Monday, August 22, 2011

Learning is racist

New York City would rather spend huge sums of money on "non-racist" tests instead of admitting that blacks are less intelligent than whites. The controversial upcoming Fire Department of New York (FDNY) exam will be the most expensive test in the city's history. The new civil service test, ordered by a Brooklyn federal judge who declared that previous FDNY exams discriminated against minorities, is expected to cost the city more than $3.3 million to develop and administer, officials said. The cost of the previous Fire Department exam, given in 2007, was $1.3 million, according to officials at the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Of course, if some liberal judge decides that not enough blacks and Hispanics pass this next exam, then a new exam will probably be called for at even greater expense to the New York City taxpayer. Unfortunately, many liberals in New York City seem determined to bankrupt the city in pursuit of their politically-correct agenda.


Anonymous said...

here's a test. take each applicant's temperature. anything between 96 and 100 degrees is a pass.

Anonymous said...

I believe no one should be treated differently just because they are of a different race. Just because we may look different and talk different, we all have working bodies and working brains. so if someone is going to jeopardize someone getting a job due to the fact they have different skin color than them, then maybe they should be the one without the job.