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In 2010, slightly more than half of high school students flunked the math portion of standardized tests, while more than a third flunked Spanish in Mexico

Mexican students scored the lowest reading levels of developed countries in the most recent survey by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In addition, 75% of Mexican teachers-in-training failed the exam that would have placed them in a job, and only 1% of working teachers passed a test that would have raised their salaries.

Mankind’s brain power has reached its peak and it is physically impossible for us to become any smarter

Some scientists claim that in order to become any more intelligent the human brain would need vast amounts of extra energy and oxygen – and we simply cannot provide it. Cambridge University researchers have analyzed the structure of the brain and worked out how much energy its cells use up. Brains must consume energy to function and these requirements are sufficiently demanding to limit human performance and determine design. Far-reaching powers of deduction demand a lot of energy because for the brain to search out new relationships it must constantly correlate information from different sources. Such energy demands mean that there is a limit to the information humans can process. Other scientists claim that the brain’s wiring or network of fibers linking different areas to one another cannot get any better. They have found that the cleverest people have the best wiring, with messages carried very quickly between different parts of the brain. But scientists claim that the wiring would need vast amounts of extra energy to become more efficient. As before, they say that it is impossible for humans to provide this, therefore humans cannot get cleverer. Ed Bullmore, professor of psychiatry at Cambridge, where he specialises in brain imaging, measured the efficiency with which different parts of the brain communicated with each other. He found that impulses traveled fastest in smarter people and slower in those who were less intelligent. High integration of brain networks seems to be associated with high IQ. Humans pay a price for intelligence. Becoming smarter means improving connections between different brain areas but this runs into tight limits on energy, along with space for the wiring. Martijn van den Heuvel, assistant professor of psychiatry at Utrecht medical center in Holland, who also studies how differences in the wiring of human brains affects IQ, said: "Increasing the power of the brain would take a disproportionate increase in energy consumption. It is risky to predict the distant future but it is clear there are tight constraints on intelligence."

A black man shot his younger brother in the forehead during a high-speed car chase after an argument at a relative's house

The fight broke out after Bryde Sledge, 44, admitted to stealing from their mother's house in Huntsville, Alabama, police say. It continued even as he and his brother, Glenn Sledge, left the property, with the two still rowing as they jumped into their cars. And when Bryde drove off in his white Dodge pick-up truck, his brother gave chase. The 50-year-old raced after him, firing several rounds at the vehicle when his brother was waiting at a junction. One bullet hurtled through the windscreen and struck Bryde in the middle of the forehead. He was rushed to hospital, where doctors said that he would need surgery to remove the bullet from his skull, but expected him to make a full recovery. When police arrived Glenn had vanished, but they eventually tracked him down to another location. He was arrested and charged with first-degree domestic violence and discharging a firearm into a vehicle. Glenn was booked into Madison County Metro Jail. No bond has yet been set.

European Neanderthals were wiped out by African invaders

Apparently, diversity did not work out to well for the Neanderthals.

Singapore is the only predominantly non-white country to hold the highly coveted triple-A rating from both Standard & Poor's and Moody's

The other triple-A countries, which are predominantly white, are Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Isle of Man, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. By looking at the prices of 5-year credit default swaps, Norway's debt ranks the safest, followed by Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands and Australia.

Researchers have discovered a genetic mutation unique to African Americans that could help explain why blacks are so susceptible to asthma

Prior studies looking for asthma genes have turned up several, but most of the studies have been too small to confirm these genes or to detect genetic changes unique to different races. The new study pools research from nine different research groups looking for genes associated with asthma among ethnically diverse North American populations. It confirmed four genes that had been seen in previous studies and a fifth that shows up only in people of African descent. "This is the first discovery of a gene where we see a signal in African Americans only," Dan Nicolae of the University of Chicago, a study author and co-chair of a national research consortium called EVE that identified the gene, said. "The rates of asthma in different ethnic groups are different. African Americans have shown increasing asthma rates. We don't know why. It can be due to changing environmental risk factors," Nicolae said. But, he said, the new findings suggest that genetics also play a significant role. "Understanding these genetic links is an important first step toward our goal of relieving the increased burden of asthma in this population," said Dr. Susan Shurin, acting director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, one of the National Institutes of Health, which co-funded the study. Asthma affects more than 300 million people globally, but effects vary widely. According to the researchers, U.S. asthma rates in 2001 to 2003 ranged from 7.7% among European Americans to 12.5% among African Americans. Because the study was so large and ethnically diverse - including data on European Americans, African Americans, African Caribbeans and Latinos - it enabled the researchers to find the new gene variant that exists only in African Americans and African Caribbeans. This new variant, located in a gene called PYHIN1, is part of a family of genes linked with the body's response to viral infections. The researchers were very excited when they realized that it didn't exist in Europe.

The body of a Mexican journalist who worked for the Notiver newspaper has been found dumped outside the offices of another newspaper in Veracruz state

Crime reporter Yolanda Ordaz de la Cruz had been missing for several days. Officials said that organized crime was suspected in the murder of Ordaz, who was found with her throat cut. Recently, columnist Miguel Angel Lopez Velasco, who wrote about politics and crime for Notiver, was killed in his house in the port city of Veracruz. His wife and son were also killed in the attack. Ordaz's body was found outside the offices of another newspaper in Boca del Rio, a city next to the port of Veracruz. Authorities are looking at links between her murder and those of Lopez Velasco and his family. The attorney general of Veracruz state, Reynaldo Escobar, said that everything pointed to organized crime being behind the killing of Ordaz. The US-based Committee to Protect Journalists says that 15 reporters have been killed in Mexico since 2010.

White Nationalism and American Exceptionalism

Jared Taylor points out the politically-incorrect reasons why the United States has historically been such a great country.

Why would Anders Behring Breivik kill for this country?

The Economist reports on Israel:
Every Friday and often after school on other days, Israeli soldiers fire tear-gas and sonic bombs at the Palestinian children as they approach a spring. It sits in a valley that separates Nabi Saleh, an Arab village of 500 people half an hour’s drive north of Jerusalem, from Halamish, a religious Jewish settlement. On most nights jeeps roll through the village; over the past 18 months the Israeli army has detained 32 of its children, some as young as eleven. Many have been taken from their beds, kept in pre-trial detention for months, and brought to court in shackles, there to be convicted of stone-throwing.

For some of Halamish’s settlers, irritated by the tear-gas that wafts into their living rooms from across the hill, this is not harsh enough. “The soldiers don’t maim enough Palestinians,” complains Iran Segal.
If Breivik really thought that Europeans and Americans should be fighting for Israel then I think this proves that he was not in a sound state of mind.

A Latino gang member has been convicted in the stabbing death of a fellow gang member who was mistakenly believed to be a snitch in the racially motivated killing of a black girl

A Los Angeles County jury has found 35-year-old Raul Silva guilty of first-degree murder. He faces life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced. Silva is one of four men convicted of killing Christopher Ash, who died from 62 stab wounds, because they suspected he might be talking to police about the murder of 14-year-old Cheryl Green. Prosecutors said that Ash never cooperated with police. Authorities believe that the gang fired at a group of blacks in the Harbor Gateway area after a confrontation between themselves and a black man.

Affirmative action students tend to have lower LSAT scores

Will this result in pressure from law schools for the dumbing-down of bar exams? It did with exams for the fire and police departments.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Which black twin committed the murder?

A possible case of mistaken identity could spell double trouble for Arizona prosecutors trying to get a murder conviction. Sir Xavier Brooks, 19, of Phoenix, was shot dead in a melee outside the Leonardo Da Vinci Code club. Brooks was reportedly backing away from the fight that had spilled outside the club with his hands up when he was gunned down. A few weeks later, police arrested the prime suspect in his murder, African-American Orlando Nembhard, who had fled to Yonkers, New York. Nembhard was thrown into an Arizona jail, and held on $500,000 bail. But new accounts are complicating the case, with some witnesses saying that Nembhard's twin brother Brandon actually committed the crime. Orlando's bail has been reduced to $10,000 and he was released with an ankle monitoring bracelet.

Is building a nuclear power plant in Nigeria a good idea?

What is the worst that could happen if you give black Africans technology that can cause the deaths of millions of people?

By 2050, the global population is expected to exceed nine billion

In developing countries, populations are expected to explode. In Africa alone, the population is expected to grow 1.1 billion, or 49% of the global projected growth, by 2050. In certain developed countries like Japan and Germany, populations are expected to stay flat or even decline.

Black-on-black violence in Arkansas

The black mayor of an Arkansas city claims to have been pistol whipped following a heated discussion with council members. Earnest Nash, mayor of Gould, described the incident as the culmination of months of abuse aimed at him and his family. A witness said that Nash had been talking to council members Sonya Farley and Rosieanna Smith in a car when a member of the public joined in the heated discussion. The witness, councilman Harry Hall, said that Nash and the other man began shouting at each another before it got physical. Nash claims that he was hit with a pistol and feared for his life. The mayor then said that the man hit him in with the gun. So far no arrests have been made. Nash said that he has not heard back from the police. The tensions between Nash and the council go back to January 2011, when new members took office. They passed an ordinance banning all public and private meetings discussing any city matters within city limits, aimed at Gould Citizens Advisory Council. The Advisory Council has filed a lawsuit against council members Hall and Smith challenging their eligibility to serve. Nash was then attacked. During an interview, councilwoman Farley actually drove up and confronted Nash. Farley had to be restrained. Despite the threats Nash said that he has no plans to stand down.

