Monday, September 29, 2014

A Jewish Tory MP has resigned from the British government after a newspaper reported that he had sent explicit photographs of himself to an undercover journalist

MP Brooks Newmark quit as Minister for Civil Society following the expose by the Sunday Mirror, which reported that the undercover journalist was posing as a female party activist investigating the inappropriate use of social media by MPs. The male reporter had set up a Twitter account using the alias Sophie Wittmans, used an image of a beautiful blond girl as his profile picture and begun following several MPs. Newmark, 56, thereafter began following her and initiated a private message to her in early July 2014. Eventually, the conversations evolved into flirting and exchanging photos, including "a graphic snap exposing Newmark while wearing a pair of paisley pyjamas." Sophie then sent a naked picture. The Jewish MP then asked her to "resend without your hand in the way and legs parted and I will send something in return. That way we both have a secret.” He added, “Assuming it meets my request and I reciprocate you MUST swear on a stack of Bibles you won’t show pics as I promise not to show pics of you? OK?” The Jewish MP then sent a graphic image of himself to the reporter. Newmark, a father of five, co-founded the group Women2Win, a campaign to elect more Conservative women to the British parliament. The Sunday Mirror reported that when first contacted, Newmark denied knowing Sophie, but that after the allegations were passed on to Downing Street, a spokesman responded that Prime Minister David Cameron had accepted Newmark's resignation.

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