Friday, December 27, 2013

France is considering banning performances by a black comedian whose shows have repeatedly insulted the memory of Holocaust victims and could threaten public order, Interior Minister Manuel Valls has said

He said that his ministry is studying legal ways to ban shows by Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, a comedian repeatedly fined for hate speech who ran in the 2009 European Parliament elections at the head of an "Anti-Zionist List" including far-right activists. Valls announced the move after Jewish groups complained to President Francois Hollande about Dieudonne's trademark straight-arm gesture, which they call a "Nazi salute in reverse" and link to a growing frequency of anti-Semitic remarks and acts in France. "Dieudonne M'bala M'bala doesn't seem to recognize any limits any more," Valls said in a statement announcing the legal review aimed at banning his public appearances. "From one comment to the next, as he has shown in several television shows, he attacks the memory of Holocaust victims in an obvious and unbearable way," he said. France has Europe's largest Jewish minority, estimated at about 600,000, but also sees a steady emigration to Israel of Jews who say that they no longer feel safe there. In the worst recent anti-Semitic incident, a French Islamist killed a rabbi and three pupils at a Jewish school in the southwestern French city of Toulouse. Dieudonne, as he is known on stage, has responded to the criticism from prominent Jewish figures by threatening to sue them for linking his gesture - a downward straight arm touched at the shoulder by the opposite hand - to the Hitler salute. He calls the gesture "la quenelle" - the word for an elongated creamed fish dumpling - and says that it stands for his anti-Zionist and anti-establishment views, not anti-Semitism. The gesture has gone viral on social media recently, with mostly young fans displaying it at parties and sports events. Some do it while in the audience at live television shows. Two soldiers were sanctioned by the army in September 2013 for making the gesture in uniform in front of a Paris synagogue. "It's the Nazi salute in reverse," Roger Cukierman, head of the CRIF umbrella group of Jewish organizations, said after complaining about it to Hollande. "Very clearly, Mr Dieudonne is developing a nearly professional anti-Semitism under the cover of telling jokes." Dieudonne, 46, Paris-born son of a Cameroonian father and French mother, began his comedy career with a Jewish sidekick in the early 1990s and appeared in several films. Originally active with anti-racist left-wing groups, he began openly criticizing Jews and Israel in 2002 and ran in the European elections two years later with a pro-Palestinian party. He has been fined several times in France for defaming Jews. Police broke up his one-man-show in a Brussels theatre for suspected anti-Semitic hate speech, but he was not convicted. When Radio France's Patrick Cohen asked on air if the media should pay so much attention to him, Dieudonne suggested that the journalist should get ready to emigrate. "When I hear Patrick Cohen speaking, I say to myself, you see, the gas chambers ... too bad," he said.


Anonymous said...

If you want to know who is in power, ask who it is you cannot offend.

Anonymous said...

I notice in the United States it is VERBOTEN to offend Jews, Mormons, and Shriners. Even if one "offends" with objective truth backed-up with facts. There is an exception to this state of affairs, however. The exception is in the so-called "alternative" media.

I notice that in the world of the online "honest" "truth loving, truth seeking, truth telling" "alternative" media one can indeed say whatever one wants about the Jews, yet it is TOTALLY VERBOTEN to even mention Mormons and Shriners -- let alone critique them in any way.

One has to pretend the Mormons and Shriners play no role whatsoever in the way things are run in this country. One has to pretend the Mormons and Shriners play no role in Washington or one risks getting "Banned" from the "alternative" media websites.

I guess the Jews don't want us learning too much about the Jew's two most valuable groups of non-Jew enablers and abettors.

Search Terms :

"Haaretz + How Kabala Shaped Mormon Faith"

"Haaretz + Hitler Was A Jew Himself"

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The Red Fez Tarbooshes of the Shriners represents the blood of Christians, mostly Catholics, slaughtered by Islamic Jihadists throughout the centuries. Both the Mormons and Shriners are supporting the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood KILLING Christians in the Middle East and also waging Jihad in WHITE Europe -- Especially AGAINST WHITE CATHOLICS, especially old-fashioned pre-Vat 2 type Catholics.

Putting aside the issue of Jewish power, the Mormons and Shriners have their very own reasons, above and beyond the power of the Jewish Zionist lobby, their very own "religious" reasons, to support the warmongering Zionist agenda.

I get "Banned" in the "honest" "truth loving, truth seeking, truth loving" "alternative" media for mentioning the role of Mormons and Shriners in the NWO. Yet, I never get "Banned" in very same "alternative" media for mentioning the perfidious, insidious, and inimical, role of the Jews in the NWO. Funny that.

More about the NWO :

"Black Terror, White Soldiers, Islam, Fascism and the New Age"

From : Salvatore