Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jewish rhetoric about tolerance is best understood as an effort to promote the best interests of Jews

When Jews talk about tolerance what they really mean is using their political and economic power to undermine the rights of gentiles with whom they disagree.

Friday, June 28, 2013

In New York City, blacks and Hispanics constitute 90% of murder suspects while whites are only 7% of all murder suspects

The reason why the NYPD stops and frisks so many African-Americans and Latinos.

People have differing abilities to release and react to insulin depending on ethnicity, according to a new study from researchers at Lund University in Sweden, Stanford University and Kitasato University

The results show that healthy subjects of all ethnicities were able to maintain a normal glucose level, but did so in different ways. "Africans tend to have lower insulin sensitivity. However, they appear to compensate for this by releasing larger quantities of insulin. Among those of East Asian origin, the reverse appears to be the case. They have very good insulin sensitivity, but appear to have a poorer ability to release more insulin if it is needed. Whites fall somewhere between the two extremes. Both insulin release and insulin sensitivity are affected", says Damon Tojjar, a doctoral student at the Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC). When the researchers looked more closely at the research subjects who were at risk of developing diabetes and the subjects who had already been diagnosed, the same pattern was observed. Their results were generally worse, however, as their insulin production or insulin sensitivity had begun to fail as part of the disease. "The findings are consistent with what we see in clinical settings – East Asians are more sensitive to developing diabetes and they do so at a lower BMI. Because a lack of insulin is a condition for developing diabetes, it is not surprising that East Asians show lower insulin release and generally need to start insulin treatment at an earlier stage. The situation in Africa is still so complicated and heterogeneous that new studies are needed", says Professor Leif Groop from LUDC.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hispanic crime: The N.F.L. player Aaron Hernandez, who has been charged with murder, is also being investigated in connection with a double homicide in Boston in 2012

It was not clear when investigators began to look at Hernandez in connection with the double killing or what they believe his involvement may be. Hernandez, 23, has been charged with murder and five gun-related offenses in Attleboro District Court in Massachusetts in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, 27, whose body was found in a North Attleborough, Massachusetts industrial park. Hernandez is being held without bail. On the murder charge, he faces a life sentence without parole.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Hispanic immigrant rights activist from Farmers Branch is suspected of being a prolific bank robber known as the Mesh Mask Bandit, the FBI says

Luis de la Garza, 59, has appeared in federal court in connection with the armed robbery of a Wells Fargo bank. Authorities believe that he has robbed at least 18 other banks in nine area cities. De la Garza, a Mexican immigrant, spoke out about immigration policies, including those in Farmers Branch, where he has lived for at least a decade. I guess we need Latino immigrants to rob the banks that white Americans just won't rob.

A Welsh bar owner in New York City has been found guilty after advertising for staff with knowledge of British culture and fined $2,500 for race discrimination by City Human Rights Commissioner

The owner of a Welsh bar in New York City has been fined $2,500 for race discrimination after he specified that potential employees must have a knowledge of British culture. Michael Colbert, 54, was ordered to appear in front of a human rights commission after he placed an ad requesting his new bar staff must have an interest in Britain. The job description posted on Craigslist read: “Energetic and enthusiastic men and women with an appreciation of craft beer, good food, whisky and real football (a.k.a. soccer). Being British definitely works in your favour - Being an ex-pat or lived in the UK - also a plus.” Soon after they places an ad they received a legal notice from the New York City Commission on Human Rights. The bar, it said, had violated discrimination law “by giving a preference to employment applicants based on their national origin.” A former carpenter, Michael moved to New York from Wrexham, North Wales over two decades ago. He and his wife Jennifer opened the bar in Brooklyn. Colbert explained: “We advertised for someone with a knowledge of Britain and Wales, the culture and the differences we have. We are looking for people with a certain skill set who will create the right atmosphere for people walking in. To create that nuanced Welsh thing within the pub. But somewhere along the writing of the advert we fell a foul of the authorities.” The city's authorities claimed that the ad was unfair to people of different nationalities. At a pre-trial conference the couple were ordered to pay a $2,500 fine issued by New York City's Commission of Human Rights. Jennifer said: “We are New York's only Welsh pub a fact that we are very proud of and we get thousands of Welsh visitors every year. We're introducing everybody to Welsh culture and telling them all about Wales. So it is imperative that our staff understand British culture. We are not looking to discriminate against anyone based on their culture but Brits have their own culture - we are not the same as Americans. And just because we all speak English doesn't mean Americans and Brits are interchangeable."

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Jewish owner of a small French publisher has been fined €5,000 for advertising a job vacancy with a warning that candidates of north African origin need not apply

The advert posted at a job center in the eastern suburbs of Paris stipulated that Jean-Luc Benady would not employ north Africans and led to a prosecution for discrimination on the grounds of race and religion. After being found guilty and fined at a court in the small town of Bobigny, an unrepentant Benady described the way that he had framed the advert as a "precautionary measure." As a Jew, he argued, he was justified in regarding every member of France's large north African population as a potential threat because each of them "could have a father or a brother who doesn't like Jews." "If I go out into the streets in this area, I might not come back alive," said the father of four, adding that he adopted the precautionary principle when it came to north Africans in the way that some consumers avoid genetically modified food.

African Americans are 4-5 times more likely to end up on dialysis than whites

Greg Cochran looks at the genetics of sub-Saharan Africans.

Jews and national suicide

Why do so many "conservatives" continue to ignore Jewish power and its negative effects on the well-being of white Americans?

Even when confounding variables such as income, inequality, ethnic fractionalization, geography are accounted for, increases in cell phone coverage are associated with higher levels of violence throughout Africa

In Africa, cell phones lead to a boost in the capacity of rebels to communicate and monitor in-group behavior, thus increasing in-group cooperation. Furthermore, cell phones allow for coordination of insurgent activity across geographically distant locations.

White females with mulatto children are significantly less educated

They perform significantly worse on the ASVAB test. They average a higher body mass index [BMI]. In personality test scores they are, on average, more difficult, more quarrelsome, more stubborn, and less dependable. They are significantly more likely to say that they “lie and cheat often.” When rated by interviewers, white females who report having black sexual partners are rated as less attractive, not as well groomed, and having less desirable personality traits. They are dramatically more likely to test positive for chlamydia or trichomoniasis. They perform worse on vocabulary tests.

