Friday, May 15, 2015

Is Steve Sailer a Jewish troublemaker?

Now more than ever is the time for gentiles of European ancestry to unite together against our common enemies and yet Steve Sailer chooses to publish posts such as Where Germans Beat WASPS which seems designed to arouse hostility between white gentile groups. If you look at the comments to his post you can see that many are being written by Jews and other non-whites who are using the post as an opportunity to generate conflict between the various white groups that need to work together if they wish to survive into the 22nd century.


Luke Raines said...

Wouldn't be surprised, he is always kissing up to them. And that hbdchick is probably a Jewess herself. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Jews on the Internet trying to create conflict between white gentile populations.

Anonymous said...

Some commenters are pointing out that 'germanness matters'. In other words, germanic, anglo, frankish - there's germanness in most northwest european ethnies.

It's good to have the discussion; long overdue thanks to the black cloud over Germany following ww1-2.

hbdchick is fairly certain irish extract but maybe she is married to a man with at least some jewish ancestry.

nobody seems to want to look at the role that the, 'my grand--ther was jewish' population has in all these discussions; judging by the UK there are a great many of these majority-euros who abandon their majority heritage in favour of feeling special.

Average Joe said...

How do you know that hbdchick is of Irish ancestry? Just because she says so? It is quite common for Jews to go on the Internet and pretend to be gentiles in order to stir up conflict between various gentile groups.

Anonymous said...

Ave Joe

Guess work. How do we know anything about anyone on the web; it's a world of paranoia and suspicion. But I haven't gone as far along the road to paranoia about jewish people as you have so I still have faith in 'ordinary' bloggers, like hbdchick, having integrity. The way she talks about her family sounds more irish than jewish (based on having had many close friends in both ethnies). She bigs-up geeky guys and studies english history so my guess is, she has a partner of english-jewish descent. Could be completely wrong but what fun to guess! No offence intended hbd*chick!

Average Joe said...

Hbdchick now seems to be claiming to have Scottish ancestry according to one of her recent posts:

"i think i might be less clannish than the average (native) irish, though, because one side of my family is originally from the lowlands of scotland. but maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part."

Like Sailer, she seems to enjoy writing posts that argue that some European gentiles are better than others which is the sort of post Jews love to see because it fits their divide and conquer strategy. If Sailer and hbdchick are not Jews then they are definitely their lackeys.

Anonymous said...

Ave Joe

I don't disagree with the point you make but, 'compare and contrast' amongst Europeans seems to be the point of European history, and only becomes a problem because those who are most vocal in the anti-multi debate insist on identifying as 'white'. This I believe is the biggest mistake Europeans could make at this time.

There is a whole conference on the tedium of being 'white' in October. But my kitchen is also white so, how do I know I'm not a kitchen? Using the 'white' label plays right into the multi-culti game because;
a) it is a discredited label, and b) it is part of what someone called the 'embarrassing disaguise' - it disaguises the fact that Europeans are an ethnic group just like everyone else (and in a 'global village', Europeans at 10% are a minority ethnic group).

Plus, avoiding the term European disguises the way in which Jewish culture has come to fruition in the West - that is, many Jewish people are nowadays quite indistinguishable from Europeans, because genetically many of them are in fact part-European.
And so, using the ethnic label European immediately forces the issue.

And yet, even KM will not follow that line of argument despite his seeming interest in HBD. Whereas, even anti-multis talk about Ashkenazi Jews. Well, what other kind of Ashkenazis are there? So jewish people end up with a double ethnicity and Europeans end up with a non-ethnic label.

Whereas, Europeans could also have double ethnic labels, European-American, British-European etc.

I seem to be in a minority on this idea and I can't understand why. The HBD sphere/community (but not movement, though if they aren't moving anyone or anywhere, what is the point of blogging?) have tended to shy away from discussing phenotype but if you look at Razib's recent post about brazilian phentoypes it's clear that generally speaking people do believe that origins are visible in phenotype.

When I watch a certain current affairs programme I often think I am watching all or nearly all jewish people presenting and being interviewed but I can't be sure and I'm sure that other Brits have no idea because the Jewish people themselves don't look alike, some look a bit East Euro, some a bit North Euro, some a bit more typical Sephardic or Ashkenazi.

I have no problem with people identifying as Jewish European and being open about their mixed ethnicity but Europeans should not abandon their indigenous identity.

Council of European Canadians has it right I beleive but the website is not very active. Europeans need a good news website to rival Unz review - no offense to Ron, he's done a great job.

Average Joe said...

I have no problem with people pointing out that there are different ethnic groups in Europe. My problem is when people try to imply or argue that one European Christian group is better than another. European Christians need to unite together against their common enemies (i.e. the Jews, blacks and other non-whites). When Sailer and hbdchick write posts that argue for the superiority of one European Christian ethnic group over another, they are creating conflict that will only benefit our common enemies.