Saturday, June 3, 2017

Black-on-black violence at kindergarten party

A graduation celebration for a group of kindergartners in Pennsylvania turned into a deadly shooting — all because of a dispute between two young boys. Devon Brown, 29, was fatally shot in the head by 27-year-old Tremaine Jamison at the Marion Terrace Apartment Complex in Hanover Township. The two men were at a party Brown had thrown for his 6-year-old son and a few other kids. Witnesses said that the drama started after two boys, both 6, got into a fight. Brown's little boy was accused of punching Jamison's son, leaving with him a black eye. The two fathers and several other adults started arguing — and that's when things escalated. One adult pulled out a pocketknife and Brown went inside his house to grab a blade of his own. Jamison grabbed a handgun and fired a single shot at Brown's head. Brown was pronounced dead and Jamison, from Harlem, fled.

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Anonymous said...

Blacks are at their maximum IQ level by age 6.