British ministers have abandoned an inquiry into the rise of secretive Sharia councils that deal in Islamic justice – because the Muslim courts refused to help

The failure of the Ministry of Justice probe has generated new fears among politicians and pressure groups about the increasing influence of Sharia courts in Britain. They are worried that the courts' decisions may run against the law of the land, particularly in divorce settlements for women. The scrapping of the inquiry comes in a week when Islamic extremists launched a campaign to declare Sharia-controlled zones across Britain. Hate preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility for the scheme. The abandonment of the Government's Sharia inquiry has fueled fears that Islamic radicals will be able to continue their intimidating activities unchecked in Britain. The Ministry of Justice had launched an inquiry into the operation of Sharia courts in Britain because of rising fears that the secretive system has undue influence. The number of Sharia courts in Britain is unknown, although an estimate of 85 made by the Civitas think-tank in 2009 is widely accepted. The failure of the Government's investigation was disclosed to British politicians by Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly. He told Tory backbencher Kris Hopkins that before the 2010 general election his department acted to commission an exploratory study of Sharia councils in England with respect to family law. Unfortunately, the Sharia courts failed to co-operate. Sharia law is also under scrutiny in the House of Lords, where the independent peer Baroness Cox has presented a Bill seeking to make it a crime for anyone to take over the rights of the state's criminal or family courts.

Some HIV-positive African patients in Swaziland are so poor that they have resorted to eating cow dung before taking anti-retroviral drugs

The drugs do not work on an empty stomach, so patients have to use dung - mixed with water - instead of food, AIDS activists say. Several hundred people protested in the capital, Mbabane, against the economic crisis in the kingdom. King Mswati III's government has admitted that it is running out of cash. It has asked neighboring South Africa for a bailout. Protest organiser Sipho Dlamini said that the growing hunger was forcing HIV/AIDS patients to eat cow dung. "Some people are now saying they are going to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs because it [requires] that they have food in their stomachs," he said. Swaziland, with a population of about 1.2 million, has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world. About 230,000 people are HIV-positive, of whom 65,000 get free drugs from government hospitals. Dlamini said that the protesters urged the government not to cut health spending. Recently, MP Joseph Madonsela said that state hospitals would run out of anti-retroviral drugs within a couple of months. This was denied by the government. But it admitted that it had asked South Africa for a financial bailout and had introduced austerity measures to curb expenditure. In May 2011, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that Swaziland was facing a serious liquidity crisis. The shortage of money forced King Mswati, who is sub-Saharan Africa's last absolute monarch, to cancel his silver jubilee celebrations in 2011. He has an estimated personal wealth of $200 million and each of his 13 wives has a palace paid for by the state.

Muslim-on-Muslim violence in Pakistan

Gunmen opened fire on a van in the city of Quetta, south-west Pakistan, killing 11 Shia Muslims in a suspected sectarian attack, police say. Three other people were wounded. The attack comes a day after gunmen killed seven Shia pilgrims at a bus stop in the city center. Angered by the attacks, locals from the Shia community burnt cars and offices in Quetta, capital of Balochistan. Police stepped up patrols in the area. The attack will add to the growing sense of insecurity among Pakistan's minority Shia community. The group was travelling in a packed passenger van near the outskirts of Quetta when gunmen sprayed it with bullets. Seven people were killed on the spot and four others died on the way to hospital. One woman was among the dead. The gunmen managed to escape. There has been a notable increase in sectarian violence across Pakistan in recent years. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Pakistan's deadliest militant group, has said that it was behind the attack. The group has strong ties to al-Qaeda and has carried out high profile attacks against US diplomats and Pakistan military targets in the country. But its focus remains on the Shia community - which it regards as apostates. The attack comes soon after the release of Malik Ishaq, head of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, after a decade in jail. When a local journalist asked him what he now intended to do, Ishaq said that his organisation would continue its "good work" - fighting those who opposed their version of Islam. Balochistan, on the border with Afghanistan, is also fighting a regional separatist insurgency as well as Islamic militancy.

A black instructor has been indicted on charges that he raped a female student, according to authorities

A DeKalb County grand jury has returned a three-count indictment against African-American Adrian Thomas Spellen, who authorities say assaulted a 9-year-old girl at his school, Powerkicks Martial Arts, in Lithonia. Investigators say that the assault occurred between late May and early June 2011 at the martial arts studio. The victim notified her mother about the assault, and the mother took the girl to a hospital and alerted police, investigators said. Spellen, 28, was taken into custody June 25, 2011. He was indicted on two rape counts and one count of aggravated child molestation.

A Hispanic illegal immigrant who is a member of the MS-13 gang has been found guilty of trafficking a 12-year-old girl for sex

A federal jury in Alexandria convicted 24-year-old Jose Ciro Juarez-Santamaria of conspiracy, sex trafficking and transportation of a minor for prostitution. Juarez-Santamaria is from El Salvador, where he joined MS-13, and is in the United States illegally, according to prosecutors. He met the 12-year-old girl, who had run away from her home, at a Halloween party in 2009, prosecutors said. The girl had asked him to help her find a place to stay. Court records say that Juarez-Santamaria made the girl work as a prostitute from October to December 2009 and drove her to clients in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District. "No child should ever have to suffer what this victim endured, and we will continue to pursue MS-13 and other criminal organizations that prey upon young girls and enslave them through sex trafficking," Neil MacBride, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, said in a statement. Juarez-Santamaria provided the girl with clothes, makeup and condoms, according to court documents. Prosecutors say that the girl had sex with clients at homes, hotels and businesses throughout the area, and at times was being prostituted every day of the week. Juarez-Santamaria is not the only MS-13 member to be associated with prostitution activities. At least two other members of the gang have been charged in Alexandria with sex-trafficking-related offenses in 2011. Alonso Bruno Cornejo Ormeno, 21, was indicted and accused of operating a prostitution business and transporting underage girls for sex. Another member, Alexander Rivas, was charged with running a prostitution ring using runaway girls. He pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Juarez-Santamaria faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in prison and could get a life sentence.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A new look at the human genome suggests that unappreciated variations in its fundamental architecture, rather than point-by-point mutations, may be responsible for most genetic difference among people

Point-by-point mutations, called single nucleotide polymorphisms, involve simple changes to DNA lettering. They’re the best-studied type of variation, the target of most genomic disease hunts, and the substance of commercially available personal genome readouts. More complex yet less-studied are structural variations, which involve large-scale changes: wholesale duplications and reversals, or unexpected additions and omissions, of long DNA sequences. Traditional genome sequencing techniques are too fuzzy and piecemeal to make sense of these, yet observations suggest that structural variations are more specific to individuals than single nucleotide polymorphisms are, according to researchers. It might seem counter-intuitive that big changes have been harder to detect than small ones, but it’s a consequence of how genomes are read. Every method involves breaking long DNA sequences — the human genome contains three billion DNA pairs — into pieces, then trying to reassemble them. The methods vary according to fragment size and reassembly technique, but as a rule it’s far less expensive and time-intensive to use small fragments. As a result, most genomic studies, including gold-standard genome-wide association surveys, involve sequences reassembled from small pieces. As with a jigsaw puzzle or a book, however, larger fragments would work better. If the pieces are too small, or the text blocks just a few letters long, it’s difficult to be certain what the final product ought to look like. It’s possible to compare two pieces, but not puzzle sections or paragraphs.

Norway's most famous Zionist

Anders Breivik was so focused on the Islamic threat to Europe that he completely ignored the Jewish one.

Obama's approval rating has hit an all-time low of 40%, according to Gallup's daily tracking

Obama's debt ceiling battle with Congress is a likely trigger for the low approval, and it's on par with Americans' 41% approval rating for how he has handled the negotiations.

A new study from a Canadian company called AptiQuant has found that Internet Explorer users are on average significantly less intelligent than users of other browsers, especially if they’re using older versions

Those still running Internet Explorer 6 have an average IQ just above 80, while Firefox and Chrome users are up at around 110 and Opera and Camino users above 120.

While NAACP President Benjamin Jealous lashed out at new state laws requiring photo ID for voting, an NAACP executive sits in prison, sentenced for carrying out a massive voter fraud scheme

In April 2011, a Tunica County jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots. Sowers is identified on an NAACP website as a member of the Tunica County NAACP Executive Committee. Sowers received a five-year prison term for each of the 10 counts, but Circuit Court Judge Charles Webster permitted Sowers to serve those terms concurrently. Sowers was found guilty of voting in the names of Carrie Collins, Walter Howard, Sheena Shelton, Alberta Pickett, Draper Cotton and Eddie Davis. She was also convicted of voting in the names of four dead persons: James L. Young, Dora Price, Dorothy Harris, and David Ross. In the trial, forensic scientist Bo Scales testified that Sowers’s DNA was found on the inner seals of five envelopes containing absentee ballots. This wasn’t Sowers’s first run-in with the law. Sowers previously had her probation revoked for disturbing the peace at a junior high school library. During a hearing at that time, Sowers played the race card. She claimed to be the victim of an attempt by powerful whites to silence her. It didn’t work. She was ordered back to prison to complete the remaining two years of a three-year sentence she received for check forgery. The NAACP has had other problems with voter fraud. The NAACP National Voter Fund registered a dead man to vote in Lake County, Ohio, in 2004. That same year, out of 325 voter registration cards filed by the NAACP in Cleveland, 48 were flagged as fraudulent. Voter fraud, sometimes called electoral fraud, is a blanket term used by lawyers that encompasses a host of election-related improprieties including fraudulent voting, voter registration fraud, perjury, forgery, counterfeiting, impersonation, intimidation, and identity fraud.

The two black street thugs who murdered British honeymooners Ben and Catherine Mullany on the Caribbean island of Antigua may now face the death penalty

Avie Howell, 20, and Kaniel Martin, 23 - nicknamed Demon and Sample Dan - shot and killed the newlyweds on the last night of their 2008 honeymoon. Catherine, a newly qualified doctor, and physiotherapist Ben, both 31, lost their lives for two cheap mobile phones, an inexpensive camera and a small amount of cash. The couple were staying at the exclusive Cocos Hotel in Valley Church, Antigua when Howell and Martin broke into their apartment. They shot them both, leaving them dying on the floor before fleeing the scene. Catherine died almost instantly but Ben was flown home to Britain by air ambulance where he died a week after the shootings. Police caught the black killers by linking the murder gun to the death of Jamaican woman Woneta Anderson, who was shot in the head at close range only two weeks after the hotel raid. Howell was just 17 at the time of the murders and Martin was 20. The pair were found guilty of all three murders after the two-month trial at the High Court in Antigua, which featured more than 90 witnesses.

