Saturday, January 22, 2011

Are blacks and Hispanics more heroic than whites?

A study claims that blacks and Hispanics are twice as likely as whites to perform heroic deeds. Heroic individuals are people who likely behave impulsively without considering the consequences of their actions (such as wondering whether they are going to get killed). This may also mean that heroic individuals are less intelligent than others since one of the purposes of intelligence is to allow us to think through the consequences of our actions. If true then this may mean that not only are blacks and Hispanics both more heroic and less intelligent than whites but that heroic whites are less intelligent than non-heroic whites.


Anonymous said...

Don't Blacks tend to have higher levels of testosterone, which would tend toward more impulsiveness???

Average Joe said...

I believe that you are correct about black testosterone levels. Also I believe that they have higher levels of estradiol which is supposed to make people more emotional.