Thursday, March 29, 2012

Police say that a black Transportation Security Administration manager has been arrested for running a prostitution ring based out of a hotel in Maryland

African-American Bryant Jermaine Livingston was arrested and charged with five counts of prostitution, police said. Police say that officers responded to a prostitution complaint at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Silver Spring. Police say management had observed groups of men and women frequently entering and exiting Livingston's room on multiple occasions in the past. Hotel management and police entered the room Livingston was already in and saw "eleven subjects in the room," police said. Police reportedly said the room was occupied with men and women in various stages of undress. After interviewing everyone in the room, police say one man admitted that he had paid Livingston $100 to enter the hotel room and engage in sexual activities. The TSA said in a statement that Livingston is no longer an employed by them and the "alleged off duty conduct of this individual is unacceptable."