Saturday, August 31, 2013

Among black homicide victims, a staggering 93% are killed by other African Americans

In the area of interracial crime, African Americans are 40 times more likely than whites to commit a violent act against a victim of another race. In the black community, the poverty rate is 33%, double the national average, while the unemployment rate is 12.6%, double the level of the white community. Not surprisingly, the average black family earns just 60% of the average white family and this gap has increased during the Obama years.

A woman in China murdered her husband and boiled his corpse in a pressure cooker

The man was drugged and tortured by his wife for three days. The woman then dismembered her husband's body with a saw and boiled the parts in a pressure cooker to cover her tracks.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A black man claims to have fathered 54 children during his long and busy life — including a daughter he reportedly had when he was 74 years old

Another irresponsible black man.

Police have arrested a black man in the fatal shooting of a Brooklyn store owner

Apparently the African-American, Robert Bullock, was trying to rob the store owner when his gun went off, killing the man.

A black man is facing possible murder charges after he savagely beat a transgendered "woman" into a coma before "she" was finally taken off life support

Islan Nettles, 21, was hanging out with a group of other transgendered "women" along Eighth Avenue near 147th Street when "she" was approached by a group of men. Paris Wilson, 20, is said to have made a pass at Nettles and was shocked to learn that she was not born a woman. Humiliated in front of his crew, Wilson then got into a heated argument with Nettles and the other "women", hurling derogatory slurs at the group. The two eventually came to blows, but Wilson eventually overpowered Nettles, beating "her" to a pulp. Nettles died after being taken off of life support at Harlem Hospital and Wilson has been bailed.

A jilted and jealous Hispanic fatally stabbed the mother of his infant daughter after a high-speed Bronx chase and crash that pinned her inside a crumpled SUV

Battered ex-girlfriend Katherine German, 20, was stalked by the deranged Latino and brutally slashed shortly after he spotted her leaving a nearby motel with another man. German’s blood was spattered across an air bag during the vicious killing that followed a terrifying wreck off the Pelham Parkway. Spurned boyfriend Doines Espinal — who had a violent past and a festering grudge against his ex-lover — was waiting in the darkness outside the $40-for-four-hours Paradise Motor Inn. “He said he was going to kill her,” said the dead woman’s heartbroken mother, Fernanda Rivera. “He threatened to kill her twice ... All the time he would follow her, where she was going, who she was talking to.” Espinal, 31, stabbed German repeatedly in the neck and torso as her date watched helplessly. She died inside the Honda Pilot SUV. Espinal waited at the gruesome crime scene until police arrived and arrested him. He was charged with murder and quickly lawyered up without making any statements to cops. The couple began dating about three years ago, and their daughter Audrey was born July 24, 2013. “They were fighting over the baby,” said Rivera, describing the couple’s rocky relationship. “He was persecuting her all the time. He was very jealous.” German got an order of protection against her boyfriend in May 2013, charging the volatile Espinal with assault, menacing and harassment. Espinal, a cab driver, knocked her to the floor with a punch to the face, then jumped on top of German and landed several more close-fisted blows, court records show. German was hospitalized with lacerations to her forehead, eye, nose and lip.

A Hispanic camp counselor accused of sexually abusing a young camper has been arrested for attacking another child

Endrick Torres, 33, abused a 9-year-old girl who attended the Big Bird's Playhouse camp on Staten Island, including several times on a camp bus and at a movie theater, prosecutors said. Torres was first arrested and arraigned on August 14 for another sex abuse incident that occurred on a bus, prosecutors said. The mother of the second victim came forward after seeing news coverage of Torres' initial arrest and asking her child about the counselor. Torres, called "Mr. E" by campers at Big Bird's Playhouse, had been a counselor there for four years, prosecutors said. Torres was released on $15,000 bond following his first arrest.

A military court has sentenced Major Nidal Hasan to death for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood in which he murdered unarmed fellow soldiers

The same jurors who convicted Hasan had two options: either agree unanimously that Hasan should die or watch the 42-year-old get an automatic sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole. Hasan could become the first American soldier executed in more than half a century. But because the military justice system requires a lengthy appeals process, years or even decades could pass before he is put to death. The American-born Muslim, who has claimed that he acted to protect Islamic terrorists abroad from American "aggression", never denied being the gunman. "He is a criminal. He is a cold-blooded murderer," prosecutor Colonel Mike Mulligan said in his final plea for a death sentence. "This is not his gift to God. This is his debt to society. This is the cost of his murderous rampage."

Asian horror story: A woman tricked a 6-year-old boy into going into a field in northern China and then gouged out his eyes

The boy's brutal ordeal happened in a rural area of Linfen city in Shanxi province, the city's police bureau said in a statement. State media said that the boy was recovering in a hospital, but had lost his sight permanently. A police officer who only gave his surname, Liu, said that he couldn't speculate on a motive because the investigation was continuing. Liu said that the boy's eyeballs were found at the scene, and that the corneas hadn't been removed. State media previously had raised the possibility that the boy's corneas were taken for sale because of a donor shortage in China. A news report on a provincial TV channel showed the boy writhing in pain on a hospital trolley, with bandages around his head, and his parents, both farmers, crying. The parents of the boy, whose family name is Guo according to police, said that their son had told them he was walking along a path when he was grabbed by a woman. She used an unspecified tool to gouge out his eyes, they said.

A study has found that the incidence rates of soft tissue sarcoma types in cancer patients who are 15 to 29 years old vary among racial/ethnic groups

According to the study, the incidence of all soft tissue sarcomas combined was 34% higher in males than females, 60% higher among African-Americans than Caucasians, and slightly higher among Hispanics than Caucasians. The researchers found that African-American and Hispanic males had a higher incidence of Kaposi sarcoma than Caucasians. For non-Kaposi sarcoma, African-Americans had a significantly higher incidence of fibromatous tumors and rhabdomyosarcoma than Caucasians, Hispanics had a significantly higher incidence of liposarcoma, and Caucasians were more likely to be diagnosed with synovial sarcoma than African-Americans. The National Cancer Institute defines soft tissue sarcoma as a cancer that begins in the muscle, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, or other supporting tissue of the body. There are a number of different types. They include Kaposi sarcoma, a malignancy that occurs in blood vessel walls that often affects people with immune deficiencies, such as HIV/AIDS; fibrosarcoma - tumors in fibrous tissue in the arms, legs, or trunk; liposarcoma - tumors in fatty tissue, often in the legs and trunk; rhabdomyosarcoma - cancer that occurs in skeletal muscle; and synovial sarcoma - cancer in the tissue around the joints and ankles.

About 90% of interracial violent crime in the United States is committed by blacks against whites

The black-on-white murder rate in the United States exceeds the white-on-black rate by about 2.5-to-1. The black-on-white assault and battery rate exceeds the corresponding white-on-black rate in this country by at least 10-to-1.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chinese craziness: At least a million cockroaches are on the lam after escaping a greenhouse in China, where they are used so much in traditional medicine that roach-farming can be highly profitable

The breakout apparently happened after an "unknown perpetrator" tampered with a greenhouse where 1.5 million of the bugs were kept, sending them into adjacent cornfields. The bug breeder spent $16,000 purchasing the eggs, and was feeding them a daily diet of "fruits and biscuits" at the time of their escape. His expected profit for his troubles? A hair over $70 per pound of cockroach.

