Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seneca police have said that they arrested six black men in connection with the beating of a white man outside a restaurant

According to an incident report, police arrived to find a man lying face down in the parking lot. The report said that a woman told police that there were several black men attacking the 32-year-old white man. The man told police that he didn't know what happened, didn't remember coming to the restaurant and didn't know why he was attacked, according to the report. Police have arrested 18-year-old Teryn Robinson, 19-year-old Tray Holland, 20-year-old Justin Alexander, 22-year-old Derick Williams, 25-year-old Kino Jones and 22-year-old Montrez Jones in connection with the attack. Police have said that all six black men were from the Seneca area, and that they were each charged with assault and battery by mob. Police said their investigation determined that the attack may have been racially motivated. They said their findings have been sent to the FBI to determine if it should be investigated as a hate crime under federal law. South Carolina does not have a hate crime law.

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1XXX said...

The six animals need their home addresses made public.