Friday, July 31, 2015

In 2014 alone, immigration authorities released into American communities 193 illegal immigrants with homicide convictions, 426 people with sexual-assault convictions and 16,000 with drunk-driving convictions

Altogether, 104,000 people who by law should have been deported were instead allowed to remain on American soil. The director of the agency in charge of the removals offered as a partial excuse that immigration courts faced a backlog of 500,000 cases.

Athletes competing in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will be swimming and boating in waters so contaminated with human feces that they risk becoming violently ill and unable to compete in the games, an investigation has found

An analysis of water quality has revealed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from human sewage in Olympic and Paralympic venues — results that alarmed international experts and dismayed competitors training in Rio, some of whom have already fallen ill with fevers, vomiting, and diarrhea. It is the first independent comprehensive testing for both viruses and bacteria at the Olympic sites. Brazilian officials have assured that the water will be safe for the Olympic athletes. But the government does not test for viruses. Disease-causing viruses in some tests measured up to 1.7 million times what would be considered hazardous on a Southern California beach. Prime beaches are deserted because the surf is thick with putrid sludge, and periodic die-offs leave the Olympic lake, Rodrigo de Freitas, littered with rotting fish. The viral testing found not one water venue safe for swimming or boating. Rodrigo de Freitas Lake was thought be safe, yet its waters were among the most polluted for Olympic sites, with results ranging from 14 million adenoviruses per liter on the low end to 1.7 billion per liter at the high end. Austria's sailing coach has lost training days after sailors fall ill despite extreme precautions. "The Olympic medal is something that you live your life for," he says, "and it can really happen that just a few days before you get ill and you're not able to perform at all." A US expert in waterborne viruses conducted a "conservative" risk assessment, assuming that athletes would ingest three teaspoons of water — far less than athletes say they take in. She found "an infection risk of 99%." Nearly 1,400 of the expected 10,000 Olympic athletes participate in water sports. In 75% of the samples at the Olympic lake, fecal coliforms exceeded Brazil's legal limit for "secondary contact" — in two samples spiking to over 10 times the accepted level. Brazil promised to build eight treatment facilities to filter much of the sewage and household trash. Only one has been built. "Brazilian authorities promised the moon in order to win their Olympic bid and as usual they're not making good on those promises," says a biologist. Rio Gov. Luiz Fernando Pezao has acknowledged "there's not going to be time" to finish the cleanup of the bay.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Mexican man living in the United States illegally had been stopped by Ohio authorities and released weeks before a crime spree in which he's suspected that left one woman dead, officials said

Juan Emmanuel Razo-Ramirez, 35, is accused of attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl, shooting a woman in the arm, killing another woman in her home, then getting in a shootout with police in Lake County, Ohio. Razo-Ramirez had been stopped on July 7, 2015 by Lake County sheriff’s officials. They released him after speaking with federal immigration officials. “As far as I can tell, and from what I heard him admit, he says he’s undocumented — he’s not legally in the United States,” Lake County Prosecuting Atty. Charles Coulson said in an interview. Painesville Municipal Judge Mike Cicconetti appeared furious at the arraignment. “He’s here illegally? And they didn’t take him? ... I can’t set a bond high enough.” He set bond at $10 million. Razo-Ramirez pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. More charges are expected to be filed. The Department of Homeland Security said that it would pursue deportation after the trial, and after Razo-Ramirez serves any sentence that may be imposed. The case comes almost four weeks after the fatal shooting of 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. The man charged in that case, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, 52, is an immigrant in the country illegally, and a seven-time felon who has been deported to his native Mexico five times. He was shielded from another deportation by San Francisco’s status as a “sanctuary city.”

Santa Cruz County District Attorney Jeff Rosell has filed charges against a 15-year-old Hispanic who is accused of committing a shocking crime

Adrian Jerry Gonzalez lured 8-year-old Madyson Jordan Middleton into his Santa Cruz apartment, raped and killed her, and put her body in a box, investigators said. Rosell has announced that he charged the 15-year-old Latino as an adult. The boy faces life in prison if convicted. "He is charged with one count of murder, (with) special circumstances involving sexual offenses, lying in wait, and kidnapping," Rosell said. "We are going to bring him to justice. He is looking at life in prison." According to Police Chief Kevin Vogel, Gonzalez lured Madyson into his apartment. The young girl trusted the boy enough to follow him because he was her neighbor at the Tannery Arts Center on River Street, Vogel said. Gonzalez raped the girl using force and death threats before he killed her, according to a criminal complaint.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The 31-year-old black man who shot and killed a white woman in Hollywood over an apparent financial dispute has been charged with capital murder

Ezeoma Chigozie Obioha entered a not guilty plea at the downtown L.A. criminal courthouse. He was ordered held without bail. Obioha was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder in the death of 30-year-old Carrie Jean Melvin. In addition to capital murder, he faces special circumstances allegations of lying in wait and murder for financial gain, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Strangely, white people are not rioting in Los Angeles and shouting "White Lives Matter" over this murder. It is almost as if white people are more civilized than blacks. Apparently, Obioha is a Nigerian immigrant.

Using the data from Facebook, a computer model could predict a person’s race with 95% accuracy and gender with 93%

The model also accurately predicted sexual, religious and political orientation; intelligence; the likelihood of substance abuse; and personality.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The brains of more intelligent people are capable of solving tasks more efficiently, which is why these people have superior cognitive faculties, or as Elsbeth Stern, Professor for Research on Learning and Instruction at ETH Zurich, puts it: "when a more and a less intelligent person are given the same task, the more intelligent person requires less cortical activation to solve the task"

Scientists refer to this as the neural efficiency hypothesis, although it ceased being a hypothesis quite some time ago and is now accepted by experts as an undisputed fact, with ample evidence to support it. While working on her doctoral thesis in Stern's work group, Daniela Nussbaumer also found evidence of this effect for the first time in a group of people possessing above-average intelligence for tasks involving what is referred to as working memory. "We measured the electrical activity in the brains of university students, enabling us to identify differences in brain activity between people with slightly above-average and considerably above-average IQs," explained Nussbaumer.

