Sunday, July 9, 2017

“Finis Germania”

The late German historian Rolf Peter Sieferle has upset his more politically correct countrymen with his posthumous collection of observations on Germany’s political culture. He has even taken on the sacred cows of the Holocaust and mass immigration. Sieferle is critical of Germany’s postwar culture of Holocaust memory, which he argues has taken on the traits of a religion. The country’s sins are held to be unique and absolute, beyond either redemption or comparison. “The First Commandment,” he writes, “is ‘Thou shalt have no Holocausts before me.’ ” Hitler, in retrospect, turns out to have done a paradoxical thing: He bound Germans and Jews together in a narrative for all time. In an otherwise relativistic and disenchanted world, Sieferle writes, Germans appear in this narrative as the absolute enemies of our common humanity, as a scapegoat people. The role is hereditary. There are Germans whose grandparents were not born when the war ended, yet they, too, must take on the role. On the issue of mass immigration he believed that Germany’s self-demonization had left it unable to say anything but yes to a million or so migrants seeking entry to Europe in 2015 and that such a welcome was unsustainable.

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Curt Chandler said...

Mao killed ten times as many people as Hitler, yet the Chinese do not feel guilty. It's all a scam. Germans have nothing to be ashamed of. Now get rid of Merkel and make your country great again!