Saturday, March 17, 2012

South Asian found guilty of anti-gay hate crime

The conviction of Indian student Dharun Ravi in the webcam spying case has highlighted the homophobia that is prevalent among South Asians. On September 22, 2010, Tyler Clementi (Ravi's roommate) jumped off the George Washington Bridge days after learning that his same-sex encounter was captured and viewed by Ravi and his friends at Rutgers University.


Anonymous said...

Why all the homophobia nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Someone does not accept the verdict

AnalogMan said...

Homophobia? What the hellzat? There is no such word. If there were, it would mean an irrational fear of people like oneself. And by the way, "gay" means happy. You're a writer, words are the tools of your trade. Learn what they mean, and use them appropriately.