Monday, August 27, 2012

A 49-year-old white woman married a 39-year-old black con artist and career criminal she had met online, knowing nothing of his past

Lawrence Auster writes about a black monster:
A year after their marriage, he subjected her to several days of inconceivable torture, including sexual torture, virtually destroying her as a human being. He is now in prison, raising money for a “anti-domestic violence” charity of his invention. A moral and civilized society, such as the West once arguably was but can no longer claim to be, would have removed such a monster from the earth. But we, in the name of morality, keep such monsters alive at public expense, also allowing them to carry on all sorts of interesting and fun activities including raising money for fraudulent charities.


Anonymous said...

Are IQs of White women dropping rapidly? What with all the violence before their eyes I have no sympathy or compassion for ANY White woman that dates, screws or marries a black male.

Anonymous said...

White women are dumb as dirt. I think they always have been, but the patriarchy kept that controlled. Liberation has proven that they are dumb as dirt and proved the patriarchy right.