The tendency of more intelligent people to live longer has been shown, for the first time, to be mainly down to their genes by new research

By analysing data from twins, researchers found that 95% of the link between intelligence and lifespan is genetic. They found that, within twin pairs, the brighter twin tends to live longer than the less bright twin and this was much more pronounced in fraternal (non identical) twins than in identical twins. Studies that compare genetically identical twins with fraternal twins - who only share half of their twin's DNA - help distinguish the effects of genes from the effects of shared environmental factors such as housing, schooling and childhood nutrition. Rosalind Arden, a research associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), said: "We know that children who score higher in IQ-type tests are prone to living longer. Also, people at the top of an employment hierarchy, such as senior civil servants, tend to be long-lived. But, in both cases, we have not understood why. Our research shows that the link between intelligence and longer life is mostly genetic. So, to the extent that being smarter plays a role in doing a top job, the association between top jobs and longer lifespans is more a result of genes than having a big desk. However, it's important to emphasize that the association between intelligence and lifespan is small. So you can't, for example, deduce your child's likely lifespan from how he or she does in their exams this summer." The researchers looked at three different twin studies from Sweden, the United States and Denmark where both intelligence and age of death was recorded, and where at least one twin in each pair had died. Only twins of the same sex were included in the analysis. On the reasons for the findings, Rosalind Arden said: "It could be that people whose genes make them brighter also have genes for a healthy body. Or intelligence and lifespan may both be sensitive to overall mutations, with people with fewer genetic mutations being more intelligent and living longer. We need to continue to test these ideas to understand what processes are in play." This is the first study to test for a genetic association between intelligence and lifespan.

The search for 43 missing college students in the southern state of Guerrero has turned up at least 60 clandestine graves and 129 bodies over the last 10 months, Mexico's attorney general's office says

None of the remains has been connected to the youths who disappeared after a clash with police in the Mexican city of Iguala on September 26, 2014 and authorities do not believe any will be. Prosecutors say that the students were turned over to a drug gang that killed them and incinerated their bodies in a case that has put attention on the huge number of people who have gone missing in Guerrero and other Mexican states where drug violence is widespread. The number of bodies and graves found from October 2014 to May 2015 could possibly be higher than in its report, the attorney general's office said, because its response to a freedom of information request covers only those instances in which its mass grave specialists got involved. Federal authorities began turning up unmarked graves after beginning an investigation into the disappearance of the 43 young men following the confrontation between students and police that resulted in six confirmed deaths in Iguala, a municipality of 120,000 people 200 kilometers (160 miles) south of Mexico City. More than 20,000 people are listed as missing across Mexico, and there are many "disappeared" in Guerrero, a state that is a major opium producer and the battleground among several cartels warring over territory and drug smuggling routes. The government has said that there is no evidence the 43 students were involved in the drug trade, but says that they were mistaken for a rival gang. Many people are questioning the government's version of what happened to the students, including parents and the National Human Rights Commission, which has issued a report outlining at least 30 omissions in the investigation that would help determine the youths' fate. Some were very basic investigation procedures that were never performed. Of the 129 remains found in the graves, 92 were men, 20 women and the rest are undetermined, according to the information released by the attorney general's office. Authorities listed only 16 of the remains as identified as of July 13, 2015.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blue collar white voters believe that the Republican Party is better equipped to make the economic system more fair by an overwhelming margin, according to a new Washington Post poll

In the survey of non-college educated whites, 50% had more faith in GOP policies, while 29% favored the Democratic strategy. These are among the workers hit hardest by the economic shifts of the past quarter century, and in particular by the failed polices of the Obama administration. They’ve seen good paying jobs in Appalachian coal mines become casualties of Obama’s war on coal. They’ve lost solid, middle class work on the oil rigs of the Gulf because Obama is more obsessed with tomorrow’s temperatures than today’s families. And they’ve bid goodbye to Midwestern factory jobs while Obama saddles employers with oppressive taxes and regulations. Mitt Romney, the failed GOP standard bearer in 2012, bemoaned the prospects for selling a message of smaller government when 47% of the population is receiving some form of government assistance. But many of these blue collar whites are among the 47%. They may be getting Obamacare subsidies, or unemployment benefits, or even food stamps. And that’s not what they want. They’re looking for the opportunity to take care of themselves and their families. They want jobs, not another Big Government giveaway designed to replace the paychecks Democratic policies have killed. They’ve lost faith — if they ever had any — in the government’s ability to solve their problems. And who can blame them? Handouts never create opportunity, only dependency. Blue collar workers aren’t hardwired to want handouts; it demeans their humanity and self-sufficiency. And it should be added that blue collar workers comprise 61% of the U.S. working population. It should also be added that Democrats’ incessant demeaning of blue collar workers because of their race (predominantly white), religion, gender (predominantly male), or values isn’t helping a whole lot, either. If you keep suggesting that white, male, Christians who believe in earning a dollar are racist, ignorant, xenophobic, homophobic or otherwise evil, they probably won’t vote for you.

Jon Stewart told black writer to f-off

I guess the Jewish comedian felt that Wyatt Cenac was being uppity or something.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Crime and black children: The youngest convicted murderer in the United States will soon walk free from prison for the first time since he was 12 years old

Curtis Fairchild Jones and his sister Catherine admitted to killing their father's girlfriend, Sonya Nicole Speights, in 1999, when they were just 12 and 13 years old respectively. Though it was initially believed that they killed her over jealousy of their father's love, it was later revealed that the siblings planned to kill their father and a male relative living with them in their Port St John, Florida, home, whom they claimed was sexually abusing them. When they realized that their cries for help were not being answered, they organized the plan to kill all three.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hispanics are seven times more likely to give birth between the ages of 10 and 14 than whites, according to a Centers for Disease Control study

Ann Coulter looks at the high rate of child rape among Hispanics.

