Friday, January 24, 2014

Hispanic slashed his two baby girls to death because he’d just killed their mother — and he didn’t have car seats to take them with him to Mexico, says Miguel Mejia-Ramos who has been arraigned on murder charges

Hauled back to New York from the Mexican border, Mejia-Ramos, 28, was expressionless as a judge ordered him held with no bail for slaughtering his wife, Deisy, 21, and daughters Daniela, 3, and Yoselin, 1, during a jealousy-fueled, five-knife rampage. Mejia-Ramos admitted that he killed Deisy and then the girls in their bedroom after searching his wife’s phone and finding pictures of her with another man. The illegal immigrant was caught driving through Texas on I-85 during a non-stop dash for the border of Mexico, his country of citizenship. Mejia-Ramos was tracked by US Marshals via phone calls he made to family members in Mexico.

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