Thursday, October 13, 2011

A black guy has been arrested for beating a disabled woman

A viral video capturing the savage beating of a disabled woman in front of a California doughnut shop has led to an arrest in the case. Video of the Sacramento incident, which reportedly occurred on October 1, 2011 was originally uploaded to video-sharing site After receiving numerous calls and tips relating to the video, Rasaan Zawadi, 21, has been arrested, Sacramento police said. He was charged with assault with a gang enhancement. The woman is seen wandering in front of Eric’s Donuts shop as the thugs approach her, taunting her and spitting in her direction. Then, without warning, one of them throws a punch, as the cameraman and others are heard laughing. She stands stunned before flying into a blind rage, raising her hand and chasing the assailant, but she’s unable to catch him as he runs off. While she stops to catch her breath, another man approaches. Apparently mistaking him for the original attacker, she springs up to confront him. The second man, much stockier than the first, gets into a fight pose, as the woman cowers in fear. But she stands back up to him, saying, "why you slapping me, huh?" He responds by throwing a sudden left hand with such force that the woman falls to the ground. His face is clearly visible as he walks off. The Smoking Gun reported that the clip was first posted to the World Star Hip Hop site by "Dylan G The Kid," but was later changed to "Rhekidd." The video has more than 600,000 views on the World Star Hip Hop site, and 116,000 on After police were called, the suspects reportedly fled to a nearby apartment building. Cops are examining the video to see if they can identify the suspects.

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