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Over the past decade, the inner-city neighborhoods that have served for generations as citadels of African-American life and culture have been steadily draining of black children

The 2010 census found that the number of black, non-Hispanic children living in New York City had fallen by 22.4% in 10 years. In raw numbers, that meant 127,058 fewer black kids living in the city even as the number of black adults grew slightly. The same pattern has repeated from coast to coast. Los Angeles saw a 31.8% decline in its population of black children, far surpassing the 6.9% drop in black adults. The number of black children in Atlanta fell by 27%. It was down 31% in Chicago and 37.6% in Detroit. Oakland, Calif. saw a drop of 42.3%, an exodus that fell only 6 percentage points below the decline in flood-ravaged New Orleans. Overall, the census found nearly a half-million fewer black children living in the 25 largest U.S. cities than there were a decade earlier. By comparison, the number of black adults living in big cities has hardly budged. Even cities that saw a large rise in their overall black population saw their numbers of black children fall, or grow at a much slower rate. In Phoenix, the number of black adult residents grew by 44.8% over the past decade, but added fewer than 4,000 black children, for a growth rate of 18.6%. Houston added 21,324 black adults, but had 23,219 fewer black children. On a national level, the number of black children has inched down by only 2.3%, compared to a much larger 9.8% drop for white children.

A black man faces felony sexual assault charges after he raped a woman on a city sidewalk in broad daylight

According to police, Melvin L. Jackson, 49, had sex with the unconscious woman on a sidewalk outside of a vacant business. Two witnesses who flagged down a patrol car say that they saw the woman curled up in a fetal position, with Jackson on top of her with his pants and underwear around his ankles, having sex with her. When Kansas City Missouri Police arrived on the scene, authorities say that Jackson told them, "I thought that lady was dead."

The black ex-con father of a high school football star killed in a graduation day fight with two parking attendants triggered the tragic, deadly brawl

Isayah Muller, 19, was stabbed to death by one of the attendants his dad accused of stealing a graduation gift from the family car - a $200 bottle of cologne. Security cameras captured part of the violence at the M.T. Jerome Town Corp. lot in the Bronx, a prosecutor said. The video shows Andre Muller, 40, bashing one of the workers, Ramon Hernandez, with a snow shovel he picked up at the lot. The video also shows the younger Muller throwing punches, but not being stabbed, the prosecutor said. "What a tragedy. [Andre] Muller was the aggressor," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. Hernandez, who needed 10 stitches to close a gash in his arm, and his colleague, were released without being charged, a police spokesman said. Andre Muller, wearing a bloody blue shirt, was arraigned in Bronx Criminal Court on charges of assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon - the snow shovel. The drama unfolded shortly after Isayah Muller's commencement at Lehman College. A standout running back, Isayah led the Truman High School Mustangs to their first-ever PSAL Bowl title in November 2010. He planned to attend Nassau Community College in Fall 2011. The family initially left the parking lot and drove to City Island for a celebratory dinner. As Isayah Muller dined on his favorite shrimp dish, his father noticed the cologne he bought his son missing from a pile of gifts. He and his family immediately drove back to the parking lot, where the deadly confrontation ensued. The workers retreated from the shovel-wielding dad, whose lengthy rap sheet includes separate prison stints for heroin dealing and robbery. The attendants locked themselves in the parking lot's shack, but Isayah Muller busted through the door. The unidentified worker plunged a homemade shank into the teen's chest and side. Andre Muller drove him to a nearby clinic. An ambulance rushed the son to St. Barnabas Hospital, where he died.

Mangan's Law of Minority Underachievement

The more minorities in America underachieve, the more achievement itself will be denigrated. The more white and Asian kids do homework and get good grades, the more this achievement will be denigrated or discounted.

A group of professors have analyzed CT angiographic data and found a significant increase in prevalence and volume of non-calcified plaque amongst African Americans and a lower prevalence of calcified plaque

Of the African Americans tested, 64% showed signs of non-calcified plaque, compared with 41% of Caucasians, while only 26% of African Americans showed signs of calcified plaque, compared with 45% of Caucasians. Overall signs of plaque were roughly equal (79% of African Americans, compared with 74% of Caucasians), but it was the differences in types of plaque that most interested researchers, leading them to suggest that continued use of CT angiography as opposed to coronary artery calcium scoring when dealing with African Americans. The results of coronary artery calcium scoring studies should be treated with caution in African Americans because they may not reflect the true extent of cardiovascular disease. For African American patients, coronary CT angiography may be a more appropriate screening tool for cardiovascular risk. The report concluded that more research was required to determine whether CT plaque characterization could improve cardiac risk prediction in African Americans.

Four black men have been arrested in connection with a brutal sex trafficking operation in Brooklyn after a 20-year-old woman bravely came forward after eight years as a sex slave

The victim was a vulnerable young girl who in 2003, at the age of 13, was raped by two men and forced to become a prostitute, officials said. The woman was beaten, stabbed and forced to sleep with homeless men when the proceeds she brought in weren’t perceived to be enough. Ringleader Damien Crooks has been charged with repeatedly raping and forcing into prostitution the then-teen. It began with Crooks raping the girl in a neighborhood park, followed by a non-stop campaign of terror for the next eight years while the girl lived with her parents. Prosecutors said Crooks had help. Darrell Dula, Jamali Brockett and his brother, Jawara Brockett, are also charged with raping the girl in addition to other crimes. Together, all are accused of making the girl afraid not only for her own life, but for the lives of her loved ones. So she kept it all secret, sneaking out of her parents’ house late at night. The turning point for the victim came as she was studying criminal justice at John Jay College. Her tormentors were threatening to recruit one of her close family members and she could not let that happen, so she went to her professor, Jeff Kern, a former prosecutor. The ordeal is not over. The victim’s immediate family members, who did not know the full story until recently, had to be relocated to a secret, safe place. Investigators suspect that there may be more young victims.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Race and crime in Alabama

Blacks are 26.2% of the population of Alabama but commit 77% of the robberies, 55% of the aggravated assaults, 59% of the burglaries, 62% of the homicides, 55% of the rapes and 91.5% of the interracial rapes in the state.

African-American Toyrianna Smith put her three-month-old son into a chest-mounted BabyBjorn and carried him around as she went shopping in suburban Chicago

According to prosecutors, though, the baby she carried around was dead, killed after repeated beating and suffocation by Smith the night before. After shopping, Smith went over to a neighbor's house, who suspected that the baby wasn't breathing and saw blood on the baby's blanket. The neighbor called Harvey, Illinois police, who arrested Smith. The 20-year-old mother confessed to punching the baby several times before suffocating him to death, because he wouldn't stop crying. Smith spent the night of the boy's death drinking vodka with friends in Harvey. Smith lives in Calumet City, Illinois, also in Chicago's south suburbs. She is held on a $1 million bond, and will face a preliminary hearing for first-degree murder on July 14, 2011.

A black man has been found guilty of sexually abusing his step-granddaughter for nearly eight years

Fifty-one-year old Michael McVay was found guilty of the rape of a child, rape, aggravated sexual battery, and sexual battery by an authority figure. Prosecutors with the Shelby County District Attorney's office stated that McVay started sexually abusing the child in the year 2000, when she came to live in his home at age 8. The sexual abuse continued and escalated until the child was 15 years old. The child and her mother lived at McVay’s home in Memphis off and on from 2000-2008. During this period, McVay abused the child several times and the instances of abuse often occurred while McVay kept the child in the afternoon, while her mother and grandmother worked. McVay faces 25-55 years in prison, and will be listed on the state of Tennessee Sex Offender Registry following his sentence and ordered to Community Supervision for life.

Jewish writer admits that many Jews are involved in anti-white political movements

Charles Bloch:
And it is undeniable that Jews are vastly overrepresented in a number of anti-Western political and intellectual movements, such as liberalizing our immigration policy, suppressing legitimate scientific study of racial differences, and promoting anti-white discrimination.

It is also true that the motivations of many of these anti-white Jewish activists was not any lofty universalistic sentiments, but what Sailer aptly calls an irrational "The Cossacks Are Coming!" reflex.

Many Jews do believe that a majority-white gentile country always presents a risk of resorting to anti-Semitism. They promote multiculturalism and a demographic war against whites as the solution.

Earl Raab of Brandeis University's Institute for Jewish Advocacy was very frank about this motivation. After the Census Bureau first reported that Whites would become a minority in their own country, he gloated,

"We have tipped beyond the point where a Nazi-Aryan party will be able to prevail in this country.

"We [Jews] have been nourishing the American climate of opposition to bigotry for about half a century. That climate has not yet been perfected, but the heterogeneous nature of our population tends to make it irreversible—and makes our constitutional constraints against bigotry more practical than ever."[Earl Raab, San Francisco Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993, quoted in Alien Nation, p. 120]

In Alien Nation, Peter Brimelow called this quote "almost laughable in its apparent affirmation of anti-Semitic stereotypes." Unfortunately, stereotypes are based on reality, and Raab is far from the only Jew who holds these feelings.

South Asian communities are hampering investigations into child sexual exploitation in Britain, the children's minister, Tim Loughton, has warned

He said that a combination of political correctness and racial sensitivities have kept cases of child sex grooming by South Asian gangs under the radar. Loughton made the comments in an interview for the BBC Politics Show in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, which has been investigating claims that girls as young as 12 have been targeted by organized South Asian gangs. Earlier in 2011, the former Home Secretary Jack Straw was criticized by some after he suggested that men of Pakistani origin often saw white girls as easy meat. A five month investigation by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center (CEOP) is expected to reveal that more British children have been exposed to grooming than police and social services had originally thought. The CEOP inquiry was launched after a string of vulnerable young girls were targeted for abuse by a gang in Derby. Victims were given alcohol and drugs before being forced to have sex in cars, hotels and rented houses. Ring leaders Mohammed Liaqat and Abid Saddique were given indeterminate jail terms in January 2011.

A survey for a Jamaican newspaper suggests that most Jamaicans believe the country would have been better off if it had remained a British colony

The poll found that 60% of respondents backed this view. Only 17% disagreed. Jamaica is due to celebrate 50 years of independence in 2012. The island has struggled with high levels of poverty and crime. For more than a generation, Jamaica's economic growth has averaged below 2% a year and its homicide rate is one of the highest in the world.

