Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Asian owner of a frozen yoghurt shop has been accused of attacking an employee, removing her clothes, binding her with tape and locking her in a box

Robert Yachen Lee is being held on $10 million bail charged with kidnapping to commit rape and first degree murder. Prosecutors say that Lee lured a female employee into a soundproof upstairs storage room above his O My Yogurt store in Monterey Park, Los Angeles County and knocked her out. While she was blacked out he then removed her clothing, bound her with tape and put a collar around her neck. When she woke the terrified woman was naked, except for an adult diaper. She was bound with tape, and lying face down in a box. Authorities said that the woman was put into what appeared to be a soundproofed box and placed into a recently padded and soundproofed room that was part of the storage suite. The woman managed to escape fleeing to a nearby optometrist's office where she asked them to call the police. Lee was arrested the same day.

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