Thursday, May 8, 2008

Political correctness, sexual practices and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani says political correctness over criticizing sexual practices such as multiple partners in Africa has prevented us finding an effective strategy to fight HIV/AIDS. HIV is largely a sexually transmitted infection, so there must be something different about sex in Africa. Yet you can’t say that without appearing to be racist. So campaigners have come up with other reasons that HIV is worse in Africa: poverty, ignorance, men having more power than women. All politically correct, but not epidemiologically correct. The truth is that a society in which many people have two or three partners on the go at any one time will produce a bigger epidemic than a society where people may have 10 partners in five years, but only one at a time. And it’s a fact that in parts of Africa, it’s more common for both men and women to have two or three simultaneous relationships than to have serial partners. Do people behave in this way because they are poor and ignorant? Not in Bangladesh, or Bolivia, or dozens of other countries where incomes and literacy are low. Indeed, in Africa, the incidence of HIV infection is highest in the richest households and the richest countries.


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Interested more in political correctness? Check out to preview the book Deep Thnking the Human Condition.

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