Academic failure in Africa: There will be no new students at the University of Liberia for 2013-2014

That's because every single student who took the admission test — all 25,000 of them — failed the exam. University spokesman Momodu Getaweh says that the students were unenthusiastic and did not show an adequate grasp of the English language. "In English, the mechanics of the language, they didn't know anything about it. So the government has to do something," he says. The country's president acknowledged that its education system is "in a mess" and needs improvement.

Britain: Patients are being put at risk as 40% of doctors taken on by the NHS each year are foreign, a senior surgeon has warned

Calling for more British doctors to be employed Professor J Meirion Thomas pointed out that professionals drafted in from abroad often have language difficulties, are not as well trained, and know little of British culture.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The black man who shot a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy in the head asked the child’s babysitter to hold off on calling 911 to give him time to stash the gun

Akeem Bernard was ordered held on $75,000 bail in the shooting of Tharell Edward in the boy’s second-floor apartment on East 21st Sreet in Flatbush. Bernard, 22, who lives in the same building as the boy and was hanging out with the babysitter, stashed a black semiautomatic gun in a shoebox near the boy’s head. Bernard had been intoxicated all day.

Police have arrested the last of five men wanted in the gang rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai and said that charges would be filed soon in a case that has fueled debate over whether women can be safe in India

The victim, a 22-year-old Indian woman, said that she was anxious to return to work after the assault, in which five men repeatedly raped her while her male colleague was beaten and tied up in an abandoned textile mill. A statement from Jaslok Hospital said that she is "much better" and is being visited by family. Police arrested the fifth suspect in New Delhi, after rounding up the other four in Mumbai.

In a large national study, higher levels of the urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio was associated with greater risk of incident but not recurrent coronary heart disease in black individuals when compared with white individuals

"Increased urinary albumin excretion is an important marker of kidney injury and a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Black individuals have higher levels of urinary albumin excretion than white individuals, which may contribute to racial disparities in cardiovascular outcomes," according to background information in the study. Previous research indicated that the association of urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio (ACR) with incident stroke differed by race, such that higher urinary ACR was independently associated with a greater risk of incident stroke in black individuals but not in white individuals. Whether similar associations extend to coronary heart disease (CHD) is unclear. Orlando M. Gutierrez, M.D., M.M.Sc., of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and colleagues conducted a study to determine whether the association of urinary albumin excretion with CHD events differs by race. The study included black and white U.S. adults, 45 years and older, who were enrolled within the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study between 2003 and 2007 with follow-up through December 2009. The researchers examined race-stratified associations of urinary ACR in 2 groups: (1) incident CHD among 23,273 participants free of CHD at baseline; and (2) first recurrent CHD event among 4,934 participants with CHD at baseline. Over a median (midpoint) 4.5 years of follow-up, a total of 616 incident CHD events (259 among black participants and 357 among white participants) were observed. Of these, 421 were nonfatal heart attacks and 195 were CHD-related deaths. Analysis of the data indicated that age- and sex-adjusted incidence rates increased in the higher categories of urinary ACR in both black and white participants. The adjusted incidence rates in the 2 highest categories of ACR were approximately 1.5-fold greater in black participants when compared with white participants. "In models adjusted for traditional cardiovascular risk factors and medications, higher baseline urinary ACR was associated with greater risk of incident CHD among black participants but not white participants," the authors write. "Among those with CHD at baseline, fully adjusted associations of baseline urinary ACR with first recurrent CHD event were similar between black participants vs. white participants. These findings confirm the results of prior studies showing that urinary ACR is an important biomarker for CHD risk in the general population, even among individuals with ACR values that are less than the current threshold for defining microalbuminuria. Additionally, to our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate that the higher risk of incident CHD associated with excess ACR differs by race. Future studies should examine whether addition of ACR can improve the diagnosis and management of CHD in black individuals," the researchers conclude.

Only 1 in 4 African-Americans say that the situation of black people is better now than five years ago, down from 39% in 2009

Among whites, it fell from 49% to 35%. So electing Obama president has just made things worse.

Jewish mayor resigns after nearly 20 women came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment

Of course, in typical Jewish fashion, he portrays himself as the victim.

One of Obama's sons: The black teen who shot a toddler between the eyes during a robbery attempt counted down from five before firing, his accomplice testified pointing him out as the shooter

Black teen De'Marquise Elkins has been charged with murder, child cruelty, attempted armed robbery and multiple counts of aggravated assault in connection to the shooting. If convicted, Elkins will not face the death penalty because he was 17 at the time of the killing, too young under Georgia law to be executed. Prosecutors have also accused Elkins of shooting Wilfredo Calix Flores outside a local church ten days before the child was killed.

Major Nidal Hasan, the Muslim Army psychiatrist who turned his gun on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood in the name of jihad, was found guilty of all counts, including premeditated murder

He now faces the death penalty and could be the first person the U.S. military puts to death in more than 50 years. A 13-member panel, or jury, of high-ranking officers voted unanimously to convict Hasan, 42, on a slew of premeditated murder and attempted murder charges for killing 13 people and injuring 31 others in the November 5, 2009, attack at the U.S. Army base in Texas.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Obama's sons: Police in Spokane, Washinton have arrested one of the two black teens who fatally beat an 88-year-old veteran of World War II who had survived the Battle of Okinawa

The two young African American males, between 16 and 19 years old, approached Delbert Belton in his car outside an Eagles Lodge as he was waiting for a friend. Belton was found by police with serious head injuries and later died in hospital.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

One of the two students removed from Oberlin College earlier in 2013 for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus is an ardent leftist and committed supporter of Barack Obama

Another leftist hate crime hoax exposed.

Young black men commit about 50% of the murders in the United States

Young black men murder 14 times more than young white men.

Just a quarter of 2013's high school graduates who took the ACT tests have the reading, math, English and science skills that they need to succeed in college or a career, according to data the testing company just released

The numbers are even worse for black high school graduates: Just 5% of black students are ready for college work in English, reading, math and science skills. Among American Indians, 10% are ready in all subjects, while 14% of Hispanics are ready. Pacific Islanders post a 19% readiness rate for all four subjects. White students have a 33% rate and 43% of Asian-American students are ready for studies in all four subjects.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A black Department of Homeland Security employee who works on, among other things, the procurement of guns and ammunition for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, spends his nights and weekends preparing for a coming race war and advocating for anti-gay causes

He is calling for the mass murder of white people.

India is obsessed with lighter skin

India's obsession with fair skin is well documented: in 1978, Unilever launched Fair & Lovely cream, which has subsequently spawned numerous whitening face cleansers, shower gels and even vaginal washes that claim to lighten the surrounding skin. In 2010, India's whitening-cream market was worth $432 million, according to a report by market researchers ACNielsen, and was growing at 18% per year. In 2012, Indians reportedly consumed 233 tonnes of skin-whitening products, spending more money on them than on Coca-Cola.