Disparate impact and racial differences in ability

The data indicate that pronounced differences in the background distribution of skill and human capital, not arbitrary hurdles imposed by employers, are the principle factor behind racial imbalances in most jobs. Moreover, blacks lag behind whites in actual on-the-job performance, which indicates that employers are not unfairly excluding minorities from the workforce but rather bending over backwards to include them.

Schizophrenia is twice as common in those who are city-born and raised as in those from the countryside, and the bigger the city, the higher the risk

Is it because of stress or is it due to some other factor?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Diversity and the downfall of a once great school

New York’s Far Rockaway High School once produced Nobel Prize winners. Now it has to close. Can you guess why?

Matthew Yglesias, Jews and diversity

Steve Sailer explains that one of the main reasons why Jews such as Matthew Yglesias support non-white immigration is because they feel that it is in their best interests to undermine white Christians.

A Jewish man has been hit with hate crime charges for pouring beer on a newlywed neighbor, calling her an "Arab terrorist" and pummeling her husband, police sources have said

Following the unprovoked attack in Mill Basin, Simchon Schwartz, 46, hid in a local synagogue and tried to fight off cops when they came to arrest him. The Hasidic Jew even kicked out a window of a police cruiser as he sat inside. "F---ing Arabs! F---ing terrorists!" Schwartz screamed when he grabbed his neighbor, Selda Turan, 27. He shoved the woman against her car and poured beer on her head, a police source said. Turan's husband of 13 months, Mustafa Turan, rushed out of their house to protect his wife, but Schwartz punched him in the face. Neighbors said that the Turans moved into the heavily Jewish neighborhood about a month ago. They said that the victims were from Turkey; it wasn't clear if they were Muslim. Schwartz was arraigned in Brooklyn Criminal Court on charges of felony assault and felony criminal mischief, both as hate crimes. He was also charged with resisting arrest, obstructing cops, menacing and harassment. He could get up to 15 years in prison if convicted. A judge rejected a prosecution request to hold Schwartz on $60,000 bail, but granted the Turans an order of protection barring him from contacting them.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tribal politics in Ireland

There are real tribal differences between the Irish political parties Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil that date back hundreds of years before the foundation of the modern Irish State, according to two political scientists. An analysis of the names of all of the Irish members of parliament who have served in the Irish parliament shows that Fine Gael members are more likely to come from Norman/English families while Fianna Fáilers tend to come from indigenous Irish Gaelic backgrounds. The analysis was carried out by Dr Eoin O’Malley of DCU (a son of former Progressive Democrat leader Des O’Malley) and Dr Kevin Byrne of Trinity College Dublin. They based their research on the fact that Irish surnames are among the oldest in the world, dating back many centuries. The origin of almost all of those names, whether Gaelic, Norman or English, is known. After identifying the surname origin of every one of the 1,100 members of parliament ever elected, the researchers found significant differences in the distribution of surnames between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. While 64% of Fianna Fáil members have surnames of exclusively indigenous Irish Gaelic origin, only 51% of Fine Gael members do. The opposite pattern is seen for English/Norman surnames, with 22% of Fine Gael members bearing names of that origin, but only 12% of Fianna Fáil deputies. While a surname of a given origin isn’t enough to predict a politician’s party, there is a bias in affiliation toward Fianna Fáil members of parliament having indigenous Irish Gaelic surnames and Fine Gael members having Norman and English surnames. The probability of these differences arising by chance is very remote, so tribal polarization between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is statistically significant. In addition, Fianna Fáil has significantly more members of parliament with indigenous Irish Gaelic surnames than would be expected given the Irish population, while Fine Gael has more members with Norman and English surnames than a random sampling of Irish citizens would warrant. The academics speculate that the division between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael reflected an underlying division in Irish politics between constitutional nationalists and indigenous Irish Gaelic nationalists, which was important throughout the 19th century. Many of those who had supported the Irish Parliamentary Party before 1918 went on to back Fine Gael. Irish Party MPs have an almost identical distribution of surname origins to that of Fine Gael members of parliament but a significantly different one from Fianna Fáil members. They speculate that the divisions between constitutional and radical nationalism have roots in an important division in the country from the 12th century: that between the Norman/English and the indigenous Irish Gaelic population. The researchers suggest that these Norman and English formed a strong element of the support base for constitutional politics that eventually went on to be represented by Fine Gael, whereas higher levels of support from the larger indigenous Irish Gaelic strand in Irish society contributed to making Fianna Fáil historically stronger up to February 2011.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A young maid is facing death by beheading in Saudi Arabia for a crime she claims she did not commit

Rizana Nafeek, who says that she was a teenager at the time of the incident, was arrested in May 2005 on charges of murdering a four-month-old baby who was in her care. The Sri-Lankan born maid denies murder and claims that she desperately tried to save the child, who choked while she was looking after it. The news comes just days after Indonesia announced that it would ban women from traveling to the kingdom for domestic work after another maid was beheaded there. Saudi Arabia has come under fire from human rights groups for the handling of Nafeek's case after it was revealed that there had been a mix-up involving the year she was born in. The authorities have her date of birth as 1982 however her birth certificate states that she was born in 1988 - making her 17 at the time of the incident. If Saudi Arabia went ahead with the execution it would be in breach of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which it has ratified. Human rights groups claim that Nafeek had no legal representation before or during her trial. Saudi Arabia is a dangerous place for many foreign domestic workers. There are an estimated 1.5 million foreign servants working in households in the oil-rich kingdom. In 2008, Human Rights Watch documented widespread abuse of Asian maids. As well as frequently suffering wretched working conditions, many women were routinely subjected to emotional, sexual and physical abuse, campaigners reported. Recently, Indonesia banned its citizens from working in the oil-rich country after another maid was beheaded for murder. Ruyati binti Sapub, 54, was executed after she confessed to killing her employer with a meat cleaver because of constant abuse.

Harlem school is New York's worst-performing middle school

MS 344, the Academy of Collaborative Education in Harlem, is known as the school from hell and the pupils are the worst part. They assault teachers, destroy the facilities and steal from each other in the halls. They are out of control. MS 344 has been branded by the state a persistently dangerous school. In 2010, just two of 88 eighth-graders passed the state's exams for math or reading. Letters from staff to ex-Chancellor Joel Klein begged for Principal Rashaunda Shaw's removal. Staff members complained that Shaw does not impose discipline or respect. Staff say the principal is always late, never leaves her office and hired a sister-in-law and her boyfriend's ex-wife. Shaw, 35, also hired former Staten Island Assistant Principal Odufuyi Jackson, a friend who was arrested in 2009 on felony charges that he conspired to steal more than $100,000 in Social Security. In 2010, he pleaded guilty to attempted fabrication of business records. He was demoted to teacher, but staff claim the principal also has him doubling as a dean. It was also reported that one teacher was transferred after a student threatened to rape his wife.

More politically-correct stupidity from Sweden

A pre-school in Sweden has decided to stop calling children 'him' or 'her' in a bid to stop them falling into gender stereotypes. The Egalia preschool, in the Sodermalm district of Stockholm, has made the decision as part of the country efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood. As well as the decision to stop using the words, the taxpayer-funded school also carefully plans the color and placement of toys and the choice of books to assure they do not fall into stereotypes.

The Dutch government says that it will abandon its long-standing policy of multiculturalism that has encouraged Muslim immigrants to create an alien and parallel society within the Netherlands

The new integration policy will place more demands on immigrants. For example, immigrants will be required to learn the Dutch language, and the government will take a tougher approach to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or disobey Dutch law. The government will also stop offering special subsidies for Muslim immigrants. The government will introduce new legislation that outlaws forced marriages and will also impose tougher measures against Muslim immigrants who lower their chances of employment by the way they dress. More specifically, the government will impose a ban on face-covering Islamic burqas as of January 1, 2013. If necessary, the government will introduce extra measures to allow the removal of residence permits from immigrants who fail their integration course. Polls show that a majority of Dutch voters support the government's skepticism about multiculturalism. According to one poll, 74% of Dutch voters say that immigrants should conform to Dutch values. Moreover, 83% of those polled support a ban on burqas in public spaces. The proper integration of the more than one million Muslims now living in Holland has been a major political issue ever since 2002, when Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was assassinated for his views on Muslim immigration, and since 2004, when Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death for producing a movie that criticized Islam.

A London synagogue representative on the Board of Deputies of British Jews has been removed from her position after advocating a ban on circumcision

The New West End Synagogue, a modern-Orthodox synagogue in west London, rescinded Rebecca Steinfeld’s position as the Under-35 Observer on the Board of Deputies, after referring to circumcision as “male genital mutilation” in recent newspaper article. “If we oppose female genital mutilation, has the time not come for us also to oppose male-genital mutilation?” she asked in the article. A student at Oxford University, Steinfeld is a member of the anti-Israel group Jews for Justice for Palestinians. Her doctoral thesis looks at whether Israel had a fertility policy in order to fulfill its demographic need from the establishment of the state until today. In her research she says that “Israel has established and maintained an ethnically selective pro-nationalist policy that seeks to simultaneously encourage a higher Jewish birth-rate and a lower non-Jewish one – specifically Palestinian-Arab – with the aim of ensuring a Jewish majority through internal population growth.”

A Brooklyn teen, accompanied by his rabbi and a lawyer, has surrendered in the molestation of a youngster in the basement of a Borough Park synagogue

Menachem Deutsch, 19, was charged with unlawful imprisonment and child endangerment in the June 22, 2011 attack, authorities said. Deutsch, dressed in traditional Hasidic attire, lured a 12-year-old boy walking home from school into Simcha Hall, in the basement of a synagogue at 15th Avenue and 50th Street, authorities said. Once inside, Deutsch brought the boy into a basement bathroom and groped and molested the child over the course of an hour.

