Sunday, August 14, 2011

An unemployed Somali couple and their family have been moved into a luxurious London home worth £2 million - and pay it with a monthly £8,000 housing benefit funded by the British taxpayer

Unemployed Saeed Kahliif, 49, from Somalia, his wife Sayida and their children have been handed the keys to a sprawling six-bedroom home in West Hampstead, in North London. After moving from their Coventry home - which cost £1,000 a month in rent - the new property is thought to be one of the most expensive houses ever paid for by housing benefit. The family have moved from their cheaper house to the exclusive postcode so that they could be nearer their friends and family who live in the capital. Khaliif said that in the three years he has lived in Britain, he and his wife had not worked and were reliant on benefits to support them and their family.

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