A new New York Times/CBS News poll reveals that nearly six in 10 Americans, including heavy majorities of both whites and blacks, think race relations are generally bad and that nearly four in 10 think the situation is getting worse

By comparison, two-thirds of Americans surveyed shortly after President Obama took office said they believed that race relations were generally good. In other words, Obama has made the situation worse.

Many of the same genes may affect GCSE results across a broad range of subjects according to a new study from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King's College London

The research also suggests that educational achievement at GCSE is highly heritable, with over half of the difference between results potentially due to inherited differences in DNA. Previous studies have shown that academic achievement in the core subjects of English, mathematics and science at GCSE may be influenced by the same genetic traits. However, it was previously unclear if these genetic factors have an influence on a wider range of academic subjects. The researchers analysed genetic data from 12,500 twins to investigate if genetic factors could influence GCSE results. They found that academic achievement in English, mathematics, science, humanities, second languages, business informatics and art was affected by the same genes. This shared genetic influence was found even when genetic effects due to general intelligence were removed. All GCSE results were highly heritable, demonstrating that genes explain a larger proportion of the differences between children (54%-65%) than shared environmental factors, such as home and school environment combined (14%-21%). The study's first author, Kaili Rimfeld from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King's College London, said: "Our findings suggest that many of the same genes influence achievement across a broad range of disciplines, moving beyond core subjects such as English and maths to include humanities, business, art and languages. For the first time, we found that these general genetic effects on academic achievement remained even when the effects of general intelligence were removed. We also found that over half of the differences between children's educational achievement for all of these disciplines was explained by inherited differences in their DNA, rather than school, family and other environmental influences. The standardized curriculum used here in the UK could be one explanation for this strong genetic influence because all children have access to the same education and take the same standardized exams, thus the environmental differences are reduced." Professor Robert Plomin, last author from the IoPPN at King's College London, said: "Understanding the specific genetic and environmental factors influencing individual differences in educational achievement - and the complex interplay between them - could help educationalists develop effective personalized learning programs, to help every child reach their potential by the end of compulsory education."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A prominent rabbi in northern Israel has been sentenced to nine years in prison for committing sexual offenses against four minors, including by claiming that he was acting under God’s instructions

Rabbi Yaakov Deutsch of the city of Afula was also ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of shekels in compensation to his victims, the Nazareth District Court ruled, in a sentence handed down three years after charges were first pressed against him. “Given [the rabbi’s] importance in the eyes of the victims, the extent of their trauma can only be imagined, falling prey to the defendant’s heinous and humiliating acts,” judge Tawfic Kteily stated in his verdict. “The trust the complainants had in the defendant was breached,” he added. “The damage is evident in all aspects of their lives, and could carry over late into their lives.” According to the verdict, Deutsch, an important local figure in the lower Galilee city with a large following, abused his position to assault two boys and two girls, all minors. The charges include unlawful sexual intercourse, sodomy and indecent assault against a 15-year-old girl, to whom he promised that his acts were being carried out under “divine instruction,” and that they would “heal her.” He further told the victim that she was his wife in a previous life. “He destroyed my daughter,” the girl’s weeping father said outside the courtroom. “The rabbi hurt her and caused her immense mental harm. I raised her for 14 years and he took her from me.” Deutsch met another one of his victims, a 14-year-old boy, during a visit to a graves of a Jewish sage, and invited him to his home, where he assaulted him. The case was first revealed in 2011, when Deutsch was detained by police.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An elderly Indian woman accused of practising witchcraft has been stripped naked and beheaded by villagers in the state of Assam, police say

They said that 63-year-old Purni Orang had been blamed for illness in the tribal settlement. Seven people, including two women, have been arrested over her killing. Police in Assam say that nearly 90 people, mostly women, have been beheaded, burnt alive or stabbed to death after such accusations over the last six years. Branding women as witches is particularly prevalent among tribal communities and tea plantation workers in the state. People in a village in Sonitpur district were falling sick, and some of them "blamed Purni Orang for their condition", local police official Samad Hussain said. "After that they branded her a witch and killed her," Hussain said. In October 2014, an Indian athlete Debjani Bora was severely beaten after being branded a witch in Assam.

Black people are significantly more likely to experience sudden cardiac arrests than white people

Researchers have found that blacks are more than twice as likely as whites to experience sudden cardiac arrest, with 175 black men and 90 black women per 100,000 experiencing sudden cardiac arrest compared with 84 white men and 40 white women per 100,000. At the time of sudden cardiac arrest, the majority of black people were younger than 65 while the majority of white people were older than 65. On average, black people were more than 6 years younger than white people when experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Blacks also had higher rates of chronic kidney failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and left ventricular hypertrophy than did white people.

African American men are more likely to develop prostate cancer than European American men, and are also more than twice as likely to die from it

Although there are many reasons that contribute to this health disparity, new research shows that African American men may have a distinctly different type of prostate cancer than European American men, according to new genomic fingerprinting results. "This study, this line of research, is about finding better and more appropriate therapies for African American men," says corresponding author of the study, Kosj Yamoah, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Resident in the Department of Radiation Oncology, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University. "The first step is to figure out how prostate cancer is different and more aggressive at the genomic level." Dr. Yamoah and colleagues have identified a subset of genes known as biomarkers that define a genomic subtype of prostate cancer that is more common in African American men, and which signals a more aggressive disease. The researchers scanned the literature for genes that were functionally associated with prostate cancer initiation and progression and found 20 genes. These 20 included prostate cancer markers and genes involved in hormone receptor function and cell metabolism. Dr. Yamoah and colleagues then examined the clinical records of prostate cancer patients to find a pool of 154 African American and 243 European American men whose prostate cancer characteristics were matched using a validated scoring system known as CAPRA-S, indicating very similar disease at the outset. (The CAPRA-S predicts disease severity and risk of recurrence after surgical removal of the prostate and is based on a number of measures including the grade of tumor, number of lymph nodes containing signs of cancer, whether the cancer has spread into supportive structures of the prostate, PSA score, and other measures.) The researchers then analyzed samples from these patients to find out which of the 20 validated genes - some of which initiate and some which drive cancer - were expressed in high or low quantities in the two populations of men. They found a subtype that the researchers coined "triple negative prostate cancer," defined as the absence or low levels of three genes called ERG, ETS, and SPINK1. African American men with high CAPRA-S scores and more advanced Gleason grade disease at diagnosis were more likely to be triple negative when compared to European American men with a similar disease scores at diagnosis. The researchers also found other genes that were expressed at different levels in African American versus European American men, including genes involved in cell metabolism and the androgen receptor pathway. Further studies are already underway to validate the significance of this trend. Despite being the largest study to date on African American prostate cancer biomarkers, the numbers of African American patients studied was still relatively small. "Much of what we understand in terms of the genetics of prostate cancer to date has been based on clinical trials in Caucasian men," says Dr. Yamoah. "However, the data here suggest that a subset of African American men may have a type of prostate cancer that arises from molecular pathways that are distinctly different from those of European American men. This, and our previous work in this area, shows that some African American men with prostate cancer might have a better shot at survival if they are treated with a different approach than standard of care." The next steps, says Dr. Yamoah are to "refine the biomarkers that will capture these differences and develop approaches that help reduce the disparities in outcomes that we see."