A class of anti-retroviral drugs commonly used to treat HIV, particularly in Africa and low income countries, can cause premature aging

The findings may explain why HIV-infected people treated with antiretroviral drugs sometimes show advanced signs of frailty and age-associated diseases such as cardiovascular disease and dementia at an early age. Nucleoside analogue reverse-transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs) – of which the most well known is Zidovudine, also known as AZT – were the first class of drug developed to treat HIV. They were a major breakthrough in the treatment of the disease, greatly extending lifespan and leading the condition to be seen as a chronic, rather than terminal, condition. In high income countries, such as Europe and North America, the older NRTIs are used less commonly now due to concerns over toxicity and side-effects when taken over a long period of time. However, as they are now off-license and hence relatively cheap, the drugs have proved to be an important lifeline for people infected with HIV in Africa and low income countries.

Race and robbery in South Carolina

In 2005, 1,888 people were arrested for robbery in South Carolina. Of those, whites committed 359 robberies and African-Americans committed 1,380. African-Americans were responsible for 78% of robberies in South Carolina. Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites combined committed 22% of robberies in South Carolina. In 2005, 64% of robbery victims in South Carolina were white.

A husband and wife carried out a suicide attack that killed eight people at a police station in north-western Pakistan, the Taliban has said

The attack took place in Kolachi, near the tribal region and Taliban stronghold of South Waziristan. The pair entered the police station dressed in burkas, hiding rifles, hand grenades and suicide vests underneath. They held staff hostage for several hours before detonating themselves, killing seven officers and a tea boy. The pair pretended that they had a complaint to make when they initially entered the station before removing their burkas and launching an assault. The use of a husband and wife suicide squad by the Pakistani Taliban is a new tactic, and a new threat. Already, the militants have resorted to using children as human bombs, while a suicide attack in Pakistan's tribal areas in December 2010 was blamed on a woman bomber.

An eight-year-old girl has been killed after insurgents used her in a bomb attack on police in southern Afghanistan, the government has said

The interior ministry said that insurgents gave the girl a package and told her to take it to a police vehicle, detonating it as she approached. The incident came a day after an attack on a hospital which killed at least 38 people in the east of the country. Dozens were injured. Elderly people, pregnant women and children were said to be among the casualties. Insurgents have recruited both adult women and recently male children to carry out suicide attacks.

Police have charged a Hispanic male with luring a 12-year-old girl into his truck while it was parked across from the YMCA

The man, Adrian Arriaga Castro, pulled up to the girl in his truck and opened the passenger’s side door and gestured for her to get in. The girl entered the vehicle and stated that Castro began to talk to her and called her “pretty,” then began to rub her arm. She exited the truck as her mother arrived and Castro ran in the direction of 345 West Third Street. Police arrived at the apartment building to investigate; a Hispanic male approached officers outside of the building. The girl pointed at Castro and police confirmed his identity via his Mexican identification cards; Castro was taken into custody and faces one misdemeanor charge of luring a child into a motor vehicle and one summary charge of harassment. Additionally, it was discovered that Castro is a Mexican national and has no papers to prove that he is in the United States legally.

A 17-year-old Indian girl was forced by her father to have sex for money with up to 200 men

Police in the southern Indian state of Kerala have arrested her father and 29 other people. The girl was raped by her father, starved and forced by him to have sex with other men. Police have dispatched special police teams to find up to 70 men she has named and accused of paying to have sex with her. These are said to include contractors, film producers and policemen. When the mother found out, the father threatened to kill the entire family unless the mother kept silent. Police have arrested the mother for not disclosing a crime. The girl was finally rescued when other relatives discovered what was going on and informed the police. She is currently in a shelter where she is undergoing treatment for depression, police say.

Police are looking for two Hispanic teenagers who stabbed a man after asking about his gang affiliation

Police said that the 21-year-old man was walking to a convenience store when he and a friend were approached by the two suspects. The suspects confronted him about gang affiliation and when he said he had none, the suspects attacked him and one pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Police said that both suspects were Hispanic with black hair and about 17 or 18 years old.

An Asian has been found guilty of sexually assaulting and murdering a white man

A former medical student accused of drugging and sexually assaulting an Orange County sportswear employee and dumping his body in a City Heights alley has been found guilty of first-degree murder and other charges. It took a jury less than three hours to convict Philong Huynh, 40, in the January 2008 death of Dane Williams, 23. The panel also found special-circumstance allegations of sodomy and oral copulation to be true, meaning Huynh will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Huynh has also been convicted of the sodomy and oral copulation of an intoxicated person in connection with the June 2009 assault of a then-20-year-old sailor. Prosecutors argued during the trial that Huynh had a history of drugging and sexually assaulting young men while posing as a single heterosexual man. The ruse allowed him to prey on young straight men, whom he would befriend then slip drugs into their drinks.

Goldman Sachs expects the government to report no more than 2% growth when data for the second quarter of 2011 is released

In addition, Macroeconomic Advisers, a research firm, is almost as pessimistic in projecting 2.1% growth for this quarter. Both these firms, well respected in their analysis, have cut their forecasts for the second half of 2011 as well. Recently, the Federal Reserve downgraded its projections for the full year, to under 3% growth. It started 2011 with guidance as high as 3.9%.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rape in Oslo and males of non-Western background

Figures released by the Norwegian police show that between 2005 and 2010, there were 86 rapes, in which 83 of the perpetrators were described as having a “non-Western” appearance. The women attacked were overwhelmingly Norwegian. At the beginning of 2010, over 150,000 persons or 3.1% of the Norwegian population had a refugee background, with Iraqis (19,768) and Somalis (17,665) forming the largest groups. On the Norwegian TV news report that mentioned the rapes, one of the victims, a young blond girl mentioned that her attacker was a man of Pakistani origin who claimed that he had the right to do exactly as he wanted to a woman, “because that is how it was in his religion.”

Hispanic teen sentenced for the rape and murder of 4-year-old neighbor

Raul Castro, 15, has been sentenced for raping and murdering his 4 year-old neighbor Alex Mercado. Castro was given 25 years to life; 33 will be mandatory (25 for conviction and an additional 8 for the aggravated molestation). When 33 years are up, Castro will be eligible for parole. In April 2011, Castro was found guilty of sexually assaulting and drowning Mercado inside his home. After Castro raped Mercado, Mercado threatened to tell his mother. Castro then drowned him in the bath tub and hid his body in the dryer. Mercado’s body was found the next day.

Eight black suspects are in custody after a brutal attack which left a white teenager in critical condition

19-year-old Thyeem Henrey has been charged with second degree assault and battery by mob, common law robbery, and criminal conspiracy. He has appeared in court where the judge set bond at $750,000. That bond does not allow Henrey's release upon posting only 10%, which is sometimes permitted by the court. At his first court appearance on the latest charges against him, Henrey gave no indication what might have led to the savage assault. The 19-year-old is the only adult in a group of eight being held by police. The other seven suspects are all juveniles. Their names cannot be released. A 14-year-old, a 15-year-old, and a 16-year-old have been charged with strong arm robbery, second degree assault and battery by a mob, and criminal conspiracy. A 13-year-old and three other 16-year-olds were all charged with criminal conspiracy. Similar hearings will be held for the juvenile suspects. One of the 16-year-olds also had a bond hearing.

The black population of state prisons

In Georgia, the black population is 29%, while the black prison population is 54%. In Arkansas, the black population is 16%, but they are 52% of the prison population. In Louisiana, 33% of the population is black, but they make up 76% of the prison population. In Mississippi, blacks are 36% of the general population, but 75% of the prison population. In Alabama, 26% of the state population is black, but 65% of the prison population is black. In Tennessee, African-Americans are 16% of the population, but 63% of prisoners. In Kentucky, only 7% of the population is black, but they are 36% of the prison population. In South Carolina, 30% of the population is black, but 69% of prisoners are black. In North Carolina, blacks are 22%, but they make up 64% of the prison population. In Virginia we see that 20% of the population is African-American, but the prison population is 68% African-American.

Gould and the skulls

Karl Radl looks at the work of a Jewish scientist who abused science for his own political agenda.

An Egyptian executive accused of sexually abusing an employee at a luxury hotel in New York has pleaded guilty to sex abuse in the third degree and will also face a $5 million lawsuit tied to the case

Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar, 74, the chairman of a salt company who once headed an Egyptian bank, had originally been charged with sexual abuse, unlawful imprisonment, forcible touching and harassment. He was sentenced to five days' community service, which Omar has already completed. He must also submit his DNA to the state database. The incident took place at New York's Pierre hotel a couple of weeks after Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then head of the International Monetary Fund, was accused of sexually assaulting and trying to rape a housekeeping employee at another New York luxury hotel. Omar has not made any public statements. The accuser told police that the attack took place when the employee went to Omar's room to drop off tissues he had requested.

Two black Muslim ex-convicts planned to attack a Seattle military recruiting station

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of Seattle, was arrested when he and another black man showed up at a warehouse garage to pick up machine guns they planned to use in the attack. Abdul-Latif had little knowledge of weapons, but served briefly in the Navy in the mid-1990s and was familiar with recruiting stations like the one they targeted, a criminal complaint said. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Seattle said that he and his accomplice, Walli Mujahidh, planned to attack Joint Base Lewis-McChord but later changed targets. Abdul-Latif was recorded in conversations where he spoke admiringly of the 2009 massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, that claimed 13 lives. Mujahidh confessed after the arrest, saying that the attack was aimed at preventing the U.S. military from going to Islamic lands and killing Muslims. He is also known as Frederick Domingue Jr., 32, of Los Angeles. Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh face federal charges of conspiracy to murder officers and employees of the United States, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and possession of firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence. Abdul-Latif was also charged with two counts of illegal possession of firearms. Abdul-Latif was previously convicted of robbing a convenience store in Bremerton, Washington, and for custodial assault, as well as for obstructing a law enforcement officer, assault and theft. A psychological evaluation showed that Abdul-Latif believed he suffered from depression and abandonment issues, because his father served time in prison in California and he had not seen his mother in a long time. Mujahidh, who used to live in Seattle, was convicted in municipal court of violating a domestic violence protection order stemming from a 2007 incident.

