Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Romney should not pick Rice for VP

John Fund explains why Condoleezza Rice would be a bad choice:
She is on the wrong side of same-sex marriage and abortion as far as Romney’s political base is concerned. She goes beyond most Republicans in actually calling for legal abortion. Polls over several elections have shown that a significant number of “values voters” might stay home if a GOP presidential ticket included a candidate with those views. President Obama has the African-American vote sewed up, and the presence of Rice on the ticket would be unlikely to dislodge many voters from those loyalties. Being from California, she would also not affect enough votes to put that state in play in November. Her record as secretary of state was mixed. It includes some successes but also featured a truly disastrous kowtowing to North Korea, which has continued its nuclear program despite several U.S. attempts to cut a deal with the rogue regime.

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