Saturday, July 28, 2012

A 19-year-old black father has been arrested after he pushed his ex-girlfriend and three-month-old baby out a third-floor window then climbed down the fire escape so he could continue attacking them as they lay unconscious on the ground

Frederico Bruno, of Belleville, New Jersey, was found hiding in a refrigerator after the brutal attack, which has left the 20-year-old woman and her baby fighting for their lives. Bruno let himself in to his former girlfriend's Jersey City apartment and hid while he waited for her to come home. When she returned with the black suspect's baby and a friend, he attacked the woman and turned on her 21-year-old friend with a carving knife when she threatened to call 911. After slicing the friend to within an inch of her life, Bruno then climbed down the building's fire escape and, using a table, continued to attack the mother of his child, who was lying on the ground on top of her child after the pair had plunged three stories out the window. The ex-girlfriend had an order of protection against him, authorities said. Bruno fled to a family member's home after the attack and slept for most of the day, then told his teenage niece and nephews what had happened when he woke up. Police cordoned off the area surrounding the four-story building on Rutgers Avenue as they searched for Bruno, whom they called armed and dangerous. They eventually found him hiding in a refrigerator in a vacant building near where his siblings live. Bruno is facing three counts of aggravated assault charges. Bail was set at $300,000 for each count.

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Holy shit! That is some serious determination!