The South Asian convenience store owner who went to the royal wedding as a guest of the Middleton family has been convicted of fraud

Hasmukh Shingadia, 51, faces jail after claiming that he had more cash at a Post Office branch inside his shop than he really did, in an attempt to cover up a cash flow problem. The Indian-born shopkeeper and his wife Chan were invited to the royal wedding by Michael and Carole Middleton.

Friday, June 24, 2011

More than 17,000 women and girls from Nepal become sex slaves every year

Many end up in India, China or other Southeast Asian countries, and roughly half of them are children.

An Asian mother has been arrested on charges that she murdered her 6-week-old daughter by microwaving her to death

Ka Yang, 29, is being held without bail. The baby, Mirabelle Thao-Lo, was found dead in her home with extensive thermal injuries on March 17, 2011. "She had some really deep tissue burns," Sacramento County coroner's office said. "…It was probably the worst case I've ever seen." Yang initially claimed that her daughter's death was caused by a seizure. The arrest took three months because investigators had to pinpoint what they believed was the cause of death by looking at similar cases. Yang's three young boys, who are all under the age of 7, have since been removed from the home by child welfare workers. Officer Laura Peck said that Yang's motive is unknown. "We wouldn't assess her mental condition," said Peck. "That will be up to the court system. The bottom line is no one knows what happened in that house but her and the little baby."

African-Americans are 16.7% of the Tennessee population and 26.3% of poor people in Tennessee, but are responsible for 56.6% of the homicides

In addition, African-Americans are responsible for 40.4% of rapes in Tennessee. They also commit 64.4% of robberies in the state. Finally, blacks are responsible for 41.3% of aggravated assaults and 38.8% of burglaries in Tennessee.

A Muslim teen stands accused of stabbing his 13-year-old cousin in their townhouse

Faheem Abdul-Jaleel, 16, has been charged with first-degree assault, a felony. He called 911 from a security phone box more than 12 hours after his cousin Samina Qasim was found bleeding in a garage with multiple stab wounds to her chest and upper body. Abdul-Jaleel was taken into custody without incident and admitted to stabbing his cousin in the family’s garage after an argument. It was not known what the two argued about. Abdul-Jaleel, a student at Rush-Henrietta Central School District’s Ninth Grade Academy, lives with his cousin and other relatives in a townhouse in the Stonewood Village complex. Samina, a student at Burger Middle School in the Rush-Henrietta district, was home with her mother and a sibling when she was stabbed. It appeared that Samina was stabbed just before she was found by relatives. Samina’s mother attempted to take her daughter to Strong Memorial Hospital but was intercepted en route by a Henrietta ambulance that took her the rest of the way to the hospital. The girl was in critical condition. Abdul-Jaleel was arraigned in Henrietta Town Court and was remanded to the Monroe County Jail without bail. He is scheduled to return to court for a preliminary hearing. Numerous neighbors said that the family was from Afghanistan and have lived in the Stonewood Village complex for about five years. Abdul-Jaleel was born in Afghanistan.

A black father and son have been arrested together on Father’s Day after police say that they teamed up to commit armed robbery

Beinville H. Alexander, 45, and Beinville H. Alexander II, 21, were arraigned before Ferndale 43rd District Magistrate James Brennan. The father is charged with armed robbery and felony firearm charges and jailed on $75,000 cash bond. His son is jailed on $25,000 cash bond on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Police say that the father committed the armed robbery and his son briefly drove the getaway car before the suspects were stopped and arrested. The father is an ex-convict who has served time for drug sales, possession and felony fire arm convictions, according to state Department of Corrections records.

In 20 years, the national achievement gap between Hispanic students and their non-Hispanic white peers hasn’t budged

In 2009, the national gaps between Hispanics and whites ranged from 21 to 26 points on NAEP scales. Many communities in the United States have seen rapid growth of their Hispanic populations. During the past two decades, the proportion of students in Grades 4 and 8 who are Hispanic grew from about 7% to 22%. Among these students, 77% are eligible for reduced-price meals at school, a proxy for poverty, which tends to correlate with lower test scores. And large portions of them (37% in Grade 4 and 21% in Grade 8) are designated as English-language learners (ELLs), who by definition are not fully proficient in reading English.

A new study shows that a woman can more accurately identify a man's sexual orientation when looking at his face, when she is closest to her time of peak ovulation

Further, having romantic thoughts or a mating goal heightens a woman's ability to discriminate between straight and gay men. This effect is not apparent when a woman is judging another female's orientation. This suggests that fertility influences a heterosexual woman's attention to potential mates rather than merely increasing sensitivity to sexual orientation or nonverbal cues more generally.

Young black and Latino men lag behind their contemporaries in nearly every measure of educational attainment, with many failing to attend college or earn degrees and large numbers facing the prospect of unemployment or incarceration

New reports show that 28% of African American men and 16% of Latino men aged 25 to 34 had obtained an associate's degree or higher, compared with 70% of Asian American men and 44% of white men.

Researchers have found that Asian-Canadian and French-Canadian children seemed to prefer interacting with kids of the same ethnic background

At mixed-race daycare centers throughout Montreal, researchers took Asian-Canadian children and French Canadian children, ranging in age from three to five years old, and paired them up in rooms with toys such as a marble track or a Sesame Street-themed playhouse. When put in with members of the same race, children happily played together. When mixed with different races, however, the children usually opted to play alone. Preschoolers express a preference for same-ethnic interactions, according to the study. The revelation is nothing new. For more than 60 years, psychologists have been finding evidence of barely-toilet-trained children exhibiting prejudicial tendencies. In the late 1940s, American psychologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark tried to gauge the inherent prejudices of children by showing them black and white dolls and asking which was better. Whether the child was white or black, the child indicated a clear-cut preference for white. In subsequent American studies, researchers have found that black and white children start self-segregating as a early as kindergarten.

A black mother said that she beat her 5-year-old son to death because he broke the television while playing Nintendo Wii

Kim Crawford, 21, smacked Jamar Johnson in his back and stomach harder than she'd ever hit him, she told the police. Crawford watched him vomit and complain of agonizing pain for five days as his internal injuries got worse. She never took him to the hospital because she feared getting arrested, she told investigators. Jamar died of an infection to his lacerated pancreas and intestine at Montefiore Medical Center. Prosecutors have charged Crawford with murder and manslaughter. She was ordered held without bond. Crawford has previous arrests for drugs and assault and a long history of domestic incidents with the boy's father. Police were called for domestic incidents between the pair nine times since 2006. Crawford had an open warrant for violating probation at the time of her arrest.

One in four primary school pupils in Britain are from an ethnic minority and almost a million schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language

More than a quarter of primary school children are from an ethnic minority – an increase of almost half a million since 1997. The Government’s annual school census painted a picture of a changing Britain where schools are under mounting pressure from mass immigration. In some areas, only 8% of primary pupils are from a white British background. Nearly one million children aged 5 to 16 – 957,490 – speak English as a second language, up from almost 800,000 five years ago. And 26.5% of primary pupils – 862,735 – are from an ethnic minority. When Labor took office in 1997, the total was 380,954. At secondary level, the total of ethnic minority children – 723,605 – has risen from 17.7% to 22.2% in five years. The biggest group of ethnic minority pupils were South Asians, making up 10% of primary pupils and 8.3% of secondary pupils.

Ethnic minorities now make up the majority of babies in the United States

It is the first time that this has been the case and the change reflects a growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and predominantly minority youths that could reshape government policies. Preliminary census estimates also shows that the share of African-American households headed by women - made up of mostly single mothers - now exceeds African-American households with married couples, a sign of declining U.S. marriages overall but also continuing challenges for black youths without involved fathers. Demographers say that the numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of a changing social order, one in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by the middle of the century. Currently, non-Hispanic whites make up just under half of all three-year-olds, which is the youngest age group shown in the Census Bureau's October 2009 annual survey, its most recent. In 1990, more than 60% of children in that age group were white.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black African woman steals the identity of white British housewife and gets away with it for 15 years

One is a white, British housewife from the West Midlands. The other is a younger black woman, thought to be from Nigeria. But despite their obvious differences, the African woman was able to spend 15 years traveling on a British passport in the unsuspecting British woman's name. The astonishing deception only came to light after the real Carol Anne Keast tried to renew her passport – and was interrogated to find out whether she was who she claimed to be. After the 53-year-old provided proof of her identity, including decades-old school records, an alert was raised for the mystery black woman travelling the world using her name. The bogus Carol Anne Keast, thought to be an illegal immigrant, was finally arrested following a break in Marbella. She has now begun a nine-month prison sentence for fraudulent use of a passport – but still refuses to divulge her real identity. The case highlights worrying loopholes in Britain's border security – and raises the prospect that unless the impostor reveals her identity, she cannot be deported when she is freed.

British police have released the name and picture of an African immigrant wanted in connection with a rape

Kohwam Dayoh Adio Agnide is wanted in connection with the rape of a 22-year-old woman at a residential address in Upland Road, Dulwich on July 11, 2010. At the time of the incident the female victim was renting a room at this property when she was left alone with the suspect, who was also a lodger at the premises. This was when 23-year-old Agnide raped her. Agnide, who is originally from Benin in Africa, is believed to have entered Britain on a business visa in December 2009 and is potentially staying in the country illegally. Officers believe that Agnide may be in south London and believe that he may be working in the Elephant and Castle area of Southwark under a different name.

While 51% of white freshman in 2006 and 56% of Asian students were ready for college in June 2010, only 13% of New York state's black students and 15% of Hispanics were deemed ready

Racial achievement gap still not closing.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A woman has been gang raped and burnt alive in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, police say, the latest in a series of brutal attacks on women there

The woman's family say that five men gang-raped her and then set her alight in her own home in Etah district. Recently there have been three violent attacks on women in the state. Uttar Pradesh is one of India's most lawless states where women are accorded a very low status. A 14-year-old girl was stabbed in the eye as she fought off two men who attempted to rape her. The teenager was attacked in Gadwa Buzurg village in the Kannauj district of the northern state. She lost one eye and the other was also seriously damaged. Police say that the attackers were from her own village. Only one has been arrested so far and police said that they were looking for the second man. Two policemen in the area, who initially refused to lodge the parents' complaint, have been suspended. Also, a girl's body was found hanging from a tree on police premises in the Nighasan area of Lakhimpur district. The girl's parents say that she was raped and murdered and that the police had offered them a bribe to keep quiet. In the latest incident the woman, who was in her thirties, was sitting outside her home when five men dragged her inside the house and gang-raped her, according to her family. Her family say that the attackers sprinkled kerosene on her and set her on fire because the woman had recognized them and that they were afraid of being caught. The woman managed to give a statement to police but died shortly afterwards. Police say that they are are still looking for the attackers. Earlier in 2011, the head of the National Commission for Women, Girija Vyas, said that Uttar Pradesh was at the top of the list when it came to violent crimes against women.

