Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Once again the NAACP complains about racism because blacks are less intelligent than whites

When the New Jersey State Police’s first class of recruits in two years reports for training, only five of 123 will be black. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, of course, is blaming racism for this and wants to go to court. While minorities like Hispanics have gained ground since 2000, the percentage of black troopers has fallen from 8% to 6.4%, state figures show. This is, of course, because Hispanics are more intelligent than blacks. The new State Police class, selected more than a year ago, is more diverse than the current 2,768 troopers. It is 72.4% white, 17.9% Hispanic, 4.9% Asian, 4.1% African-American and 0.8% Native American. But the class is still less diverse than the state, which is 68.6% white and 13.7% black. Of the 263 candidates for the incoming class who passed the written exam, 33 were black. Of those 33, six dropped out and 22 were disqualified for failing a background check. Of course, giving in to NAACP demands will just result in the recruitment of less intelligent police officers, many of whom will have engaged in criminal activity in the past.

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