Federal authorities have identified the black man and African-American woman they dubbed "Bonnie and Clyde" after they fired a shot and stole money from a Far West Side bank

Kamisha D. Thomas, 30, and Robert D. Gilmore III, 32, robbed the Fifth Third Bank just after 9 a.m. No customers were in the bank, said FBI Special Agent Harry Trombitas. Gilmore fired a shot into the ceiling with a silver-colored pistol, jumped over the counter and grabbed money from teller drawers. Thomas, who was armed with a black handgun, ordered employees to get on the floor. They left in a gray, four-door Chevrolet with no rear license plate. Both Gilmore and Thomas have been charged with felony aggravated robbery. A warrant is out for their arrest. Trombitas said that he could not remember any case in the past 20 years that has involved a man and a woman in a takeover robbery.

An IT graduate who wrote messages on an Islamic extremist website calling on Muslims to raise the knife of jihad and attack and kill British politicians who voted in favor of the Iraq war has been jailed for 12 years

Bilal Zaheer Ahmad, 24, posted the threats on the website with a full list of all British politicians who had voted in the House of Commons in favor of the war and links providing personal contact details. He called on them to emulate Roshonara Choudhry, who had attempted to murder the Labor MP Stephen Timms with a knife at his East Ham constituency office, Bristol crown court heard. Ahmad, who worked for an insurance company in Telford, Shropshire, also posted a link to the Tesco website listing cheap knives, urging would-be fanatics to use them to carry out attacks. Jailing him for 12 years, with an additional five years' extended period on license, Justice Royce said: "You became a viper in our midst willing to go as far as possible to strike at the heart of our system." Ahmad, who holds British and Pakistani passports, had purported to be a British citizen, said Royce. "But what you stand for is totally alien to what we stand for in our country." He added that his views were corrosively dangerous. "It's important MPs can hold constituency surgeries without the threat of someone pulling out a knife and trying to kill them. You were intent on striking at the heart of our democracy and if our politicians are to be at risk from those like you, then the message must go out loud and clear that this country will not tolerate such threats to its democratic processes." Ahmad posted his threat the day after Choudhry, a 21-year-old university student, was jailed for life for the knife attack on Timms in May 2010. She stabbed him twice with a six-inch knife, damaging his liver and perforating his stomach. She later said that she had been influenced by the radical sermons of Anwar al-Awlaki, a Yemen-based Islamic preacher and al-Qaida leader. Police arrested Ahmad and he pleaded guilty to soliciting murder, publishing written material with intent to stir up religious hatred and three counts under Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which covers collecting information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. Mark Dennis QC, prosecuting, said as well as providing the list of British politicians he advised that the best place to encounter them in person was at their constituency offices. He attached a link to The book of Jihad, a source of inspiration for Choudhry, calling for a renewed attack upon Timms and the destruction of not only the MP but also the judge who sentenced Choudhry. The website was an established source of information for Muslims holding extreme views and those who wanted to carry our their threats, added Dennis. The day before Choudhry was sentenced Ahmad posted on Facebook: "This sister has put us men to shame. WE SHOULD BE DOING THIS." Ahmad, now of Wollaton, Nottingham, was born in Warwickshire and studied for A-levels at Wolverhampton College. He became radicalized as a teenager and was an active contributor to RevolutionMuslim, Islam4UK and IslamicAwakening websites. He graduated from the University of Central England with a 2:2 degree in business information technology and worked for a year as a junior development analyst at the Dorset County hospital in Dorchester. The court heard that he had also posted on Facebook a link to YouTube where he recorded a video saying: "My message to the West. You are all going to die." He was in possession of electronic copies of books called 39 ways to serve and participate in jihad and Zaad-e-Mujahid: Essential provisions of a mujahadid as well as a magazine, Inspire, which instructs English-speaking young Muslims in how to train and organize violent jihad at home.

Malcolm X's youngest daughter has been sentenced to five years probation for swindling an elderly widow out of $55,000 by running up charges on her credit card

Malikah Shabazz, 46, has been ordered to pay back the money she stole or risk being thrown into prison for seven years. Shabazz pleaded guilty to first-degree identity theft. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown accused Shabazz of preying upon the trusting nature of Khaula Bakr, a family friend and widow of one of the slain black leader's bodyguards. Prosecutors say that she opened credit card accounts in Bakr's name. Bakr, 70, discovered the theft when she got a letter from her bank demanding nearly $30,000 in payments for an overdue account. Shabazz was arrested after social service workers went to her rural North Carolina home to investigate a complaint that her 13-year-old daughter wasn't attending school.

Department of Justice statistics for 2005 show that blacks, who made up 12.1% of the population, committed 52.2% of murders

Whites, including Latinos, represented 74.7% of the population and committed 45.8% of murders. This translates to 24.7 murders committed per 100,000 blacks. There were 3.38 murders per 100,000 whites, including Latinos. When non-Hispanic whites are separated from Latinos, the figures show 7.73 murders committed per 100,000 Latinos and 2.63 murders committed per 100,000 non-Hispanic whites.

A Hispanic father and stepmother have been charged in the death of their suicidal and drug-addicted 15-year-old son, who lost consciousness after a night of drinking with them and then died 10 days later

Joe Torres Sr., 39, and Heather Soto, 31, both have been charged with intentional child abuse resulting in death and negligent child abuse resulting in death. "Since the boy had suicidal tendencies and previous rehab stints for alcohol and drug abuse, the fact that his father and stepmother allowed him to consume alcohol is kind of like feeding gas to a fire," said Dan Trujillo, a spokesman for the Las Cruces Police Department. "For at least five hours at the hospital, they denied that he drank any alcohol or that they knew he drank any alcohol," Trujillo said. It was not until detectives found text messages on the teen's phone bragging to friends that he was getting drunk with his parents that Torres Sr. and Soto admitted that Torres Jr. had been drinking with them the night before. Detectives discovered that Torres Sr. had allowed his son to drink beer and Soto had given him a wine and brandy concoction, according to the Las Cruces Police Department. The teen had moved from Colorado, where he lived with his mother, to Las Cruces to live with his father. Both Torres Sr. and Soto, according to a police statement, "knew that Joe Jr. had a self-destructive behavior and received therapy in Colorado for suicidal tendencies, alcohol abuse and overdosing on medication." Hospital examinations determined that Torres Jr. had a blood alcohol level of 0.115 and opiates in his system, according to police. Aside from it being illegal for a 15-year-old to consume alcohol, the blood alcohol level at which it is illegal for an adult to drive a car in New Mexico is 0.08. Torres Jr. died after being removed from life support. He was in critical condition and unconscious for the 10 days that he was in the hospital. Medical professionals told detectives that not knowing exactly what Joe Jr. had ingested hindered their ability to treat him. Torres Sr. and Soto have been arrested and each is being held on $50,000 bond and could face up to 18 years in jail.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jewish writer says that Anders Behring Breivik's victims had it coming

Debbie Schlussel has no sympathy for the Norwegian camp victims because they were critical of Israel and supported the Palestinians' desire for their own nation.

Breast ironing in Africa

Every morning before school, nine-year-old Terisia Techu would undergo a painful procedure. Her mother would take a burning hot pestle straight out of a fire and use it to press her breasts. With tears in her eyes as she recalls what it was like, Terisia says that one day the pestle was so hot, it burned her, leaving a mark. Now 18, she is still traumatized. Her mother, Grace, proudly demonstrates the method she used on her daughter for several weeks, saying that the goal was to make her less desirable to boys - and stave off pregnancy. A study has found that one in four girls in Cameroon have been affected by the practice. The U.S. State Department, in its 2010 human rights report on Cameroon, said that breast ironing victimized numerous girls in the country and in some cases resulted in burns, deformities, and psychological problems. There are more than 200 ethnic groups in Cameroon with different norms and customs. Breast ironing is practiced by all of them. Some mothers use hot stones or coconut shells to flatten their daughters' breasts. Doctors believe that improved diets have resulted in young Cameroonian girls going through puberty early. Many of them are also becoming pregnant early. Terisia became pregnant at 15. Her child died at birth. She said that breast ironing doesn't work. She hates the practice and wishes her mother had instead talked to her about sex and preventing pregnancy. Grace Techu argues that if it weren't for the breast ironing, Terisia would have become pregnant at an even younger age. Techu has four daughters, and she used the procedure on the first two. The third avoided it because her breasts are growing at an acceptable rate, Techu says, and the fourth girl is still too young. Mothers who want their children to finish school before becoming parents have resorted to this drastic measure, and many see nothing wrong with it. Dr Sinou Tchana, a gynecologist in Cameroon, has seen breast glands that were destroyed. She also saw one case of cancer, though she says that it couldn't be established whether the ironing caused or only exacerbated the cancer. "One mother came with secondary burns because the stone she was using to do this breast ironing burned her," Tchana says. One of Tchana's patients is a 23-year-old whose scars are still painful 14 years after her breasts were ironed.