Researchers have found that African Americans more efficiently convert omega-6 polyunsaturated acids (PUFA) into long-chain PUFAs

This is important because long-chain PUFAs are often subsequently converted into inflammatory messengers. Higher levels of these substances have been observed to be associated with more inflammation, which often leads to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Prior research has found that an alteration in a region of chromosome 11 known as the FADS cluster plays an important role in the ability of an individual to metabolize omega-6 PUFAS. The researchers suspect that genetic testing of African Americans will reveal that a high percentage of these individuals have this variation and that this is the reason why they are more efficient at converting the fat into inflammatory messengers. Still, the findings do not mean that all African Americans are doomed to develop type 2 diabetes. If a black person excludes omega-6 PUFAs from their diet, the inflammatory process will never get started. These fats now make up about 8% of the average person’s daily caloric intake. However, several decades ago, they only accounted for about 2%. As red meat and processed foods have become more available, intake of these unhealthy fats has increased at alarming rates. However, regardless of genetic risk factors, if African Americans avoid overindulging on these foods, they may be less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. This is an important example of why it is critical to advance the field of personalized nutrition. Understanding which nutrients may be healthy for one population, but not for another will be essential to optimizing public health. Observations such as this may begin to address the critical question of why Western diets seem to differentially impact African Americans with cardiovascular disease and diabetes at a higher rate than their white counterparts. Answering this question could have important public health implications. African Americans develop type 2 diabetes at about 1.5 times the rate of whites, according to the American Diabetes Association. The disease is more common among blacks than any other racial group in the United States.

According to a survey of racial exclusion patterns in Internet dating, the most excluded categories are Asian men and black women

White American women would rather opt for black men than Asian males (including East Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi), although the latter tend to be more educated, more qualified, more gainfully employed and better placed in the social hierarchy than the average black male.

While unemployment among the general population is about 9.1%, it's at 16.2% for African Americans, and a bit higher still for African American males

The unemployment rate for African Americans has always been higher than the national average. However, now it's at Depression-era levels. The most recent figures show African American joblessness at 16.2%. For black males, it's at 17.5% and for black teens, it's nearly 41%. For young men of color, especially black males in New York City, things are really bad. In New York, 34% of young black men age 19 to 24 are not working.

A new congressional report finds that about 1 in 4 foreigners in America are here illegally and that 62% of them come from Mexico

The Congressional Budget Office also reports that 25% of non-citizens or those here illegally or with temporary passes live in poverty. Overall, the CBO found that there are about 39 million foreign-born people living in the United States, making up more than 12% of the population, which is the largest since 1920 and that about 10.8 million are here illegally. The CBO said that foreigners of all sorts gather in just a few states. For example, 1 in 4 people in California are foreign-born. In New York, it's 1 in 5. The states with the highest numbers of illegals are California (2.6 million), Texas (1.7 million), Florida (700,000), and New York (600,000). Some 61% are aged 35-44.

Shocking allegations of sexual abuse in Moreno Valley where police have arrested a Hispanic suspected of repeatedly assaulting a 14-year-old girl

Latino 22-year old Alonso Ramon Pedro has been arrested at his home on suspicion of more than 100 counts of sexual assault on a child. Police say that a 14-year-old neighbor told investigators that Pedro had broken into her bedroom several times since January 2011 and sexually assaulted her. Pedro is being held on $1 million bail.

Elevated depressive symptoms may lead to increased total cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality in older black patients but not in white patients, research suggests

A study has revealed a significant, independent association between depressive symptoms and total CVD mortality, ischemic heart disease (IHD) mortality, and stroke mortality in black patients aged 65 years and older. These associations were non-significant in white patients. This provides strong support for the idea that blacks may be particularly vulnerable to the effects of depressive symptoms on CVD.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

NYPD arrests members of black gang called the Gang of Apes

Police have announced the arrests of 140 individuals in a massive drug sweep throughout New York City. The largest takedown took place in Far Rockaway, Queens, where 56 people were busted including 18 violent members of the Gang of Apes, which has ties to the Bloods. The NYPD and Queens prosecutors began the 14 month investigation that resulted in the seizure of $35,000, 12 handguns, six kilos of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, a kilo press, and a bullet proof vest, authorities said. “Many of those arrested are gang members who plagued the Far Rockaway neighborhood,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly at Police Headquarters. The gangbusters – which began terrorizing the area since investigators broke up the Flocc gang in 2010 - raked in more than $10,000 per week from peddling drugs. Some of the perpetrators were slapped with attempted murder, robbery, weapons and drugs possession and face up to 25 years in jail, officials said. “As a result of the Queens investigation we’ve broken the back of the Gang of Apes,” said Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown. Meanwhile cops also rounded up gangbangers in other parts of the city. A drug delivery ring in Harlem was smashed after 31 suspects were arrested. In the Bronx, 23 Blood members were nabbed for selling narcotics and another 30 drug dealers were also busted on Staten Island.

There could be as many as seven black women for every eligible black man when you consider the number who are already married, dating women of other races, are gay or in prison

Statistics for Britain show that 48% of black Caribbean families and 36% of black African families are headed by a lone parent, usually a woman. Increasing numbers of highly educated professional black women in Britain could be facing the same fate as their counterparts in the United States, where figures released in April 2011 show that as many as 42% of African-American women have never married, double the number for white women.

A 32-year-old Ecuadorian man has appeared in court in County Cavan, Ireland charged with operating a male brothel

Appearing before Cavan District Court, Xavier Salazar Valencia was charged with keeping a brothel in Cavan town. Valencia was then remanded on bail to appear at Cavan District Court on July 14, 2011. Garda Sergeant James Fraher, of Cavan garda station, told the court that he met with the accused, cautioned him and charged him. There was an interpreter present and Valencia understood what was happening. Sgt Fraher told Judge John Coughlan that he was seeking a remand on the defendant's own bail of €200 and that the defendant was to live in North King Street, Dublin. Valencia was to surrender his passport and not enter the District Court area except for legal consultations and court appearances. Sgt Fraher told the court that Valencia, an Ecuadorian national, was travelling on a Spanish passport. Judge Coughlan said that the defendant was a "pimp" and told defense solicitor Brid Mimnagh she was entitled to a full disclosure order.

Colds and asthma

Boosting immunity may make asthma flare-ups worse.

Laboratory-grown gingival cells treated with vitamin D boosted their production of an endogenous antibiotic, and killed more bacteria than untreated cells

The research suggests that vitamin D can help protect the gums from bacterial infections that lead to gingivitis and periodontitis. Periodontitis affects up to 50% of the US population, is a major cause of tooth loss, and can also contribute to heart disease. Previous research shows that vitamin D could stimulate white blood cells to produce natural proteins that have antibiotic activity.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A black ex-con has been charged with beating his wife's small dog to death because it pooped in their apartment, authorities said

A law enforcement source said that Nashbert Smith repeatedly swung the dog by its leash against a wall, then choked it to death. Smith, 28, a registered sex offender, was ordered held on $10,000 bail. Diamond Smith told police that her husband found a pile of poop in their apartment and told her to come home. When she arrived, the man went berserk on her Jack Russell Terrier named Lady. "F---k the dog," he told his pleading wife, as he choked her pet to death, the source said. When cops arrived, they found the apartment hallway and kitchen splattered with blood. The dog was dead. Lady was taken to a local veterinary hospital, but she couldn't be saved. The pooch suffered internal bleeding and brain trauma. Smith was charged with felony aggravated cruelty to an animal. He faces 1 1/3 to four years in prison if convicted, said a spokesman for Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan. State records show that Smith pleaded guilty in 2003 to a misdemeanor count of sexual misconduct with a girl under age 15 and was sentenced to nine months in jail. He was also required to register as a Level 2 sex offender.

Weiner and the Muslim Brotherhood

Is Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, connected to the Muslim Brotherhood?

From January 2011 to March 2011, there were 12 homicides in Atlanta - of those homicides, 12 were committed by African-Americans, or 100% of homicides

From January 2011 to March 2011, there were 9 rapes in Atlanta. Of those rapes, 8 were committed by African-Americans, or 88.8%. In that same period, there were 107 robberies in Atlanta. Of those robberies, 98 were committed by African-Americans, or 91.6%. In addition, there were 345 aggravated assaults in Atlanta. Of those aggravated assaults, 320 were committed by African-Americans, or 92.8%. Finally for that time period, there were 198 burglaries in Atlanta. Of those burglaries, 186 were committed by African-Americans, or 93.9%. Blacks make up 54% of Atlanta's population which means that they are overrepresented amongst the perpetrators of homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and burglary in that city.

Jackson County prosecutors have accused a 52-year-old black man of severely beating and raping a friend who allowed him to stay in her home because she felt sorry for him

The victim was covered in blood after the attack and suffered a cut to her forehead that required 15 stitches to close, according to court records. Prosecutors have charged Gregory E. Jacoway of Kansas City with forcible rape. He remains in jail with a bond set at $250,000. The victim told police that Jacoway showed up at her door and said he was tired, hungry and had no place to stay. She let him inside and told him he could take a shower since he was very dirty, according to court records. After Jacoway showered, he refused to put clothes on and said, “I need to have you,” according to the records. The victim said that she got scared, grabbed two knives and told him to leave. He took the knives away, punched, kicked and choked her then repeatedly raped her.

Six children were found running naked on a New Jersey street, after their black mother left them alone and hungry at their Jersey City apartment

Francine Davis, 40, faces six counts of endangering the welfare of a child. The mother had left the children in the care of the eldest sibling, a 14-year-old autistic child, while she went out with her boyfriend, according to Police Chief Tom Comey.

