Sunday, February 23, 2014

An Indian man fatally stabbed his American wife before killing himself near the Taj Mahal, four months after the couple married near the legendary monument

Erin W. Willinger's body was found with multiple stab wounds in a deserted part of the city, said Agra police chief Shalabh Mathur. Her husband Bunty Sharma committed suicide by igniting cooking gas and causing a massive explosion in his home, Mathur said. Willinger and Sharma met in 2013 when she visited the Taj Mahal with friends. She and Sharma fell in love and got married in October 2013, police said. Willinger, 35, from West Chester, Pennsylvania, adopted an Indian name, Kiran Sharma, and began working with a local non-governmental organization to promote tourism in Agra. Sharma, 32, was a rickshaw cab driver in Agra city. But police say that they separated soon after because of differences. "Both of them tried to resolve their differences and even met with a marriage counselor," Mathur said. On the night of the murder, Sharma took Willinger out in his vehicle, and - on reaching a secluded place - stabbed and killed her and dumped the body on the side of the road, Mathur said.

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Anonymous said...

~ And We'll all shine on,
Like the moon and the stars and the sun,
Ev'ryone come on ~

The other con artist :

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The young American women was most likely educated in the New Age, liberal, leftist, sort-of-way. The New Age comes to us from Nietzsche's "God is Dead" Existentialist Germany. Existentialism has been nothing but a disaster for the White Race.

Nietzsche's "God is Dead" Existentialist Germany comes to us from satanic Freemasonry. Existentialism : A fusion of Kabala-Sufism-Hinduism. All three also happen to be the three books of Satanism. Unfortunately, our Western culture is based on Existentialism now.

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"Nazis and the New Age"

It's a horrible story what happened. May she rest in peace. Not entirely her doing she was so naïve. She was, like we all are now, immersed in Existentialism. She was too young to know, and was NEVER taught, there was at one time, a very rich Western Culture. Our Western culture and civilization based on a sublime Spiritual Patrimony.

This story is yet another reminder of how far adrift the West truly is. It was when the White Race rejected en-masse Her Spiritual Patrimony of real and true Christianity, which is NOT Zionist "Christianity", and took up the "worship" of Existentialism is when the Genocide of the White Race started.

It is a self-inflicted Genocide we suffer, after all is said and done, in the final analysis. Zionist Christianity is also infused with Existentialism. Existentialism is NOT part of Christian ontology, metaphysics, or eschatology. Existentialism is a foreign element to Christianity, grafted-on to Christianity in the 19th century. [actually earlier, but that's a very long story].The point is : Existentialism took root and started to grow big-time in the 19th century.

"To Suffer" means "to Allow". We allow it by our collective "worship" of Existentialism. Existentialism shares the same Eschatology as does Zionism/Communism, an important point to remember : The coming of a future "avatar" that's going to "save" us. Except, the "avatar" will be the ANTI-Christ. Existentialism is the other side of the coin to Zionism/Communism.

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From : Salvatore