Thursday, October 20, 2011

Either the Republican Party puts an end to mass immigration, or mass immigration will put an end to the Republican Party

Steve Sailer reviews Pat Buchanan's new book Suicide of a Superpower: Buchanan wants a moratorium on new immigration until unemployment falls to 6%. He points out that to bring in foreign workers when 23 million Americans are still underemployed or out of work is to put corporate profits ahead of country. In addition, he wants to reform legal immigration in the long run to bring in those who are most easily assimilated. An interesting point that he makes is that in 2008, John McCain won only 45% of the Catholic vote, which comprised 27% of the electorate. If Republicans can raise their 2012 nominee's share of the Catholic vote from 45% to 52% that seven-point gain would add more votes than going from 20% of the Jewish vote to 100%. Another interesting fact that Buchanan points out is that polls show that young people, a demographic that Republicans lost badly in 2008, are more highly averse to affirmative action than are older voters. Therefore, coming out against racial quotas may be a good way for the GOP to win over young white voters.

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