A Jerusalem rabbinical court has sentenced a wandering dog to death by stoning

The barbaric sentence stemmed from the belief that the dog was the reincarnation of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court's judges in the past. What apparently happened was that a large dog entered the Monetary Affairs Court near the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim. The dog scared the court's visitors and, to their surprise, refused to leave even after they attempted to drive him away. One of the judges suddenly recalled that a couple of decades ago, a famous secular lawyer who insulted the court was cursed by the panel of judges, who wished that his spirit would move on to the body of a dog (considered an impure animal by Halacha). The lawyer passed away several years ago. Still offended, one of the judges sentenced the poor animal to death by stoning, recruiting the neighborhood's children to carry out the order. Luckily, the dog managed to escape.

The English are not really British: People from rural England are more closely related to the northern Germans than they are to people from Wales or Scotland

Biologists at University College in London have studied a segment of the Y chromosome that appears in almost all Danish and northern German men - and is also surprisingly common in Britain, particularly England. This suggests that a veritable flood of people must have once crossed the North Sea. New isotope studies conducted in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries produced similar results. When chemists analyzed the tooth enamel and bones of skeletons, they found that about 20% of the dead were invaders who had come from continental Europe. Archeologist Heinrich Härke of the University of Reading has now come up with a quantitative estimate of the migratory movement. He suspects that up to 200,000 invaders crossed the North Sea. According to Härke, the native Britons lived a miserable existence as servants in the villages of the Anglo-Saxons. The London geneticist Mark Thomas says that the conquerors from the continent maintained social structures similar to apartheid, a view supported by the laws of King Ine of Wessex (around 695 A.D.). They specify six social levels for the native Britons, five of which refer to slaves. As a result of brutal subjugation, the reproduction rates of native Britons were curbed, while the winners had many children. The consequences are still evident in the gene pool of modern England.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Hispanic woman has been stealing money and credit card from purses in the middle of church services while owners are either praying or are receiving communion

The thief has struck in churches all over the Houston area and police believe it is local woman Cynthia Gonzalez, 43, also known as Cynthia Martinez. Authorities have released CCTV footage from one of the churches showing the woman in action. She sits down at a pew beside an unsuspecting parishioner, even shaking hands with her and looking her in the eye during the sign of peace. When the woman leaves her seat for communion, she slides her bag under the seat out of - what she believes to be - harms way. It is then that the thief attacks, pretending to kneel down and pray but instead reaching inside the bag and stealing money and cards from the purse. Deputies believe that Martinez - who has previous convictions for theft, forgery and credit card abuse stemming back to 1991 - is the woman in the video and are appealing for help. She was charged with taking a wallet from a woman's purse at a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo event earlier in 2011. She was also charged with credit/debit card abuse stemming from a similar theft in mid-April 2011 at another church in northwest Houston. According to the criminal complaint in that case, a parishioner at St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church discovered that her wallet was missing after she also went to take communion. Upon her return home, the woman discovered that her American Express card had already been used to buy a laptop computer at a local Radio Shack, according to the criminal complaint. The Radio Shack clerk identified Martinez as the person who bought the laptop. She was taken into custody and later released on $10,000 bail.

Maria Celeste Mendoza was among six teenage suspected gang members arrested by police after a shoot-out with authorities in central Mexico, one of the growing ranks of young people working for the country's drug cartels

Dressed in combat fatigues and with her face hidden, the girl from the northern border state of Tamaulipas described how she had been trained to use Kalashnikov assault rifles and other weapons by the Zetas, one of Mexico's most brutal gangs. Mendoza said that she was paid 12,000 pesos ($1,000) for two weeks' work, more than three times the national average. As is customary in Mexico, she and the other suspects, six of whom were women aged 21 or below, were paraded in front of the media by police after their capture in San Cristobal de la Barranca, near the country's second city, Guadalajara.

Mexican officials say that 33 people have been killed in the space of 24 hours in Mexico's industrial capital, Monterrey

Security officials in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey is located, said that most of those killed had links to Mexico's drug cartels. But two of the victims were identified as bodyguards of the governor of Nuevo Leon, Rodrigo Medina. Police said that a threatening message addressed to Medina had been found next to the bodies. Medina said that the threats would not stop his determination to beat organized crime. A spokesman for the Nuevo Leon Security Council, Jorge Domene Zambrano, said that the killings were almost all connected to a deadly battle for control of the region between rival drug cartels. According to authorities, five presumed gang members were killed in a battle with the army and 10 people died in a confrontation between rival gangs. The bodies of the remaining victims were found dumped in various parts of the city and, in some cases, hanged from bridges. The state is the stronghold of the Zetas, thought to be one of Mexico's most violent drug cartels. They are engaged in a deadly battle with the Gulf, Sinaloa, and La Familia gangs.

Pupils from poor backgrounds are most likely to succeed academically if they come from Shanghai (China), Hong Kong (China), South Korea, Macao (China) or Singapore

In other words, East Asians - once again - outperform non-Asians when it comes to academic achievement.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery has been convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for ordering the slayings of three men

An Alameda County Superior Court jury has convicted Yusuf Bey IV, 25, after deliberating in Oakland since May 23, 2011. A second defendant, former bakery associate Antoine Mackey, 25, was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for the killings of Oakland newspaper editor Chauncey Bailey and Michael Wills, 36.

The hunt is on for a black drug addict who stabbed his 82-year-old aunt in the head and chest during an armed robbery

Police in Harlem are looking for Mazie Garris's nephew, Larry Brown, after witnesses claim that they saw him running from the scene shortly after the brutal attack. The assailant has a drug problem and was foaming at the mouth when he ran from the home, getting away with $1,000.

The disturbing Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann is insane even for a Christian Zionist.

Porn and crime

Does pornography make young men less violent?

A black man shot three women and himself because of a rumor that he had been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease

More wacky and violent behavior from the black community.

The Misery Index is now 62% higher than it was when Obama took office, and 57% higher than it was when the recession officially ended

The Misery Index simply adds together the inflation and unemployment rates to create an effective indicator of real-world suffering. Obama's Misery Index average of 10.37 is higher than George W. Bush's (8.11) or Bill Clinton's (7.8).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Muslim soldier faces child porn charges

The Fort Campbell soldier who has been looking for a way out of the military is now facing new trouble. First he requested a discharge because he's Muslim, but now he's being charged with dozens of counts of child pornography. Private First Class Naser Abdo filed a conscientious objector's claim based on his Muslim faith. Now, he's been charged with child pornography after 34 images were found on his government issued computer.

Police in Pakistan say that they have arrested two men for stripping a woman naked and parading her in a village

One of the offenders had accused the woman's son of having illicit relations with his wife. Public dishonoring of women is not uncommon in Pakistan and other parts of South Asia. Police said that people in the village where the incident took place did not try to stop it because the offenders were armed. Haripur district police chief Mohammad Ali Gandapur said that a resident of Nilor Bala village had complained to village elders that two men had had sexual relations with his wife. According to the police, a village council advised the complainant to divorce his wife. Instead, he and four armed men stormed the house belonging to the mother of one of the men accused of having slept with his wife in order to kill her son. Because the son was not there, the men dragged the mother out, stripped her naked and made her walk through the village. The police have now registered a case against seven people, but only two have been arrested so far. Campaigners say that achieving justice for women who are abused in Pakistan is difficult.

Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia are the most dangerous countries for women

Afghanistan is the most dangerous country for women, an international poll of experts on gender issues says. High levels of violence, poor health care and poverty make Afghanistan the worst place for women, the study by the Thomson-Reuters Foundation says. The survey places the Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan in second and third positions. Pakistan was included in the list for having some of the highest rates of dowry murder, so-called honor killings and early marriages. India is rated the fourth most dangerous country due to high levels of female feticide and sex trafficking. Somalia ranked fifth in the survey.

A man who has been hospitalized with third-degree burns over half his body following an arson attempt has filed an $18 million lawsuit against the powerful local rabbi, whom he accuses of ordering the attack on his house

Aron Rottenberg and his family have been subjected to violence ever since they left the village’s main synagogue to worship at Friedwald Nursing Home, instead of at the synagogue in town where Grand Rabbi David Twersky presides. After Rotternberg's car and house windows were smashed, he installed surveillance cameras on his property, which is how he discovered 18-year-old Shaul Spitzer pouring flammable liquid around his house. Rottenberg confronted Spitzer in his backyard, and in the ensuing tussle, a long, improvised fuse in Spitzer's hand sparked flames. Both men were hospitalized, and Spitzer was ultimately charged with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree attempted arson and first-degree assault. Spitzer has been accused of attempting to set on fire a private home, kill those who were in that home and send a message to everyone else in that community that what the rabbi says, rules. Spitzer was living with Rabbi Twersky.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Santre Sanchez Gayle - a black male - is believed to be Britain's youngest contract killer at 15 years old

His half-brother Lloywen Carty killed a reveler at the Notting Hill Carnival in 2004 for "disrespecting him."

Anthony Weiner and the death curse rabbi

The embattled Queens-Brooklyn Jewish Democrat is a follower of Rabbi to the Stars Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, a self-proclaimed kabbalah scholar who puts death curses on his critics. The 37-year-old Pinto comes from a long line of Moroccan rabbinical royalty, only speaks Hebrew and refuses to meet with women. Weiner regularly stops by his classes and holiday gatherings. In return, the rabbi has instructed his wealthy, largely Israeli, followers to hold fund-raisers for the pol, a staunch supporter of Israel and Jewish causes. The list of Pinto-tied money bundlers includes high-powered lawyer Morris Missry and developers Zina Sapir and Haim Binstock. They held fund-raisers for Weiner that gathered $343,800 for his runs for mayor in 2009 and other elections, records show. Weiner also has occasionally attended classes given by the rabbi at his tony upper East Side headquarters on E. 58th St. off Lexington Ave., around the corner from Bloomingdale's. In their private discussions, "they would talk about Israel," a member of Pinto's inner circle said. "They'd ask [Weiner] why Obama wasn't more supportive." The Israel-born rabbi is also not immune to bad press. His townhouse is facing foreclosure, a top aide was linked to the porn business and a real estate broker on whom he placed a death curse plunged to his death from the 19th floor of the Jumeirah Essex House. Solomon Obstfeld had rented at least one luxury apartment to the rabbi at a below-market rate, but the two men began feuding over late payments shortly before Obstfeld's sudden death. Weiner is not the only congressman with deep ties to Rabbi Pinto. Rep. Michael Grimm (R-S.I.) and Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) have both met with Pinto multiple times and collected thousands in contributions from the rabbi's followers.