Saudi Arabia's War on Witchcraft: A special unit of the religious police pursues magical crime aggressively and the convicted face death sentences

More evidence of the primitiveness of Islamic nations.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lee Daniels, the director of "Lee Daniels' the Butler," told Piers Morgan that he thinks America has become more racist since Barack Obama - that nation's first black president - has come into office

Then maybe we would be better off having no more black presidents?

A new study led by Tel Aviv University researchers finds that the Holocaust education trips Israeli high school students take to Poland every year can trigger mental health problems

About a third of the psychiatric professionals surveyed in this pilot study said that they had treated teenagers for psychological problems arising from the Holocaust education trips. While most of the teenagers were treated for less severe symptoms such as anxiety, adjustment, and mood disorders, reports also cited hospitalization, post-traumatic-stress disorder, and psychosis.

A white bride, whose new African husband discovered he was infertile, was found hanged at their home after an argument

Simone Jabakhanji, 27, had been rowing with Gambian Mohammed, 29, after he was given the news by doctors, an inquest into her death was told. Jabakhanji, from Leyland in Lancashire, had moved to Gambia to be with Mohammed, and the two had married at a beach ceremony attended by her family. A year later, however, she was found hanged at their home in the West African country’s capital city of Banjul, on August 13, 2011. In the days leading up to her death she told her mother back in England that she was frightened of him and needed to give him “quiet space” when he got angry. Initially Mohammed, who reported the death, was arrested for her murder by Gambian police, but he was then released. The hearing was told that Jabakhanji and her family had been travelling to Gambia for many years and she had met her future husband on one of those trips. She moved to Gambia from Leyland in 2009 and married Mohammed, the following year on Valentine's Day. Giving evidence at the inquest, Jabakhanji’s mother Janice Lally said that she spoke to her daughter on the day of her death about her husband, who was known as Carlos. Her daughter had told her that she had decided to put make-up on and a nice outfit to wait for her husband to return that evening. Lally said: "She phoned quite often. She had phoned on the Friday evening because she and Carlos had had an argument, she always wanted to speak with me or her friend when they had an argument.” Lally said the couple would fight regularly - about once a month. Lally said that her daughter was used to Mohammed going into his own quiet space for a few days then pretending that nothing had happened. At an inquest in Preston, coroner Simon Jones said that there had been no co-operation from the Gambian authorities about their investigation, leaving the family hunting for answers on what happened to her. He said that there had been repeated requests through Interpol, the Foreign Office and the Gambian High Commissioner, but only a limited amount of detail about the death had been forthcoming. No autopsy had been carried out in Gambia and the body had been embalmed before repatriation to England. Jones delivered an open verdict, saying: "When a death like this happens in this country we get police statements, photographs of the scene. To record a verdict of suicide in the UK I have to be satisfied to a very high standard of proof that she did what she did intending to end her own life. But we can't be certain what she did was done with the intention of ending her life. That would be at odds with the conversations she had with family and friends. Similarly there is no evidence to suggest anyone else was involved."

Stop and frisk: Although whites make up 35% of New York City’s population and committed 2.5% of shootings and 5.5% of violent crimes, based on victim and witness accounts in 2011, they constituted 9% of NYPD stops in 2011 — a higher percentage than the violent crimes with which they were associated

On the other hand, blacks, who make up 23% of the city's population but committed 77% of shootings and 66% of violent crimes, numbered only 53% of NYPD stops — a lower percentage than the violent crimes with which they were associated.

Two black teens have been charged with murder after shooting a college baseball star dead because they were bored

Two of the black teens accused of gunning down a promising Australian student in the street "just for the fun of it" have been charged with first-degree murder and the third as an accessory. Chris Lane, 22, originally from Melbourne, was jogging in the small town of Duncan in Oklahoma when he was shot in the back and left to die in the gutter. James Edwards, 15, and Chancey Luna, 16, are charged as adults with first-degree murder and are being held without bond. Michael Jones, 17, is charged with use of a vehicle while a weapon was discharged and accessory after the fact of first degree murder. His bond is set at $1 million. Jones said in open court, "I pulled the trigger", but the judge directed him to remain quiet. Chris was in the United States on a baseball scholarship and was returning from a visit to his girlfriend when he was senselessly gunned down because the black teens were "bored".

Monday, August 19, 2013

A group of South Asian teenagers kicked and beat a 17-year-old to death after a kite-flying dispute on the rooftops of the Indian capital

Rajan Chand had been flying a kite in a northeast Delhi neighborhood when he apparently angered another boy by snapping the line on his kite. The boy threatened Chand, who ignored the threat as a passing remark. The next evening the boy and three others attacked Chand and his friend, hitting Chand with a metal object and beating the two until they were unconscious in the street. Chand was declared dead at the hospital, while his friend was still receiving treatment. A 16-year-old and a 17-year-old were arrested after the attack. It was not clear if Chand and the other boy had been in a kite competition or if it was just an accident. Kite-flying can be fiercely competitive in India and other South Asian countries, with competitors often coating their lines with powdered glass in order to slice through others' lines.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crime in Brooklyn: Blacks and Hispanics commit nearly 99% of all violent crime in the 88th Precinct and over 93% of all crime

Whites and Asians commit less than 1% of violent crime in the 88th Precinct and less than 6% of all crime. Blacks and Hispanics make up 60% of the total population of the 88th Precinct while whites and Asians make up 40%.

A black woman tied up a gaunt, special-needs woman to a urine-soaked bed in her basement

Regina Bennett, 46, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping, assault, unlawful restraint and other related offences. Police first arrived at her residence to break up a physical fight between Bennett and her neighbor Liza Figueroa. "I would of never imagined that the police officers yesterday, resulting from the altercation that I had with her, [would discover] that she had someone tied up in her basement," Figueroa said. Bennett was arrested for threatening and physically assaulting Figueroa. Then officers entered Bennett's home to look for a child that neighbors said might have been left behind in the building unattended. But police did not find a child. Instead they found a malnourished, 36-year-old woman tied by cloth to a soiled bed by her arms and legs. She was wearing only a diaper and had a limited vocabulary. The unidentified victim was taken to nearby Einstein Hospital and had injuries all over her body. Family members said that Bennett was the woman's caregiver and cousin.

Crime and the black family: The son and daughter of a woman raped and murdered by her grandson are suing the state and San Joaquin County for releasing him from the county jail after he violated parole

The lawsuit claims that parole agents supervising 40-year-old Jerome Sidney DeAvila knew he was a danger to 76-year-old Racheal Renee Russell. He had made threats and had a history of drug use and violence. The lawsuit filed in San Joaquin Superior Court alleges that officials did not affix him with a GPS tracking device or warn the grandmother of his release. The case attracted attention from critics of AB109, the law that has created crowded jails and early releases because some offenders are held there instead of prisons.

Black woman lied and sent her father to prison for rape

In 1997, Chaneya Kelly falsely accused a man of raping her. That man – who has always maintained his innocence - is Daryl Kelly, Chaneya’s father. Apparently, she lied because her mother - a drug addict - forced her to do it.

