Saturday, August 27, 2011

Four black men are charged with sexually assaulting and robbing a 26-year-old woman inside a Comfort Inn hotel room

The attacks at the 298 Queen City Ave. hotel spanned more than five hours - during which two of the men forcibly raped the woman while all four sexually assaulted her, then threatened her and stole her money to keep her from leaving, police say. She eventually escaped and called police after the men fell asleep, police said. "This was a particularly violent, pre-meditated act. One of them invited her there with the intent of sexually assaulting her," Capt. Nick Willard said. "It was a brutal and terrifying crime." The woman was taken to Catholic Medical Center where she was being treated. The victim was invited to the hotel by Leroy Kear, 24, of Manchester, with whom she is acquainted. The woman said that she expected to attend a party with a small group of people, including women, police said. She arrived to find only Kear and three other men present: Abdul Kabia, 29, of Nashua; Abdulai Barrie, 31, of Alexandria, Va.; and Dorbor Nyonee, 23, of Manchester. The men began groping her, police said. The woman ran inside the bathroom and locked the door behiind her. But Nyonee and Barrie broke through the door and forcibly raped her and sexually assaulted her inside the bathroom, police said. Nyonee and Barrie are charged with felonious sexual assault and aggravated felonious sexual assault. Nyonee also is charged with violation of bail conditions, violation of federal probation and is being held on a federal probation warrant. Kear is charged with felonious sexual assault, theft and violation of bail conditions. Kabia is charged with felonious sexual assault.

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