A 64-year-old rabbi has been charged with forcing a 13-year-old girl into having sex with him by exploiting his authority and using “mystical threats” to intimidate her

The defendant, named as Rabbi David Ben-Haham Hafuta, has been arrested and is charged with carrying out sexual acts on three occasions with the girl, after telling her that she had to “repair her sins” and that she would be “the mother of the messiah.” The defendant is a local community rabbi and is a well known local figure. He threatened the minor with mystical threats, telling her that if she did not carry out his orders, her mother would die – and that if she told others about his acts, she would suffer a heart attack.

A knife-wielding, overweight Hispanic sex offender dropped dead while raping a 77-year-old Texan woman

Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez broke off his attack to complain that he wasn't feeling well — then keeled over. The victim ran from the house, and by the time police arrived, Gutierrez, 53, was dead. Investigators believe that he died of a heart attack. He had ridden two miles by bike to reach the home of his victim, whom he had apparently picked out the previous day at a local post office. He was on parole at the time of the attack for crimes including sex assault on a 7-year-old child.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A 27-year-old Hispanic has been sentenced to 15 years to life in prison in the drive-by slaying of his girlfriend's common-law husband

Jose Adrian Rodriguez-Ramirez has been sentenced by a 3rd District judge in Salt Lake City. Rodriguez-Ramirez pleaded guilty in May 2011 to one count of murder in the June 2010 death of 32-year-old Juan Rubio Navarro outside Navarro's home. Prosecutors say that Navarro was the common-law husband of 24-year-old Maria Marta Campusano, who was also dating Rodriguez-Ramirez. A 25-year-old man, Jose Gallegos-Mendoza, was also charged with murder in the case. He has pleaded not guilty and is due for trial in September 2011.

A black mother and her children are accused of torturing and killing kittens

I guess the kittens must have done something racist.

Jewish-American dramatist says that anti-Israeli sentiment in Britain is directly influenced by negative portrayals of Jews throughout the country’s history

Jewish-American playwright David Mamet pretty much makes the old argument that any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. I wonder if Mamet thinks that the British were being anti-Semitic when they were fighting against Hitler and the Nazis?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Muslims are nature’s way of telling us that multiculturalism is a really bad idea

British police turn a blind eye to Islamic violence in London.

Hispanics now make up nearly half of all people sentenced for federal felony crimes even though Latinos make up only 16% of the total U.S. population

Sentences for felony immigration crimes accounted for about 87% of the increase in the number of Hispanics sent to prison over the past decade, according to an analysis of U.S. Sentencing Commission data.

A Nigerian immigrant in Georgia has been convicted of bringing two young women from her homeland to work as house slaves

Bidemi Bello has been found guilty of forced labor, trafficking, harboring aliens, false statements on a citizenship application and "document servitude" for taking her victims' passports to keep them helpless. Federal prosecutors said that Bello lured the women from Nigeria to work as nannies, promising to educate them and treat them like family. In fact, she did not send her victims to school or pay them, did not let them sleep in beds or use the shower, and sometimes made them eat rotten food, the government said. Bello found her first victim in 2001. After she escaped in 2004, Bello went back to Nigeria to find another, who fled in 2006 by taking a cab to a church. "Both women were brave enough to testify in court," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Susan Coppedge. "This is shocking behavior going on in a normal-looking subdivision in Suwanee, Ga." Bello left the country but was caught when she returned and was indicted in September 2010.

The Hispanic mother at the center of South Florida's infamous "Baby Lollipops" murder case has been sentenced to death

A Miami-Dade jury had recommended the death penalty for Ana Maria Cardona in 2010 after she was found guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated abuse in the beating death of her 3-year-old son Lazaro Figueroa. At the sentencing, Cardona made a statement and said she wished she could change her life and the life of her son. Speaking in Spanish, Cardona said that she wished her son "could have been blessed with a better mother, one who would have protected him and always been there for him." She explained how she was addicted to drugs and said she was a coward. Cardona was convicted and sentenced to death in 1992, but the Florida Supreme Court later overturned the conviction due to procedural problems. After hearing the evidence against her for a second time, a new jury also found her guilty. Three-year-old Lazaro Figueroa was killed in November of 1990. His body was found dumped beneath a hedge in the yard of a Miami Beach home. The boy had been starved, beaten and burned. He weighed only 18 pounds when he was murdered, half the weight of what he should have been. The case will be sent to the Florida Supreme Court on appeal.

The black man who murdered the mother of his three children and then dismembered her body - forcing their daughter to hold the head as he severed it - will be executed

The jury reached its decision in the case against 33-year-old James Hawkins. Hawkins' 15-year-old daughter, the prosecution's chief witness, had testified that her father repeatedly sexually abused her when she was 12 years old. The girl said that she saw her father stab and strangle 28-year-old Charlene Gaither during an argument on February 9, 2008. Hawkins' two sons, ages 13 and 14, also testified against him. During the sentencing hearing, jurors were shown six gruesome photos of Gaither's torso, which had dark gray wounds where the head, feet and hands were removed. They also heard for the first time about Hawkins' 17 prior convictions on aggravated robbery and aggravated assault charges. The defense called witnesses, who testified that Hawkins had an IQ of 77 and suffers from attention deficit disorder.

Maniac slash attack in Harlem supermarket

Abdullah Mohammed, 51, of 125th Street, was at the Harlem supermarket when he started arguing loudly at the customer service desk with William Perry, 70, a former truck driver. Perry was at the desk buying Lotto tickets when Mohammed stepped on his foot, irking the older man, according to his older brother, Charles Perry. Mohammed was booted out of the store, but stormed back in minutes later and cornered Perry in the meat aisle. He then whipped out a razor and slashed Perry across the neck. A store employee tackled Mohammed and subdued him until the police responded to the meat aisle melee. Mohammed was dragged out of the supermarket screaming. Mohammed was arrested and charged with assault in the first degree. Perry was taken to Harlem Hospital and was likely to survive his injuries.

A Third World limo driver has pleaded guilty to raping a law student - and trying to hire a hitman for $5,000 to kill her while he was behind bars

Rajeev Kumar, 31, committed the sexual assault in the back seat of his car in 2000 but wasn't busted until a DNA match in an arson case linked him to the crime a decade later. Kumar admitted that he hatched a diabolical plan to get rid of his accuser while he was locked up on Rikers Island in September 2010. Kumar's murder-for-hire plan was blown open in a sting operation in which he offered $5,000 to an undercover cop and gave him two photographs and the address of his victim. The woman had just left the Manhattan club S.O.B.'s in August 2000 when Kumar offered to drive her home, then attacked her and dumped her. The woman said that she could not identify her assailant and the DNA in her rape kit did not match anything in the criminal database. That changed in July 2009 when fire marshals arrested Kumar in an insurance scam.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A hate crime is among multiple felony counts faced by four Hispanic teens accused of attacking two black teens with bats and bricks in western Illinois

Seventeen-year-olds Alfredo Gutierrez and Alberto Rosas and 18-year-olds Alfredo Gutierrez and Alejandro Gonzalez Jr., all of Moline, have been charged with aggravated battery, hate crime and mob action. Bond was set at $50,000 each. Police received a report that several Hispanic males were chasing the 19-year-old black male and 17-year-old black female victims with bats. They were yelling racial slurs and eventually stole a cell phone, rosary and keys.

Black teen gets 33 years for rape and robbery

A judge has sentenced 17-year-old Jarquise Bunn to 33 years in prison, followed by a lifetime of constant monitoring, for his involvement in an attack where he and two other black teens repeatedly raped and sodomized a woman at gunpoint in an apartment complex. They robbed her of her cellphone and then attacked her friend and took his cellphone, bank card and camera, according to court documents. Bunn pleaded guilty in February 2011 to 14 felonies, including rape, sodomy, robbery, abduction and firearm offenses. Lamar Langley has since pleaded guilty to 20 felonies in the attack and awaits sentencing. A third defendant, Shaeron L. McKethan, also pleaded guilty and is scheduled to be sentenced soon.

A baby is born with HIV nearly every minute, almost all of them in sub-Saharan Africa

In 2009, an estimated 370,000 children were infected at birth with HIV, almost all in low- and middle-income countries, and chiefly in sub-Saharan Africa.

Somali Interior Minister Abdi Shakur Sheikh Hassan has been killed in a suicide attack at his home in the capital, Mogadishu

Officials say that the bomber was his own teenage niece, who had joined the Islamist militant group al-Shabab. The group said that it carried out the attack and said more would follow. The attack against Sheikh Hassan was the third suicide attack in Mogadishu in the last few weeks. His niece had visited his home several times recently and the guards did not carry out a security check. She walked into the home, set off the bomb, and was killed instantly. The minister died from his injuries as efforts were under way to fly him for treatment in neighboring Kenya. Somalia has been torn apart by constant war for more than 20 years. Its last functioning national government was toppled in 1991.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A black rapist of a schoolgirl who was released on bail by Greater Manchester Police remains on the run

Henry Akhigbe, 27, is believed to have attacked the 14-year-old at a house in Oldham in February 2010. He was arrested and later released, but skipped bail in May 2010. Police said that they remained "determined" to bring Akhigbe in but admitted he could be anywhere in Britain. The public should not approach him. Akhigbe, a Nigerian student, has previously lived in Oldham and is known to frequent various locations in Manchester.

