Friday, February 4, 2011

Black Marine Corey Hollis McAdoo, 31, has been charged for receiving child pornography

Inez Lambert, 24, McAdoo's black girlfriend, allegedly produced the child pornography in 2010 and sent them to McAdoo while he was stationed in Afghanistan. NCIS questioned McAdoo while he was in Afghanistan and order him to return to Camp Pendleton. Lambert is accused of sexually abusing a one-year-old baby that she was babysitting, video taping it and sending the video by email to McAdoo while he was in Afghanistan. The court affidavit states that Lambert admitted videotaping the incident in her home and sending it for her boyfriend for his "sexual pleasure." Court documents say that Lambert also streamed live images of her sexually abusing children. Lambert was charged for sodomy and sex abuse and she plead not guilty. She is being held on a $5.25 million bail. McAdoo appeared in court in San Diego, where he was ordered detained and is pending extradition to Oregon for prosecution.

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