Saudi Islamic cleric has has issued a fatwa defending Muslim child marriage (also known as pedophilia)

Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, an Islamic cleric in Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, has issued a fatwa asserting that there is no minimum age for marriage and that girls can be married even if they are in the cradle. Fawzan insists that nowhere does Sharia set an age limit for marrying girls. Like countless Muslim scholars before him, he relies on Koran 65:4, which discusses marriage to females who have not yet begun menstruating (i.e. are prepubescent) and the fact that Muhammad, Islam’s role model, married Aisha when she was 6-years-old, consummating the marriage — or, in modern parlance, raping her — when she was 9. The ulema [Islam’s interpreters] have agreed that it is permissible for fathers to marry off their small daughters, even if they are in the cradle. But it is not permissible for their husbands to have sex with them unless they are capable of being placed beneath and bearing the weight of the men. And their capability in this regard varies based on their nature and capacity. Aisha was 6 when she married the prophet, but he had sex with her when she was 9 [i.e., when she was deemed capable]. Fawzan is not the first Islamic leader to legitimize pedophilia in Islam and that the former grand mufti of Saudi Arabia himself also supported child-marriage, citing the Quran and Sunna as proof.

An American Airlines pilot was beaten as he tried to escort two belligerent Puerto Rican brothers, Jonathan and Luis Baez, off a flight from Miami to San Francisco

According to the arrest report, the altercation began when the flight was taxiing on the runway and a flight attendant noticed that 27-year-old Jonathan Baez was asleep and not wearing a seat belt. The attendant attempted to wake him up, but he was unresponsive and appeared to be intoxicated or medicated. The pilot was alerted of the situation and turned the plane around, heading back to the gate. Baez finally awoke and was told that he would not be permitted to continue on the overnight flight given his condition. As Jonathan was being escorted from the plane by the flight attendant and pilot, his 29-year-old brother Luis, who was also on the flight, decided to disembark as well. Luis then threatened the pilot, reportedly saying, "When you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed." The brothers are from Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. The pilot stayed behind as both men were escorted off the plane, but Jonathan returned, striking the pilot in the face with his fist. Another flight attendant tried to intervene, but was hit in the shoulder. Then, both men began beating the pilot with their fists, striking his chest and chasing him into the terminal where they continued to assault him. The men were eventually detained by flight crew members and some passengers on the flight. The pilot sustained facial bruising and lacerations as well as blurred vision to his left eye. He was replaced and the flight left about two hours after its originally scheduled departure time. Jonathan Baez was held on $9,000 bond on charges of battery and aggravated battery. Luis Baez was held on $12,500 bond on charges of aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

The Norwegian government’s refusal to deal with the reality of hostile, separatist, unassimilated and violent Muslim enclaves in its midst is what finally forced Breivik’s hand

Phyllis Chesler writes about the Oslo Shooter Anders Breivik:
The proof is that Breivik did not murder Muslims. His was a mainly Caucasian-on-Caucasian, infidel-on-infidel, Norwegian-on-Norwegian massacre. Breivik turned on what he viewed as a fifth column, the Norwegian elite. They had the power to insist that Muslim immigrants speak Norwegian and embrace European Enlightenment values. They refused to do so. His message to Norway’s “progressives” is chillingly clear. Their teenage children, already well indoctrinated, will not live to carry out what Breivik viewed as their parents’ failed multi-cultural policies.

Islamic terrorism and child porn

An AWOL Muslim American Army private arrested near Fort Hood has told investigators that he wanted to attack fellow soldiers at the military base. "Military personnel were a target of this suspect," Chief Dennis Baldwin said about Pfc. Naser Jason Abdo, who is expected to face federal charges. FBI agents discovered potential bomb-making materials in Abdo's hotel room. Abdo, 21, had refused to deploy to Afghanistan and later went AWOL from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, after being charged with possession of child pornography. Fort Hood is the Texas military base where a 2009 shooting spree left 13 people dead. Another Muslim American soldier, Maj. Nidal Hasan, has been charged in those killings. After Abdo's arrest, police searched his hotel room and backpack and found six pounds of smokeless powder, Christmas lights and battery-operated clocks - which were intended to create a timing and triggering device - sugar, shrapnel, a pressure cooker, and shotgun shells that were being dismantled for raw explosives, a Defense Department official said. The materials were enough to make two bombs. In the soldier's backpack, police also found Islamic extremist literature, a .40-caliber pistol and components that could be used in a bomb, a law enforcement official said. Abdo, who joined the infantry in 2009, refused to deploy to Afghanistan on religious grounds. The Army approved his request to be discharged as a conscientious objector, but in May 2011, he was charged with possession of child pornography on his computer. After a June 2011 hearing, at which Abdo was recommended for court-martial, he went AWOL.

Anders Behring Breivik and the New York Times

Ann Coulter points out the hypocrisy of the New York Times in writing about the Norway attacks while downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism. The New York Times only takes the threat of terrorism seriously when it is perpetrated by a white gentile from a Christian background.

Lawyers for a black Army Reserve soldier on trial for murder at Fort Gillem in Georgia say that he killed a superior because he was dehydrated and delirious from a crash diet

Staff Sgt. Rashad Valmont faces life in prison if a court-martial convicts him of premeditated murder in the slaying of Master Sgt. Pedro Mercado at Fort Gillem near Atlanta. Valmont admits shooting Mercado six times after he refused the soldier's vacation request. Co-workers testified that Valmont, on top of a yearlong struggle to lose weight, was already stressed after getting a poor performance evaluation and receiving several corrective counselling sessions from his superiors. They say that he spent much of his time at work in the days before the shooting working on a rebuttal to his evaluation.

A deranged black woman suddenly snatched an infant from a stroller, slammed the baby into a pole and later said that she was trying to break the baby's arm off so she could eat it

Prosecutors have charged Natasha Hubbard, 36, with aggravated assault. They have released her photo believing that she may have other victims from her wild rampage in downtown Los Angeles. The terrifying incident with the four-month-old boy took place in a crowded shopping district packed with families, police said. Detectives said that the mother, Adriana Miranda, 29, was pushing her infant son Alexander in his stroller when Hubbard unbelted the child and grabbed him by the leg. Witnesses said that Hubbard then swung the baby over her head and slammed him into a metal rail of a nearby truck as the distraught mother and the baby's aunt watched in horror, police said. The mother and aunt fought off the woman, with the suspect clawing at Miranda as she clutched the baby boy in her arms, police said. Arriving officers were able to locate Hubbard with the help of witnesses who pointed her out. She is currently in jail with bail set at $55,000.

A black former star athlete who posed as a teenager to play high school basketball has been sentenced to just three years in prison after sleeping with an under age schoolgirl

Guerdwich Montimere, 23, pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault and three counts of tampering with government records in court after he lied to join a college team in 2010. Officials said that the Haitian man had graduated from high school in Florida, where he also played basketball, years before he moved to Odessa as a 21-year-old and presented himself as a ninth-grader named Jerry Joseph. Montimere played one season at Odessa Permian High and helped lead the school to the 2010 state play-offs, but the team had to forfeit after his true identity was exposed. Montimere was indicted on six felony charges, including sexual assault and tampering with government records. He had faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the original counts. The indictment accused him of identity theft. The sexual assault counts accused him of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Islamic extremists have launched a poster campaign across Britain proclaiming areas where Sharia law enforcement zones have been set up

Communities in Britain have been bombarded with the posters, which read: "You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced." The bright yellow messages daubed on bus stops and street lamps have already been seen across certain boroughs in London and order that in the zone there should be no gambling, no music or concerts, no porn or prostitution, no drugs or smoking and no alcohol. Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary has claimed responsibility for the scheme, saying that he plans to flood specific Muslim and non-Muslim communities around Britain and put the seeds down for an Islamic Emirate in the long term. Recently, dozens of streets in the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Tower Hamlets and Newham have been targeted, raising fears that local residents may be intimidated or threatened for flouting Islamic rules. Women in parts of East London including Tower Hamlets have been threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists if they did not wear headscarves.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Humans living at high latitude have bigger eyes and brains

Scientists have measured the eye sockets and brain volumes of 55 skulls from 12 populations across the world, and plotted the results against latitude. They found a positive relationship between absolute latitude and both eye socket size and cranial capacity. The skulls were from indigenous populations ranging from Scandinavia to Australia, Micronesia and North America. The largest brain cavities came from Scandinavia, while the smallest were from Micronesia.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A 14-year-old Hispanic U.S. citizen has been jailed for three years after telling authorities that he beheaded four people whose bodies were hung from a bridge

Edgar Jimenez Lugo, known as El Ponchis (The Cloaked One), was given the maximum sentence allowed for a minor in Morelos, Mexico. The U.S. Hispanic teenager worked for the Beltran Leyva brothers' cartel and killed four people whose bodies were hung in Cuernavaca, authorities said. A judge gave Lugo the maximum sentence for a minor for organized crime, homicide, kidnapping, and drug and weapons possession. He was born in San Diego, California, and was arrested as he tried to board a plane in Cuernavaca to Tijuana with his sisters. One of his sisters, aged 16, was also involved in the crime gang. She disposed of her brother's victims by dumping the bodies on streets and freeways, officials said. El Ponchis was paid $3,000 for each murder he committed.

Don't fall asleep in South Africa

An unconscious South African man, presumed dead by relatives, had a rude awakening when he came to his senses in a morgue, officials said. His cries for help terrified employees at the mortuary in the Eastern Cape province of Libode. "Two workers heard screaming from the refrigerators," Sizwe Kupelo, a spokesperson for the Eastern Cape Health Department, said. "They thought it was a ghost and they ran for their lives." The man, who did not want his name released but is described as a grandfather in his 60s, had apparently suffered an asthma attack and fell unconscious. "The family called a private undertaker who took what they thought was a dead body to the morgue," Kupelo said. Relatives did not call paramedics, but instead phoned the mortuary, assuming he was dead. The morgue's owner said that the worker who picked up the supposedly dead man examined the body, checked his pulse, looked for a heartbeat, but there was nothing. Ayanda Maqolo was there when the elderly man woke up and started screaming after having been in the refrigerator with other corpses for at least 21 hours. "He asked, 'How did I get here?'" the owner recalled the man saying. The owner added that the chilling experience even gave him "nightmares." Kupelo said that the health department wanted to publicize the incident because it exposes a real problem. "This is why we're saying as a health department that people should call health services to have their relatives declared and certified dead, and not these private mortuaries," he said. "Those guys aren't trained paramedics. They're about business." The "dead" man, who suffered from dehydration, was hospitalized briefly after the incident. He has since returned home to his family, Kupelo said.

