Friday, August 31, 2012

Race and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) figures for 2010

Blacks are the most numerous group on welfare with 31.9% of recipients. Whites are right behind them at 31.8%. Hispanics comprise 30% of those on the dole. In 2000, the racial breakdown of welfare was: blacks 38.6%t, whites 31.2% and Hispanics 25%. Though still disproportionally represented on the welfare rolls, black usage has gone down relatively during the last decade. But Hispanics’ usage has surged. Whites have remained remarkably consistent at around 31% of those on welfare. Hispanics comprised 34.7% of recipient children in 2010. Some 31.4% of TANF recipient children were black and 27.1% were white. The rising Hispanic welfare proportion should raise some red flags. Thanks to out-of-control immigration, the Hispanic population is booming. Their use of welfare is almost at black rates – raising the specter of a growing number of welfare recipients to support even while economic austerity is being called for. Isn’t it likely that another amnesty will swell the welfare rolls — as 11-12 million mostly-poor Hispanics will then be eligible for government assistance?

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