A genetic similarity between snail fossils found in Ireland and the Eastern Pyrenees suggests that humans migrated from southern Europe to Ireland 8,000 years ago

The slimy creatures in Ireland today are almost identical to snails in Southern France and Northern Spain. Whether an accidental visitor on a ship or brought along as a snack, the boat that they were carried on did not appear to stop in Britain. As Britain emerged from the end of the last Ice Age about 10,000 years ago, sea levels rose and landslides are thought to have triggered a great tsunami. Britain was transformed into an island, separated from mainland Europe and Ireland. Land-dwelling animals were therefore no longer able to migrate from Europe over the seas without a little help. It has long perplexed scientists that Ireland has plants and animals that are genetically different, and in some cases are even unique, to ones found in Britain. Now scientists have found that a common garden snail, Cepaea nemoralis, is almost genetically identical to one found in the Eastern Pyrenees, but seems to have missed Britain on its journey over. Fossil analysis revealed a continuous record for these snails in Ireland for the past 8,000 years and well preserved shell remnants from France showed that the creature was a snack thousands of years ago. The researchers said that it was difficult to explain this "clear pattern" except by involving humans. "There are records of Mesolithic or Stone Age humans eating snails in the Pyrenees, and perhaps even farming them," said co-author of the study Angus Davison from the University of Nottingham. "If the snails naturally colonized Ireland, you would expect to find some of the same genetic type in other areas of Europe, especially Britain. We just don't find them. The highways of the past were rivers and the ocean - as the river that flanks the Pyrenees was an ancient trade route to the Atlantic. What we're actually seeing might be the long lasting legacy of snails that hitched a ride as humans travelled from the South of France to Ireland 8,000 years ago. The intriguing implication is that the genetics of snails might shed light on a very old human migration event," Dr Davison added. Population geneticist Dan Bradley from Trinity College Dublin said that the study showed a recurring theme that some species in Ireland had similar genetic types to southern Europe, but not to those found in Britain. "It's consistent with the idea that almost everything we have in Ireland, that can't swim or fly, was brought here on a boat." Previous genetic studies on humans have also shown clear links between the population of Ireland and those in Southern Europe. "The genetic patterns in humans are there, but are much weaker. You see it in blood groups, in Y chromosomes and some diseases. In order to really understand migration patterns we need more ancient DNA from different species such as small mammals," Prof Bradley said. Scientists, including Prof Bradley are now working on further studies on human remains, which over the next few years will "tell us exciting things about human migration".

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A new book by black writer Alice Walker features a lengthy section on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “replete with fervently anti-Jewish ideas and peppered with explicit comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany,” the Anti-Defamation League has charged

Apparently she has displeased Massa Foxman by being uppity.

Several studies have shown that certain girls, particularly African-American girls, experience puberty earlier than others

African-American women tend to begin menstruating four to six months earlier than girls of European descent. Later in life African-American women also have a higher risk for obesity, hypertension, and metabolic disorders including diabetes. These two trends could be related and genetic factors could be a common denominator. A new study of African-American women looked specifically at genetic variations contributing to age at menarche. The research, done by a multi-institutional team of scientists, crunched data from 15 different studies, which included information from over 18,000 women. Certain diseases are more prevalent in certain populations. For instance, African-American men are more likely to develop and die from prostate cancer than people of European descent. African Americans also tend to be at higher risk for type 2 diabetes, while people of European descent are at higher risk of the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation. In this case study, the researchers performed a meta-analysis of existing research to search for DNA variants associated with earlier menarche in African-American women and then compared their results to data from women of European descent. The variants, called SNPs (or single-nucleotide polymorphisms), can account for some of the differences in biological traits, in this case early menarche, between two individuals. These variants in turn can help scientists identify the genes and biological mechanisms controlling menarche timing. Out of 42 SNPs associated with age at menarche in European women, 25 were also associated with the trait in African-American women, bolstering the evidence that these genes genetic variants are tied to menarche timing. However, they also found variants in eight regions of the genome that were more strongly associated with age at menarche in African-American women than in European-American women. Many of these regions contain genes that influence obesity, underscoring the link between body fat and early menarche. Other regions include genes associated with breast and other cancers.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Middle class blacks don't like living near impoverished blacks

For some reason it is alright for more affluent blacks to point out how unpleasant it is to live near low income blacks but when whites do it, it is denounced as racism.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ireland has the highest concentration of men with the R1b DNA marker

No fewer than 84% of all Irish men carry this on their Y chromosome. While this marker is also high on male Y chromosomes in parts of Britain, particularly Wales, according to commercial ancestry testing company IrelandsDNA, the high prevalence here may indicate the arrival of a lot of people at a broadly similar time who weren’t prepared to peacefully co exist with the settlers in Ireland. “The high prevalence rates have always perplexed Irish geneticists and historians,” says Alastair Moffat of IrelandsDNA. The firm’s research proposes a new hypothesis. There is already established evidence suggesting that the first farmers, (carrying the Y chromosome lineage of ‘G’, which can be found across Europe) arrived in Kerry about 4,350 BC. According to IrelandsDNA, the so called ‘G-Men’ may have established farming in Ireland “but their successful culture was almost obliterated by what amounted to an invasion, even a genocide, some time around 2,500 BC” (the frequency of G in Ireland is now only 1.5%). “There’s a cemetery in Treille [France], where ancient DNA testing has been carried out and almost all men carry the ‘G’ marker but the women don’t,” says Moffat. They carry native/indigenous markers. This strongly suggests incoming groups of men. Because the R1b marker is still so prevalent in Ireland and is also frequently found in places like France and northern Spain we believed that around 2,500 BC, the R1b marker arrived in Ireland from the south.” Moffat admits that it is just a hypothesis but cites connections which lead to this theory. “The first signs of farming in Ireland were found on the Dingle peninsula in Kerry, which suggests people coming from the south,” he says. “If you look at Lebor Gabála Érenn or The Book of the Taking of Ireland [a Middle Irish collection recounting mythical origins of life in Ireland dating from the 11th century] most of the invasions come from the south.” The southern migrants referred to by Moffat were the Beaker people, originating from Iberia. It has also been suggested that it was they who may have brought Celtic languages up the Atlantic coast. Moffat cites archaeological evidence, from the Copper Age, to suggest this movement. “Evidence for the beginning of the Copper Age in Ireland is also found in the south, particularly Ross Island in Killarney, where a tremendous complex system of prehistoric mines exists. It’s clear that the copper was exported. “How did these new people impose themselves in such a big way,” he asks. “It has to have been through conflict. The early people were farmers so they invested generations of effort in improving the land. When these new people show up they must have used violence to shift the ‘G-Men’. The frequency of ‘G-Men’ is tiny in Ireland. Compare the statistics: 1% versus 84%.” Not everyone is convinced, however. “What they [IrelandsDNA] are suggesting is based on a very strong interpretation of a small piece of a genetic pattern,” says Prof Dan Bradley from the Smurfit Institute of Genetics. “There’s no real scientific evidence to warrant the use of terms like ‘genocide’. You can’t link modern genetic variation securely through archaeological strata without ancient DNA testing also. You can certainly have conjecture and there are indeed ways of looking at the time and depth of these things. But they have very wide margins for error. The reality is I don’t think we can securely place any of these DNA marker patterns in time without ancient DNA testing.” Ancient DNA testing has been ongoing in Ireland for the last two years by Bradley in Trinity and Prof Ron Pinhasi in the UCD School of Archaeology, who is involved with a large project of ancient DNA testing throughout Europe. “I don’t know of any time in history where a culture came in and completely wiped out another,” says Pinhasi. “You don’t see total wipe-outs, unless there is reason for a population to become extinct, like massive climate change. But we have no reason to believe Bronze Age farmers became extinct this way. Sure there were a lot of population movements and mixing going on at this time. That’s why modern people don’t look like neolithic people, genetically speaking, but it would have had minimal impact on the gene pool” he says. “You’re not going to have hundreds of thousands of people suddenly coming from Spain but you would definitely have had smaller groups coming in boats. Plus there’s no archaeological proof of any massive warfare or battles here at that time."