A black serial rapist who attacked women walking home in the early hours of the morning, has been jailed indefinitely for public protection

Lawrence Dugbazah, 31, was convicted of assaulting three women in central London over a 10-week period in 2010. He targeted the women as they walked home, attacking one teenager near Buckingham Palace, a jury heard. He was jailed indefinitely for public protection at Southwark Crown Court. Recorder Sally O'Neill QC told Dugbazah: "I have taken into account the terrifying nature of these attacks, the lasting harm done by your actions, and that they took place over a very short period of time." The first rape was of a 19-year-old in Bloomsbury, central London. Dugbazah picked the teenager up and threw her to the floor of a cafe doorway in Museum Street, the court heard. "While trying to subdue her, he sticks his hand down her throat to stop her screaming. He threatens to kill her," prosecutor Tana Adkin said. Dugbazah's DNA was matched when he was arrested for an unrelated offense. He was later charged with the two other assaults because they were "strikingly similar," Adkin said. The rapist pulled a 22-year-old woman to the ground in Lewisham, south London, but was disturbed by a passer-by before he could rape her. Eight days later, an 18-year-old was in Palace Street, near Buckingham Palace, after spending the evening at a club in the King's Road when she spotted a man watching her. He crossed the road and followed her, grabbed her from behind, shoved into an alcove near a shop doorway and pulled to the ground where she was raped, the court heard. She eventually managed to get away and ran to a cab waiting further along the road. Dugbazah was found guilty of the attempted rape and sexual assault of the woman, and rape in the third attack. The judge said that she would have sentenced Dugbazah to 18 years but assessments showed he posed a high risk of carrying out further "premeditated violent rapes". She said: "The conclusion was that you are a dangerous offender." Dugbazah had convictions for possessing identity documents with intent, relating to false passports, and fraud by abuse of position. He was jailed for 18 months for these offenses. Dugbazah came to Britain illegally in 1999 at the age of 16 from Ghana.

An illegal immigrant who made a mockery of Britain’s deportation system has been jailed for life for battering a man to death

Jaswinder Singh, who was also wanted in Germany, had been in and out of prison and immigration detention centers for almost a decade. But he was repeatedly freed without being removed and even granted bail by immigration judges. At one stage, Singh was among 1,000 foreign criminals released from prison without being considered for deportation in a scandal which led to the sacking of Home Secretary Charles Clarke in 2006. In the latest case, Singh, 60, attacked homeless 31 year-old Harbarjan Singh and two friends with a metal bar as they slept in a cemetery in Ilford, Essex. The unemployed builder from India lay in wait for the victims to get revenge for being beaten up a week earlier. Singh, who used 14 aliases and gave false dates of birth, came to Britain illegally in 1995 from either Pakistan or India before moving to Germany. In 2000 he was jailed there for smashing a beer glass into the face of his then girlfriend and failing to pay maintenance for his son. After serving two-thirds of his sentence he was released on license. He was supposed to stay in Germany, but sneaked back to Britain. The British Border Agency found him and began trying to deport him in 2002, but the process was drawn out and in 2004, 2006 and 2010 he was jailed for grievous bodily harm, actual bodily harm and assault. Police said that each time he was imprisoned the deportation process was stopped and had to be started again on his release. Singh was jailed for life with a minimum of 24 years before parole for one count of murder and two of attempted murder.

Blacks in Mexico

A Nigerian immigrant has been killed in Mexico and blacks say that it was because the Mexican police are racist.

Instead of a present, a black man brought a gun to a child's birthday party

Joseph Hayes, 48, is charged with aggravated assault. Police say that Hayes brought a gun to the party because his children didn't get any ice cream or cake. A police affidavit says that Hayes became upset and began yelling at the victim. Police say that he went to his apartment and returned a short time later with a small black handgun tucked into the back of his pants. Hayes approached the host, lifted up his shirt and said, "I ain't scared to go to jail, just take care of my kids." Hayes' bond is set at $30,000.

Only 43% of African-American men aged 18 to 29 have a full-time job

And less than half of all white men will have full-time jobs in 2018, according to post-2000 trends hidden in federal population and workforce data. At least 15 million legal and illegal immigrants, mostly young and unskilled, entered the country between 1994 and 2007. The full-time employment population ratio for white men fell from 62% in 2000 to 55% by 2010. That’s a drop of 7% in 10 years, or 0.7% a year. If that drop continues at the same rate, less than half of whites will be working by 2018. If part-time workers are included, the ratio started at 74% in 2000 and fell to 67% in 2010. Among all African-American men aged more than 16, the full-time ratio fell from 56.9% in 2000 to 46.4% in 2010. The inclusion of part-time work bumps the ratio upwards, but the ratio still fell from 67% to 58% in 2010.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Somali man convicted of slaughtering his family has been sentenced to life in prison

In 2006, Said Biyad beat and raped his wife and then went to the rooms of his four children, ages 2 through 8, and slashed their throats repeatedly. The death penalty was considered an option in the case until both sides agreed to have a judge decide Biyad's fate rather than a jury. In April 2011, the judge convicted Biyad of murder, attempted murder and other charges. He sentenced Biyad to life with the possibility of parole.

A black man who took his girlfriend at gunpoint to a medical clinic and tried to force her to have an abortion, has been sentenced to 13 years in prison

Dominic Holt-Reid pleaded guilty in April 2011 to attempted murder, abduction and illegally possessing a gun. The Columbus resident reportedly became enraged in April 2010 after his then-girlfriend Yolanda Burgess refused to go through with an abortion. After dropping their 5-year-old son off at school, he pulled a gun out and forced her to drive to the clinic. The clinic staff called police after Burgess passed them a note saying that she had been threatened and didn't want to go through with the procedure. He was arrested in the clinic parking lot with a .45 handgun.

A 25-year-old Latino gang member convicted in the racially motivated gang murder of a black bowling alley employee has been sentenced to life in prison without parole

Martin Sotelo, a member of the Canoga Park Alabama gang, was sentenced in connection with the fatal drive-by shooting of James Shamp. Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Martin Herscovitz also ordered Sotelo to pay $15,916 in restitution for the burial of his victim and mental health costs of the victim's family. A jury in April 2011 found Sotelo guilty of first-degree murder with two special circumstance allegations — murder due to the victim's race and murder in a drive-by shooting. He was the last of four defendants to face charges in the case. He was also found guilty on other allegations, including evading officers after the shooting and second-degree robbery related to a separate incident. The additional charges resulted in a sentence of 40 years to life. Shamp, 48, a married father of two, was taking out the trash at the Canoga Bowl when Latino gang members pulled up in a car and fired the shots, prosecutors said. Sotelo was behind the wheel. Deputy Dist. Atty. Daniel Akemon of the Hardcore Gang Division said that Sotelo helped fellow gang member Richard Bordelon gun down Shamp "in cold blood because of the color of his skin, in a display of senseless violence and a complete disregard for human life." Akemon argued that Sotelo had stopped the vehicle so Bordelon could take aim like a sniper. Bordelon's bullet struck Shamp "right through the heart," Akemon said. In March 2010, Herscovitz sentenced Bordelon to life in prison without the possibility of parole, plus 47 years to life, after he admitted being the gunman. Bordelon was also ordered to pay $14,386 in restitution. A juvenile defendant, who was 15 at the time, also reached a deal with prosecutors and was sentenced on a juvenile conspiracy charge. A third defendant, Orlando Perez, a 25-year-old Latino, pleaded no contest to a charge of accessory after the fact to murder and was sentenced to three years and four months in state prison. Akemon told jurors in closing arguments that Sotelo and Bordelon were out that evening looking to earn their respective nicknames of "Outlaw" and "Psycho."

An illegal immigrant will spend three years in prison for having sexual contact on three occasions with a girl beginning when she was 12 years old

Ignacio Ocampo-Roldan, 42, has pleaded no contest in Eau Claire County Court to a felony count of first-degree sexual assault of a child. Judge Benjamin Proctor ordered that Ocampo-Roldan spend two years on extended supervision following his release from prison. As conditions of supervision, Ocampo-Roldan cannot have contact with children. Ocampo-Roldan is an illegal alien. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service has told local prosecutors that Ocampo-Roldan likely will be deported after his sentence is completed. The assaults occurred between Thanksgiving 2010 and New Year's Day 2011 and involved varying degrees of sexual contact.

Chicago, the third-largest U.S. city, lost 17% of its black population - 181,000 people - in the past decade, according to the Census Bureau

In their place, Hispanics gained 25,000, or 3.3%. In the city that drew waves of blacks during the Great Migration of the early 20th century, their descendants barely remain the largest racial or ethnic group, at 32.4%. Blacks earn less and are more likely to live in poverty than Hispanics, who make up almost 30% of Chicago, a city of 2.7 million that lost 6.9% of its population since 2000. The reversal of fortunes for the two groups is echoed nationwide, where blacks have fallen to 12.6% of the total U.S. population of 308.7 million, and Hispanics have risen to 16.3%. Hispanics are also outpacing blacks economically: their median household income rose 21.6% in the decade to $40,946, compared with $34,445 for blacks. This shouldn't be too surprising since Hispanics have higher IQ's than blacks.

A black mother faces up to 45 years in jail after being found guilty of killing her son in a botched exorcism

Latisha Lawson, 31, forced her two-year-old son Jezaih to drink a vile mixture of olive oil and vinegar as part of a ritual to drive the Devil from his body. As he choked on the liquid she held her hand over his mouth to stop him vomiting and crushed his neck. Jurors heard that Lawson had wanted to drive a demon called "Marzon" from her son's body. She had become convinced that her son was possessed and blamed herself because she did not profess her love for God while she was pregnant. Lawson and another woman, who also believed her children were possessed, fed the mixture to four children at their home. Three of the children immediately vomited up the mixture, but Lawson held her hand over her son's mouth to keep the liquid down. An autopsy ruled that he had died from having his neck compressed. Police said that Lawson kept Jezaih's body in a plastic sack for more than a year after his November 2009 death until she was arrested on December 21, 2010. Lawson told jurors that she was convinced her son was possessed by demons as his behavior had changed. She said that she kept her son's body as she was convinced her son would be resurrected after his death. Lawson was convicted of murder as well as charges of neglect and battery of her four year old daughter. She faces at least 45 years in prison when she is sentenced.