Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Forty-five council homes a day will have to be built to house the tidal wave of immigrants in Britain, a shock report reveals

This means that 415,000 extra homes will be needed over the next 25 years - at a cost to taxpayers of £1 billion a year. The findings in the report by pressure group Migration Watch UK are a startling illustration of the immigration time-bomb. The building rate will be the only way to keep families off the streets - unless the current influx of 200,000 a year is stemmed. Waiting lists for social housing in England have mushroomed by 60% over the past eight years, largely due to immigration. The report claimed that just 17% of people born in Britain live in properties owned by local authorities or housing associations. That compares with 80% of migrants from Somalia and 49% of those from Turkey. Migration Watch UK accused politicians of covering up the problem. Chairman Sir Andrew Green said: "Either the Government must cut immigration very substantially as they've promised or they must invest very large sums in the construction of extra social housing."

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