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Of America’s 25 most racially segregated metropolitan areas, just five are in the South; Northern cities — Detroit, Milwaukee and New York — top the list

Many of the racial injustices that liberals associate with the South are actually worse in the North. Housing segregation between black and white residents, for instance, is most pervasive above the Mason-Dixon line. Segregation in Northern metro areas has declined a bit since 1990, but an analysis of 2010 census data found that Detroit’s level of segregation, for instance, is nearly twice as high as Charleston’s.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alzheimer's disease may affect the brain differently in African-Americans than white Americans of European descent, scientists have said

Researchers who conducted the study in the United States said that their findings have important clinical implications as they may suggest a need for different types of Alzheimer's prevention and treatment in African-Americans. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and sees proteins build up in the brain to form structures called plaques and tangles. Scientists looked for these plaques and tangles in the brains of people who had died as well as other brain changes that can cause dementia, such as infarcts (tissue death), which are associated with stroke, and Lewy bodies (tiny deposits of protein in nerve cells), which is also seen in Parkinson's disease. They found that only about half of the European-Americans had pure Alzheimer's disease pathology, while the rest also had either infarcts or Lewy bodies in their brains. In contrast, fewer than 25% of the African Americans had pure Alzheimer's disease pathology and three-quarters (71%) of the African-Americans had Alzheimer's disease pathology mixed with another type of pathology. Study author Lisa Barnes, associate professor and cognitive neuropsychologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, said: "Because some studies suggest that Alzheimer's disease is more common among older African-Americans than European-Americans, we wanted to see whether the brain changes caused by Alzheimer's are different in these two racial groups. Our study has important clinical implications because it may suggest a need for different types of Alzheimer's prevention and treatments in African-Americans. Indeed, current Alzheimer's drugs primarily target specific Alzheimer pathologies in the brain. Given the mixed pattern of disease that we see in African-American brains, it will be important to develop new treatments that target these other common pathologies, particularly for African-Americans." Dr Doug Brown, director of research at Alzheimer's Society, said that most of the 850,000 people with dementia in Britain have Alzheimer's disease. "This new study shows that most people with Alzheimer's disease also have signs of other forms of dementia, and this is more common in black people than white," he added. "Through research we are learning more about the complexities of what happens in the brain and this finding reinforces that we cannot view Alzheimer's disease in isolation – all forms of dementia desperately need new treatments. This study also demonstrates the need to get as many people from all ethnic backgrounds involved in research. To make this possible, Alzheimer's Society has helped to launch Join Dementia Research, an online service to make taking part in research easier, which has already signed up over 8,000 volunteers around the country."

Obama's America: Black children were almost four times as likely as white children to be living in poverty in 2013, a new report has found, the latest evidence that the economic recovery is leaving behind some of the United States’ most vulnerable citizens

The poverty rate has remained stable for black children, while it fell for Hispanic, white and Asian children, a sign of just how pervasive and stubborn poverty has been for African-Americans, according to the report. About 38.3% of black children lived in poverty in 2013, nearly four times the rate for white children, at 10.7%. About 30.4% of Hispanic children and 10.1% of Asian children live in poverty. For the first time since the federal government started collecting the data, the number of black children in poverty appears to have overtaken the number of poor white children, even though white children far outnumber black children in the American population, the report said. About 4.2 million black children were living in poverty in 2013, compared with 4.1 million white children, though researchers said the difference was not statistically significant. In actual numbers, there were still more Hispanic children in poverty, 5.4 million, than any other group, researchers said, a ranking the group has held since at least 2008. The Hispanic population is larger and younger than any other racial or ethnic group, and the child poverty rate is relatively high. Researchers did not investigate the reasons black children were lagging. One possible driver was the unemployment rate, which has been consistently higher for African-Americans than for most other racial and ethnic groups, and which took longer to fall after the recession, Eileen Patten, a research analyst who tracks social trends at the Pew Research Center, said.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Neocons are out to take down Donald Trump

See what the Zionists at Instapundit are freaking out about. I guess Trump does not have the Sheldon Adelson stamp of approval.