Israeli newspaper says that Anders Behring Breivik was motivated by Zionism

The Norwegian who admitted to killing more than 70 in a bomb-and-gun killing spree was motivated by a lethal ideological cocktail of Zionism and Islamophobia, claims Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post in its analysis of the killer’s manifesto. Breivik vehemently defended Jews in his text, blaming Western media for focusing on them instead of reporting terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims.

Palestinians are no longer bagging groceries most days at the Rami Levi supermarket at the Gush Etzion junction, after a romance between a Palestinian bagger and a Jewish cashier spurred local rabbis to demand that Levi take action

In an effort to prevent fraternizing between the Palestinian packers and the female Jewish cashiers, baggers are no longer working at the checkout counters most of the week. An exception was made for the Wednesday and Thursday night shifts, when the checkout counters are so busy that there is little opportunity for conversation. The decision followed a storm that arose in the Gush Etzion settlements after it was reported that a local Jewish girl working as a cashier had become romantically involved with one of the Palestinian baggers. Workers at the supermarket and a leading local rabbi say that the Palestinian worker was fired, but Levi denies that, saying, “He’s gone off to Jordan. When he returns, we’ll see.” The Jewish cashier quit on her own. Over the past few weeks, after reports of the cashier-packer affair spread, Rabbi Gideon Perl, the rabbi of Alon Shvut, met with chain owner Levi and demanded that he take action to prevent a recurrence. “There was an affair between a cashier and a bagger that nearly resulted in her leaving home,” Perl said. “There was a plan to take her to his village. I was asked to talk to Rami Levi and his staff about the problem, and told them that one of the things we had feared when the store opened a year ago was exactly this. I’m pleased by the steps Rami Levi has taken. The Arabs don’t particularly like this [interreligious relationships] either, and it seems that Rami Levi understands the problem. The worker was fired and will not return. You need a whip to teach people a lesson after something like this happens.”

The wealth gaps between whites and minorities have grown to their widest levels in a quarter-century

The recession and uneven recovery have erased decades of minority gains, leaving whites on average with 20 times the net worth of blacks and 18 times that of Hispanics, according to an analysis of new Census data. What's pushing the wealth of whites is the rebound in the stock market and corporate savings, while younger Hispanics and African-Americans who bought homes in the last decade — because that was the American dream — are seeing big declines. The median wealth of white U.S. households in 2009 was $113,149, compared with $6,325 for Hispanics and $5,677 for blacks, according to the analysis released by the Pew Research Center. Those ratios, roughly 20 to 1 for blacks and 18 to 1 for Hispanics, far exceed the low mark of 7 to 1 for both groups reached in 1995, when the nation's economic expansion lifted many low-income groups to the middle class. The white-black wealth gap is also the widest since the census began tracking such data in 1984, when the ratio was roughly 12 to 1. Stock holdings play an important role in the economic well-being of white households. Stock funds, IRA and Keogh accounts as well as 401(k) and savings accounts were responsible for 28% of whites' net worth, compared with 19% for blacks and 15% for Hispanics. According to the Pew study, the housing boom of the early to mid-2000s boosted the wealth of Hispanics in particular, who were disproportionately employed in the thriving construction industry. Hispanics also were more likely to live and buy homes in states such as California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona, which were in the forefront of the real estate bubble, enjoying early gains in home values. But those gains quickly shriveled in the housing bust. After reaching a median wealth of $18,359 in 2005, the wealth of Hispanics — who derived nearly two-thirds of their net worth from home equity — declined by 66% by 2009. Among blacks, who now have the highest unemployment rate at 16.2%, their household wealth fell 53% from $12,124 to $5,677. In contrast, the median household wealth of whites dipped a modest 16% from $134,992 to $113,149, cushioned in part by a stock market recovery that began in mid-2009.

Only 22% of likely U.S. voters now support government programs that give special treatment when hiring to women and minorities

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 63% oppose programs that give hiring preference to women and minorities. When asked specifically about affirmative action programs in general without any further description, 26% of voters favor them, while 45% are opposed. In addition, 46% of voters believe that affirmative action programs discriminate against white men, but 31% disagree and 23% are not sure. Only 10% think affirmative action programs have been a success.

A Hispanic math teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old girl says he can’t be sued over it because he treated her like all the other pupils in class

Julio Cesar Benavides was aged 27 and teaching at Richmond Hill High School in Queens, New York, when the pupil became his "girlfriend". Their "romantic relationship" evolved from a "normal teacher-pupil relationship" that turned into a "friendship", court papers said. Benavides, now 32, lost his job and spent almost two years in jail after pleading guilty in 2008 to having unlawful sex with the teenager. He continued to see her after his arrest, official records show. But the girl’s mother has filed a $3 million lawsuit against Benavides in Brooklyn Federal Court. She claims that he violated her daughter’s civil rights because she suffered sexual harassment and a hostile environment at school. The mother also claims her daughter was sexually discriminated against. However Benavides said that their "secret romantic and sexual relationship" happened off school grounds and outside of school hours. Benavides, acting as his own lawyer, denies violating her rights but says that even if he did then this was not in his official capacity as a teacher.

The wife of an Asian gunman, who shot her and four other relatives dead before turning the gun on himself, suffered years of violent abuse at his hands

Trini Do, 29, was shot dead by estranged husband Tan Do after the 35-year-old opened fire at the couple's son's 11th birthday party at a roller rink. Do was accused of hitting his wife and threatening her with guns in the months before the shooting rampage that also claimed the lives of the woman's sisters Lynn Ta, 16, and Michelle Ta, 28; her brother, Hien Ta, 21; and her sister-in-law, Thuy Nguyen, 25.

Norway and the Muslim problem

Pat Buchanan looks at the real threat to Europe in the wake of the Norwegian attacks:
But, awful as this atrocity was, native born and homegrown terrorism is not the macro-threat to the continent.

That threat comes from a burgeoning Muslim presence in a Europe that has never known mass immigration, its failure to assimilate, its growing alienation, and its sometime sympathy for Islamic militants and terrorists.

Europe faces today an authentic and historic crisis.

With her native-born populations aging, shrinking and dying, Europe's nations have not discovered how to maintain their prosperity without immigrants. Yet the immigrants who have come—from the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia—have been slow to learn the language and have failed to attain the educational and occupational levels of Europeans. And the welfare states of Europe are breaking under the burden.

Norway, too, needs to wake up. From the first call for help, police needed 90 minutes to get out on the island in the Oslo lake to stop the massacre by the coward, who surrendered as soon as the men with guns arrived. Apparently, Breivik wanted to be around to deliver his declaration of European war in person. Yet, if convicted of the 76 murders, Breivik can, at most, get 21 years, the maximum sentence under Norwegian law.

Norway is a peaceful and progressive country, its leaders say.

Yet Norway sent troops to Afghanistan and has participated in the bombing of Libya, where civilians have been killed and Moammar Gadhafi has himself lost a son and three grandchildren to NATO bombs.

As for a climactic conflict between a once-Christian West and an Islamic world that is growing in numbers and advancing inexorably into Europe for the third time in 14 centuries, on this one, Breivik may be right.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Countries that averaged smaller penis sizes grew at a faster rate than their larger counterparts between 1960 and 1985

Every centimeter increase in penis size accounted for a 5 to 7 percent reduction in economic growth. Overall GDP was at its highest in countries with average-sized penises with GDP falling at the extremes of penis length.

It is still a mystery why black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than whites, according to a new study that shows the racial disparity can't be chalked up to obesity differences

As a group, black women in the United States tend to be heavier than whites and researchers had thought that might explain why only 78% survive five years after diagnosis, compared to 90% of white women. Several studies have tied obesity to poorer survival after breast cancer, but only a few small ones have tested whether that relationship varies by race. The new study is the most detailed and well-designed so far. Researchers used data collected for an earlier breast cancer study on more than 4,500 women living in major American cities. About a third of the women were black and the rest were white, and all were between 35 and 64 years old when they were diagnosed with breast cancer. After more than eight years, 14% of the white women and a quarter of the black women had died of breast cancer. The women had been interviewed about their weight five years before their cancer diagnosis and more than twice as many black women as white were obese (27% vs 12%). Obese white women had a 46% higher chance of dying of breast cancer than their normal-weight white peers and the increased risk remained after taking other diseases and education into account. But there was no such link for blacks. The researchers did find a hint that extra poundage might be related to cancer death in black women with advanced disease, but those results would need to be replicated by additional studies in other groups. It was surprising that this study shows a positive relationship between obesity and breast cancer mortality in white women and not in black women. While there aren't any bulletproof answers yet, researchers believe that differences in tumor biology could be at play.

A black man is dead after the motel clerk he tried to sexually assault and rob, fought back and killed him, deputies said

Investigators say that 43-year-old Vincent Carson entered Days Inn motel early in the morning. As the female clerk went into the breakfast room to prepare breakfast, she found Carson waiting inside. The victim said that Carson held a knife to her throat and said "this is a robbery." Investigators said that when her attacker slipped the knife into his pants pocket to begin tying her up with plastic ties, the woman pulled a handgun from under her shirt, turned and fired into the man's chest at point blank range. The victim was about 100 pounds lighter than Carson and stood at least a foot shorter than him, investigators said. When deputies got to the scene they found the suspect unresponsive on the floor. Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said that Carson died from a single gunshot to the chest. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said Carson's intent was not only to rob the motel, but also to rape the clerk. "There's no doubt that was his intent," said Lott. "Not only was he going to rob her, but he was going to sexually assault her. Now what was he going to do after that assault was over with, we don't know." The suspect was wanted in at least one other motel robbery in the Midlands. The Orangeburg County Sheriff's Department was looking for Carson in connection with a robbery at the Hampton Inn on US Highway 601.