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The breast cancer risk for Asian women in Britain has increased

Historically women from this ethnic group have had a lower risk of the disease than white British women, the University of Sheffield team said. But they found that breast cancer incidence had risen in recent years for South Asian women. Experts said that lifestyle factors such as obesity or more coming forward for screening could explain the change. The researchers looked at census and cancer data for 135,000 women from different ethnic backgrounds from 2000-2009. Between 2000-2004, South Asian women were found to have a 45% lower rate of breast cancer compared with white women. But by the 2005-2009 period, rates of breast cancer among South Asian women had increased significantly and had risen to be 8% higher than white women, whose rates had not changed significantly. Dr Matthew Day, of the University of Sheffield who led the study, said: "Historically South Asian women, and women in lower socio-economic groups, have been considered at lower risk of developing breast cancer. Based on our study in Leicester, this should no longer be considered the case." He added: "The exact causes behind this change are not clear cut, they could relate to increases in screening uptake among these groups of women, which have in the past been shown to be lower than in other groups. Or they could be due to changes in lifestyle factors, like having fewer children and having them later in life, increased use of oral contraceptives, and increased smoking and alcohol intake - factors linked to increased breast cancer risk across the board."

Britain's royal family has long been taunted for its German roots, but now a more exotic lineage can be revealed after evidence emerged indicating that Prince William is the direct descendant of an Indian woman

The Duke of Cambridge's maternal lineage has been revealed by a genetic ancestry testing company, BritainsDNA, which carried out tests on the DNA of Princess Diana's two matrilineal cousins and compared them to a global database of samples. Those tests reveal that the prince's fourth great-grandmother was the daughter of Eliza Kewark and Theodore Forbes (1788-1820), a Scottish merchant who worked in Surat, north of what is now Mumbai. Kewark's mitochondrial DNA - which is only passed on from mother to child - was then passed down, the company says, through the couple's daughter and female descendants, one of whom, Frances Roche (1936-2004), married Earl Spencer and bore a daughter, Lady Diana Spencer, the prince's mother. Jim Wilson, chief scientist at BritainsDNA, said the discovery means that "William probably has a very small amount (of Indian DNA), maybe half a percent will be of South Asian heritage. The mitochondrial DNA will not be passed on to the child of William and Kate," he added. "But because we also did some testing on the other DNA of his cousins, we could see that they had little bits of Indian DNA across their genome, so it's quite likely that William has a few other bits of Indian DNA, and he could well pass them on to the child." Prince William's wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is expecting the couple's first child.

Hispanic Honduras has officially taken the crown as the world's most violence-riddled country, with an average of 20 people killed a day in a country the size of Tennessee

As in many other places in Latin America, much of the problem has to do with drug gangs, which have so thoroughly infiltrated law enforcement that even the country's police chief has been linked to extrajudicial killings. The gangs are so fearless that recently, two major gangs held public press conferences. Part of the reason it's so bad is that Honduras' undeveloped coastline makes it ideal for drug traffickers; 92% of cocaine flights to the United States pass through Honduras. The other major problem is a government that's poor, weak, and riddled with corruption; it's unable to provide even basic services, and only 2% of criminal cases end in conviction.

A Kuwaiti cleric and president of Iqra TV has said that Islam allows for wife beatings if she suffers from a “mental disorder,” such as masochism

“We all know that some men suffer from a mental disorder known as sadism, and that some woman suffer from a mental disorder known as masochism,” Jassem Al-Mutawa said to guest host Muhammad Al-Hajj, a professor from the University of Jordan. “What is the cure for such disorders? Beatings,” he continued. “Such a woman must be dealt with harshly.”

