Tuesday, January 7, 2014

White woman faces paralysis after she was pistol whipped and sexually assaulted by a black man to whom she gave a lift to the hospital

A 26-year-old Florida white woman may never walk again after her kind gesture to offer a black stranger a ride to the hospital turned into a nightmare attack that has ruined her life. Tallahassee-resident Katie Schlinger fought back and escaped with her life, but two spinal surgeries later, she still can't use her right arm or walk on her own. And since she's uninsured, she already owes one hospital $250,000 and is about to be kicked out of a third.


Anonymous said...

‘Yeah I’ll give you a ride if you promise not to hurt me,’ she joked, agreeing to drive him since the hospital was only four minutes away and Fuller was clean cut, well-spoken and well dressed.

‘Who could hurt that precious face?’ Ms Schlinger recalls him responding.

"Fuller was clean cut, well-spoken and well dressed."

Any questions?
The most important description of the perp is that he was a nigger.

Anonymous said...

The way things are going these days with so many zombie, out-of-it Whites, I wouldn't be surprised if she apologizes to the nigger for making the joke.

Christianity does NOT mean you have to put yourself at the mercy of the niggers. NOT putting yourself at the mercy of the niggers does NOT mean you're stomping on their precious civil rights. It just means you have common sense and don't want to get brutally beaten unto paralysis or death.

I know enough White women -- being White myself -- to know she would have NOT given a White man a ride to the hospital. She would have found some excuse to say no.

From : Salvatore

Luke Raines said...

The irony being, of course, that a white man would not have done this to her. It is long past time that white people woke up and realized that you can take the savage out of Africa but you can't take the savage out of the African.

Anonymous said...


Smack Cam.

Skrimp Mudiktail said...

What quality of White female is smoking cigs (yeah, right) in a car in a hotel parking lot at 4am? Even picking up a White man under those conditions is dangerous, because at 4am, ain't nothing open except legs and trouble. But she not only does just that, but with a NIGGER?

I have little sympathy, and don't expect she'll learn from it.