Monday, July 13, 2015

An Indian couple and four of their children were hacked to death by a mob of villagers who accused them of practicing witchcraft and making their children sick, according to police in the eastern state of Odisha

The victims were asleep in their mud house in the hamlet of Lahanda in Keonjhar district, when a group of around five people armed with axes broke in. The suspects, believed to be relatives of the family, accused the victims of being behind for a spate of frequent illnesses among infants in the village, said police. District Superintendent of Police Kavita Jalan said that two surviving children alerted authorities. The police reached the village to find the mutilated bodies in pools of blood, an ax abandoned inside the hut, and a young boy still alive. "The eight-year-old boy was found by police gasping between the dead bodies," Jalan said, adding that a search was being conducted to find the suspects, who had fled the village after the incident. The practice of branding men and women as witches and assaulting or killing them remains common is some parts of India, particularly among tribal communities, despite there being a law against it. There were 160 cases of murders linked to witch hunts in 2013, and 119 in 2012, data from the National Crime Records Bureau shows. In a separate incident, police have recovered the remains of a man who was beaten to death and burnt by a mob over allegations of sorcery in Rayagada district, also in Odisha state. Charity workers say that as well as trying to disabuse some tribes of superstitious beliefs, the government needs to focus on education and economic development. India's tribes make up more than 8% of its 1.2 billion population. Yet many live on the margins of society - inhabiting remote villages and eking out a living from farming, cattle rearing and collecting and selling forest produce. Social indicators in these communities, including literacy, child malnutrition and maternal mortality, are among the lowest in the country. Neglect by the authorities and a Maoist insurgency in the country’s central tribal belt have further exacerbated their plight. "People believe in superstition because they do not have health care. They are uneducated. Unless we provide them these basic facilities, the situation will not improve," said Debendra Sutar, secretary of the Odisha Rationalist Society, a charity.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A typical Briton has 193,000 living cousins – if everyone from first cousin through to sixth cousins are included

When you think about it an ethnic group is just a very large, extended family.

Homicide is the leading cause of death among young black men in America

And many more will be claimed by heart disease, respiratory infections, and complications related to HIV, all of which black men are both more likely to acquire and to be killed by than either black women or whites in the USA. Of the 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States, more than 506,000 are black. Though the black community makes up 12% of the national population, it suffers 44% of new infections, 49% of AIDS diagnoses, and nearly half of HIV-related deaths. “One in three black gay men will contract HIV,” says Alex Garner of the National Minority AIDS Council. “Compare that to the one in six white gay men who will become infected,” Garner continues.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blacks, HIV and Washington DC: Despite the fact that blacks and males are both minorities in DC, 73% of residents living with HIV are male, and three-quarters are black

Among females living with HIV, 92% are black. The World Health Organization (WHO) categorizes groups with HIV prevalence higher than 1% as reaching an epidemic level. Black residents with HIV are almost four times the 1% epidemic threshold; Hispanics are at 1.6% and whites are at 1.2%. Black men who have sex with men and black men engaging in injection drug use represent 26% – the largest group of HIV cases in DC; black heterosexual females represent the second largest group.

Mexican illegal immigrant crime: Authorities have located a missing 13-year-old Florida girl and arrested the man she was found with

The Van Buren County Sheriff's Office was contacted by Polk County, Florida authorities about the girl. Her name is not being released. She was thought to be with Aurelio Hernandez-Gomez. Polk County authorities had received information that the two might be in a Hartford Township residence. Deputies went to the home with Covert Township and Pokagon Tribal police. They found the girl and Hernandez-Gomez upon arrival. During the investigation it was discovered that he had sexually assaulted the 13-year-old. Deputies also reported that Hernandez-Gomez told them he entered the United States illegally and had come from Chiapas, Mexico. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was contacted. The suspect has been jailed Thursday and arraigned in a Van Buren County courtroom on one count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. Bond was set at $150,000. He is expected back in court on July 15, 2015. He also faces felony charges out of Polk County for felony kidnapping and interference with child custody. He is expected to be extradited back to Florida at some point. Michigan Children's Protective Services took custody of the girl and is arranging to return her to her family in Florida. If you have any additional information about this incident, please contact the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office, at 269-657-3101.

The number of murders in 2015 has jumped by 33% or more in Baltimore, New Orleans and St. Louis

After years of declining violent crime, several major American cities experienced a dramatic surge in homicides during the first half of 2015. Not surprisingly, the increased violence is disproportionately impacting poor and predominantly African-American and Latino neighborhoods. And yet blacks and liberals would rather complain about confederate flags.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A Hispanic illegal immigrant has been charged with sexually groping two 17-year-old girls on the Fourth of July in a Michigan's Adventure wave pool

Eliazar Rivas-Rodriguez, 29, of Middlebury, Indiana, has been arraigned on two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct involving force or coercion. The arraignment was conducted through a Spanish-speaking interpreter, according to court records. Muskegon County Chief 60th District Judge Maria Ladas Hoopes set his bond at $80,000 cash or surety and scheduled a probable-cause hearing for July 21, 2015. The crime is a high-court misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of two years in state prison. According to an affidavit for warrantless arrest in Rivas-Rodriguez's court file, he's accused of sexually groping the girls – who didn't know him – on July 4, 2015 while they were in a wave pool at Michigan's Adventure amusement park in Fruitland Township. One of the teens reported the stranger grabbed her in the crotch area once. The other said that he did it three times in succession, then grabbed her by the ankle under the water when she tried to flee. The girl was able to get away and reported the incident to the teens' guardians, according to the affidavit. It was then reported to a lifeguard, then to park security guards. They kept the Latino suspect in sight until a Michigan State Police trooper arrived to investigate. Rivas-Rodriguez, interviewed through an interpreter, denied all the allegations, according to the affidavit. The affidavit described the suspect as an illegal immigrant living for 10 years in the Goshen, Indiana, area. At the end of the court process, whether it results in conviction or not, the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Office typically will notify the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service that an illegal immigrant has been charged with a crime, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Timothy M. Maat said. Typically, an illegal immigrant if convicted of the charged crime would serve his sentence, if any, then face deportation to his home country, Maat said.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego and the School of Medicine have found that the three-dimensional shape of the cerebral cortex - the wrinkled outer layer of the brain controlling many functions of thinking and sensation - strongly correlates with ancestral background