While the influx of immigrant workers raised the profits and compensation of their employers, it had a negative effect on the well-being of native-born workers, especially among the low-skilled native-born population

More immigration leads to greater income inequality.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Predominantly black Detroit will immediately stop payments on about $2 billion in debt, the city's emergency manager has announced in an effort to conserve cash

The manager, Kevyn Orr, also said that Detroit will need to cut pay and pension and health benefits for city workers. Debt holders are likely to get only pennies on the dollar. "Financial mismanagement, a shrinking population, a dwindling tax base and other factors over the past 45 years have brought Detroit to the brink of financial and operational ruin," said Orr. Orr met with the city's leading creditors behind closed doors, presenting his preliminary restructuring plan. He said that further meetings are planned with the unions representing city employees. Orr's statement and the 134-page restructuring plan did not mention the word "bankruptcy." But the risk still looms. Orr is on record saying that he wants to avoid bankruptcy but can not rule it out. It would be the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy protection. Attorney Michael Sweet, an expert in municipal bankruptcy, said that he thinks bankruptcy will be the ultimate outcome. Detroit's population has fallen 28% just since 2000. The unemployment rate, while down from 23.4% in 2010, is still at 18.6%.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pat Buchanan: The European tribes of North America have begun to die

More white Americans died in 2012 than were born. Never before – not during the Civil War bloodletting, not during the influenza epidemic after World War I, not during the Great Depression and birth dearth of the 1930s – has this happened. In ethnic terms, it means that Americans whose forebears came from Britain, Ireland and Germany, Southern and Eastern Europe – the European tribes of North America – have begun to die. The demographic winter of white America is at hand, even as it began years ago for the native-born of old Europe. In political terms, this is depressing news for the Republican Party. For nearly 90% of all Republican votes in presidential elections are provided by Americans of European descent. In 1960 white folks were close to 90% of the entire U.S. population and 95% of the electorate. Nixon’s New Majority was created by pulling Northern Catholic ethnics and Southern conservative Protestants, white folks all, out of the Roosevelt coalition and bringing them into a new alliance that would give Nixon a 49-state landslide in 1972, which Reagan would replicate in 1984. But since that New Majority gave the Republicans five victories in six presidential elections, four of them 40-state landslides, the political world has turned upside down, and demography is the cause. Mitt Romney won 59% of the white vote, a 3-to-2 victory over Obama among America’s majority. In any year before 1980, that would have meant victory. But in 2012 whites were only 74% of those who went to the polls. Thus, Obama’s sweep of 80% of the African-American, Asian and Hispanic vote, one-fourth of the electorate and rising, enabled him to coast to a second term. America’s white majority, 64% of the population and 74% of the electorate, still declining in relative terms, has begun to decline in real terms. Deaths outnumber births. Among all U.S. births in 2012, white babies were outnumbered by babies of color.

Virginia: 60% of all families in the city of Richmond are single-parent households

Within the African-American demographic that number spikes up to 86%.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says that they’ve solved a double homicide case from 2006 - and the Hispanic suspect may be responsible for some 30 murders across the country

A major break in the case came when lab results from a cigarette butt recovered inside the victims’ truck revealed a DNA profile of Jose Martinez. Deputies said that Martinez shot Javier Huerta and Gustavo Olivares-Rivas on Highway 19 just north of State Road 40 in the Ocala National Forest back in Nov. 8, 2006. Both victims were found inside a pickup truck with multiple gunshot wounds. At the time, Marion County deputies didn’t know what the Volusia Construction workers were doing there, or why they were killed. As years passed, the case was turned over to cold case investigators. Detectives noticed a cigarette butt in a soda can that had never been processed. On a hunch they sent it to FDLE and it came back with 50 year-old Jose Manuel Martinez’s DNA. When they went looking for him, they realized he was already wanted for a murder in Alabama. He was captured crossing the Mexican border in Arizona, and Marion County Detectives went to talk him. They were shocked at what he said. “From his statements, he’s killed over 30 people throughout the United States so this is what he does, he’s an individual who goes around and collects debts for the cartels and kills people,” said Det. TJ Watts with the sheriff's office. They say that Martinez confessed to luring Huerta and his co-worker to a Volusia County construction site, because Huerta had stolen 10 kilos of cocaine worth $210,000. Martinez told deputies that Huerta paid him the money, but it wasn’t enough. “He didn’t want people to identify him at a later date, that’s why he killed them," Watts said. "Normally when he goes and collects debts he kills people.” Investigators say Martinez thought that he collected all his cigarette butts, but apparently seeing the writing on the wall he was ready to come clean about everything, and has already confessed to 11 murders in California. “He had information that only the killer would know and after he confessed to it, he said it was time for him to pay up for all the bad things he’s done throughout his life,” Watts said. Investigators say that Martinez wouldn’t say who he was working for in the Mexican drug cartel for fear of safety for his family. Marion County has put a hold on Martinez pending the outcome of that murder charge in Alabama.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Hispanic population is growing rapidly in the Hamptons of Long Island, New York

The Hispanic portion of East Hampton Township’s population nearly doubled between 2000 and 2010, according to census figures, to 26.4% from 14.8%; it was 5% in 1990. Hispanics made up 41% of the East Hampton Union Free School District’s student population in 2012, up from 21.7% 10 years earlier and 5% 10 years before that, according to State Education Department figures.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has accused two major companies of indirectly discriminating against African Americans by using criminal background checks to screen out workers

Apparently it is now racist to be against hiring criminals. The growing use of criminal background checks in hiring decisions has become a flash point in the broader debate over high unemployment rates among African Americans. Not only did blacks lose more jobs and more wealth than other racial groups during the recession, they also have struggled to gain a foothold in the recovery — an issue some community leaders have called the next front in the civil rights movement. A criminal record, advocates say, is an economic scarlet letter that can send otherwise qualified applicants to the bottom of the pile. Justice Department statistics show that blacks accounted for 37% of those behind bars in 2012, even though they make up only 13% of the U.S. population.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Islamist rebel militiamen in Syria publicly executed a 14-year-old boy for mentioning the name of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in a way they deemed blasphemous, according to the activist Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

The Observatory reported Muhammad Qatta’s death in the Shaar neighborhood of Aleppo and said that it released two videos showing his parents to authenticate it. In one video, a woman identified as the boy’s mother, said she witnessed his death. “His blood flowed in front of me,” she said, her head covered with a large flowing scarf. The Syrian National Coalition, the main political opposition, said in an e-mailed statement that if the report was true, the killing would be considered “a crime against humanity and a blatant violation of human rights.” The woman in the video said that Qatta was 14 and sold coffee to help support the family. A man identified as his father said in another video that his son was telling someone who wanted to pay for coffee later that he cannot lend anyone anything, even if “Muhammad comes back to earth.” The man in the video said that three gunmen overheard Qatta and asked him why he was saying something blasphemous. He said that they took his son away for 30 minutes and then came back with him. He was at home praying when he heard the three shots that killed Qatta, he said. The family has filed a complaint with a sharia committee, the man said. Both government and rebel forces are increasingly engaging in human-rights abuses including summary executions, according to a United Nations report presented in Geneva to the UN Human Rights Council. Mass executions are publicly carried out in locations such as Daraa and Aleppo, where the rebels have established judicial and administrative authority, according to the 29-page report. The number of extra-judicial killings and kidnappings by the opposition has risen, and about 86 child soldiers have been killed during combat, it said.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Taliban militants have beheaded two children in southern Afghanistan, a provincial governor's office has said

The beheadings occurred in Kandahar province, the provincial governor's office said. One of those slain was a 10-year-old boy. The other was age 16. A press release issued by the office said that the Islamic militants caught and beheaded the 10-year-old after he had collected food waste from a trash bin in the area of a security checkpoint. There were no immediate details about the 16-year-old.

