Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Al Gore advocates population control for Africa

The world is expected to have more than 9 billion people by 2075, with much of that growth coming from developing countries in Africa. This is alarming to environmental activists like Gore, who argues that “fertility management” is needed to address a whole slew of global development issues, including mitigating global warming. “Depressing the rate of child mortality, educating girls, empowering women and making fertility management ubiquitously available — so women can choose how many children and the spacing of children — is crucial to the future shape of human civilization,” Gore said on an international panel on global warming. “Africa is projected to have more people than China and India by mid-century; more than China and India combined by end of the century, and this is one of the causal factors that must be addressed,” the failed Democratic presidential candidate added.


Anonymous said...

What needs to happen is Whitey needs to stop feeding the niggers then the problem would correct itself in a couple months.

Unknown said...

way to go Al Gore! He should get props from this crowd for this.

Luke Raines said...

Let us hope he doesn't wimp out and say he was misinterpreted.