A charity in Britain has devised a clever last line of defense against forced marriage, and it involves an unusual trick: packing a spoon in your underwear

The Karma Nirvana charity suggests the move to victims being taken out of Britain via plane: The spoon will set off the metal detector at the airport, thus prompting security staff to search the victim — away from the parents who might be pushing the marriage in their families' countries of origin. British airport staff are already on the lookout for signs of potential forced marriages as youths are removed from the country, supposedly for vacation. The metal detector "will highlight this object in a private area and, if 16 or over, (victims) will be taken to a safe space where they have that one last opportunity to disclose they're being forced to marry," says a charity representative. Victims are usually girls aged 15 or 16, but they have ranged in age from 2 to 71 years old. Britain's forced marriage unit saw 1,500 cases in 2012; 18% of the victims were male. Some 60 countries were cited in the cases; about half involved Pakistan. Others were tied to Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The polygyny rate correlates inversely with latitude

And polygyny tends to be most common in dark-skinned populations.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Black patients preoccupied with racial concerns have higher blood pressure than those who aren't, according to results of new Johns Hopkins-led research

The findings suggest that heightened race consciousness could at least in part account for the disproportionately high rate of hypertension in black Americans - the highest prevalence of any group in the United States and one of the highest rates in the world. As part of ongoing research into doctor-patient relationships and racial disparities, the researchers surveyed 266 patients in urban health clinics in Baltimore between September 2003 and August 2005. Sixty-two percent of the patients were black. To test for race consciousness, they used the 2002 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System "Reactions to Race" module developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Patients - both black and white - were asked how often they thought about their race. Two categories were created: Those who said that they ever think about their race and those who said that they never do. Half of the black patients responded that they "ever" think about it, and one in five white patients said that they did. When blood pressures were measured, being a race-conscious black patient was associated with significantly higher diastolic blood pressure (roughly five millimeters of mercury) and somewhat higher systolic blood pressure (some four millimeters of mercury) than black patients who were not preoccupied with race. There was no effect on blood pressure in race conscious white patients. Systolic blood pressure, the top number in a blood pressure reading, measures the force that pressure from the beating heart places on the arteries moving blood to the rest of the body, while diastolic blood pressure, the bottom number, indicates the pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between beats. The researchers say that it is well known that chronic stress can increase blood pressure. In addition to the link between race consciousness and blood pressure, the researchers found that whites who were race conscious were more likely to feel respected in the doctor-patient relationship than whites who were not concerned with race, though they were less likely to take their blood pressure medication as prescribed.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Female blue tits with brightly colored crowns are better mothers than duller birds, according to a new study led by the University of York

Unlike humans, birds can see ultra-violet (UV) light. While the crown of a blue tit looks just blue to us, to another bird it has the added dimension of appearing UV-reflectant. The three-year study of blue tits, which also involved researchers from the University of California Davis, USA and the University of Glasgow, showed that mothers with more UV-reflectant crown feathers did not lay more eggs, but did fledge more offspring than duller females. These brightly colored mothers also experienced relatively lower levels of stress hormones during arduous periods of chick rearing. Author Dr Kathryn Arnold, from the University of York's Environment Department, said: "Previous studies have shown that male blue tits prefer mates that exhibit highly UV-reflectant crown feathers. Our work shows that this is a wise choice. UV plumage can signal maternal quality in blue tits, so a male choosing a brightly colored female will gain a good mother for his chicks and a less stressed partner." Funded by the Royal Society and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the project was based in woodlands on the shores of Loch Lomond, Scotland and investigated the factors that affect breeding success in wild birds. In blue tits (Cyanistes Caeruleus) both sexes exhibit bright UV-reflectant crown feathers. The birds are socially monogamous, with the female solely incubating the eggs and both parents feeding the chicks. The researchers looked at the relative UV reflectance of the crown feathers of female blue tits and related this to indices of reproductive success - lay date, clutch size, and number of chicks fledged - as well as the birds' maternal state. Dr Arnold said: "With up to 14 chicks to care for, blue tit mothers in our study were feeding their broods every couple of minutes. We showed that dowdy colored females found this level of hard work twice as stressful compared with brighter mothers. Also, the mothers with more UV-reflectant crowns were highly successful, fledging up to eight more chicks than females with drabber feathers."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Being more intelligent does not stop people being racist – it simply makes them better at covering it up

A study has found that they were just as likely to be prejudiced as their less educated peers but did not act on their feelings. Or, more accurately, did not naively express their beliefs, while still acting upon them. For example, the intelligent are more likely to send their children to, say, Sidwell Friends School than to a D.C. public school.

Islamic militants wearing army fatigues gunned down 44 people praying at a mosque in northeast Nigeria, while another 12 civilians died in an apparently simultaneous attack nearby

The attacks were the latest in a slew of violence blamed on Islamic extremists in this West African oil producer, where the radical Boko Haram group, which wants to oust the government and impose Islamic law, poses the greatest security threat in years. It was not immediately clear why this particular mosque — located in Konduga town, some 22 miles outside Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria's Borno state — was targeted, but Boko Haram has in the past attacked mosques whose clerics have spoken out against Islamic extremism. The group has also attacked Christians outside churches and teachers and schoolchildren, as well as government and military targets. The news came as journalists received a video featuring Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau, who gloats over recent attacks, threatens more, and even says that his group is now strong enough to go after the United States.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The caste system in South Asia — which rigidly separates people into high, middle and lower classes — may have been firmly entrenched by about 2,000 years ago, a new genetic analysis suggests

Researchers found that people from different genetic populations in India began mixing about 4,200 years ago, but the mingling stopped around 1,900 years ago. Combining this new genetic information with ancient texts, the results suggest that class distinctions emerged 3,000 to 3,500 years ago, and caste divisions became strict roughly two millennia ago. Though relationships between people of different social groups was once common, there was a "transformation where most groups now practice endogamy," or marry within their group, said Priya Moorjani, a geneticist at Harvard University. Hindus in India have historically been born into one of four major castes, with myriad subdivisions within each caste. Even now, in some parts of the country, marriage outside of one's caste is forbidden and those in the outcast, or "untouchable" group are discriminated against and prohibited from participating in religious rituals. But when and why this system evolved has always been a bit unclear, according to Michael Witzel, a South Asian studies researcher at Harvard University. Moorjani's past research revealed that all people in India trace their heritage to two genetic groups: An ancestral North Indian group originally from the Near East and the Caucasus region, and another South Indian group that was more closely related to people on the Andaman Islands. Today, everyone in India has DNA from both groups. "It's just the proportion of ancestry that you have that varies across India," Moorjani said. To determine exactly when these ancient groups mixed, the team analyzed DNA from 371 people who were members of 73 groups throughout the subcontinent. Aside from finding when the mixing started and stopped, the researchers also found that the mixing was thorough, with even the most isolated tribes showing ancestry from both groups. Researchers aren't sure which groups of ancient people lived in India prior to 4,200 years ago, but Moorjani suspects that the two groups lived side by side for centuries without intermarrying. Archaeological evidence indicates that the groups began intermarrying during a time of great upheaval. The Indus Valley civilization, which spanned much of modern-day North India and Pakistan, was waning, and huge migrations were occurring across North India. Ancient texts also reveal clues about the period. The Rigveda, a nearly 3,500-year-old collection of hymns written in Sanskrit, a North Indian language, mentions chieftains with South Indian names. "So there is some sort of mixture or intermarriage," Witzel said. Early on, there were distinct classes of people — the priests, the nobility and the common people — but no mention of segregation or occupational restrictions. By about 3,000 years ago, the texts mention a fourth, lowest class: the Sudras. But it wasn't until about 100 B.C. that a holy text called the Manusmruti explicitly forbade intermarriage across castes. The study doesn't suggest that either the ancestral North or South Indian group formed the bulk of the upper or lower castes, Witzel said. Rather, when caste divisions hardened, any type of intermarriage was sharply curtailed, leading to much less mixing overall.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Black homophobia in Jamaica

