Friday, October 21, 2011

Police are hunting for a black man who drove up to a bar and started shooting with an AK-47 rifle seemingly at random

African-American Richard Jones, 26, can be seen on CCTV getting out of his car and running towards the bar brandishing the high-powered weapon. He appears to struggle to get into the bar in Philadelphia so opens fire, with one shot hitting the side of the building and the other firing into the door. The black shooter then ran off down the street to catch his car - which had rolled away after he mistakenly put it in reverse instead of park, smashing the door. The suspect also fired one shot at police officers who were on patrol and tried to apprehend him. The shooter then broke into a woman's home a short distance away and terrorized her before heading to the nearby Lafayette Hills, where his car broke down. The suspect tossed the high-powered weapon into a garden to try to get rid of the evidence. Police recovered the gun which was fully loaded and capable of causing a tremendous amount of damage. It is thought that Jones then called someone for help and managed to get his car started. Police have yet to work out a motive for his crime but have described him as armed and dangerous.

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