Is Anders Behring Breivik really a Christian?

Not according to Andrew Brown and Dan Gilgoff.

A senior community rabbi has suggested that all Jewish community workers and volunteers apply for a police Working with Children Check, regardless of whether or not they directly supervise children

Speaking in the wake of child abuse allegations at Yeshivah College in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kluwgant, the immediate past president of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria, rabbi at Jewish Care and Victoria Police chaplain, said that all community workers should get a Working with Children Check, including synagogue board members and synagogue staff. Rabbi Kluwgant suggested that parents even ask to see a Working with Children Check before employing a bar mitzvah teacher for their son. Rabbi Kluwgant conceded, though, that the police checks might not be enough. “The sad reality is that the abuser could very well be the kind man next door, a close friend we take out for lunch, or indeed a trusted official who no-one would believe to be a predator,” he said.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik is a fan of left-wing terrorist Ted Kaczynski aka the Unabomber

The anti-racist, pro-gay and pro-Israel terrorist used Kaczynski's writings as a source for much of his manifesto. This further undermines the argument that Breivik is a right-wing extremist.

Maybe this is why Anders Behring Breivik thought that Muslim immigrants would be bad for gays in Norway?

The Pakistani Senate has severely condemned the hosting of a gay pride ceremony by the US embassy in Pakistan and sent the matter to the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs for taking any possible action. The committee will see whether the parliament had the jurisdiction to debate the issue in any of its houses and what kind of action could be initiated against the organizers of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) function that was held in the US embassy in Islamabad. The lawmakers condemned the statement of the US embassy that announced support for such persons in Pakistan, saying that GLBT activities were against the basic principles of Islam and the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and hence could not be allowed.

Ethnic nationalism and the European Union

Are the financial strains of deeply indebted mostly southern European nations prompting nationalists in northern European countries to increasingly assert their own national interests over those of countries reeling from sovereign debt crises?

Is it really correct to describe Anders Behring Breivik as a right-wing extremist?

According to his own writings, he is anti-racist, pro-gay and pro-Israel which are not the typical characteristics of right-wing extremists. His opposition to Islam seems to be based on the hostility and violence that many Muslims have perpetrated against homosexuals. His views seem to be very similar to those of assassinated Dutch political activist, Pim Fortuyn, who also opposed Islamic immigration because he saw it as a threat to the liberal culture of the Netherlands.

Members of the Taliban have hung the eight-year-old son of a police commander after ordering his father to surrender

The young boy was kidnapped by militants in the Greshk district of Helmand province. He was hanged after they demanded his father give himself up or else the boy would be executed. Children often fall victim to Taliban militants when they carry out attacks. Youngsters have also been used by the Taliban as suicide bombers. Recently, four civilians were killed and 12 others were injured when a 12-year-old suicide bomber blew himself up at a crowded market in eastern Afghanistan.

Is Anders Behring Breivik a Zionist?

Apparently, one of the reasons for the killings committed by the Norwegian terrorist is that he believed he was fighting against the enemies of Israel. It is even alleged that he may have had links to Mossad.

Immigration is causing some Europeans to act like Muslim terrorists

Shrewsbury points out that as Third World - particularly Islamic - immigration increases, Europeans are going to start acting more and more like the thuggish immigrants themselves, an example of which we have seen with the recent tragic events in Norway:
The deeper meaning of this event goes far beyond giving the haircuts on the television news a new rhetorical weapon. It means multiculturalism and mass immigration are now pushing some white people into the same nihilistic psychological space as Muslims, left with nothing but an overwhelming urge to destroy. If the liberals had the wit to understand this, they would be profoundly alarmed. The difference of course is that the Muslim culture is the source of its own despair, while for the European the cause of despair is the forcible ruin and elimination of his culture by others--the left, the Muslims. This means that the European urge to destroy can be slaked by allowing the European to be European, while the Muslim's urge to destroy can never be slaked, because, to achieve any peace, he must become something other than Muslim.

But at the moment this makes no difference--you have two urges to destroy, with the utterly rotten edifice of liberalism in the middle. And this is what matters, not what Rachel Maddow is babbling tomorrow. We may even find that the liberals' expressions of hate toward the right become actually less intemperate after this, as they begin to sense the stirrings of the monster which they have done so much to awake, and, having cried wolf a thousand times, now find themselves confronted by a dragon; and begin to realize that all their silly ranting about how awful the Right is will be of no use if they are to be confronted by a Right which really is awful.

This didn't have to happen, the left didn't have work so long and so frenziedly to try to destroy us, and everything we are, and everything we have, but they did, so it will happen. It is sickening and it is tragic.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A black teen nearly decapitated his dog by wrapping an electrical cord around the helpless animal's neck and leaving it to die in the woods

"It is without a doubt the worst case of animal cruelty I've ever seen, and I've been sheriff for 29 years," Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick said. Monterion Dionte Davis, 19, has been arrested after authorities - incensed by a graphic photo of the wounded dog - launched an investigation. The mixed-breed dog was nearly dead when the animal rescue group Save-A-Pet found the wounded animal and rushed it to a veterinary hospital. The dog survived after emergency surgery to repair a severed trachea and other injuries suffered when it was tied to a tree. Two weeks later, authorities arrested Davis on a charge of aggravated animal cruelty. Davis faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

A teenager has spoken of his horror after he was doused in gasoline and burned alive by his mother's black boyfriend while he was sleeping

Antoine Willis, 19, said that his mother's black boyfriend, Curtis Reed, attacked him after he stepped in when the 54-year-old threw a frozen chicken at his mother and threatened her with a knife at their home in St Paul's, Minnesota. In his first interview, Willis, who is covered in bandages to protect his second and third degree burns, tried to hold back tears as he told how he believes that his mother's boyfriend of eight years wanted to kill him. The teenager said that Reed, who he had seen as a father figure, threatened him in the early hours of the morning after he intervened to break up a fight between him and his mother. According to court documents, Reed attacked his girlfriend, Willis' mother, pushing and hitting her, before throwing a frozen chicken at her in an attempt to get alcohol. Reed threatened Willis after he tried to stop him by grabbing him while two friends punched him after he had walked towards Willis' mother armed with a knife and frying pan. "He was walking around the house with hammers and stuff, still talking stuff like, 'Don't go to sleep, don't' go to sleep'," Willis said. Willis said that he, his girlfriend and his mother tried to stay awake by playing video games because they were fearful for their safety, but all fell asleep. He was sleeping on the sofa when he woke up to the smell of burning flesh and realised that he was covered in flames. "All I know is I was asleep and I had fire on my head when I woke up," Willis said. "I took my shirt off, patted my head down and he was chasing me with a bottle of lighter fluid and kept spraying me with it." Police files said that Reed shouted, "I got you! I got you now!" as Willis tried to put out the flames. Doctors do not know if Willis will have permanent scaring and it could be three to four weeks before he is released from hospital. He suffered second and third degree burns to his hands, face, neck, torso, scalp and ears. Most of his body is currently covered with band-aids and gauze and he is still throwing up the lighter fluid that was used to burn him. Reed is charged with first-degree assault. He could face a maximum sentence of 20 years and a $30,000 fine. He remains in custody at the Ramsey County Jail.

A Pakistani war criminal has been arrested in Canada

One of 30 suspected war criminals hiding in the Greater Toronto area was arrested a day after the federal government released their photos. The Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) learned that Arshad Muhammad, also known as Certosa Aranci and Muhammad Arshad, was nabbed by Peel Regional Police after a customer in a Factory Tile Depot store in Mississauga recognized him from a newspaper story. The Sun, which published a photo and description of the Pakistan native - last reported to be in Montreal - was singled out for praise one day earlier by federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews for alerting the government to the refusal by the CBSA to release photos and seek public help in nabbing accused war criminals. Another wanted man pictured in the Sun, Cristobal Gonzalez-Ramirez, 44, of Honduras, was captured by CBSA agents after authorities received numerous public tips. All of the men on the list Toews had released are sought for various unspecified crimes against humanity.

A black pastor stands accused of raping a woman at his place of worship

Pastor Donald Lockhart was arrested, but bailed out a few hours later, and it's not the first time he's been arrested. A locked-up building in Southeast Fresno is Pastor Lockhart's church and his business. It's also the place where police say that he raped a woman. Investigators say that the victim was in the building - seeing Lockhart for the first or second time - when he attacked. "He was arrested for forced rape, forced oral copulation, false imprisonment and attempted rape," said Sgt. Nina Jacobs of the Fresno Police Department. Officers have arrested Lockhart twice in recent months - once for shooting a gun, which he admitted doing, and now for rape.

Being tall has been linked to a greater risk of 10 common cancers by University of Oxford researchers

For every four inches above five feet a person was, the researchers said that they had a 16% increased cancer risk. The study of more than one million women suggested chemicals that control growth might also affect tumors. The study followed 1.3 million middle-aged women in Britain between 1996 and 2001. It linked 10 cancers to height - colon, rectal, malignant melanoma, breast, endometrial (uterus), ovarian, kidney, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukaemia. Those in the tallest group, over 5ft 9in, were 37% more likely to have developed a tumor than those in the shortest group, under 5ft. Although the study looked only at women, the researchers said that the height link was also present in men. They combined 10 other research studies which showed a similar link in men. Height, however, is not a universally bad thing. It is believed that people are becoming taller due to better nutrition and fewer diseases in childhood. Being tall has also been linked to reduced rates of heart disease. It is also not the biggest contributor to cancer. A height link was greatly reduced or eliminated for some cancers in smokers - researchers said that the effect of height had been swamped. Obesity is also a big factor, a 10 point increase in Body Mass Index increases the risk of breast cancer by around 40%. Height might one day help doctors screen for cancer risk and it is hoped, that by furthering the understanding of cancers, the study will help researchers discover treatments. Scientists believe that as there is a link across many cancers there may be a basic common mechanism. They think, but have not proved, that growth hormones - such as insulin-like growth factors - may be the explanation. Higher levels of growth factors could do two things. They could result in more cells - taller people are made of more stuff so there are more cells which could mutate and become tumors. Alternatively, they could increase the rate of cell division and turnover, increasing the risk of cancer. The researchers suggested that height could also have contributed to increasing cancer incidence. In Europe, average height is thought to have increased by around one centimeter every decade during the 20th Century. They argued that the height increase in that time could have resulted in a 10-15% more cancers than if heights had remained the same.

