Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Two studies may explain why people of African descent respond more strongly to infection, and are more prone to autoimmune diseases

DNA acquired from breeding with Neanderthals may explain why people of European descent respond differently to infection than those of African descent, two studies suggest. The findings might also offer insight into why people of African descent are more prone to autoimmune diseases caused by an overactive immune system.


Dave said...

You need a hyperactive immune system to survive in Africa because the whole continent is a festering cesspit of disease. A high disease load also selects for earlier sexual maturity, which is very bad for IQ.

Notice that African races are more ill-tempered and prone to violence than their European relatives -- this is true of humans, horses/zebras, and even honeybees. It's a natural consequence of tropical climate plus geographic isolation. With no winters to clear out the riff-raff, you survive by killing others before they kill you.

Average Joe said...


Average Joe said...