Sunday, April 6, 2014

Irony alert: A black man and his black girlfriend were arrested following a fight that resulted in him hitting her with an anger management book and her cutting his arm with a box cutter

Sheila Thompson and her boyfriend, Tyler Ford were watching a movie when a scuffle broke out. Thompson claims that Ford threatened to kill her, put her phone in the oven to prevent her from calling 911, and struck their infant daughter twice on the legs because she was crying. During the fight, Ford struck Thompson in the head with his anger management book. Thompson retaliated by cutting his arm with a box cutter. Ford claims that the fight started when he asked Thompson about their relationship and why she tried to get him angry all the time. Thompson's shrugging responses prompted Ford to hit her on the foot and the cheek with his book. Thompson fled outside, only to be commanded by Ford to come back in. Thompson began to hit Ford, which prompted him to shut and lock the door. When Ford opened the door again, they exchanged blows before Thompson stabbed him. Both were arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence. Ford had been charged with domestic violence in the past.

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