Jewish singer found dead

Singer Amy Winehouse, infamous for erratic public behavior, arrests and drug problems, was found dead at her apartment in London. She was 27. Her death came less than two months after her latest release from a rehabilitation program and weeks following a disastrous performance where she was booed off a Belgrade stage by disappointed Serbian fans. Winehouse died at the same age as four other music legends. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison each died of drug overdoses when they were 27. Kurt Cobain was 27 when he committed suicide, soon after his release from rehab. The "Rehab" singer had a history of battling drugs and alcohol and recently left a British rehab program that a representative said was intended to prepare her for scheduled European concerts. But she cut short the European concert tour following a concert in Belgrade, Serbia, where she staggered around the stage and stumbled through several songs. Audience members booed Winehouse off the stage that night just a few songs into the concert, the first of the tour. Winehouse's soulful, throaty vocals brought the Jewish musician stardom in 2007, but her off-stage life gained her notoriety. The lyrics of her songs, especially the hit "Rehab," chronicled her troubled life. The song, in which she sang "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no," helped form the public's view of Winehouse. Winehouse, born in London in 1983, became a picture of a tattooed teenage rebel after she was expelled from a prestigious performing arts school. Her first album, "Frank," debuted in 2003, when the singer-songwriter was 19. International success came with her 2007 album "Back To Black," winner of best pop vocal album and album of the year Grammys in 2008. The single "Rehab" won Grammys for record of the year and song of the year. Winehouse's volatile marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil took a toll on the singer's career. The couple divorced in 2009 after a stormy two years filled by drug addiction and arrests.

Young woman accuses Asian-American Democrat of aggressive and unwanted sexual encounter

A distraught young woman called U.S. Rep. David Wu's Portland office, accusing him of an unwanted sexual encounter, according to multiple sources. When confronted, the Oregon Democrat acknowledged a sexual encounter to his senior aides but insisted it was consensual, the sources said. The woman is the daughter of a longtime friend and campaign donor. She apparently did not contact police at the time. One person who heard the voice mail described the woman as upset, breathing heavily and distraught. In the voice mail, the young woman accused Wu of aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior, according to sources with direct knowledge of the message and its contents. Reporters could not verify the young woman's age. Notes on Facebook indicate that she graduated from high school in 2010. California records show that she registered to vote in August 2010. Wu, 56, did not respond to repeated questions from reporters on this issue. In 2004, journalists reported on a 1976 case when Wu was a student at Stanford University and was disciplined for trying to force an ex-girlfriend to have sex.

A seven-point Democratic advantage among whites under age 30 in 2008 has turned into an 11-point GOP advantage in 2011

In addition, a 15-point Democratic advantage among whites earning less than $30,000 annually in 2008 has swung to a four-point Republican edge in 2011. The last time that Republicans had this level of support among young white voters was 2002-2004, which was, of course, the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

A Ghanaian minister is promoting hatred by urging people to report those they suspect of being homosexual, a human rights group has said

Ghana's Center for Popular Education and Human Rights said that Paul Evans Aidoo's comments could endanger the nation's underground gay community. Aidoo said that he wanted to rid society of gay people and take them to court. Homosexual acts are illegal in Ghana but someone would have to be caught having sex to be prosecuted. Aidoo was reacting to reports that 8,000 gay people in the Western Region had registered with AIDS charities. He urged people to come forward if they suspected someone was gay. The suspects would be taken to court to see if they could be charged, Aidoo said. "All efforts are being made to get rid of these people in the society," he said. Homosexuality is frowned upon in many African societies. An MP in Uganda recently tried to introduce the death penalty for some homosexual acts.

CNN poll: Barack Obama's approval rating is down to 45%

According to the poll, 54% of people questioned disapprove of how Obama is handling his duties with 38% saying that they disapprove because Obama has been too liberal and 13% saying that Obama has not been liberal enough.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A leading American Orthodox rabbi, Shmuel Kamenetsky, said that child abuse should be reported to rabbis, not police

Kamenetsky, the vice president of Agudath Israel of America's Supreme Council of Rabbinic Sages, said in a speech in Brooklyn that the sexual abuse of a child should be reported to a rabbi, who would then determine if the police should be called. He made the speech as a search was being conducted for an 8-year-old Brooklyn boy, Leiby Kletzky, whose dismembered body was found the following day in a dumpster and in the apartment of Levi Aron. Aron has been indicted in the boy's murder. Kamenetsky was repeating Agudath Israel of America's official policy banning Jews from reporting child sexual abuse to police. A representative of the Shomrim, a volunteer civilian patrol in New York, said that his organization keeps a list of child molesters whom they have not reported to the police. It is possible that Aron may have been known to some in the haredi Orthodox community, but that they did not report him to the police.

A black father hurled his seven-week-old baby son headfirst on to the concrete sidewalk after a row with the baby's mother

Carmello Sears is now fighting for his life in Massachusetts General Hospital after suffering a fractured skull and bleeding to the brain. His mother, Crystle, screamed and screamed "you killed my child! You killed my child!" after her boyfriend Carlos Edwards slammed her baby to the ground when she refused to give him money. Edwards, 33, walked away from his son as his little body lay motionless on the sidewalk before fleeing to the home he shared with his wife, who had no idea he had been seeing Sears for two years - nor that he had a son. The 23-year-old mother-of-three is now keeping an anxious vigil by her son's bedside as doctors wait to see whether he has been left with brain damage. Little Carmello was critically injured, after his father arrived demanding money from Sears. When she refused, he pulled Carmello out of her arms and refused to hand him back until she gave him the money. Fearful for her son's safety, she relented and gave him her electronic benefits card, screaming for him to give her baby back. Instead he turned round and threw his son four feet in the air from chest height, shouting: "Take your baby! I hope you both die." The baby brushed his mother's shoulder but slammed into sidewalk. Edwards has pleaded not guilty to assault and battery of a child, causing bodily injury, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

A black Cincinnati Bengals linebacker has been indicted on sex-related charges involving the teenage daughter of a former Bengals assistant coach

According to court documents, Nathaniel Webster engaged in sexual conduct with the girl many times in 2009 when she was 15 years old and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. Assistant prosecutor, Megan Shanahan, said: "When somebody has a gun with them and tells them I will kill you, your family, your grandparents, your little sisters, absolutely she was afraid to say no." Webster was a close friend of the girl's family while the relationship look place between June and December of 2009. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said that the 33-year-old was indicted on one count each of gross sexual imposition and sexual battery and five counts of unlawful sex with a minor with gun specifications. Webster could be sentenced to up to 36 years in prison if convicted. His bail was set to $1,000,000. Webster is the father of seven children by four different women.

A black mother has been charged with forcing her four-year-old son to drink beer in a playground and giving her ten-month-old daughter cocaine

Juliette Dunn, 29, was arrested after she was seen ordering her son to chug a 40-ounce bottle of beer in a public park and officers found a baby bottle that smelt of alcohol next to her daughter. When questioned by social workers, the four-year-old boy said that he liked Natural Ice beer and Budweiser, but does not like the taste of Dog-Bite beer. Both children tested positive for alcohol and the ten-month-old girl also had cocaine in her system.

Jews love Obama and the Democrats

Barack Obama handily defeats his current Republican presidential opponents among Jewish voters, according to a poll put out by J Street. At the same time, the majority of American Jews disapproves of his handling of the Arab-Israeli conflict, the poll found. Obama currently enjoys 63% of the American Jewish vote compared to 24% for Mitt Romney and 67% when facing off against Michele Bachmann, who received 19% support, according to the poll. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, and Bachmann, a Minnesota Congresswoman, are leading polls of announced contenders for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

During the 2009-2010 school year black students, who make up 12% of the San Diego Unified School District’s students, accounted for 21.5% of suspensions compared to white students who accounted for only 4%

The numbers provide insight into similar statistics on California’s and the nation’s prison population. Blacks make up about 7% of California’s population, but are 32% of its prison inmates. Nationally, blacks account for about 13% of the population and nearly 40% of those incarcerated. Much like prison, achievement gap statistics skew heavily against black males. Black males are more likely to grow up in poverty, raised in homes where fathers are absent or unemployed, and mothers detached or chronically depressed. Black children are three times more likely than white children to live in single-parent homes. They are twice as likely than their white peers to live in homes where no parent has a full-time or year-round job and only a third of black children grow up in homes where a parent has a high school diploma. By the time black boys reach the age of two, they are already behind white males of the same age when it comes to things like responding to orders and language development. Blacks also score lower on IQ tests than whites. In San Diego, only 33% of African-American students scored proficient or better on state math tests compared with 64% of white students and 69% of Asians and the graduation rate for black students is just below 79% whereas 91.4% of white students receive their diplomas.

