Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brittany Killgore was kidnapped and held against her will and then murdered during violent bondage sex games planned by a Latino to whom she had turned for help moving back home to her parents

The 22-year-old wife of a U.S. Marine, whose naked, mutilated body was found in an ditch in April 2012 in San Diego, California, was an unwilling participant in the sadomasochistic torture committed by Louis Perez, Dorothy Maraglino and Jessica Lynn Lopez - all of whom were in a master-slave sex ring. Court documents reveal that police seized whips, sex toys, rope and pulleys, a document titled Slave Rules, duct tape, a stun baton and other bondage instruments from the house that the three suspects shared. Investigators found Killgore's blood and hair on several of the items. Killgore was tricked into getting into a car with Perez and then abducted. Killgore was taken to Perez's house, where he summoned Maraglino and Lopez to participate in bondage torture. Following the torture, she was strangled to death and her naked body dumped in a ditch, where she was found four days later. Previously, Perez had bragged on an online bondage group the same day that Killgore disappeared that he was he was planning to have a bondage session that weekend. Police seized a host of bondage equipment from Perez's house during a search. The items seized included: nylon rope with hairs on it, open container of latex gloves, a rope/pulley system in plastic bag, two saws, a stun gun, a baton and several rolls of tape.

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