Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Black African crime: A ten-year-old Swedish girl was molested by a teenage migrant in her own home, just weeks after the alleged underaged boy had been placed to live with her family

The victim was sexually assaulted after falling asleep in the family home in Eslov, southern Sweden, and awoke to find the perpetrator fondling her breasts. Isak Andai from Eritrea claims to be 15 years old, however his identity or age has not been proven and court documents state that he may be as old as 19. The victim lives with her parents and an older siblings in Eslov, 25miles north of Malmo; one of many families in Sweden who have opened up their homes to help the government house new arrivals following the refugee crisis. Eritrean Andai, who arrived in Sweden without his parents, had been placed with the family, along with with a second unaccompanied under-aged male migrant, a few weeks prior to the assault. Andai and the other migrant boy, aged 17, had been staying in the victim's bedroom, while the victim had slept in the same room as her parents in order to make room for the two boys. The victim told police how she had been spending time with Andai in the family's front room on the night of the assault. They had been sat on the sofa using their smartphones and taking pictures, Lund County Court heard. Andai had left the room, and the girl soon fell asleep on the sofa, but awoke when she felt Andai fondling and pressing hard on her breasts on top of the bra she was wearing. The ten-year-old told police that she woke up because it hurt, and when Andai saw that she was awake he jumped off, court documents state. She said that her breasts hurt for several minutes afterwards and later described how she was scared of Andai after the assault. The victim told her brother and sister, both in their 20s, what had happened, after which her mother was informed and Andai reported to police. When Andai arrived in Sweden he claimed that he had been born in 2000, based on what he had been told by his parents and what his identification had said. However as any documents of identification had been lost on the journey from Eritrea to Sweden, his identity and age could not be established, and no further tests were carried out by Swedish authorities to support his claims. During the investigation, Andai told police that he had started school when he was around ten, attended school for seven years, and then left school two years prior to arriving in Sweden, which would make him 19 years old. Andai was convicted of sexual molestation and sentenced to pay the victim 5,000 SEK (£425) in damages and to undergo ten hours of therapy.

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