Monday, December 21, 2015

A Hispanic faces murder charges in the death of his infant son

Jose Feliciano, 51, told police that the 2-month-old was crying, so he smothered the baby, then choked him. "The guy is a piece of garbage," the superintendent at the Bronx apartment where the murder took place said. The super says that he would ask about the newborn and Feliciano would complain that the boy "is always crying" and that he couldn't get any sleep. Feliciano and the boy's mother traveled more than 50 miles upstate and left the boy's fully clothed body in the woods. Surveillance video from the apartment shows Feliciano putting a duffel bag in his car. Details of the murder came to light after the 31-year-old mother was admitted to a Manhattan hospital after trying to overdose on pills. She told a hospital employee about the death of her son. During an interview with police, the mother told them that the boy's body was upstate. Police recovered the body. Police say that the mother walked into the room after Feliciano had choked the boy, and Feliciano threatened to kill her if she went to authorities. Feliciano was charged in two unrelated assaults when he was arrested and has been charged with assault, rape, prostitution, and drug offenses in the past. "He was nothing but a troublemaker," the building superintendent said.

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