 100 people on death row, but no-one has been executed in more than 15 years. But TAS chairman Ernest Kimaya urged the president to endorse the sentence. Kimaya told Tanzania's Citizen newspaper that a public execution would also "show that the government is serious in its war on albino killers". In the past two years, 53 albino people have been murdered in Tanzania. Albino people, who lack pigment in their skin and appear pale, are killed because potions made from their body parts are believed to bring good luck and wealth. The Tanzanian government has publicly stated its desire to end the killings. Officials banned witchdoctors from practising, however many have continued to work. Many of Tanzania's estimated 17,000 albino people are now living in fear, especially in villages in the north-west where the majority of the murders have occurred. The case in Kahama was the first conviction in Tanzania for an albino killing. There is also a fear of reprisal killings as witchdoctors and their clients wield a lot of power in their communities. Witchdoctors in Tanzania and other parts of East Africa have made tens of thousands of dollars from selling potions and other items made from the bones, hair, skin and genitals of dead albino people. They pay a lot of money for body parts. In July 2009 a court in neighbouring Burundi sentenced one person to life in prison and eight others to jail for the murder of albino people whose remains were sold in Tanzania.


Journey to Tanzania: Reporter Exposes Epidemic of Albino Killings

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The latest crime statistics in South Africa show a slight decrease in the murder rate but a sharp rise in burglaries and sexual offenses

While the murder rate has fallen by 3%, this still represent more than 18,000 killings per year and is one of the highest rates in the world. Sexual offenses have risen by 10%, which the government partly attributes to the inclusion of attacks on men. Opposition parties have criticized the government's record on crime. Nationwide, some 2.1m serious crimes were recorded in the past year.


Crime in South Africa: It won't go away

Sugar and violence

Children who eat sweets and chocolate every day are more likely to be violent as adults, according to British researchers. The Cardiff University study involving 17,500 people is the first into effects of childhood diet on adult violence. It found 10-year-olds who ate sweets daily were significantly more likely to have a violence conviction by age 34. The researchers looked at data on around 17,500 people and found that 69% of the participants who were violent at the age of 34 had eaten sweets and chocolate nearly every day during childhood, compared to 42% who were non-violent.


Working mothers' children unfit

Pregnant smoking 'psychosis link'

Women prefer taken guys

Apparently, women prefer men who aren't single. Go figure.

Many Chinese girls prefer dolls with pink skin and blond hair

From Steve Sailer.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Strange Jewish customs

Apparently Jews like to swing chickens on Yom Kippur.

Jews and the media

Steve Sailer:

Indeed, on 2009’s Atlantic 50 list of most influential columnists, bloggers, and broadcast pundits, almost exactly half are Jewish, even though only about 2 percent of the population is Jewish. In particular, white Jewish males are represented at rates more than 50 times higher than the average American.

A leading Egyptian scholar has demanded that people caught importing a female virginity-faking device into the country should face the death penalty

Abdul Mouti Bayoumi said supplying the item was akin to spreading vice in society, a crime punishable by death in Islamic Sharia law. The device is said to release liquid imitating blood, allowing a female to feign virginity on her wedding night. The contraption is seen as a cheap and simple alternative to hymen repair surgery, which is carried out in secret by some clinics in the Middle East. It is produced in China and has already become available in other parts of the Arab world. Professor Bayoumi, a scholar at the prestigious al-Azhar University, said it undermined the moral deterrent of fornication, which he described as a crime and one of the cardinal sins in Islam. Members of parliament in Egypt have also called for banning import of the item.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Spanking and intelligence

Apparently, children who are spanked are less intelligent than other youngsters.

