Monday, August 27, 2012

A Thai woman accused of butchering and eating her two young sons has claimed that she was hallucinating and thought they were pigs

She cooked and ate her sons aged one and five and was found by police sleeping in her home surrounded by body parts. The woman is a member of the Musur hill tribe who live in the mountainous region of Chiang Main near the Burmese border. The woman, whose name has been withheld for her family’s protection, has been charged with murder, although details of the charge have yet to be released. An unusually large number of crimes involving acts of cannibalism have occurred across the globe in recent months. Well publicised cases include African-American Rudy Eugene who was shot and killed after eating homeless Ronald Poppo’s face, gay porn star cannibal Luka Magnotta who filmed himself chopping up his male lover before posting parts of the body to politicians and 29 members of a New Guinean cult charged for butchering and eating seven people including making soup from their genitals.

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Wonder if they tasted like THAI chicken!