Dwayne Jones was kicked around and harassed for much of his young life. His father booted him from his house at age 14 for being effeminate, and along with neighbors, ran Dwayne out of the Jamaican slum in which he was raised. He was teased to the point where he dropped out of school. And Dwayne's tortured existence ended at age 16, when his battered body was found after being beaten, stabbed, shot, and run over by a car — after the transgendered teen made the fatal error of attending a street party dressed as a woman. "When I saw Dwayne's body, I started shaking and crying," said a transgender friend. "It was horrible. It was so, so painful to see him like that." The case underscores the dangerous reality of being homosexual or transgendered in Jamaica, which some advocates say is the Americas' most hostile country toward gays. No one has so far been charged in Dwayne's murder.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Professsor Richard Dawkins is in trouble once again for saying negative things about Muslims

Apparently it is racist to speak the truth about Muslims and Islam.

Predominantly black and Hispanic Newark, New Jersey has been voted the unfriendliest city in the world

Predominantly black Detroit didn't do much better.

Police in China have rescued twin baby girls sold by a maternity doctor, bringing the number of infants recovered from the suspected trafficking ring to three

The doctor at the center of the scandal is Zhang Shuxia, deputy director of the maternity department of the Fuping County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. Since news of the scandal broke, police have received reports of 55 similar cases from local residents, including 26 cases pointing to Zhang. Police launched investigations into five of the reported cases, and Zhang was detained on suspicion of human trafficking. Fuping County authorities said that Zhang sold a baby boy for 21,600 yuan ($3,527) on July 17, 2013 the day after he was born. The baby was then sold two more times in ten days' time. Police said that Zhang told the child's parents, Dong Shanshan and Lai Guofeng, that their son had contracted syphilis through the mother, and convinced them to surrender the boy into her care. But the mother subsequently tested negative for syphilis and grew suspicious. She went to the police. The infant was found in a good condition in a town in neighboring Henan Province. Most of the affected families hailed from the same village as Zhang and her mother. Zhang made false claims that the children had serious ailments, from heart problems and cerebral palsy to missing genitals, to convince parents to part with their babies.

Hair and evolution

Why did head hair grow longer as humans left the tropics?

Integration without blacks: In the past 40 years researchers have found nearly a three-fold increase in the share of integrated New York City neighborhoods with a mix of whites, Hispanics and Asians but few, if any, blacks

At the same time, the share of integrated neighborhoods in which blacks comprised at least 10% of the residents fell by about a third, researchers Ronald J.O. Flores and Arun Peter Lobo have reported. In New York City, there is an emerging black/non-black color line, where Asians and Hispanics are increasingly aligned with whites while distancing themselves from blacks. Between 1970 and 2010, the share of whites - nearly two-thirds of the NYC population in 1970 - fell by about half to roughly 33%, while the proportion of blacks remained relatively stable at about 23%. At the same time, the city’s Hispanic population doubled to 28% and the Asian share grew more than six fold to 13%.

Though only 15% of Americans over the age of 12 are Latino, they accounted for 25% of all movie tickets sold in the United States in 2012, according to a Nielsen study

The average Hispanic moviegoer went to nearly 10 films in the year, compared with just over six for whites, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Why do so many black people spend so much money on stupid things?

Oprah is angry that a white sales clerk tried to stop her from spending $35,000 on a handbag. Once again the unbelievably overpaid talk show host is crying racism. If Oprah had any brains she would be thanking the clerk for trying to stop her from making such a foolish purchase.

A 22-year-old Bangladeshi man pled guilty to terrorism charges for trying to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York has been sentenced to 30 years in prison

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis became radicalized at his university in Bangladesh and came to the United States with aspirations of jihad, according to lawyers on both sides. Authorities say that Nafis adopted increasingly more radical views in the United States and began using social media to seek support for a terror attack. One of his contacts turned out to be a government informant who notified authorities. They set up a sting operation with phony explosives.

About 40% of white Americans and about 25% of non-white Americans are surrounded exclusively by friends of their own race, according to an ongoing Reuters/Ipsos poll

About half of Hispanics who have a spouse or partner are in a relationship with non-Hispanics, compared to one tenth of whites and blacks in relationships.

In terms of group differences, people of northeast Asian descent have higher average IQ scores than people of European lineage, who in turn have higher average scores than people of sub-Saharan African descent

The average score for Hispanic Americans falls somewhere between the white and black American averages. The American Psychological Association (APA) issued a report in 1996 and concluded that IQ tests reliably measure a real human trait, that ethnic differences in average IQ exist, that good tests of IQ are not culturally biased against minority groups, and that IQ is a product of both genetic inheritance and early childhood environment.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Prominent national-religious figure Rabbi Mordechai Elon has been convicted on two counts of indecent assault by force against a minor at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court

Elon could potentially serve up to seven years in prison for his crime. Elon had been one of the predominant figures in the national religious world before allegations of misconduct arose and was dean of the renowned HaKotel Yeshiva. His Torah lessons were broadcast on national radio, he had a television slot and enjoyed a large and devoted public following in Israel.

Two 18-year-old British women are recuperating after having acid thrown on them in Zanzibar by a pair of men riding a motorcycle

Video footage showed Kirstie Trup, from Hampstead, north London, and Katie Gee wrapped in blankets in a 4x4 vehicle in the wake of the acid attack in Zanzibar which left them with injuries to their faces, chests and hands. They were flown to Dar es Salaam in mainland Tanzania for treatment. Their attackers, riding on a small motorcycle, threw the acid on the women as they were walking, said Mkadam Khamis, a police commander on the island. The attack took place in an area of the island's capital city known as Stone Town, an area popular with tourists. Their parents are currently trying to arrange a medical evacuation plane to bring the pair back to Britain.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Botched circumcision procedures in remote parts of South Africa are killing young men to such an extent that it has been labelled genocide by a local health official

In 2013 alone, 39 young men have died from unsafe operations in the Eastern Cape, and over the last seven years, there have been 462 reported deaths. The main cause of hospital admission is septicemia. In the last seven years, 5,000 young men have been admitted to hospitals in South Africa suffering complications after their circumcision procedure. It is also the main cause of death. For those who survive, they must live with the embarrassment and humiliation of being permanently deformed. There is also a strong belief still, in parts of South Africa, that those who succumb to problems during initiation are not real men.

African American girls are the fastest growing segment of the juvenile justice system

A recent report by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) shows that while males still dominate the justice system, the caseload for girls has grown significantly — from 20% of all juvenile arrests in 1980 to 30% in 2009. Non-white girls make up nearly two-thirds of the female juvenile justice population. In fact, according OJJDP research, the average girl in the system is between 15 to 16 years old; lives in an urban environment with one parent and is a non-white girl.

