Friday, July 27, 2012

A German teenager who can’t help making Nazi salutes because he suffers from Tourette’s syndrome was beaten unconscious by a black man who thought he was insulting him

Gerrit Oeller, 16, was with two friends who tried to explain to the enraged black man that the salute was not meant as an insult, and that he could not control his arm. But when the Tourette’s led the teenager to grin insanely at the black man as well, he went mad, hitting Gerrit so hard that he ended up unconscious. The attack happened on an underground line in the Dulsberg district of Hamburg in northern Germany. Another benefit of diversity ... violent black people.


Musashi said...

What are blacks doing in Germany? They don't need to be there.

Wayne said...

Blacks are in Germany because of the idiotic belief that every country in Europe must be diverse and multicultural.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he was just looking for any excuse to hit the German kid. Nothing new, that.