Monday, March 26, 2012

San Francisco: An Asian man has been arrested on suspicion of killing five people in a home, leaving a gruesome crime scene that has investigators struggling to identify the victims and determine the causes of death

Binh Thai Luc, 35, has been taken into custody and booked on five counts of murder, police Chief Greg Suhr said. The bodies of the three women and two men were found by a woman with access to the home. The crime scene was so tangled that police couldn't initially determine whether they were dealing with a murder-suicide, or whether a suspect was at large. They also initially thought that at least two of the victims were shot. The victims still have not been identified and police have not been able to determine the exact causes of death or offer a motive for the slayings. Suhr said that 40 investigators were working on the case. Also arrested was Luc's 32-year-old brother, Brian Luc, on unrelated charges of drugs and ammunition possession and violation probation. The home near San Francisco's City College has a thriving immigrant community, largely from Asia. A records search indicates that the owner of the home is Yingxue 'Jess' Lei and her friends and co-workers fear she is among the dead.

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