Black man kills another man over dripping air conditioner

African-American Charles Sims, 28, shot Jimmy Parker eight times, police said. Sims has appeared in court on a charge of first-degree murder. He is being held without bond. Sims’ sister had complained to him that Parker dropped water on her from the window of an apartment building, police said. But the water was simply condensation falling from an air conditioner in a third-floor apartment where the 29-year-old Parker was visiting a woman, Chicago Police Detective Anthony Noradin said. The warm water fell on Sims’ sister when she returned home to the building shortly before midnight, police said. She called police to report the incident. She also told her brother, who returned to the building and confronted Parker outside, police said. When Parker denied it, Sims punched him, police said. Then Parker hit Sims, who pulled a 9mm handgun and shot Parker. Sims stood over Parker to finish him off, Noradin said. Six witnesses have identified Sims as the shooter, Noradin said.

Race and the 10 most wanted fugitives in Texas

For some reason, the Texas Department of Public Safety lists many Hispanic fugitives as white which has the effect of overstating the white crime rate while understating the Hispanic one. Gaspar Loya, Javier Morin, Ernesto Alonso Garcia, Robert Barrera, Alfonso Gomez Quiroz and Ricardo Zunigo are all classified on the Texas 10 most wanted fugitive list as white even though it seems more likely that they have Mexican or other Latin American ancestry.

An Ohio jury has found African-American Anthony Sowell guilty in connection with the kidnapping, abuse of corpses and aggravated murder of 11 women between 2007 and 2009

Sowell had pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to all 85 counts against him, which also included rape and tampering with evidence. The verdict - which makes the defendant eligible for the death penalty, a decision that will come during the sentencing phase of the proceedings - came after more than three weeks of testimony. The defense did not call witnesses or present any evidence during the trial. The jurors found him guilty on 84 counts, with the sole not guilty verdict coming on an aggravated robbery charge. In addition to murder, kidnapping and other charges, the defendant was also convicted of felonious assault, attempted rape and attempted murder in several cases. The jury determined that he committed numerous crimes with a sexual motivation, a variation of the offenses that is distinct from the rape charges. The verdicts ended a saga that began, for investigators, in October 2009 with the discovery of the first two sets of victims' remains inside Sowell's home. Eventually, prosecutors shaped a case claiming that the ex-Marine killed at least 11 women, ages 25 to 52, even as law enforcement reopened cold cases to determine if Sowell might be complicit in other murders. More women, meanwhile, have since come forward saying that they'd survived attacks by the now-convicted serial killer. One such story led prosecutors, for instance, to seek a 10-count indictment against Sowell in connection with the rape of a 34-year-old woman inside his home. Most of the women whose remains were found in and around Sowell's home were strangled by ligature - which can include a string, cord or wire - and at least one was strangled by hand, officials said. Seven still had ligatures wrapped around their necks. A skull is all that remains of one victim. It was found wrapped in a paper bag and stuffed in a bucket in the home's basement.

The Jewish role in undermining America

Paul Gottfried looks at how his fellow Jews have affected the United States:
Jews are also a more cohesive group than WASPs—who may be the least unified and most atomized ethnicity on earth. A diatribe against WASPs will not hurt its author and may even bring him or her admiring recognition. By contrast, adverse comments about Jews, or about the “Holocaust Industry” in the case of Norman Finkelstein, who (despite being Jewish himself) lost his job at Depaul University after Alan Dershowitz weighed in against him, can be professionally fatal.

The late Joe Sobran once observed that denying that Jews are powerless can bring swift retribution. That is precisely because the Jewish community is anything but powerless. The professionally conscious intellectual is also expected to stress the supposed agonies of the American Jewish experience—for example, the virulently anti-Semitic past for which American Christians are considered responsible.

This unpleasantness is, of course, much exaggerated. American Jews suffered far less prejudice in the US than most other immigrant groups, including ethnic Catholics. Before the arrival at the beginning of the twentieth century of masses of Eastern European Jews, who struck even the very tolerant historian Frederick Jackson Turner as “hard to assimilate”, the German and Sephardic Jews who were already here encountered mostly good will from Christians. Were it not for the Jewish newcomers, this older Jewish minority would have totally melted away through intermarriage with upper-class Protestants.

The problem was those Eastern European Jews, who tended to come from unemancipated shtetls in much less modernized societies, generally didn’t like the bourgeois Christian society they encountered. They found it to be alien, threatening or just disagreeable. And, as Kevin MacDonald accurately shows in The Culture of Critique, these Jews have played a decisive role in subverting once-established culture.

MacDonald may overstate the continuity of the role Jews have occupied as the grave-diggers of non-Jewish cultures, and the negative response to the host country exhibited by earlier Jewish settlers in the New World. But his treatment of the relentless crusade waged by Jewish intellectuals against bourgeois decencies since the early twentieth century is certainly on the mark.

No matter where one looks at this war against the Gentile heritage—whether it is being fought in the name of gay marriage, feminism, militant secularism, or Open Borders—Jews are invariably in the vanguard. And MacDonald is spot-on when he observes that, when the American Right was taken over by Jewish journalists, the effect was to push “conservatism” toward the left.

The one apparent exception to this tendency: the successful identification of the transformed American Right with Jewish nationalism. Thus the “conservative” media happily treats Connecticut’s socially liberal Senator Joe Lieberman as an honorary man of the Right, apparently because he is working to advance “democracy” in the Middle East—by which is meant that he is good on Israel and on encouraging war against Israel’s presumed enemies.

Jewish mayor sends his own children to private school but wants white gentiles to send their children to public schools

With the Jews it is generally a case of do as we say not as we do.

There's a family of about 2,500 genetic hot spots of recombination that are active in people of West African ancestry, like African-Americans, which are almost completely inactive in people of non-African ancestry

Finding these 2,500 genetic hot spots could be particularly helpful for finding genes for diseases that are more common in African-Americans.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Obama, Palin and wealthy GOP donors

Many wealthy Republicans voted for Obama because they couldn't stand Sarah Palin. Many of them now feel that Obama has betrayed them. Serves them right.

In March 2010, an immigrant from Morocco, Mbarek Lafrem severely beat a nurse because she wouldn’t dance with him in a Manhattan bar

He followed her into the women’s restroom where he attempted to rape her and fractured her skull, eye socket, nose and jaw and cut her forehead, requiring 50 stitches. Being a Muslim man, he blamed the woman for trying to defend herself - in the women’s restroom. He regarded any American woman behaving as a free individual to be a prostitute and therefore not entitled to refuse him. Manhattan State Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel has promised Lafrem a 16-year prison term at his sentencing, set for Sept. 1, 2011. Prosecutors had asked for 20 years.

A group of Hindu residents can sue an Edison restaurant for money to travel to India, where they say that they must purify their souls after eating meat, a state appellate court panel has ruled

The decision by the three-judge panel reinstates a lawsuit filed against Moghul Express, the restaurant admitted that it accidentally served meat-filled pastries to 16 Hindus whose religion forbids them from eating non-vegetarian food. The diners said that the mix-up has harmed them spiritually and monetarily, and that to cleanse themselves of their sin — even though it was committed unknowingly — they must participate in a purification ritual in India’s Ganges River. "If you follow the scriptures, it’s definitely a huge cost," said Mehul Thakkar, a spokesman for the Yogi Divine Society in Lake Hiawatha, a nonprofit socio-religious organization that adheres to the principles of the Swaminarayan faith of Hinduism. "If they are very strict about it, there definitely is a fee involved." Thakkar said that the purification ceremony can last from three to 30 days, and that the cost of the trip, which can add up to thousands of dollars, is based on how much a participant can afford. Hinduism, the third largest religion in the world and which is dominant in the Indian subcontinent, holds that meat consumption affects the purity of the soul and that those who eat meat cannot be with God after death.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black-on-black violence: The remains of a 14-year-old girl missing for four months have been found in the wilderness near her home in Portland, Oregon

Yashanee Vaughn was last seen at a Taco Bell in March 2011. Just days later police arrested her 16-year-old boyfriend after he told his father he had shot Yashanee by mistake. Parrish Bennette also claimed that he had hidden her body in the wooded Rocky Butte area, saying they'll never find her there. Her disappearance devastated the community and her mother, Shaquita Louis, led a high-profile campaign to find her. After a three-month search investigators announced that they had discovered the remains of a woman, after Bennette told them where he'd hidden her - only a mile from his home. They were positively identified as Yashanee, exactly four months after she went missing. She died from a single gunshot to the head. Yashanee vanished on March 19, after having dinner with Bennette. Police arrested her boyfriend two weeks later, after he confessed to his father that his gun had gone off by mistake. The day before Yashanee died he had taken a photograph of himself with his cell phone holding a gun. When officers searched his home, they found that his bedroom carpet was soaked with blood which matched Yashanee's DNA, according to court documents. They also found blood on the walls, spattered over furniture and on the floorboards, where it had penetrated through the carpet. Bennette has pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter with a firearm.

Islamic leaders want Muslims in Australia to get interest-free loans for religious reasons

Australia's Islamic leaders want recognition of sharia law as it applies to banking practices and family law.

A black man who pleaded guilty to raping a female student in the bathroom of Montgomery College's Takoma Park campus will spend 90 years in prison

Nathaniel Hart has been sentenced by a Montgomery County judge. The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to entering a bathroom at the college in January 2010 and sliding under a stall to attack a 19-year-old student, telling her that he had a gun. He was later arrested at a Silver Spring hotel.

A 35-year-old Egyptian has been arrested after police said that he violated an injunction and raped a woman inside her apartment

Police have charged Ahmed Gad with sexual battery, aggravated battery, burglary, false imprisonment and violation of a domestic violence injunction. The woman told investigators that she was driving when Gad pulled up behind her and rammed her vehicle, according to a charging affidavit. Later, she told police that Gad showed up at her apartment and was able to force his way into the residence. Once inside the apartment, Gad battered the woman and took her cell phone and clothes, the affidavit states. The woman told police that Gad also bit her several times as he raped her. The next morning Gad raped the woman again before leaving for a domestic violence class in DeLand, police said. When he came back to the apartment, the woman called police, according to the affidavit. Gad was being held at the Volusia County Branch Jail with no bail allowed, a booking officer said.