The study opens the door to more precise studies of brain anatomy going forward and could eventually lead to more personalized medicine approaches for diagnosing and treating brain diseases. "If we can account for a large percentage of brain structure based on an individual's genes, we're in a better position to detect smaller variations in the brain that might be important in understanding disease or developmental issues," said the study's senior author Anders Dale, PhD, professor of radiology, neurosciences, psychiatry and cognitive science, and director of the Center for Translational Imaging and Precision Medicine at UC San Diego. In their study, the researchers found that they could predict with "a relatively high degree of accuracy an individual's genetic ancestry based on the geometry of their cerebral cortex." They found no relationship between brain shape and functional or cognitive abilities, Dale said, but rather a trove of information about how minute differences in brain geometry could be correlated with genetic lineage. "The geometry of the brain's cortical surface contains rich information about ancestry," said the study's first author, Chun Chieh Fan, MD, a graduate student in cognitive science. "Even in the modern contemporary U.S. population, with its melting pot of different cultures, it was still possible to correlate brain cortex structure to ancestral background." Four continental populations were used as ancestral references: European, West African, East Asian and Native American. The metrics for summarizing genetic ancestry in each ancestral component were standardized as proportions ranging from 0% to 100%. "We looked to see how well we could predict how much genetic ancestry they had from Africa, Europe and so forth," said study co-author Terry Jernigan, PhD, professor of cognitive science, psychiatry and radiology, adding that cortex differences between various lineages were focused in certain areas. "There were various systematic differences, particularly in the folding and gyrification patterns of the cortex," said Jernigan, also director of the university's Center for Human Development. "Those patterns were quite strongly reflective of genetic ancestry." The researchers reported that the cortical patterns accounted for 47% to 66% of the variation among individuals in their genetic ancestry, depending on the ancestral lineage.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Democratic political operative murdered by black assailant on Washington Metro

Hat tip, Occidental Dissent.

Black child criminals: Jarrell Milton, a fugitive wanted on murder charges after a gang and drug-related shooting in Omaha has been arrested, marking the latest development in a case that might not have been widely reported if not for the fact that Jarrell Milton is 12 years old

Officials say that the black boy was arrested in Minneapolis and is now in the custody of the US Marshals Service. Police say that Jarrell, his 17-year-old brother Jamar, and 15-year-old Shuntayvious Primes-Willis shot two men, killing one, after setting up a meeting for a marijuana deal in a city park. The older two boys have been charged as adults with first-degree murder. Prosecutors say that all three of them had weapons and they plan to try the 12-year-old as an adult as well, though it's not completely clear whether the law will allow them to. "It's incomprehensible," a prosecutor said. "It's unbelievable when you think of somebody who's 12 years old, seventh grade or sixth grade, and being charged with murder for having a gun — approaching somebody and using that firearm with two other people that also had firearms. It's even impossible to imagine that it's even a possibility."

A black voodoo priest in South Florida has been charged with sexual battery after raping an 11-year-old girl while claiming it was to “cleanse evil spirits”

Police in the city of Sunrise have revealed at a press conference that Brogenet Cinor convinced a girl, who is now 16, and her mother that he had healing powers back in 2009. Cinor told the girl and her mother that he could feel evil spirits coming from the girl during a spiritual consultation. He then took her into a tiki-style backyard shed and had sex with her, police say. After the incident, the girl told her mom, who confronted Cinor. However, the voodoo man threatened to curse the woman if she went to authorities. “He was using the victims’ belief in voodoo and curses,” Sunrise police Officer Cindi McCue said. “They believed they could die if they didn’t follow his instructions.” It was only years later, after the girl told her father about what happened during the “voodoo consultation,” that police learned of the assault. This isn’t the only time Cinor, who’s been practicing as a voodoo priest in the area for at least a decade, has used fear to coerce women into sex, police say. Two years ago, two separate women told police that they had sex with Cinor after he told them they needed a spiritual cleansing. One of the women, who said that Cinor told her she would die if she didn’t have sex with him, became pregnant. She said that Cinor later gave her $500 to get an abortion. Prosecutors did not pursue charges in either case. In the case of the young girl, Cinor has been arrested and charged with sexual battery on a child less than 12 years of age. He was released the following day on $75,000 bond.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Academics at the University of York have discovered a correlation between genetic and linguistic diversity and concluded that at least in Europe people who speak different languages are also more likely to have a different genetic make-up

The study, led by Professor Giuseppe Longobardi in York's Department of Language and Linguistic Science, in collaboration with geneticists and linguists at the Universities of Ferrara and Modena and Reggio Emilia in Italy, has discovered that language proves a better predictor of genetic differences than the geographical distribution of population. As part of his study he observed significant correlations between genetic and linguistic diversity across the Indo-European and non-Indo-European-speaking populations of Europe. Professor Longobardi said: "To a very large extent linguistic differences correspond to genetic differences in the relevant populations. So, if a population speaks French and another speaks Russian they have a certain degree of linguistic diversity, that we can now measure with unprecedented precision and the degree of genetic diversity is proportional. Is it the case that the French and Italians and Spanish, who speak very close languages, are really similar to each other in genetic terms? Is it really the case the Japanese, and say a population from Sub Saharan Africa, are really very different both in terms of language and in terms of their genetic ancestry? To some extent our answer, based on the published study and further work in progress, is yes: at least as a general historical rule." However, Professor Longobardi said that there are exceptions, as to many rules, and the exception in Europe is the Hungarians, who are genetically very similar to Slavic and Germanic populations. "That's one case where some populations of central Europe just picked up a new language which was brought in to Hungary by a small group of conquerors. But apart from that exception the distribution of languages and the distribution of the genetic structure of the populations in Europe tend to correspond to each other," he added. The study suggests that migrating populations carried their genes alongside their language, rather than just a cultural diffusion of linguistic features from one population to another. The project involved studying around 15 European languages but researchers are turning their attention to other languages, extending potentially to a global scale. The research could eventually help scientists pinpoint when and how Indo-European languages were brought into Europe and potentially help geneticists in the future. Professor Longobardi added: "Ultimately being able to identify the ancestry of a population just on the simple basis of the language they speak may benefit identifying genetic properties of these populations, which could ultimately be of practical use even for medical research."

