Friday, January 3, 2014

Six Indian men face murder charges after a 16-year-old Indian girl that they gang raped twice in October 2013 died, a week after two suspects had set her on fire, according to police

An autopsy revealed that the girl was pregnant. DNA tests are being conducted to determine if one of the suspects was responsible. West Bengal police and local authorities are being assailed for harassing the girl's family and concealing her death-bed statement. Police had treated her burning as a suicide attempt. Local police hijacked the hearse and tried to cremate her body, telling her family to go back to Bihar, their hometown. Some officers and local goons tried to force her father to surrender the required death certificate. The police took away the body forcefully and tried to cremate it, but could not as the death certificate was with the girl's father. The girl's death comes a year after the fatal gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi.


SkrimpMuhdikTail said...

Moose slims?

That's my guess for the gang rape trend in India, but I have yet to see it confirmed.

SkrimpMuhdikTail said...

Family from Buddhist area moving to region that is 1/4 Mustard. Primary accused has last name derived from Arabic. My Jihadar is active here.