Race and school exams in New York

In math, 15% of black students and 19% of Hispanic students passed the exam, compared with 50% of white students and 61% of Asian students. Statewide, 16% of black students and 18% of Hispanic students passed English exams, compared with 40% of white students and 50% of Asians.

Black crime: A Cadillac-driving OUI suspect — charged with running a Boston Globe delivery truck off Interstate 93 and onto the Leverett Connector — was carrying three EBT cards, mocked a cop “for paying for food when she gets it for free” and threatened to put a voodoo curse on him

“I questioned her as to why she had other peoples (sic) EBT cards and she 
began screaming that I was a ‘dumb (expletive)’ for paying for food when she gets it for free,” trooper William Koko­cinski wrote of Vivencia 
Bellegarde, 25, of Everett, noting that she had her own electronic benefits transfer card and also the cards of two other people. “She repeatedly called me a racist and told me she was from Haiti and she was gonna ‘put voodoo on my white (expletive),’” Kokocinski wrote. “(She) told me to Google her name and find out who I was ‘(expletive) with’. She further explained that her name translated means ‘give life take life’ and she emphasized ‘TAKE LIFE’. She then shouted that she was ‘coming for all you white (expletives).’” A spokesman for the state Department of Transitional Assistance, which administers welfare, said in a statement that the agency has been notified of Bellegarde’s EBT cards “and will take appropriate action.” “DTA investigates every
 tip that it receives from members of the public or law enforcement, and refers cases to the auditor’s Bureau of Special Investigations for further action, which has the power to investigate potential criminal matters,” the statement said. Bellegarde, who is listed as unemployed in court 
papers, is being held on $10,000 bail on charges of drunken driving causing serious injury. Surveillance video of the crash shows a car slamming into the Globe truck, forcing it off the roadway and into a frightening 40-foot free fall. The truck came apart on impact with the Leverett Connector 
on-ramp below. The truck driver, Paul Healy Jr., 35, of Brockton, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was in fair condition. Bellegarde told cops that she’d left a party prior to the crash, and “didn’t care about the guy she hit because he isn’t dead and that all she cares about is smoking a cigarette,” the report says. Her mood fluctuated greatly during booking, the report says, and at one point she began crying about her 5-year-old child. Bellegarde at first denied driving the heavily damaged 2006 Cadillac DTS sedan, which Kokocinski spotted while on his way to the Globe truck crash, police said. Bellegarde’s attorney, Hassan Willians, said his client “has no comment. She’s looking forward to her day in court.” Bellegarde’s driving record 
includes 10 suspensions, many for failing to pay citations. In 2012, her license was suspended for 30 days in connection with a first-offense drunken-driving charge in Lincoln from September 2011. Her license will be suspended for three years because she refused a Breathalyzer test in the crash, according to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The Lincoln arrest report says that Bellegarde reeked of booze and had front-end damage on her car when she called police to ask them for help with her tires on a 5 a.m. trek home from a Boston club. She failed sobriety tests but was “polite and 
cooperative,” the reporting officer wrote.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Protestant children continue to lag behind their Catholic counterparts when it comes to academic achievement in schools right across Northern Ireland, according to new data released by the Department of Education

In 2011-2012, 59.1% of Catholic school leavers achieved two or more A levels compared to 51.8% of Protestant school leavers. Equally, 63.5% of Catholic school leavers left with at least five GCSEs at grades A* - C or equivalent including GCSE English and maths, and 78.8% left with at least five GCSEs at grades A* - C. The corresponding proportions for Protestant school leavers were 60.2% and 73.8% respectively. And 19.7% of Protestant boys entitled to free school meals achieved at least five GCSEs at grades A* - C or equivalent including GCSE English and Maths compared with 33.2% of Catholic boys entitled to free school meals. Catholic girls entitled to free school meals (43.8%) outperform Protestant girls entitled to free school meals (32.4%) in achieving at least five GCSEs at grades A* - C or equivalent including GCSE English and maths. When religion of pupil is considered 39.2% of Protestant school leavers enter Institutions of Higher Education compared with 45.2% of Catholic school leavers.

A new study has revealed a clear correlation between intelligence and childlessness - with cleverer women more likely to choose not to have a family

The study, which was conducted by Satoshi Kanazawa, a researcher at the London School of Economics, found that a woman's urge to have children decreases by a quarter for every 15 extra IQ points. When Kanazawa, who used data from Britain's National Child Development Study, added controls for economics and education, the results remained the same - the more intelligent the woman, the less likely she was to have children. Figures released by the Office of National Statistics in Britain reveal that the proportion of women without children has almost doubled since the 1990's. One in five 45-year-olds is childless, while among those with degrees, the figure rises to 43%, suggesting that Kanazawa's findings are sound.

A 14-year-old black boy has been shot dead by a NYPD officer

Shaaliver Douse had fired multiple rounds and was chasing someone through the streets of the Bronx. When two officers confronted him, he refused to drop the pistol and pointed it at them. The officer fired a single round from his 9mm service pistol, striking Shaaliver in the jaw and killing him. Police sources say that Shaaliver was pursuing a gang rival. Detectives believe the incident was also related to the shooting of a 15-year-old boy in May 2013, for which Shaaliver was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis is on a mission: to get the International Court of Justice at the Hague to overturn the conviction and death sentence of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago

The logistics, however, are proving a challenge. The target of his lawsuit are the government and religious leaders of Jesus’ day, including the Emperor Tiberius, King Herod, Pontius Pilate, as well as the Jewish chief priest, elders and teachers of the law. According to some reports, he also plans to go after the current governments of Italy and Israel, arguing that they inherited laws from the Roman Empire. “I filed the case because it’s my duty to uphold the dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” Indidis said. “His selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.” As a matter of law, Indidis’ efforts will fail. Indidis tried to bring the case to the High Court of Kenya in 2007, but the court refused to hear it, citing a lack of jurisdiction. At the International Court of Justice, it would be impossible to even consider the case, much less rule on it. When it comes to contentious cases, the International Court of Justice only has jurisdiction to hear claims that are brought by one state against another state. As this claim is not brought by a state, the ICJ would lack jurisdiction over it. Even if the claim were to be brought by a state, it also needs to be brought against a state, which does not seem to be the case here. And, even then, the two states will need to have consented to the ICJ having jurisdiction to hear the type of case in question. In this case, it is not clear what international law might have been violated and, even if there was such a violation, it is not clear that the relevant states have consented to the ICJ having jurisdiction over the dispute. But that has not stopped Indidis, who appears to remain confident. He has a Facebook page asking for donations in support of his cause. He posted a picture of his Law Society of Kenya identification card, as well as a letter dated December 2011 when he first tried to take the case to the Hague. “Together we can win,” he wrote. “Yes we can.” I wonder if he is an Obama supporter?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The NYPD is looking for a Latino who has been groping women at subway stations in the Jackson Heights and Elmhurst sections of Queens since February 2013

Authorities have released a sketch of the Hispanic suspect and say that he has grabbed the buttocks of five women between February 2013 and the end of July. The latest incident happened on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at the ‘M’ train station on Elmhurst Avenue and Broadway, where a 34-year-old woman was approached from behind by a suspect, who grabbed her private area before running away. Police say that the other four incidents took place at the Roosevelt Avenue, 74th Street & Broadway station where he either grabbed the victim’s buttocks or private area before fleeing the scene. One of the crimes happened in March 2013 and the other three in July. All of the victims are Asian women between the ages of 19 and 47. The suspect is a Hispanic man between 25 to 40 years old, 5'7", and 150-160 pounds and was last seen wearing a navy or black baseball hat.