Monday, July 6, 2015

New Zealand: An illegal immigrant from Fiji who tied up an elderly woman with her own bed sheet and beat her until she lost consciousness will spend more than seven years behind bars

Dinesh Lal, 43, appeared for sentencing at the High Court at Auckland, charged with kidnapping, indecent assault, and aggravated robbery. He was found guilty of all three charges at an earlier trial at the same court but has continued to protest his innocence. Crown prosecutor Glyn Hughes described Lal's offending as "violent and opportunistic" with Lal's own lawyer, Glenn Dixon, saying that despite his client maintaining his "complete innocence...what you have is the targeting of a vulnerable lady at home for a specific purpose". According to the summary of facts, on January 8 2014, Lal armed himself with a knife and disguised himself with a mask before confronting the 76-year-old victim at her home as she opened her back door in the middle of the day. Justice Edwin Wylie said that he dragged the victim to her bedroom where he bound the woman with bed sheets before punching her three times, ripping jewellery from her body and indecently assaulting her. After she lost consciousness he threw her on the ground and "paid no further attention to her" as he rifled through the rest of her house. He stole a further $200 from her drawers and made off with her jewelry. The victim, who has name suppression, submitted through a victim impact statement to the court that she still felt fearful whenever she went outside and had ongoing pain from the attack. "She remains scared and fearful, worries every time she goes outside that she will be attacked again and no longer feels safe in her own home," Justice Wylie said. He described the offending as "humiliating and degrading" for the victim who would have been "terrified". According to a probation report, Lal had an "excellent" upbringing in Fiji and had gone on to marry and have two daughters before moving to New Zealand with his family in 2008. He began working as a boat-builder but his work visa expired in 2013 and had been living and working in the country illegally since then. Justice Wylie indicated that he would be deported after finishing his sentence. There were no mitigating factors to Lal's offending, Justice Wylie said, noting in particular that he had effectively gone on the run after police attempted to interview him about the crime. He had offered to pay no reparations because of his perceived innocence. Justice Wylie sentenced Lal to seven years, six months imprisonment and ordered no minimum period should be served.

Documents: Bill Cosby testified during a 2005 court case that he obtained Quualudes to drug women he sexually desired, and admitted to giving one woman and "other people" the sedative

Cosby was testifying in a lawsuit filed by former Temple University Andrea Constand when he admitted to drugging her with three half-pills of the drug Benadryl. Cosby settled with her for an undisclosed sum. Cosby's lawyer had fought against the release of these documents, saying that they would be "terribly embarrassing" for the comedian. "Frankly ... it would embarrass him, (and) it would also prejudice him in eyes of the jury pool in Massachusetts," his lawyer said, referring to a defamation lawsuit filed by three women against Cosby. More than two dozen women have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct, with many saying that he sedated them with drugs before raping them, but no criminal charges have been filed (the statues of limitations bars most of them). The 77-year-old comedian, who stepped down from Temple's board of trustees in December 2014, hasn't yet responded to the latest documents.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Police are hunting a group of black men behind an anti-white attack on Staten Island

Seven black men called a 28-year-old man “white bread” and other insults as they threatened him. The group then chased after the white victim, punching and kicking him. They struck him with a milk crate, a fluorescent light bulb, a bottle and other garbage they picked up, officials said. The victim managed to escape his attackers, suffering only minor wounds. The NYPD’s hate crimes task force is investigating. Images of two suspects were caught on surveillance video. Police are offering $2,500 reward for information on the attack. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.

The Igbo: The Jews of West Africa?

Peter Frost has an interesting article on an African ethnic group that most Americans may not know about.

Mexican arrested in connection with San Francisco killing had been deported several times, officials say

The Mexican arrested in connection with the seemingly random killing of a woman who was out for a stroll with her father along the San Francisco waterfront is an illegal immigrant who previously had been deported five times, federal immigration officials say. Further, Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that San Francisco had him in their custody earlier in 2015 but failed to notify ICE when he was released. "DHS records indicate ICE lodged an immigration detainer on the subject at that time, requesting notification prior to his release so ICE officers could make arrangements to take custody. The detainer was not honored," ICE said in a statement. Kathryn Steinle was killed at Pier 14 - one of the busiest tourist destinations in the city. Police said that they arrested Francisco Sanchez in the shooting an hour after it occurred. ICE has revealed that their records indicate the individual has been previously deported five times, most recently in 2009, and is from Mexico.

Black teacher fired for verbally and physically abusing disabled white children

Hat tip, Occidental Dissent.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Crime and the black family: A young boy was beaten almost to death for taking — or, as family members put it, "stealing" — a piece of birthday cake without permission, police say

Prosecutors say that the 9-year-old was handcuffed and severely beaten by his mother's boyfriend, 30-year-old Robert Leroy Wilson, and is not expected to survive. According to police, another adult in the home called 911 after the boy was beaten unconscious but when paramedics arrived, the boy's mother told them that he was just "congested." She didn't let them see the boy, but they were called back hours later when he stopped breathing. The boy was hospitalized in critical condition with head trauma and pulmonary contusions, according to charging documents, and was found to have bruises and contusions on his face, ears, neck, spinal column, abdomen, and buttocks. Some of these were in "varying stages of healing," the documents state, which indicates past abuse. He has not regained consciousness and prosecutors say that he will have permanent injuries if he survives. Wilson faces charges including first-degree assault and child abuse and bail was set at $1 million after a hearing.

American public opinion on the Confederate flag remains about where it was 15 years ago, with most describing the flag as a symbol of Southern pride more than one of racism, according to a new CNN/ORC poll

The poll shows that 57% of Americans see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism, about the same as in 2000 when 59% said that they viewed it as a symbol of pride. Among African-Americans, 72% see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism, just 25% of whites agree. In the South, the racial divide is even broader. While 75% of Southern whites describe the flag as a symbol of pride and 18% call it a symbol of racism, those figures are almost exactly reversed among Southern African-Americans, with just 11% seeing it as a sign of pride and 75% viewing it as a symbol of racism. Among whites with a college degree, 51% say that it's a symbol of pride, 41% a symbol of racism. Among those whites who do not have a college degree, 73% say that it's a sign of Southern pride, 18% racism. Most oppose redesigning state flags that feature Confederate emblems or symbols to remove references to the Confederacy (57% oppose that), renaming streets and highways named after Confederate leaders (68% oppose that) and removing tributes to those who fought for the Confederacy from public places (71% oppose that). Among African-Americans, most favor removing flags from government property (73%), private companies stopping the sale or manufacture of products featuring the flag (65%) and redesigning state flags that feature Confederate references to remove them (59%).