Anti-Whiteness is at the heart of Jewish identity

Tanstaafl shows why pandering to Jews is pointless.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Irish health authority has confirmed the first case of leprosy in Ireland in living memory

The victim, a native of South America in his 30s contracted the disease outside of Ireland and was thought to have suffered from the condition in the past. The disease was discovered at a County Meath clinic. The doctor who treated him stated he presented for a disease seen “more in the Middle Ages than on a busy morning clinic in Co Meath”. The case was reported to the Health Protection Surveillance Center by the Health Service Executive’s Dublin North East division earlier in 2013 when the man was treated in a Dublin hospital. Leprosy can be cured but it has a long incubation period and the first symptoms may only appear between 5-20 years after first contact with it. It is transmitted by small droplets from the mouth and nose “during close and frequent contacts with untreated cases," the HSE said. Leprosy is more common in Asia and Africa with official figures showing that “almost 182,000 people, mainly in Asia and Africa, were affected at the beginning of 2012, with approximately 219,000 new cases reported during 2011,” according to the World Health Organization.

In the antebellum era, Jews were more likely than white gentiles to own slaves and were disproportionately involved in the slave trade

Hunter Wallace argues that Jews were generally supportive of slavery. He even says that there were Jews in the Ku Klux Klan.

Israel's 120,000 Ethiopian residents face major social and economic challenges

Almost half of Ethiopian-Israeli women are employed as unskilled workers, in stark contrast to insignificant percentages from the general Jewish population. Among all the ethnic groups in Israel - including Muslim Arabs - employers are least likely to hire Ethiopians, found a recent survey by the Israeli Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry. In December 2012, a television exposé by Israeli journalist Gal Gabbay featured numerous Ethiopian-Israelis testifying that they were coerced into taking birth control during their immigration. The Association of Civil Rights in Israel, based in Tel Aviv, says that its research found evidence of a nationwide policy of monitoring fertility in the Ethiopian community and coercing women to take birth control injections called Depo-Provera. Government investigations have yet to yield any conclusive results. But since January, the Israeli Health Ministry has ordered doctors across the country to review how they prescribe birth control and not to renew Depo-Provera prescriptions unless they are sure the patient thoroughly understands the ramifications. An estimated 65% of Ethiopian-Israeli children live in poverty, according to recent reports by the State Comptroller's Office, the official watchdog agency. Ethiopian-Israeli students have higher dropout rates and lower enrollment rates than their peers.

The black man who spray-painted a racial slur on his own Chesterfield home, and then set it on fire, is going to court

Police are calling the act a hate crime hoax. Olander Cuthrell, 41, will face two felony arson charges. The first charge is for setting his home on fire with his family inside and the second is for torching his car. Cuthrell first said that he was outraged that someone could have put his wife and kids in harm's way for no reason, but police say that anger was all just an act. Cuthrell is a minister of music at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg. Police say that back in March 2013, he spray painted an offensive word on his home. He then set the porch on fire. No one was hurt, and the fires didn't take long to put out. The FBI became involved with the Chesterfield investigation, all because of the hate crime allegations, which at this point, are gone.

Obama's America: A new report on the senior population found that a majority of elderly women, blacks and Latinos are precariously close to poverty, according to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute

Nearly half of the elderly population is just one economic mishap away from falling into poverty, according to the study. But elderly women, ages 65 and older, are more likely to be vulnerable to economic calamities. Nearly 53% of elderly women are "economically vulnerable," compared to 42% of men of the same age range. Nearly 64% of elderly blacks are economically vulnerable. The rate for elderly Latinos is six percentage points higher at 70%. In comparison, 44% of elderly whites are considered economically vulnerable. The older elderly - people age 80 and older - have a far higher rate of economic vulnerability: 58% compared to those between age 65 and 79, 44%.

Obama's America: In May 2013, the unemployment rate rose to 7.6%

There are nearly 12 million people who are out of a job and looking for work. On top of that, there are another nearly 8 million people who have only been able to find part-time gigs. Two areas of the economy that added the most amount of jobs were retail and "accommodations and food services," not areas known for their high wages or job security. Manufacturing lost 8,000 jobs. And despite the oft-touted housing recovery, construction added just 7,000 jobs. The number of jobs added through the first five months of 2013 is lower than 2012 and only slightly higher than in 2011. So the economy is still stuck at a middling level of job creation. In the early 1990s recovery, job gains accelerated for 35 months. After the 2001 recession, they did so for 28 months. But this time around, gains in the labor market appear to have already peaked after just 18 months. What's more, the plateau is at a lower level than those other recoveries.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Obama's America: The employment rate - the percentage of adult Americans who hold a job - has barely budged in the past three years

