Monday, March 26, 2012

Britain: Five-year-old girl gunned down by black gangsters

Thusha Kamaleswaran was caught in the crossfire of a bungled assassination attempt when a stray bullet hit her in the chest in Stockwell, south London. She twice went into cardiac arrest as paramedics frantically battled to save her. Thusha will remain paralysed for life. Now, three members of a notorious black street gang are facing years behind bars for the attack. Nathaniel Grant, 21, Kazeem Kolawole, 19, and Anthony McCalla, 20, were involved in a tit-for-tat gang feud that was caught on CCTV when it exploded. The bicycling attackers had chased a rival gang member into the store and circled in the street outside before Grant fired two shots from a silver semi-automatic pistol through the front door. Roshan Selvakumar, 35, who lived upstairs and was buying groceries, was hit in the face by the second shot, but miraculously escaped serious injury - though he still has part of the bullet lodged in his skull. The attackers were members of the infamous black Brixton-based GAS gang - short for Guns And Shanks - and were hunting youths from the rival ABM - or All 'Bout Money - gang, based in neighboring Stockwell. A jury convicted them of wounding their two victims with intent and the attempted murder of rival gang member Roshaun Bryan.

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