Saturday, September 16, 2017

Two alleged Isis supporters who were born on Germany are to be deported from the country in the first such expulsion in history

The men, who hold Algerian and Nigerian citizenship, were arrested on suspicion of planning an imminent terror attack after a gun and Isis flags were found at their homes during police raids in Göttingen. They have not been prosecuted and the allegations have not been tested in a criminal court, but federal judges upheld their planned deportation, bolstering government plans to expel more foreign nationals believed to be terror threats. Boris Pistorius, the interior minister for Lower Saxony, said that the move sent a “nationwide signal to all fanatics, that we will give not even a centimeter for their inhuman plans. They will be met with the full severity of means at our disposal – whether they have grown up here [in Germany] or not”. Authorities in the state adopted a new law allowing them to expel terror suspects held to be dangerous in February 2017, amid nationwide security crackdowns following the Berlin attack. The two unnamed suspects launched an appeal to stay their expulsion from Germany but it was rejected by the Federal Administrative Court.

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