Thursday, July 2, 2015

An illegal alien from Mexico charged in the death of his estranged girlfriend entered a guilty plea in a Franklin County court in Alabama

The plea ends more than two years of uncertainty for a family who dreaded sitting through an upcoming trial. Escorted by jailers, Angel Nava entered the courthouse after weeks of negotiations between prosecutors and defense attorneys. District Attorney Joey Rushing said that it was the family of Lesley Hope Plott who asked for some resolution in the case. “Out of all the murders I have handled here, this one as far as the evidence and the gruesomeness of it is the worst,” Rushing said. In February 2013, prosecutors said that surveillance cameras recorded the murder which took place along north Jackson Avenue. Investigators in the case said that Nava punched, stabbed and cut Lesley Plott to death. The two had been in a relationship for more than 10 years, but were estranged at the time of the murder. According to investigators, Plott was giving Nava a ride home at the time of the attack. “We talked with the victim’s family, and we discussed all the options and the potential for what could happen if we went to trial,” Rushing explained. “They decided that murder and a life sentence would be an offer they would be satisfied with.” Before his departure from court, Nava was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Rushing said that they will strongly oppose Nava’s parole if the day ever comes. If Angel Nava is ever released from prison on parole, he will immediately be deported from the United States back to his native Mexico. Nava and Lesley Plott had one child together who is now in the custody of her surviving family members.

Muslims in Africa: Boko Haram, newly affiliated with the Islamic State, has recently unleashed a series of gruesome terror attacks in Nigeria

In the latest, gunmen burst into mosques and homes in the town of Kukawa and killed 97 people who were praying or otherwise marking the holy month of Ramadan, say government officials. The previous night, gunmen in the village of Mussaram ordered males and females to separate and then opened fire on the men and boys, killing about 50 and seriously injuring another 17. “They spared nobody," one witness to the slaughter in Kukawa said. "In fact, while some of the terrorists waited and set most of the corpses on fire, others proceeded to houses and shot indiscriminately at women who were preparing food." Boko Haram has made a point of going after mosques because it considers their Islamic teaching to be insufficiently strict.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A black man has been arrested after he left racist messages outside a church

Vincent Broughton, 44, who is black, is facing charges for committed a bias-motivated crime and disorderly conduct. The signs were posted outside the New Covenant church that is predominately attended by African Americans. One sign references the KKK. Another reads, “Black men beware, you are the target.” The messages had the congregation on edge. “We locked our doors this morning, so we were inside, but it shouldn’t be that way. You shouldn’t have to lock your doors in the church, it’s just… I’m speechless,” said Pastor Roland Joyner. Broughton has admitted to posting the flyers but did not explain why he targeted the church.

Having ancestors that are too closely related may negatively influence an individual's height and thinking skills, a genetic study has shown

The effect of inheriting pairs of identical genes means children of first cousins are likely to be 1.2 centimeters (0.5 inches) shorter than those whose DNA is more mixed, scientists found. It was also predicted to have a significant impact on mental ability and educational attainment, as well as lung function. But surprisingly, factors such as blood pressure and cholesterol that influence the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other conditions were not affected by genetic diversity. The findings, based on genetic data of more than 300,000 individuals from around the world, suggest that natural selection is driving people to become cleverer and taller. In contrast, risk factors for complex diseases that occur late in life do not appear to be major players in the human evolutionary story.

Among Puerto Rican 8th graders tested in mathematics in 2013, 95% scored Below Basic, 5% scored Basic, and (to the limits of rounding) 0% scored Proficient, and 0% scored Advanced

In contrast, among American public school students poor enough to be eligible for subsidized school lunches, only 39% scored Below Basic, 41% scored Basic, 17% scored Proficient, and 3% scored Advanced. Puerto Rico’s test scores are just shamefully low, suggesting that Puerto Rican schools are completely dropping the ball. By way of contrast, in the United States, among black 8th graders, 38% score Basic, 13% score Proficient, and 2% score Advanced. In the United States, among Hispanic 8th graders, 41% reach Basic, 18% Proficient, and 3% Advanced.

Computer algorithm thinks that blacks look like gorillas

Google is in trouble because its Photo app has a tendency to label pictures of blacks as "gorillas" which has upset many on the left.

Twitter only has 49 black employees - out of 2,910 staff members in the United States of America

The 35 black men and 14 black women account for just 1.7% of its US operation, which is 93.8% white (Jewish?) or Asian. It represents a stark lack of progress since last year, when senior executives promised to boost their number of African American staff from 2%. Twitter has just 68 Hispanic employees and three Native Americans. Recently, Google revealed that black people account for just 2% of its workforce. Facebook has also come under fire for its minuscule proportion of black employees (2%) - and for hiring just seven black people since its last diversity count.

White violence against blacks is dwarfed by black on white violence

In 2012, blacks committed 560,600 acts of violence against whites (excluding homicide), and whites committed 99,403 acts of violence (excluding homicide) against blacks, according to data from the National Crime Victimization Survey. Blacks, in other words, committed 85% of the non-homicide interracial crimes of violence between blacks and whites, even though they are less than 13% of the population. Both the absolute number of incidents and the rate of black-on-white violence are therefore magnitudes higher than white-on-black violence. The black homicide-victimization rate is six times higher than the white homicide-victimization rate. It is not whites who are responsible for that homicide death gap; it’s other blacks. Blacks commit homicide at close to eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined; among males between the ages of 14 and 17, the interracial homicide commission gap is nearly tenfold.