Genes and why girls without fathers have sex earlier

It has long been a puzzle that girls who grow up without their fathers at home reach sexual maturity earlier than girls whose fathers live with them. Jane Mendle of the University of Oregon and her colleagues have suggested a possible cause: genes. Specifically, the same genes that might make a dad more likely to leave his family could be behind early sexual development as well. The researchers came to their conclusion after analysing data collected through the American National Longitudinal Survey of Youth. Dr Mendle looked at 1,382 boys and girls, each of whom was related to at least one other subject through their mother. Most of the mothers were pairs of sisters, but some were identical twins or first cousins raised as sisters. The NLSY surveys asked the mothers about many things, including whether the father of their children lived with them. They were surveyed every year from 1979 to 1994 and then every second year. From age 14 their children were given annual questionnaires, and asked if they had engaged in sexual intercourse yet. What the researchers wanted to know was whether the age at which a young person first had sex was something that ran in the family — regardless of whether the father had been around or not. To find out, they compared young people who had grown up without their dads with cousins whose dads remained at home. If the environmental effect of a father’s absence was causing children to mature faster, they reasoned, that would show up. It didn’t. In fact, the more closely related the cousins were — by having mothers who were identical twins, for instance, versus cousins — the closer their age at first sexual experience, says Dr Mendle. The researchers found it was as true for boys as it was for girls. They published their work in the current issue of Child Development. Dr Mendle now suspects that the same genetic factors that influence when a child first has intercourse also affect the likelihood that they would grow up in a home without their dads. What kind of genes could cause both? They could be ones that predispose a person to impulsivity, for instance, or sensation seeking. Or they could simply be genes that cause early puberty, suggests Dr Mendle — leading to early sexual experimentation, unintended pregnancy and a partner you never really chose and do not want to spend your life with.

A South African man is planning to marry four women in a two-day wedding ceremony

Zulu businessman Milton Mbele, 44, is to marry the women aged between 22 and 35 in Ntlane village in Kwa-Zulu Natal and says he loves them all. The brides are to take their vows together, answering "we do" when asked if they take Mr Mbele as their husband. Polygamy is common in parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal. South Africa's President Jacob Zuma, an ethnic Zulu, has three wives. The four brides - Thobile Vilakazi, Zanele Langa, Baqinisile Mdlolo and Smangele Cele - all know each other. Mr Mbele has paid a total of 33 cows in ilobolo, or bride-price, for his soon-to-be-brides. He paid 10 cows for Ms Vilakazi, seven for Ms Langa and eight each for Ms Mdlolo and Ms Cele.


Men with high testosterone levels ‘more likely to have multiple wives’

Scientists shed light on human ancestors’ conflict on monogamy

Nigerian MPs have asked the government to investigate the status of Chinese residents in the country, saying some may be staying there illegally

The demand follows allegations that Nigerians in China, especially those in jail, are being mistreated. The MPs asked the government to reject a request by the Chinese authorities to cremate the bodies of 30 Nigerians who have died in Chinese jails. There are an estimated 700 Nigerians currently in prison in China. Trade between Nigeria and China is booming and an estimated 20,000 Chinese people live in Nigeria. A similar number of people from across Africa are legally in China - and many more are thought to be there unofficially. In July 2009, a group of Africans staged a rare protest in the city of Guangzhou after a Nigerian man was reported to have died running away from police there. The Nigerian lawmakers want the government to conduct an audit to determine how many illegal Chinese immigrants there are in the country. The row comes after the Chinese government, through its embassy in Nigeria, sought permission to cremate the 30 corpses of Nigerian prisoners, saying their relatives cannot be traced.

Have Europeans been selected for a lower carbohydrate diet?

There is a large variation in caloric intake and macronutrient preference between individuals and between ethnic groups, and these food intake patterns show a strong heritability. The transition to new food sources during the agriculture revolution around 11,000 years ago probably created selective pressure and shaped the genome of modern humans. One major player in energy homeostasis is the appetite-stimulating hormone neuropeptide Y, in which the stimulatory capacity may be mediated by the neuropeptide Y receptors 1, 2 and 5 (NPY1R, NPY2R and NPY5R). We assess association between variants in the NPY1R, NPY2R and NPY5R genes and nutrient intake in a cross-sectional, single-center study of 400 men aged 40 to 80 years, and we examine whether genomic regions containing these genes show signatures of recent selection in 270 HapMap individuals (90 Africans, 90 Asians, and 90 Caucasians) and in 846 Dutch bloodbank controls. Our results show that derived alleles in NPY1R and NPY5R are associated with lower carbohydrate intake, mainly because of a lower consumption of mono- and disaccharides. We also show that carriers of these derived alleles, on average, consume meals with a lower glycemic index and glycemic load and have higher alcohol consumption. One of these variants shows the hallmark of recent selection in Europe. Our data suggest that lower carbohydrate intake, consuming meals with a low glycemic index and glycemic load, and/or higher alcohol consumption, gave a survival advantage in Europeans since the agricultural revolution. This advantage could lie in overall health benefits, because lower carbohydrate intake, consuming meals with a low GI and GL, and/or higher alcohol consumption, are known to be associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases.