Sunday, October 16, 2011

Immigrants are responsible for about 17% of the entire federal deficit

In addition, 80% of U.S. population growth between now and mid-century will be from new immigrants and their U.S.-born children. Also, over the course of their lifetimes, most immigrants will receive more Social Security benefits than they pay in Social Security taxes. Many legal immigrants enter the country at fairly advanced ages. These folks do very well by Social Security. Some work for as little as ten years and yet receive 70% - 80% of the benefit received by comparable native-born workers who have contributed to the system over their entire working lifetime. George Borjas, the Harvard economist, finds that Social Security is an important factor in the decision to come to this country. Older immigrants know that if they do not work long enough to qualify for Social Security, a safety net of welfare programs is there for them.

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