It's hovering near its lowest level in three decades. About 58.6% of the civilian population over age 16 had a job as of April 2013, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This rate - officially called the "employment-population ratio" - has been stuck in that range for several years. The last time it was this low was in 1983. Looking at the job market using that measure paints a stark picture. Sure, companies have been hiring, but they've been creating jobs at a pace that merely keeps up with recent population growth. It's not enough to also make up for the jobs lost in the crisis. That's why the needle simply hasn't moved. Contrast that with the tale told by the unemployment rate, which fell from 10% in October 2009 to 7.5% in April 2013. The unemployment rate only includes jobless people who have searched for work in the last four weeks. It skips over those who left the labor force entirely because they retired, went back to school, or simply gave up on finding a job. "The unemployment rate is really not that helpful right now in understanding trends in job opportunities because we've had so many dropouts," said Heidi Shierholz, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research group. The employment-population ratio isn't perfect either. Over time, it's expected to decline as the U.S. population ages. Eventually, a wave of Baby Boomer retirements will leave a smaller proportion of the U.S. population participating in the workforce. But once you strip out the retirement effect to look at the employment rate only for workers ages 25 to 54 - those who should be in the prime of their careers - the story of stagnation remains. The employment rate for that population was 75.9% as of April 2013. It, too, has barely changed over the last three years, and matches levels not seen since 1984. Even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, at a press conference in December 2012, nodded to this indicator as a worrying sign of "discouragement about the state of the labor force." Shierholz calls the employment rate the single best measure on the job market right now. "It's my desert-island indicator," she said. "If I'm an economist on a desert island, and I had one measure to look at, this is the one I'd want." The bad news is that it's unlikely to improve any time soon. The U.S. adult population grows by about 200,000 people each month, and in the last 12 months, the economy has added an average of 173,000 jobs each month. Economists are expecting a slight slowdown in hiring. They're estimating that employers added only 158,000 jobs in May 2013. "This reflects an economy that has hit yet another soft patch," said Sal Guatieri, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets. There are myriad reasons why hiring remains so slow: across-the-board federal budget cuts are in progress, employers are still uncertain about how health care reform measures will affect their businesses in 2014, banks remain on the edge about Wall Street reform, and slower growth in Europe and China is hurting international trade. The underlying story just isn't changing. The U.S. recovery remains slow, and so does hiring. So why do the Democrats and Republicans want to bring in more immigrants when we don't have enough jobs for the people who are already here?

The width of blood vessels in the retina, located at the back of the eye, may indicate brain health years before the onset of dementia and other deficits

Research shows that younger people who score low on intelligence tests, such as IQ, tend to be at higher risk for poorer health and shorter lifespan, but factors like socioeconomic status and health behaviors don't fully account for the relationship. Psychological scientist Idan Shalev of Duke University and colleagues wondered whether intelligence might serve as a marker indicating the health of the brain, and specifically the health of the system of blood vessels that provides oxygen and nutrients to the brain. To investigate the potential link between intelligence and brain health, the researchers borrowed a technology from a somewhat unexpected domain: ophthalmology. Shalev and colleagues used digital retinal imaging, a relatively new and noninvasive method, to gain a window onto vascular conditions in the brain by looking at the small blood vessels of the retina, located at the back of the eye. Retinal blood vessels share similar size, structure, and function with blood vessels in the brain and can provide a way of examining brain health in living humans. The researchers examined data from participants taking part in the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, a longitudinal investigation of health and behavior in over 1000 people born between April 1972 and March 1973 in Dunedin, New Zealand. The results were intriguing. Having wider retinal venules was linked with lower IQ scores at age 38, even after the researchers accounted for various health, lifestyle, and environmental risk factors that might have played a role. Individuals who had wider retinal venules showed evidence of general cognitive deficits, with lower scores on numerous measures of neurospsychological functioning, including verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory, and executive function. Surprisingly, the data revealed that people who had wider venules at age 38 also had lower IQ in childhood, a full 25 years earlier. It's "remarkable that venular caliber in the eye is related, however modestly, to mental test scores of individuals in their 30s, and even to IQ scores in childhood," the researchers observe. The findings suggest that the processes linking vascular health and cognitive functioning begin much earlier than previously assumed, years before the onset of dementia and other age-related declines in brain functioning. "Digital retinal imaging is a tool that is being used today mainly by eye doctors to study diseases of the eye," Shalev notes. "But our initial findings indicate that it may be a useful investigative tool for psychological scientists who want to study the link between intelligence and health across the lifespan."

Police in the Indian city of Kolkata have arrested a local businessman, Sujoy Mitra, who is suspected of drugging and raping a 21-year-old Irish charity worker after her birthday party

Officer Subrata Dey said, “We suspect the accused laced the tea with drugs and raped the Irish woman.” The Irish woman called the police and explained that she had been assaulted while in a semi-conscious state having drank a cup of tea at the 35-year-old suspect’s home in Kolkata (Calcuta), in the west Bengal region in the north-east of the country. The victim, an engineering student who came to India to volunteer with a charity, has been sent to a state-run hospital for medical attention. The young woman and her attacker met each other at a busy market. They decided to party together to celebrate the Irish woman’s birthday. The Press Association reported that 35-year-old Sujoy Mitra had been accused of the attack and was remanded in custody. Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs is providing consular assistance to the woman. Diplomatic staff were notified and officials from the Irish embassy in New Delhi are dealing with her case. This attack is one of many in what’s being described as endemic sex crime. A survey by the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India shows that the number of foreign women visiting India has dropped by 35% due to the multiple sexual attacks that have been making international headlines. The group says that these numbers began to fall following the brutal attack of a 23-year-old Indian student by six men on a bus in New Delhi in December 2012. The attack which led to the woman’s death brought about international protests against violent sexual crime in India. In March 2013 a Swiss cyclist was gang raped in the central state of Madhya Pradesh. In January 2013 a Korean tourist was drugged and raped in the same state by the son of the owner of the hotel where she was staying. The Department of Foreign Affairs has advised women going to India to exercise caution. Their website says that women should not travel alone and should select accommodation carefully. It says that tourists have been the victims of sexual assault in Agra, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Madyha Pradesh and Rajasthan. Female travelers often receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment.

India: 3 men have been arrested in the gang rape of a 30-year-old American tourist in Manali, the Himachal Pradesh police said

The men are from Nepal but have been residing in the resort town of Manali, the police said in a statement. Two of them, whose names were listed as Arjun, 22, and Lakki, 24, were arrested close to their residence. The third man, Som Bahadur Tamang, 24, was caught in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Vinod Kumar Dhawan, superintendent of police in the Kullu district, said that Tamang was trying to evade arrest by traveling with a female friend under the “garb of a married couple.” The victim, who was staying at a guesthouse in the old part of Manali, reported that she had been raped as she was making her way back from Vashisht, which is about two miles north of Manali. She said that she was offered a ride in the truck by three men, who then took her to a secluded spot and raped her. The police said that they found the vehicle, a brick-colored mini-truck whose license plate was registered in Himachal Pradesh, in which they say the rape occurred.