Chris Christie wants to bow down before the GOP's Jewish overlords

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to visit Las Vegas for a private fundraiser hosted by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Will any politician in either political party ever stand up to the Jews?

Milk and the conquest of Europe

When a single genetic mutation first let ancient Europeans drink milk, it set the stage for a continental upheaval:
During the most recent ice age, milk was essentially a toxin to adults because — unlike children — they could not produce the lactase enzyme required to break down lactose, the main sugar in milk. But as farming started to replace hunting and gathering in the Middle East around 11,000 years ago, cattle herders learned how to reduce lactose in dairy products to tolerable levels by fermenting milk to make cheese or yogurt. Several thousand years later, a genetic mutation spread through Europe that gave people the ability to produce lactase — and drink milk — throughout their lives. That adaptation opened up a rich new source of nutrition that could have sustained communities when harvests failed.
This two-step milk revolution may have been a prime factor in allowing bands of farmers and herders from the south to sweep through Europe and displace the hunter-gatherer cultures that had lived there for millennia. “They spread really rapidly into northern Europe from an archaeological point of view,” says Mark Thomas, a population geneticist at University College London. That wave of emigration left an enduring imprint on Europe, where, unlike in many regions of the world, most people can now tolerate milk. “It could be that a large proportion of Europeans are descended from the first lactase-persistent dairy farmers in Europe,” says Thomas.
Most people who retain the ability to digest milk can trace their ancestry to Europe, where the trait seems to be linked to a single nucleotide in which the DNA base cytosine changed to thymine in a genomic region not far from the lactase gene. There are other pockets of lactase persistence in West Africa, the Middle East and south Asia that seem to be linked to separate mutations.
The single-nucleotide switch in Europe happened relatively recently. Thomas and his colleagues estimated the timing by looking at genetic variations in modern populations and running computer simulations of how the related genetic mutation might have spread through ancient populations. They proposed that the trait of lactase persistence, dubbed the LP allele, emerged about 7,500 years ago in the broad, fertile plains of Hungary.

Unemployment has remained harshest for Obama’s staunchest supporters

Black unemployment for June 2013 remains stuck at 13.7%. It has been as bad or worse for four years or more. Hispanic unemployment was still 9.1%, a slight improvement over the double digit unemployment this group has suffered for more than four years under Obama's rule. Moreover, teenage unemployment for June 2013 was 24%. Hispanic teenage unemployment was 30%. Black teenage unemployment was 43.6%.

The 162,000 jobs that the economy added in July 2013 were a disappointment

The quality of the jobs was even worse. A disproportionate number of the added jobs were part-time or low-paying — or both. Part-time work accounted for more than 65% of the positions employers added in July 2013. Low-paying retailers, restaurants and bars supplied more than half of July's job gain. So far in 2013, low-paying industries have provided 61% of the nation's job growth, even though these industries represent just 39% of overall U.S. jobs. Mid-paying industries have contributed just 22% of 2013's job gain. "The jobs that are being created are not generating much income," Steven Ricchiuto, chief economist at Mizuho Securities USA, wrote in a note to clients. That's one reason Americans' pay hasn't kept up with even historically low inflation since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. Average hourly pay fell 2 cents in July 2013 to $23.98 an hour. Part-time work has made up 77% of the job growth so far in 2013. The government defines part-time work as being less than 35 hours a week. Analysts say that some employers are offering part-time over full-time work to sidestep the new health care law's rule that they provide medical coverage for permanent workers. (The Obama administration has delayed that provision for a year.) Many employers have also discovered that they can use technology to do tasks more cheaply and efficiently than office workers used to do. And some have found that they can shift middle-class jobs to low-wage countries such as China. By contrast, most lower-paying jobs — from waiters and hotel maids to store clerks, bartenders and home health care aides — can't be automated or shipped abroad. For the most part, Daniel Alpert, managing partner of Westwood Capital, wrote in a recent report, "the only folks engaging in meaningful hiring are doing so because labor is cheap." The low quality of the added jobs could help explain something that has puzzled economists: How has the U.S. economy managed to add an average of roughly 200,000 jobs a month in 2013 even though it grew at a tepid annual rate below 2% in the first half of the year? Some are proposing an answer: Perhaps a chronically slow-growth economy can't generate many good-paying jobs — but can produce lots of part-time or lower-wage retail and restaurant work. Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial, recalls that the robust economic growth of the late '90s generated millions of middle-class jobs. And it pushed unemployment so low that short-staffed companies were forced to convert part-time jobs into full-time ones. "Faster growth would fix things," Swonk says. "That's the magic fairy dust."

Friday, August 2, 2013

Detroit is 82.7% black and, since 1967, has elected radical, anti-white, corrupt leaders

Some hard truths about why Detroit and other majority-black cities are facing collapse. But why won't "conservatives" deal with the issue?

The economy added 162,000 jobs in July 2013 according to the BLS survey of business establishments

While below expectations, it was enough to bring the unemployment rate down to 7.4% — the lowest jobless rate since December 2008. But this July 2013 unemployment rate reduction is deceptive. It was made possible only because many job seekers were too discouraged to even look for work. When they stop looking they are no longer counted as part of the labor force, and therefore no longer counted as unemployed. The U.S. labor force shrank by 35,000 in July 2013; the labor force participation rate declined from 63.5% to 63.4%. As to who among us is the most discouraged, consider that the labor force participation rate for foreign-born workers (66.9%) remained well above that of native-born workers (63.4%) in July 2013. Since January 2009, foreign-born employment increased by 1.907 million, or by 8.81% while the native-born employment rose by only 157,000 or by 0.13%. While foreign-born workers held 16.3% of all jobs in July 2013, they accounted for 92.3% of total job growth since Obama took office. Over the last 12 months, the labor force participation rate – a measure of worker confidence – declined for the native-born while staying constant for immigrants. At 66.9%, the immigrant participation rate was 3.5% points above the native rate. Note that the gap between immigrant and native-born unemployment rates has profound macroeconomic implications. The Fed says that it will end its monetary stimulus program when the unemployment rate falls below 7.0%. Immigrant unemployment is already below that level — it was 6.7% in July 2013 — and with native-born workers leaving the job hunt, perhaps because they are discouraged by immigrant competition, their jobless rate could also drop below the threshold set by the central bank. This raises a troubling prospect: the Fed declaring victory while native-born workers are still struggling.

About 92% of whites and Asians at University of California, Berkeley graduate within six years, compared with 81% of Hispanics and 71% of blacks

A study of the University of California system shows that 17% of underrepresented minority students who express interest in the sciences graduate with a science degree within five years, compared with 31% of white students.

