Saturday, February 10, 2018

Indonesia is moving toward outlawing gay sex — and even sex outside marriage — in a jarring change for a country long seen as a bastion of tolerance in the Islamic world

The proposed sexual crackdown in the Southeast Asian archipelago of more than 260 million people — the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation and third-largest democracy — is drawing criticism at home and abroad from human rights organizations and LGBT activists. They warn that penal-code revisions now under consideration in parliament would discriminate against large numbers of people, promote extremist views and reverse democratic gains. LGBT Indonesians are often rejected by their families or the victims of violence within the family. In cases of gay sex, the proposed changes call for prison sentences for acts committed in public, with a minor or when used for commercial or pornographic purposes. Police began using existing pornography laws in 2017 to crack down on gay parties.


Anonymous said...

It'll be interesting to see the religious police patrolling Bali, making sure that all the western tourists hooking up are married (to one another).

Luke Raines said...

I wonder if this will make leftists realize that Islam is incompatible with their liberal ideology? Probably not. Like Islam, liberalism is a religion for crazy people.