A common genetic variation that can impact the therapeutic dose of the blood-thinning drug warfarin among African Americans has been found

The finding revealed that people of African ancestry who have the rs12777823 variant require a notably lower dose of warfarin to achieve all the advantages, compared to those without this single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP). Adding this genetic marker - found in more than 40% of African American patients in the study - to standard dosing algorithms improved the predictability of warfarin dosing by 21% in these individuals, which has the potential to increase the safety and effectiveness of this notoriously hard to dose drug. Previous research has revealed that two genes, VKORC1 and CYP2CP, can account for about 30% of the difference in warfarin response in people of Asian and European descent. However, these genetic markers are less predictive of dosing regimens in African Americans.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A female judge is in trouble for pointing out that blacks and Hispanics are more violent than other racial groups

A complaint has been filed by several left-wing groups, including one funded entirely by the government of Mexico, alleging that federal Judge Edith Jones has violated her duty to be impartial and damaged the public's confidence in the judiciary, in statements she made in a public lecture – including that blacks and Hispanics are more violent. Jones, who sits on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals – based in New Orleans, its jurisdiction includes Texas – made numerous "offensive and biased" comments during a February 2013 lecture at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law, according to the complaint filed pursuant to the federal Judicial Conduct and Disability Act. The complaint, filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project, Austin NAACP, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program (among others) alleges that during her talk – billed as "Federal Death Penalty Review with Judge Edith Jones (5th Cir.)" – Jones violated a number of canons of the code of conduct for federal judges. The lecture was not recorded, but witnesses recalled a number of Jones' statements. The views she expressed included not only that minorities are responsible for more violent crime than are whites, but also that claims by death row inmates that racism or arbitrariness infected their prosecutions, or that they are actually innocent or even mentally retarded, are merely "red herrings," according to those who attended the lecture. Further, Jones "denigrated" the system of justice in Mexico and said that it was an insult when the United States considered laws in other countries when looking at the death penalty – presumably including in Mexico, where capital punishment was outlawed in 2005. Jones also told the audience that any Mexican National would rather be on death row in the United States than in a Mexican prison, reads the complaint, and indicated that the United States provides Mexican citizens more legal protections than does their own system of justice. Moreover, according to the complaint, Jones asserted as fact the proposition that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to commit violent crimes. When asked to explain her comments, she stated that there was no arguing that blacks and Hispanics outnumber whites on death row and sadly it was a statistical fact that people from these racial groups get involved in more violent crime, reads the complaint. Based on available data from 1980 to 2008, blacks were disproportionately represented as both homicide victims and offenders. The offending rate for blacks (34.4 per 100,000) was almost 8 times higher than the rate for whites (4.5 per 100,000).

Monday, June 3, 2013

National exit polls have overstated the Hispanic share of the vote at least since 2000

Hispanics didn’t account for 9% of the 2008 electorate, but 7.4%. And in 2004, they weren’t 8%, but 6.0%. Way back in 2000, the exit poll claimed that Hispanics made up 7%, but the real number turned out to be 5.4%. On the other hand, from 2004 to 2008 the number of black voters has grown 15%. Blacks added another 10% to their vote total from 2008 to 2012. Nationally, 66.2% of eligible blacks voted compared to 64.1% of whites, 48.0% of Hispanics and 47.3% of Asians. In the crucial battleground state of Ohio, blacks achieved a voting rate of 71.7% compared to 61.9% for whites. Overall, the raw black vote total grew more than even the Hispanic vote from 2008 to 2012: an incremental 1.68 million for blacks versus 1.44 million for Hispanics, and a decline of 2.00 million for whites. Among blacks, older women were the most diligent at increasing their turnout in 2012. This growth in black turnout was particularly concentrated among those over age 65. Also, black women traditionally vote at significantly higher rates than black men and the black gender gap in turnout hit a new record in 2012. In contrast to the fervent black effort to re-elect Obama, whites were strikingly unmotivated by Romney. The total white vote dropped from 100 million in 2008 to 98 million in 2012 (down 2%). Only 64.1% of eligible whites voted in 2012, down from 66.1% in 2008 and 67.2% in the recent high-water mark year of 2004. This was the first time in the history of the Census survey that whites were not the highest-ranking group in terms of their rate of voting. Among Hispanics eligible to vote, gross numbers continued to rise — but the rate of those taking the trouble to vote dropped from 49.9% to 48.0%. The number of Hispanics who claimed to be eligible but didn’t bother to get to the polls soared from 9.8 million to 12.1 million. Naturalized immigrants made up only 7.0% of the 2012 electorate. Conversely, native sons and daughters comprised 93.0% of the vote.

A high percentage of African-American women with breast cancer who were evaluated at a university cancer-risk clinic were found to carry inherited genetic mutations that increase their risk for breast cancer

The finding suggests that inherited mutations may be more common than anticipated in this understudied group and may partially explain why African-Americans more often develop early onset and "triple-negative" breast cancer, an aggressive and difficult-to-treat form of the disease.

In 1950, there were 1,849,568 people in Detroit - in 2010, there were 713,777

White flight was followed by black flight; there were fewer black residents in Detroit in 2010 than 20 years before. Black crime even drives out blacks which, of course, has the effect of spreading black crime to new areas.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just how bad are Pakistan's power grid problems?

This bad: The government has ordered civil servants to stop wearing socks. The weird order goes hand in hand with another edict that forbids government offices from turning on their air-conditioners. That makes things so unbearably hot that the workers are barred from wearing shoes and socks lest they be tempted to reach for the AC. Instead, bare feet in sandals or moccasins are required. If it sounds like desperation, that's because it is. Even in major cities, electricity goes down for 10 hours a day and it's not hard to imagine all the disastrous ways that ripples through society — at hospitals, morgues, factories that can't run their equipment, etc. All kinds of factors are at play, but a surprisingly simple one is that most Pakistanis will not pay their bills. That includes everyone from rich politicians to police departments to slum dwellers. Incoming Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised during his campaign to reform the system, but whether he has the political ability to do so remains an open question.