Almost every man alive can trace his origins to one man who lived about 135,000 years ago, new research suggests

And that ancient man likely shared the planet with the mother of all women. The findings come from the most complete analysis of the male sex chromosome, or the Y chromosome, to date. The results overturn earlier research, which suggested that men's most recent common ancestor lived just 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. Despite their overlap in time, ancient "Adam" and ancient "Eve" probably didn't even live near each other, let alone mate. "Those two people didn't know each other," said Melissa Wilson Sayres, a geneticist at the University of California, Berkeley, who was not involved in the study. Researchers believe that modern humans left Africa between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago, and that the mother of all women likely emerged from East Africa. But beyond that, the details get fuzzy. The Y chromosome is passed down identically from father to son, so mutations, or point changes, in the male sex chromosome can trace the male line back to the father of all humans. By contrast, DNA from the mitochondria, the energy powerhouse of the cell, is carried inside the egg, so only women pass it on to their children. The DNA hidden inside mitochondria, therefore, can reveal the maternal lineage to an ancient Eve. But over time, the male chromosome gets bloated with duplicated, jumbled-up stretches of DNA, said study co-author Carlos Bustamante, a geneticist at Stanford University in California. As a result, piecing together fragments of DNA from gene sequencing was like trying to assemble a puzzle without the image on the box top, making thorough analysis difficult. Bustamante and his colleagues assembled a much bigger piece of the puzzle by sequencing the entire genome of the Y chromosome for 69 men from seven global populations, from African San Bushmen to the Yakut of Siberia. By assuming a mutation rate anchored to archaeological events (such as the migration of people across the Bering Strait), the team concluded that all males in their global sample shared a single male ancestor in Africa roughly 125,000 to 156,000 years ago. In addition, mitochondrial DNA from the men, as well as similar samples from 24 women, revealed that all women on the planet trace back to a mitochondrial Eve, who lived in Africa between 99,000 and 148,000 years ago — almost the same time period during which the Y-chromosome Adam lived. But the results, though fascinating, are just part of the story, said Michael Hammer, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Arizona who was not involved in the study. A separate study found that men shared a common ancestor between 180,000 and 200,000 years ago. And in another study, Hammer's group showed that several men in Africa have unique, divergent Y chromosomes that trace back to an even more ancient man who lived between 237,000 and 581,000 years ago. "It doesn't even fit on the family tree that the Bustamante lab has constructed — It's older," Hammer said. Gene studies always rely on a sample of DNA and, therefore, provide an incomplete picture of human history. For instance, Hammer's group sampled a different group of men than Bustamante's lab did, leading to different estimates of how old common ancestors really are. These primeval people aren't parallel to the biblical Adam and Eve. They weren't the first modern humans on the planet, but instead just the two out of thousands of people alive at the time with unbroken male or female lineages that continue on today. The rest of the human genome contains tiny snippets of DNA from many other ancestors — they just don't show up in mitochondrial or Y-chromosome DNA, Hammer said. (For instance, if an ancient woman had only sons, then her mitochondrial DNA would disappear, even though the son would pass on a quarter of her DNA via the rest of his genome.) As a follow-up, Bustamante's lab is sequencing Y chromosomes from nearly 2,000 other men. Those data could help pinpoint precisely where in Africa these ancient humans lived. "It's very exciting," Wilson Sayres said. "As we get more populations across the world, we can start to understand exactly where we came from physically."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

According to the College Board, which administrates the SATs, only 23% of Hispanics have test scores that show they are ready for college in contrast to 43% of the general population

And Hispanics have a much greater incarceration rate than whites. According to the Justice Department, between 2005 and 2006, 43% of all DEA arrests for federal drug crimes were of Hispanics.

White Privilege and Jewish Power

Will a gentile ever get an opportunity to run the Federal Reserve?

Monogamy in primates and humans is the result of the need to prevent infanticide by unrelated males according to researchers from University College London, the University of Manchester, the University of Oxford and the University of Auckland

“This is the first time that the theories for the evolution of monogamy have been systematically tested, conclusively showing that infanticide is the driver of monogamy. This brings to a close the long running debate about the origin of monogamy in primates.” according to the researchers. Previously the rise of monogamy in primates and humans was thought to have come from the additional benefit of paternal care when the cost of raising offspring is high like it is in primates due to their large brains and slow development, the need to guard solitary females from rival males, and infanticide risk from rival males. The researchers gathered data from 230 primate species. A family tree of the relationships between the primate species was developed. Bayesian methods were used to determine when each potential behavior that produced monogamy evolved and what behavior evolved first. Monogamy won out in humans and their ancestors because the development of primates is slow and the need for protection from an infanticide that would allow the female to be sexually receptive to a rival male was a predominant factor in human’s evolutionary past.

Plumbing new depths in the battle for television ratings, abandoned babies are being given away on a controversial prime-time game show in Pakistan

TV host Aamir Liaquat Hussain presented baby girls to two unsuspecting couples during his show, which is broadcast live for seven hours a day during the month of Ramadan. "I was really shocked at first. I couldn't believe we were being given this baby girl," said Suriya Bilqees, now a mother of a two-week old. "I was extremely happy." Another baby, a boy, is due to be given to another couple at some point in the coming days. The show's host has been described as a religious scholar, TV megastar and even a sex symbol. His heady mix of religion and entertainment is often followed by controversy. "At Christmas there's Santa Claus to give everyone gifts, it's important for Christians. For us Ramadan is a really special time so it's really important to make people happy and reward them," said Hussain. His show - Aman Ramazan - has been dubbed Pakistan's version of The Price Is Right, with members of the 500-strong audience receiving prizes in exchange for answering questions on the Quran. The giveaway bonanza includes motorbikes, microwave ovens, washing machines and fridges. He also cooks while men sing Islamic hymns and discusses religion with children in a garden full of rabbits, snakes and goats. The baby girls given away on the show were found by an NGO, the Chhipa Welfare Association, which says that it receives up to 15 abandoned babies a month. "Our team finds babies abandoned on the street, in garbage bins - some of them dead, others mauled by animals. So why not ensure the baby is kept alive and gets a good home?" said Ramzan Chhipa, who runs the organization. "We didn't just give the baby away. We have our own vetting procedure. This couple was already registered with us and had four or five sessions with us." But, the couple didn't know that they would be handed a newborn when they were invited to take part in the show and paperwork was not processed before the live broadcast. Adoption is not officially recognized in Pakistan and there is no adoption law. The couple will have to apply for guardianship at a family court. Some viewers praised the show's baby giveaway but others declared it a publicity stunt. "Pakistan wake up," Shamim Mahmood wrote on the NGO's Facebook page. "Babies are not trophies to be handed to just anyone." Hussain says that it isn't a gimmick to win ratings during the Islamic holy month. He believes his show is unifying a fractured nation, plagued by sectarian violence, religious intolerance and terrorism. "These are the disenfranchised babies that grow up to be street kids and used for suicide bombing attacks. We have tried to show an alternative," he said. "Telling people to take these kids off the rubbish on the streets, raise them and make them a responsible citizen, not to destroy society through terrorism," he said.

Are Southern Europeans more closely related to ancient Middle Easterners than are modern Middle Easterners?

It would seem that the Middle East has undergone significant genetic change in the last 3,000 years.