Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Slavery reparations and 9/11

Walter Olson explains how the 9/11 attacks pushed compensation for slavery off the radar screen.


James said...

That may be true, but reparations for slavery are back.

There's legislation pending in Congress, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see hearings in Washington within a few months.

Average Joe said...

Hopefully, the hearings will go nowhere.

James said...

I hope the hearings will lead to a serious discussion about the ways in which most Americans misunderstand the role of slavery and the slave trade in our nation's history and the present day.

Only when we have a complete and balanced picture of our shared history will we be able to move forward as one people.

Average Joe said...

The problem is that we are not one people.

James said...

I see. That sounds ominous.

I think last night proved that a majority of Americans, at least, believe that we are "one nation, one people."