Asian cuisine: Packed tight into wire baskets - sometimes 20 or more to a cage - animal rights activists say that as many as 200,000 live dogs every year are smuggled from northeast Thailand across the Mekong River destined for restaurants in Vietnam

Dehydrated, stressed, some even dying of suffocation on the trip, the dogs are often stacked 1,000 to a truck on a journey that lasts for days. "Obviously when you've got dogs stacked on top of each other they start biting each other because they are so uncomfortable, any kind of movement then the dog next to the one that's being crushed is going to bite back," said Tuan Bendixsen, director of Animals Asia Foundation Vietnam, a Hanoi-based animal welfare group. When they arrive in Vietnam, the suffering doesn't end there. A common belief is that stress and fear releases hormones that improve the taste of the meat, so the dogs are placed in stress cages that restrict their movement. Eventually, the dogs are either bludgeoned to death or have their throats cut in front of other dogs who are awaiting the same fate. In some cases, they've been known to be skinned alive. "Dogs are highly intelligent animals so if you kill a dog and you have a whole cage of dogs next to the one that's being killed, those dogs that are going to be killed next know what's going on," Bendixsen said. According to animal rights groups, dog smugglers round up everything from family pets to Thailand's ubiquitous strays - known as soi dogs - to sell the animals in Vietnam, or even as far away as China where a pedigree dog can fetch a premium price. John Dalley of the Phuket-based Soi Dog Foundation estimates that 98% of the dogs are domesticated and that some are even still wearing collars and have been trained and respond to commands. "You can see all types of pedigree animals in these captured Thai shipments - golden retrievers, long-haired terriers, you name it," says Dalley. "Some are bought. Others are snatched from streets, temples, and even people's gardens." In the past, batches of stray dogs were traded for plastic buckets, but these days with demand soaring - especially in the winter months when dog meat is regarded as a "warming" food - a dog in Thailand can fetch up to $10. This figure jumps to around $60 once they are served up in restaurants in Vietnam. Dalley says that pet dogs, in particular, are targeted because they are friendlier and easier to catch. Animal rights activists estimate that more than one million dogs are eaten each year in Vietnam; for the dog smugglers of the Mekong, business is booming.

People of European ancestry have an unusually diverse palette of hair and eye colors

This diversity is commonly ascribed to their unusually white skin. Ancestral Europeans became lighter-skinned, and this genetic change therefore caused other changes to hair and eye pigmentation. Actually, the genetic changes are different in each case. European skin turned white through a replacement of alleles, primarily at TYRP1, SLC24A5, and SLC45A2. European hair and eyes diversified in color through a proliferation of new alleles, primarily at MC1R for hair color and in the HERC2-OCA2 region for eye color. It now appears that this diversification has occurred at other gene loci as well. A region downstream from EDNRB is associated with differences in hair color and two other loci, VASH2 and POLS, are associated with differences in eye color. TPCN2 is associated with differences in hair color and ASIP is associated with red hair. People of European descent display the widest variation in pigmentation traits, such as iris (eye) and hair coloration, in the world. In particular, eye color variation is nearly restricted to people of (at least partial) European descent. Eye color categories here often concern blue, brown and intermediate (green, etc.). In the rest of the world, people tend to have brown eye color, which is considered to be the ancestral human trait in agreement with the Out-of-Africa hypothesis of modern humans. The current variation in eye color is thought to have originated via a genetic founder event involving non-brown irises in early European history. It is furthermore assumed that eye color variation in Europe has been shaped by positive selection via sexual selection i.e., mate choice preference. Alternatively it has been proposed that eye color variation evolved via a correlation with skin color and its environmental adaptation e.g. maximizing vitamin D conversion in low levels of UV radiation, or as a combination of both. One suggested geographic region for the origin of blue eye color in Europe is the southern Baltic, as indicated by concentric rings of decreasing frequency of the blue eye color trait spreading from the southern Baltic region, resulting in a strong north–south gradient in blue eye color frequency across Europe. It is doubtful whether a lack of vitamin D at northern latitudes played a role in the whitening of European skin, let alone in the diversifying of European hair and eye color. An obvious feature of the northward dispersal of humans is a quasi-geographic reduction in pigmentation. Coloration varies greatly among northerners. Native Inuit display medium-to-dark, rather than light pigmentation, and both northern and central-dwelling Asians display medium pigmentation. Recent population genetic data show that the reduction in skin pigmentation occurred sporadically and incompletely in northern and Asian populations. Moreover, while modern humans reached Central Europe around 40,000 years ago, they reached northern Europe only after the last ice sheets receded less than 11,000 years ago. It is only these humans that display light pigmentation, and recent molecular genetic studies suggest that the very light pigmentation of northern Europeans did not develop until 11,000 to 19,000 years ago. This time period began long after the entry of modern humans into Europe, the implication being that ancestral Europeans were brown-skinned for tens of thousands of years. The question is why did this color change take place?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Only a third of U.S. adults say that they are very happy - minorities show particularly pronounced declines in the past two years, a U.S. survey indicates

A Harris Poll of 2,345 U.S. adults surveyed online April 10-15, 2013 by Harris Interactive found that certain groups, such as minorities, recent graduates and the disabled, trended downward in the last couple of years. "Our happiness index offers insight into what's on the minds of Americans today and is a reflection of the state of affairs in our country," Regina Corso, senior vice president of the Harris Poll, said in a statement. "While the attitudes on the economy may be improving, we're seeing that this is not translating into an improvement in overall happiness." Since last measured two years ago, the Happiness Index was especially low among the Hispanic-American population. Americans earning under $50,000 per year were less likely to qualify as very happy than in 2011 - down from 33% to 29% among those earning less than $35,000, and from 35% to 32% among those earning between $35,000-$49,999.

Northern Ireland: New figures from the 2011 Census suggest that the Catholic population of the North is set to grow at the expense of the Protestant population

In December 2012, the Census was published, revealing that the Protestant population of Northern Ireland now stood at 48%, while the Catholic population was at 45%. This was the first time that the Protestant population had fallen below 50%, a decline of some ten per cent in twenty years. New figures were also released comparing the 18 Assembly constituencies for Northern Ireland, which showed that the Protestant population is still more likely to be older than the Catholic population, while there is a distinct geographical split between the places where each of the two communities is in a majority. The figures confirm that Protestants are in a majority in the east of Northern Ireland, with the exception of Belfast, while Catholics are in a majority in the west and south. The new Census stats also find that the largest percentage increase in the number of residents from a Catholic community background occurred in Belfast East (73%), followed by Lagan Valley (51%) and South Antrim (26%). There are also significant falls in the Protestant count over the past decade in three of the Belfast constituencies, namely: Belfast North (15%), Belfast South (13%) and Belfast East (11%). It is also estimated that 95,000 Protestants and 46,000 Catholics died between 2001 and 2011. There was a total of 89,000 Protestant births and 118,000 Catholic births over the same period.