Sunday, July 15, 2012

A woman was left helpless in the hands of a mob of men who launched a terrifying attack on her as she left a bar in India

The late night incident in the city of Guwahati in the north of the country has caused outrage, with people furious at the slow police response. In the attack, which was captured on film by an off-duty journalist, a group of at least 20 men can be seen running towards the victim before grabbing her hair and pinning her to the ground. Shockingly no one comes to the assistance of the girl as she screams for help with bystanders and shop owners remaining spectators as the drama unfolds. During the horrific ordeal, which lasted for 30 minutes, she is beaten and stripped. The police have come under fire for taking 45 minutes to respond, despite the station being less than a mile away. A total of six men have so far been arrested in connection with the incident but the police are under increasing pressure to catch the remaining seven suspects. Posters have gone up across the city and in an attempt to calm public anger the Chief Minister for the Assam region Tarun Gogoi has issued state police with a 48-hour deadline to arrest the remaining suspects. Some of the videos on YouTube show the identities of the men in a bid to catch the culprits. India has one of the worst women's rights reputations among developing countries and this is the latest in a string of horrific attacks on women. Recently a father was shown parading his daughter's head around his village in what was described as a so-called honor killing.

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