Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two 18-year-old Muslims from Cardiff have arrived back in Britain after being deported from Kenya

Mohamed Mohamed, and Iqbal Shahzad were detained by the Metropolitan Police under the Terrorism Act, after flying into Heathrow Airport. The Muslim men were arrested close to the Kenyan border with Somalia, over suspected links to Somali militants, but were not charged in Kenya. It is expected that they will be questioned by South Wales Police. The father of Mohamed Mohamed, of Somali descent, alerted police and flew out to find his son. It is understood no charges were brought against Mohamed and Iqbal Shahzad, who is of Pakistani descent, by the Kenyan authorities. They were deported after questioning by the police's anti-terrorism unit. The father of the British-born Somali said that he traveled to Kenya after his son disappeared from the family home in Cardiff. Abdirhman Haji Abdallah alerted the High Commission in Nairobi as well as the Kenyan police and gave them a photograph of his son. Security forces arrested his son Mohamed very close to the Somali border along with his friend. Abdallah said that he was reunited with his son in Nairobi where police said they would not prosecute as he had not crossed the border into Somalia, but would refer the matter to the British authorities. A joint statement from the Muslim community in Cardiff said that the Somali and Pakistani community in particular, and the Muslim community in general, are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the pair. The arrests came against a background of an air and ground assault by Kenya into Somalia. Somali militant group al-Shabab has warned Kenya to withdraw its troops from Somalia, or face bloody battles. Kenya had responded to several recent cross-border abductions it blames on al-Shabab.

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AnalogMan said...

Assault by Kenya on Somalia?

I always said, Africa will solve the problems of Africa if left to itself.

Quarantine Africa.